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Well, the blog title pretty much explained it all. Since my most recent project -School 2013- had ended recently, I decided to pick up a few of our previous project and re-upload it for you guy to enjoy. So here are a few projects that I had in my mind right now and if you were to have any suggestion or request, please let me know I will see what I can offer 🙂

Current and Upcoming:

Dream High 2 (Completed)
49 Days (Completed)
Cinderella’s Sister (Completed)
Secret Garden (Completed)
Answer to 1997 (Completed)
To the Beautiful You
You’re Beautiful (Completed)

You know the file may expire after a certain of inactivity’s, so guys keep downloading to keep it alive 😀
Let me know if there are any dead link and I will re-upload it for you guy whenever possible.

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    can’t you upload reply 1997? the 480p version. the 720p version is too big for my netbook… please upload that, i really 100000000000x want to watch that drama!!! 🙂

    • 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

      You are lucky. I am having a backup copy of this series stored on my external.
      But the problem is if I were to post this on blog chances is that it will be most likely to be taken down by copyright troll. You know, this series is aired by private TV cable company.

      This drama was previously handled by Anonymous as one of the Twitter project but I am not sure tough if the download link by him is still working.

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        Then you can’t upload then? I love this blog. I’d been following this blog since 2011. I don’t want the blog to be taken down. Is there any other way for you to upload it though?? 🙂

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          Aisyah, you’ll find what you’re looking for in AVV’s tweets. Cool made a “favorite” tweet for fans. Join us, if you haven’t yet.

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    Looking forward to 49 Days and You’re Beautiful.

    May I request What’s Up and Ojakyo Brothers?
    Apparently, What’s Up has 20 ep but this site only upload til ep 16 (the same as what I already downloaded).
    About OB,not many site upload weekend drama which usually have more than 20 ep.

    If you have those files, I’ll be happy with 480p *grin*

    Thank you

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      Hmm What’s Up is uploaded by our Kaptain, you can try your luck asking her. 😀
      Regarding Ojakyo Brothers, yeah that was a pretty long drama and sad to say that I don’t have it on my backup list. 🙁

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        Kap gives link to kpopella site and it;s not working anymore..might be the copyright troll effect *sigh
        Where do you think I should ask Kap the question? Here or Request page?

        Regarding School 2013, do you have the special episode? If you do, will you upload it? Is it some kind of BTS or NG cuts?

        Speaking about BTS, do you have one on SUFBB? Hard to find the vid while I have the sub file *grin

        Sorry if I ask too much hehehehe

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          No need to email, I’m right here.

          I don’t have What’s Up anymore. It went to heaven with my old laptop (along with many other dramas).

          All Cable dramas will only be uploaded to Twitter to avoid trolls. Reply Me 1997, links still work but they are all 720p files. Some folks prefer 480p, but I don’t have ithem.

        • 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

          Thank you for your explanation Kap.
          I’ll keep looking for the rest of Whats Up.

          I’m still following Twitter and FBND is daebak….PSH is a lucky girl indeed #envy
          For ongoing dramas, hi-res no problem for me.

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    can you upload vampire prosecutor season 1 please

  4. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    can you upload scent of woman, 720p, pretty please? thanks

  5. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    Please reupload Flower Boy Ramyun ! I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you thank you!!!

  6. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    I would love to have the episodes of My girlfriend is a gumiho~! Thank you so much for reuploading dramas! ^_^

    • 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

      I’ll be reuploading that after I reupload Heartstrings (50% done). However because of school & IRIS II, I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get it up. If Cool has it, then he may get it up faster than I will be able to ^^

      • 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

        Wow thank you!! Its really no rush, I just want to re-watch it and have it in my collection – its such a cute drama! Please take your time, I really appreciate it~! ^_^

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    Can you please re-upload the music for Beethoven Virus (OST and classics CDs)? Those links no longer work. Thank you so much.

  8. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    I’m also looking for links to OST for White Tower and Summer Scent. Your help is much appreciated.

  9. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    Can you re upload links for The King 2 Hearts? 720p links for episodes 5, 6, 8-16, and 18, 19 are all dead.
    I tried clicking on every link possible. Thanks in advance!

  10. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    Can you please re-upload Rich Man, Poor Woman? Most of the links are dead. Filecloud works best for me. Thank you!

  11. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    could you re-up ikemen desu ne at some point? thanks a lot.

  12. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    School 2013 links are down. Any chance it will be re-uploaded or if not, links be sent to my email? Thanks a lot for your work!

  13. 23 thoughts on “Reupload Project

    Hello. Would you please re-upload Flower Boy Ramyun Shop HQ version? Thank you!

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