First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

BBJQ1 (20)

Milking the cash cow, of course. And because you guys didn’t shed enough suicidal tears the first round. 😛 But why would you call it a sequel if the storyline screams I am not thy brother! Stop clinging!? Moreover, half the cast members are significantly missing. Might as well give it a fresh name. Kevin Cheng and Yuan Hong are busy laughing it off in Hua Xu Yin, with the former looking odd and sporting blue highlights. But the two are in talks for guest appearances, so yay? Han Dong is in almost every big productions but not here. After his dispute with Tangren, you won’t be seeing 14th Prince Lin Geng Xin either.

The synopsis of Bu Bu Jing Qing (步步惊情): Zhang Xiao is a white collar female worker. By chance, Zhang Xiao finds work at “Zhen Tian”, one of China’s most famous internet companies. Like any other ordinary newcomer to the business industry, Zhang Xiao is ostracised by her fellow colleagues. Luckily, her superior Yin Zheng sees her as a talented worker and helps her avoid difficult situations. Slowly, Yin Zheng and Zhang Xiao develop unspoken feelings for each other, but before it can progress any further, a gentle and considerate Kang Si Han enter’s Zhang Xiao’s world. It turns out that both men are candidates to the successor of this company and Zhang Xiao suddenly finds herself in the centre of a power struggle. [Credit: Wiki / Baidu]

It sounds like Secrets Hidden in Time with Wallace Chung and Janine Chang, except LSS’ character doesn’t throw away her spine.

Nicky Wu as Yin Zheng. Definitely look good in the suits.

BBJQ1 (21)

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BBJQ1 (1)BBJQ1 (3)

Liu Shi Shi as Zhang Xiao

You’d think Tangren’s hottest female star would get a better haircut than this. Matronly. Why?

BBJQ1 (22)

Third leg of the Love Triangle is Sun Yi Zhou as Kang Si Han. Big Ceo’s son.


10th Prince Ye Zu Xin as Jack

Looking adorable in his office wardrobe + glasses. But the red can get a tad too much.

BBJQ1 (24)

BBJQ1 (7)BBJQ1 (6)

BBJQ1 (8)BBJQ1 (5)

Annie Liu as Ma Yi Nuo. She has always strike me as pretty and elegant. The stylist didn’t bomb her. Whew!

BBJQ1 (15)

BBJQ1 (13)

Ye Qing as Meng Xin Yi (Colleague with Zhang Xiao)

BBJQ1 (12)BBJQ1 (19)

Yico Tseng as Ling Dang (androgynous rocker)

BBJQ1 (14)BBJQ1 (16)

Chen Xiang as Huang Di (Zhang Xiao’s former BF)

BBJQ1 (10)BBJQ1 (23)

Jiang Jing Fu as Kang Si Yu (Another Kang brother)

BBJQ1 (11)

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Now that I think back, I am not really fond of Modern Cdramas. Any recommendations?

  1. 6 thoughts on “First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

    LOL! so they changed one word to become a sequel? epic epic laziness.

    the plot sounds dull and dead. wth is with these CEO dramas? koreans got that covered already.

    Jiang Jing Fu is handsome!

    dammmmm…who styled Liu Shi Shi? she’s usually plain (still pretty) but THAT hair and those clothes are terrible. she looks much much older than her age. the stylists must be butthurt she gets to star with all these handsome men and are out to destroy her.

    annie and ye qing look attractive!

  2. 6 thoughts on “First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

    Seriously, I was super excited when I heard there was a sequel only cz I am still heartbroken over the ending of BBJX. I always just imagined a happy ending after Ruo Xi travelled back to the future. But then this sequel was like the best thing that ever happened – and then not! Ugh, firstly, the writer isn’t the same, most of the cast won’t be there, and it just seems like another corporate based Cdrama with a bad synopsis.

    I heard LSS is playing a double role. One of a writer and the other a news telecaster. But she looks plain bad. All the other ladies look better. Her hair and clothing make her look a few years older, and even Nicky looks stiff (or is that just me?)

    I hope this is good, and I’m watching it no matter what, lol. But I’m up for disappointment I think. *sigh*

  3. 6 thoughts on “First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

    ROFL~ I’m still chuckling over the character name “Huang Di.” Oh, who’s playing around w/ some meta-? Cheez whiz!

    I really don’t mind seeing new faces to a ‘good’ sequel UNLESS part deux will nosedive and fail keeping me interested. I pray and hope the screenwriters know what they are doing. Hey, wait a second! This drama is pushed back to 2014? That’s it! This year’s line-ups officially sucks.

    I’m still waiting for Peter Ho’s “Shining Days” yet when I see beautiful European backdrops then I’m skeptic how good is the script, really?

    Hmm, let’s hope this BBJX sequel will produce a great OST in the least.

  4. 6 thoughts on “First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

    Word. Word. Word. Frea. 😉

    Tiffany, Nicky Wu is aging. He probably doesn’t smile much now because of wrinkles. 😛 Well, if she’s playing two roles then I hope she’s glamorous as the doppelgänger. Or fire her stylist! ASAP!

    Keane, Shining days, baby-switcherooooo? Airing this year…well, if it’s bad, just stare at your Peter and the backdrops. hehe. Yesh, yesh, at least I can jazz to good music!


    Intense Official Teaser for Bu Bu Jing Qing:

    It’s anything BUT Corporate deals. Looks like LSS’s doppelganger is evil. 10th still as perky and huggable as ever.

  5. 6 thoughts on “First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

    Oh man, watching that teaser makes me wanna rewatch BBJX!! But for reals? The sequel doesn’t even seem to have anything to do with the original… but the teaser actually makes me more interested than the dull posters lol.

  6. 6 thoughts on “First Look at Bu Bu Jing Xin Sequel: Why?

    Like others, I was wary when I heard about the plot and the lack of significant cast. I don’t really like modern mainland dramas either. They tend to drag and be styled badly. Still, I wasn’t sure a sequel would happen at all, and the most I have ever hoped for is a drama where LSS and Nicky reunite as leads and get a happy ending. Since Tangren is making it happen, I am going to watch it as I adore both actors together. Also, I’m a masochistic 4th/RX shipper.

    The hype for this sequel has me rewatching BBJX and still gets me everytime! It really is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched in terms of my emotional attachment to it. I really liked the recaps on this site, and thanks again for uploading the OST. I didn’t have it before, but I d/led it all to silent cry to later.

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