Kdrama: School 2013 OST



— Various Artists + Instrumentals —
01. Welcome To The School – 4minute
02. Beautiful Days – J-Min
03. Don’t Think You’re Alone – Kim Bo Kyung
04. Blue Frogs – Kim Bo Kyung
05. Looking Up Together – New Life Church Kids
06. Welcome To The School (Instru)
07. Beautiful Days (Instru)
08. Don’t Think You’re Alone (Instru)
09. Blue Frogs (Instru)
10. Looking Up Together (Instru)
11. 발걸음 (Step) (Instru)
12. 사랑해요 선생님 (I love You, Teacher!) (Instru)
13. 함께 걷는 길 (Walking Along The Street)
14. My Friends (Instru)
15. Don’t Think You’re Alone (Piano Ver.)

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Kap: A treat for ya’ll School 2013 fans! Since the finale is today, soothe your upcoming withdrawal with its heart-warming instrumentals. 🙂

  1. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: School 2013 OST

    aww! thanks kappy! i enjoyed this drama even if sometimes they were a bit dramatic. the bromance was lovely to see (ESPECIALLY IN THE LAST EPISODE….OMGOD, I WANT TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS THEM 5!!), i was only disappointed because the girls got the shorter end of the stick in being cute. sechan’s storyline could’ve been dealt more indepth, instead of being pushed into the last 2 episodes.

    overall, recommended this one. 🙂 love the instrumentals!!

  2. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: School 2013 OST

    the instrumentals makes me crying and crying again T_T

  3. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: School 2013 OST

    Where can I find the extra instrumental tracks from this album? (For example, the great intense music played during Se Chan’s past trauma or other dramatic moments). There are definitely some tracks missing from this OST.

    • 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: School 2013 OST

      I know I have been looking for them everywhere!!!

  4. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: School 2013 OST

    Leah ….. Me too I have been looking up for this spicifice song but I could not find it

  5. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: School 2013 OST

    Ada yg tau ost school 2013 waktu GoNamSoon dan gurunya di hukum bersihin aula. episde 03, waktx sektr 00:31:31-00:32:08?

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