Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

Side profile – Jae Joong!

Is shippable a word? Don’t care, I’m about to make it one.

I’m actually not sure of what to say about this drama. They introduced the main antagonist in Episode 1 and then timely shoved him somewhere, probably saving his story as the drama’s final arc. That leaves me fuming because the interaction between Ken and Akechi is far more interesting, just based on the few minutes we have seen of them. Episode 2 & 3 can be pretty much summarized in one sentence: Nobunaga is angered by his enemies and sends newly appointed genius chef, Ken, to their kitchen, making him the instigator for peace/war.

For me, I’m continuing to watch this for the adorable chemistry between Ken and Natsu. Ah, my first OTP this year.

Nope, they don’t have that passionate, intense dynamic going on, but in that place is something easy-going and genuine. He’s a modern boy who should probably know the effect of his words on a maiden in a period like this, yet he can’t help but throw out sweet comments at her every chance he gets.


And she’s a cross-dressed female blacksmith who should be wary of his strange personality but is surprisingly determined to follow him everywhere. Why? He makes good food. Food that she hasn’t tasted in a long while. Did they say what happened to her parents? There could be an element of both yearning for a family connection. I hope they delve into her character a little bit more.

Falling for this actress, she does not hold back in making herself look ugly (pay attention to the faces she makes). I just love watching her flabbergasted reaction to his natural slip of compliments.


Another reason why I look forward to seeing them together is how gentle he is to her. No screaming, no force, no hand-gripping. His honey words might come off the wrong way (cheesy) by another actor, but Yuta, even with his limited range of emotions, manages to make his character honest and effortlessly sweet.


How tall is Shida? She looks petite next to Yuta. I thought it was the camera angle until she snuggles perfectly right under his chin in episode 3. GAHHH. So cute.



Oddly enough, I’m not so worried about the mysterious woman with an itchy ear in his flashbacks. She’s a sister. I believe! πŸ˜€


And the fact that he likes to feed her yummylicious futuristic food? GOLDDDDDDD!


I could watch them like this ALL day.

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    I’m so loving this show..and the fact that everyone can see that Natsu is a girl but she seems to think she’s got a good disguise as a man. Even Nobunaga can see through her. Ken is so sweet. Time Travel and Iron Chef and Japanese history combined…and it’s such a fun love story as well. I want to see a little bit more of the mystery of why Ken is time-travelling. I keep hoping they would sprinkle more into the story than pic of the mysterious woman. Thanks for commenting on this show.

    • 6 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

      Natsu is so silly in her disguise! πŸ˜›

      Me too, I hope their intention is building the story slowwwwwwly instead of blatantly ignoring the reason why he time traveled. I want more character conflicts! Ken knows history, so the big question would be the extent of his involvement in these people lives (especially since he knows the kid is gonna die in the fire, would he save him?). So many things to explore, writer!

      As of now, the love story is anchoring me to this ship! πŸ™‚

  2. 6 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

    I rarely participate in Jdramas ’cause I’ve fallen vaaay behind on dramas waiting for me to completely watch. I still haven’t finished RMPW! Curiosity kills the cat… now, I must watch this series. Looks too awesome. Uhm, I feel like I shouldn’t click the drama posted above this one XD or else you’ll expect to see a Zombie Keane lugging around AVV for a while. LOL!!

    Thanks for the recommendation Kappy. πŸ˜€

    • 6 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

      Really?! Ah, So I managed to convert one person to watch this light Jdrama. A huge relief from the melo in KLand. Hope you’ll like it. I’m gonna post about one more drama soon. πŸ˜€

      RMPW = you and me, both!

  3. 6 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

    Yes, I’m back!!! And it’s all your fault Kap! πŸ˜›

    I’m supposed to be studying but after reading this post, I HAD to check out the drama so next thing I know, I breezed through all three episodes and it was such a nice surprise! πŸ˜€ At first I was like- the history part would bore me! but watching it I didn’t even realize and enjoyed it throughout. Is it just me or do the episodes really just pass by and its the end before you know it?!

    Ooooh, these two give me butterflies when they’re together! It’s so cute the way she’s always making these faces and trying the whole ‘I’M A MAN!’ and he’s simply smiling and doling out even more compliments!!! *KAWAAAAIIIIII* And there’s this whole other part of the drama that’s serious-Nobunaga and his wars, so this-their interaction is like quite the breath of fresh air!!

    Okay, enough now! I really have to get back to my books! Bad bad Kap, it’s all your fault!! πŸ˜› *bangs head on wall for skipping out on studying*

    • 6 thoughts on “Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

      Hoorrrrrrrray! Another convert! Welcome on board Mariah!

      You know since I’m not an eloquent nor persuasive writer, I just had to grab interest using visuals. πŸ˜› It worked! Yesh yesh, the episode breezes by and before you know it, you’re asking, “when is the next episode?!!”

      Aren’t they the cutest? And he’s so different from the typical cold (and crazy) male leads you get in Kdrama more often than one would like. He compliments her like it’s the world’s most natural thing to do.

      You need this fluff Mariah, your brain needs a break and what’s more helpful than a dose of butterflies to stimulate the brain cells? Fighting on your exams!

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