Drama Gifs (4)


It’s been along time since the last post! I found some random Gifs for several dramas and movies in my collection that I’d like to share with you,

Note: This post might be a bit heavy & slow so bear with it please


anyway, here we go :

My Girl (J-drama):

Nabuta Wo Produce (J-drama):


Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (J-drama):


Paradise Kiss (J-Movie):


Enchanted (American Movie):


Pirates of the Caribbean (American Movie):

A special gift to the Kaptain of our ship 😉


Ranooosh: I’m done for now. I also have Anime and some more non-Asian movies, should I put them? Well anyway, hope you like those pics, the 3rd in Enchanted is my personal favorite 🙂

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    Thanks Ranooosh!

    Enchanted gifs are my favorites too! Pirates! RURRGGG RUGGGR!

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