Movie Date with Keane (17): Lovesick

Chinese Title: 愛情處方 / Ai Qing Chu Fang
Alternative Title (A.K.A.): Love Phobia
Cast: Ariel Lin, Bolin Chen, Yi-Feng Li, Jo’elle Lu, Zi-Shan Yang, Ken Lin, Ann Lang, Renee Yuan, Moon Wang, Lan Tsao, Jay Ho, Pei-Jia Huang, Edwin Gerard, Peggy Tseng, Chuan-Chen Tao, King Chin, Sien Chen, Shu-Tang Chao, Chen-Yi Yu, Te-Men Chien
Date Released: October 14, 2011 (China) & December 16, 2011 (Taiwan)
Download Links: DVDrip+softsubs 688MB (avi) | Split Mirrors 01 // 02 // SUBS // SUBS v2subs provided by Ika, THANKS
Watch trailer: here

Plot: Tina (Ariel Lin) is a girl who has love phobia caused by her college ex-boyfriend, Aaron (Li Yi Feng), who left her heart broken. She vows never to fall in love again but then she meets a handsome doctor, Brandon (Bolin Chen), in the hospital who seems to a perfect guy. Her new journey starts when she tries to show all women that the doctor is not that good as everyone thinks he is but fate is playing a trick on her. Because the more she does things to uncover his facade, the more she discovers that he may be the right guy who can cure her phobia of love.

Keane: Oh, choices-choices. I have an extensive folder full of eyecandy images but I figure I need to make this short and sweet. Pity! Ariel looks very cute with the bob haircut. Must. Resist. Spamming. Pics.

So, I realize Ariel and Bolin made this film before the production of In Time With You. The unveiling formula of OTP’s awesome chemistry in this film makes me realize, ah, no wonder they were so tight as besties in ITWY. A good amount of prepping went underway here first XD. Like there are a few dancing scenes. Cute ones? Sexy ones? Why are they so cute together? You know, some say the quick and best way to get in-sync with your mate is to become dance partners. D’awww~~ I haven’t given up my prayers for OTP becoming a real live couple XD. Enough of them.

OMG-sh, who is this HOTTIE actor Edwin Gerard (playing CoCo’s admirer)? Does he look familiar to you current Tdrama followers? That’s right, his current project is Love Me Or Leave Me and is definitely making a name for himself. Hey, fellow American… how you doin? Another cutie, is actress Yang Zi Shan (playing CoCo) who recently wrapped up in Summer Fever. I thought it was too too cute how Ariel’s character, Tina, was overprotective of CoCo’s chastity and/or super genes to not get tainted by total perverts. I am blessed with besties like Tina. I love my friends! Hmm, when is my Edwin, I mean, Peter (hmph, he left me to get engaged with Janine)… oh Nicky, bring your Rapunzel white hair here and I’ll brush-n-brush it for you? I know, you wonder why haven’t I chirped about Li Yi Feng. He’s a terrible boyfriend, well, his character Aaron is! Tsk-tsk. Good riddance. I can’t say more about a guy who sacrifices his love for his career =X. Where’s his family morals? Just like his existence in the story, short, like five minutes short. And let me urge my fellow Drifters to watch far after the NGs for a matrimonial bliss.

Gonna share the (closing) theme song sung by Confucius’ (Kong Zi’s) descendant 76th generation offspring – Jeffrey Kong – Don’t Wanna Ever [不要再]. And did you know? Confucius’ descendants keep increasing and on public record show Master Kong’s family registry is up now 83rd generation to date. These bunnies are biz-zay! Wanna see the OST MV: Click here.

You’re probably sick of dating me by now, so I’ll be MIA for a while. As for now, lala-la-lala-lah, I’m twirling in my white tutu all around you! =P Make your stamp of dis-/approval here below and/or holla to a sista when links croak. Thanks for visiting!

Source: DF, FBA, weibo

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      Can’t seem to access the file and I have a box accnt too. Maybe you need to make the file public share? It would be great if you can use instead – no signup necessary.

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    Lordy, I’m drowning, You and Xin Ying take turn to keep me away from my dramas right?! 😛

    Ah, so they film this BEFORE ITWY, I didn’t realize that. No wonder their status as friends clicked so fast. xP

    Even the song “Don’t Wanna Ever” reminds me of “I won’t like you!” in ITWY. Guess I’m busy this weekend with two movies. *winks

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      Lucky you w/ 2 movies. I have no movies to watch, maybe I’ll call up friends to go see Hansel & Gretel in theaters tonight. I haven’t watched any series for a long while… dunno why or when I started to get sober from drama-addiction? haha~ Catch you at the F4 reunion Spring Festival gala. 😉

      Song? Similar? You mean the song title meta-? I get it. Time for some “choy wan” songs up in here ready for LNY. =)

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    I only timed the subs using Aegisubs.
    I found the subs from google search but I guessed it came from the same source since it is FiCO ripped.
    The original file that you uploaded was in binary format and cannot be converted to .srt or .ass even when I tried using Aegisub. They still don’t have that option to read binary. (If you find later, maybe you can share it with me :D)
    Just click on the Timing > Shift Times.. option
    Have fun. You must be more expert than I am in this area. ;D

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    A good weekend drama. I actually watched it sometime ago, but after reading your post, went adn re-watch it again. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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    Thanks a lot for this movie 🙂 i luv ariel lin.. gng to wcth this one definetly

  5. 11 thoughts on “Movie Date with Keane (17): Lovesick

    Thanks for this Keane. I can’t stop laughing while watching. I’m halfway through with this movie. 🙂

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    thank you for this one! It’s my “ariel lin period” now kekeke
    I’m really really sorry for the question, but does someone here knows where I can find her drama “True love 18”, maybe with subs? Thank u =)

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