Hilarious trailer for ‘Machi Action’ featuring Bolin Chen


Heeee! This looks really cute. I see many conflicting comments of this production. Initially, some say it’s a rip-off of Kamen Rider, but now that they’ve read the plot, it’s more of a parody/tribute to Toku superheroes, focusing on the life of an actor after his superhero show is axed due to low ratings. Watch as Bolin Chen unveils his superhero charisma on the big screen! The film is also highly anticipated because of writer and director, Giddens Ko, who was in charge of last year’s surprise hit You’re the Apple of My Eye.

What’s with the face Bolin?


Getting his golden layer on.






Superhero mode ON!



Romantic date on a rooftop, back facing a giant beetle.




Source: ET.21CN // ET.21CN (02) // Taipeiwalker


  • This looks heart-warming already, especially the exchange between Big bro and little bro. Another movie added to my list!
  1. 2 thoughts on “Hilarious trailer for ‘Machi Action’ featuring Bolin Chen

    Honestly, I don’t like his flipped out locks. That look made me cringe a bit.

    I won’t get into the kid siblings; why must you rip my heart out?

    Haha, I especially love the last few seconds of the trailer.

    Buff guy: Hey man.
    Buff guy: Help me scratch my back.
    Bolin: Huh??????

    You must watch this NG clip. So freakin cute!!!

    Aww~ have you seen Love Sick, Kap? I call that movie the prequel to In Time With You. I’ve been meaning to share this film to you. Oooo, V-Day is coming up. Sweets for the sweet. 😉

    • 2 thoughts on “Hilarious trailer for ‘Machi Action’ featuring Bolin Chen

      I know right! The flipped hair locks…but looks like his hair only becomes a disaster when he’s in superhero mode! haha xD

      I saw that clip while searching for the trailer. Truly hilarious!

      No, I haven’t seen it yet. Been meaning to, but I get sidetracked so easily. heh.

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