Nobunaga no Chef Episode 6 & 7: “I need to clone Ken.”


I’m serious. Someone as nice, gentle, and perceptive as Ken needs to have multiple copies. One thing I definitely like about this series (up ’til now) is that despite having 3 ladies falling for one man, they are not catty and scheming. Had this been a Korean drama, it’s almost an unwritten law that the second female lead is guaranteed a spiteful role, plotting behind everyone’s back, while the second male lead would’ve glorified bromance moments but still vying adorably for her love. WHY KOREA?

Anyways, rant’s over…

Episode 6 Thoughts:


Since the Azai and Asakura’s troops are farmers starved of meat, Nobunaga’s new assigment for Ken: “Cooking food for the enemy.” Borrowing the power of wind, Ken sends the smell of Yakiniku to the enemy’s side, hoping to instill fear and break their incoming flow. Despite saying all these, I still don’t understand how this method would work in a real battlefield. 😐


The actor as Nobunaga would be great in musicals, don’t you think? His swift change in expression and clear speech are suitable for stage performances. While there are humorous moments with Nobunaga, he’s still a cruel leader, often killing the messengers in war, something I find quite puzzling. Because it’s an invisible code of conduct often said in Chinese ancient dramas not to kill the messenger. It is usually obeyed by both sides to prevent unnecessary deaths of human envoys. What’s to learn from this lesson? If you’re not on Nobunaga’s side, better not approach him.

“I’ll bring back the man who is precious to you.” – Kaeda

An interesting development in this episode that I didn’t see it coming. I expected Kaeda’s past to be sad and tragic but I’m upset about her dismal choices and decisions now that she has the skills to protect herself. To prepare for their upcoming battles, Ken and Natsu, along with Kaeda and Mori, are sent to Sakai, the International trade port to buy large amounts of guns and gunpowder. I never figured that she’d be sleeping with Imai Soukyuu (Ikkei Watanabe), the merchant of death. He’s the obnoxious agent from Liar Game, so whenever he smiles, I wait for the appearance of that single golden tooth.


Feels like she disregards her body and life because she assumes she doesn’t deserve any better. There’s also the fact that nobody seems to care about her well-being. Hence it is a lovely moment when Ken adamantly states, “Don’t do it, it’s no good,” in response to her offer of stealing sake lees. That might have been the only time in her life someone stops her from doing something bad.

I wish we get some Natsu and Kaeda’s bonding time, in hopes that Natsu’s light can shine a bit in the latter’s dark alleyway. Even if it’s just a little. (But this looks like it won’t happen, seeing how Kaeda didn’t make an appearance in episode 7!) This drama’s biggest flaw is its half-baked character developments.


“It’s always like that. I do my best because Natsu-san is there.”

“So… won’t you come and live with me there together?”


AWWWWWWW! Ken-Natsu’s moments have been decreasing lately so I gobble up this scene like a child starved of her cotton candy! For one, I’m glad Natsu doesn’t decide right away and show hesitation to his plan. It shows her farsightedness and maturity. As much as she would love to move in, she’s afraid for her heart. True to Ken’s style, he patiently waits for her answer.


And then the writer goes and breaks my heart by showing Kaeda, listening a few feet away. 🙁

Episode 7 Thoughts:

Nothing really happens in the first 20 minutes and I knew they’d end the episode with Youko hugging Ken. What a tease.

The Buddhist priest is creeeepy. He reminds me of Park Myung Soo. The evil brother. 😛

Dang, I love the women in here. They don’t sit around and wait for rescue, they go right ahead and save themselves. I thought I would be unhappy with Youko but she surprised me. Now that I think it about, she might be in an arranged marriage with Ken? (Listen to the shipper in me ramble.) Because even if Ken doesn’t remember Youko, shouldn’t his feelings for her be swirling when he thinks about her? Apparently, flashes of her image do not affect his emotions at all.


Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for Youko as the girl risks her life to run into his arms. Gah. Why do you all have to be this courageous ladies? I can’t even pretend to hate any one of you.

Why did Ken and Youkou time travel?

Will they go back? Together? Separately? Not at all?

Will he succeed in stopping Nobunaga’s death?

What will happen to my shipper’s heart?

This friday can’t be the last episode? TELL ME IT’S NOT!

  1. 3 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 6 & 7: “I need to clone Ken.”

    I so want Ken. I want to marry him and live happily ever after with him and have his babies and have him cook for me. What a sweetie!

    I like Youko as well. She was the confused lady in Sunflowers (forgot the Japanese title but it was the one about the guy moving to a rural town because he couldn’t find a job elsewhere.) last season i think. She is so much softer here.

    When youko wondered allowed if it was alright for her to meet Ken, I got the feeling though that them being in the same time is somehow forbidden by some rules of time travel.

    Maybe she’s his sister or sister in law of some such thing.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 6 & 7: “I need to clone Ken.”

    LOL@your rant. its true. Korean writers like to pit woman against woman, while the men get their juicy bromance stories.

    just started this series cause you keep writing about it. loved the gifs in previous recaps. ken is a cutieeeeeee pieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    no one is watching this!!?? it’s cute and light.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 6 & 7: “I need to clone Ken.”

    heh. I’ll make sure I clone one copy of Ken for you Carole, when I have that power. 😉 Yep, I recognized her from Osozaki no Himawari. Still need to start that drama!

    Frea, welcome on board. The more the merrier!

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