Running Man: Episode 135 “Cutest and biggest star.”


Woohoooo! If there’s a phrase I’ll always remember coming from Jackie Chan’s lips, it’s his famous phrase, “Jump. Cut. Hospital” in various American interviews. xD The whole hour was entertaining and Jackie’s grasp of the Korean language is rather impressive. On another show, he reveals his stint of 2 years in Korea as a stunt double, back in the days when he was a no name.

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    LOL! I need to beat Yichung and get my words out first!

    Jackie is 60! OMGOD! He’s so old but still looks quite young? help of?….but yess, very cute when he laughs like a little child throughout the games. this reminds me i still need to watch his Chinese Zodiac movie! Has anyone seen it yet?

    Monday couple kills me. ji hyo usually only reacts to gary’s words but she was actively flirting along with him here…. did she break up with her CEO BF perhaps? (please don’t throw brick at me, im just asking.)

    i could see how disappoitned kookie was when jackie didn’t pick him. he was subdued until the final game in which he roariously wins.

    i agree with what you said about Siwon. he’s really a gentleman and good sport. i watched that episode with DBSK and your bias group leader yunho got really competitive, crossing the line and stuff, but Siwon played nice all along. minho is another culprit with his competitive nature. lols.

    Watching Haha shoot love arrows at his role model is sooooooooooooo cute. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Man, I like this episode so much! I’m just waiting for the release of 720p subbed version. After years of online viewership, I finally register on a forum waiting to DL this one episode.

    @frea – Yogi-yo chingu! I’ve seen Chinese Zodiac. I find the story board a bit weak and the action sequence fitting for Jackie Chan’s age limit. I did doze off a bit somewhere in the middle of this movie. Y’all know Bolin Chen is also in this film, right? You just can’t blink your eyes long if you want to catch his appearance. LOL!

    Wonder Woman Ji-hyo did break up w/ her CEO Oppa same year (2012) they announced dating each other. Grrreat news for Gary who was MIA on RM for a while vacationing in the States. Just in time after his return to RM our Ace Ji-hyo became single AND available. XD

    @Kap’n – I like your gifs. Check out Sparta being in his own world draining his beverage. LMAO~~ You have a nice selection of stills too. DAEBAK! If I can change one thing on this episode then that will be Siwon’s hair color. He looks so much better w/ darker hair; he just oozes more charisma and suave that way. My preference to who makes (extreme) hair coloring work for them, is when you either get the look of a beautiful manga/anime character after the makeover or else you fit in the European fantasy of a Greek God/Goddess… to which I see none in Siwon ATM.

    My favorite scenes all fall upon those acupressure mats. I crack up so badd, and I’ve been replaying those scenes all morning. I didn’t know Jackie had a clothing brand? I only heard about his royalties w/ Mitsubishi Motors from my brother who plays b-ball w/ Jaycee*. I assumed those novelty socks only help reduce athlete’s foot, since I remember Park Jung-min (SS501) confess to why he uses those kinds. Anyways, I think the previous scene when Jackie’s SPY, HaHa, nicks Jackie’s bottle cap for the win comes close to amazing. That scene totally justifies HaHa’s unrequited love for his idol. XD

    I wonder if anyone can tell me the song title and artist (bgm) where the Blue Team goes up the rooftop for a new mission. Sounds like kung fu hiphop to me. =) Catchy tune, isn’t it?

    *So maybe it’s just a guy thing, fantasizing about owning a warehouse full of cars? My bro tells me Jaycee always changes car every time he meets up for a match. All gifts from his dad’s sponsor. If only I can show you my bro’s face when he describes the types of cars every time. He cracks me up when he’s slightly jealous.

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      KEANE! my friend, are you serious about them BREAKING UP? OMGODDDDDDDDDDDDD! I’m sorry for being happy over someone else’s broken relationship but isn’t there a saying that the way to happiness isn’t a one-way road?

      no wonder why they have been openly flirting lately….first with the RING and all. am dying right now. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Bolin is in it? LOL! I shall not blink then. jackie is 60 so i don’t expect to be flying off a building anymore. the trailer action scenes look good enough but i did read that the storyline is weak. but! it’s jackie’s entertaining scenes im looking forward to!

      my favorite part is the Tea Time, lots of talking and revealing and bonding time. the chan’s dance is cute. So is HAHA. LOL@KJK. you can tell he isn’t happy at all!!

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      hhaha! Frea, I read of the same quote too! If they do become a couple, they will be the most beloved variety couple EVER! I’ll let nature take its course, the PD did say that Gary is very popular with the ladies. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I still need to get Chinese Zodiac for my family. I shall practice not blinking every few seconds. hee!

      Keane, a small part of me had hoped Jackie would pick our Sparta. He looked so deflated. Jackie being his idol and all, plus being told by YOUR IDOL that muscles isn’t everything hurt his ego so he worked really hard in the last game. xD Jackie has some kind of fashion line, I know those are his socks because he advertised them in one interview and in another screenshot, I saw the the acupoints on the bottom. I have over 600 screencaptures. I narrowed it down to 80something and posted on photobucket. Then cut down some more because it was just TOO MUCH! ^^

      The catchy instrumental tune is called ้™ชไฝ ๆตๆตช. Hear it here:

      The song that comes right after is Kung Fu (feat. Red-Roc) – ํ‚น ์กฐ (King Joe)

      Really like them!

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        I’ll always remember that song as the opening theme to the movie Shaolin Soccer. I think that’s the more logical link here, considering the links of both to Kung Fu. It also doesn’t make sense because “้™ชไฝ ๆตๆตช” means “Wandering With You” in Chinese, which has little to no relevance to the song, and at the same time is the title to another song. It’s probably mis-titled.

        The song can be found here:

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          Thanks KC. So that’s where I’ve heard of this tune! The user probably mis-titled on purpose to avoid deletion. The original song is only 1-ish in length. But I do wonder what’s the real title.

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      How did u know that they break up already?? because when i read at allkpop, many commenters comments that ji hyo’s relationship still going strong with her CEO..and then other comments said that she’s already break up with her, i decided that she’s still in a relationship..that’s why when i read ur post, i am shocked!!

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      I suspected that they might have break up in that very same year, 2012. Now, I’m just wondering if Ji Hyo is dating KJK, and if wedding bells are in the near future as there are certain gestures made by both of them that are quite suggestive. Not sure if this is my imagination or not.

      I have read the iSubs forum for RM that SJH is still in relationship with her CEO, so now quite confused on who is dating who and who is breaking up with who ๐Ÿ™‚

      Anyway, just hope that SJH will be happy no matter who she chooses.

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    I guess Running Man really is getting worldwide then, I’m quite impressed of Jackie’s korean language, the first i heard him, it was awkward, for me this episode is daebak! *thumbs up* and I’m quite suprised by that break up news, is that real? I’ve been wondering why Jihyo kept acting flirtatious around Gary these last few episodes..

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    Does anyone know the sound effect when blue teams starting jump on first try then appear their skeleton? It’s sounds like spain song.. Hehehe.. Thank you for your help..^o^

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    perhaps anyone know what is the title of the song in the beginning of this episode? the song when Jacky Chan first making his appearance in the car? thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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