Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012


Track List (translated by Nee):

— CD 1 —
01. Let Love Grow in Your Heart – Nadech (Torranee Ne Nee Krai Krong OST)
02. The Symptom of Love – Yaya (Torranee Ne Nee Krai Krong OST)
03. It’s You – Boy Peacemaker (Roy Marn OST)
04. Just the Word Forgiveness – Amp The Star (Kularb Satan OST)
05. Don’t Know Who to Choose – Rose Sirinthip (Waew Mayura OST)
06. Miracle of Love – Lula ( Ruk patiharn OST)
07. Mean Person – Beau Sunita (Khun Suek OST)
08. Even if I Count All the Stars in the Sky – Ten Mic Idol (Duj dao din OST)
09. Worried He’ll/She’ll Misunderstand – Pijika (Sarm Num Nuer thong OST)
10. One Person, One Heart – New Napassorn & Jew Piyanuch (Ruk Khun Thao Fah OST)
11. The Closer I Get, the More I Get Hurt – Ploy Mic Idol (Ching Nang OST)
12. Heart Filled with Warmth – Palaphol (Ruk Khun Thao Fah OST)
13. He Who was Just with You – Ab Normal Feat. Ten MIC IDOL (Hong Sabud Lai OST)

♦♦♦ ♦♦♦

— CD 2 —
01. Tom Yum Lum Sing – Chompoo Araya (Tom Yum Lum Sing OST)
02. My Love – Pramote Pratarn (Game Rai Game Ruk OST)
03. Can We go cack to the Way We Used to be – Crescendo (OST – Game Rai Game Ruk)
04. You Suddenly Appeared in my Heart – Pijika (Roy Marn OST)
05. Love Decree – Lula (Ruk Prakasit OST)
06. Heart’s Path – Pramtoe Patarn (Roy Mai OST)
07. Can’t Control My Heart – Bowling (Hong Sabud Lai OST)
08. It would be Easier to Stop Breathing – Kala (Ruk Kerd Nai Talard Sod OST)
09. Why Does it have to be You? – Instinct (OST – Fai marn)
10. Warm Feelings in My Heart – Ae Jirakorn Feat. Win Potato (Prik Kub Kluer OST)
11. Can’t Sell Great Love – So Cool (Ruk Kerd Nai Talard Sod OST)
12. Can You Ask Yourself – Ging The Star (Ruk nee…hua jai mee kreeb OST)
13. Do You Think of Me When You’re – Taxi (Ruk aok arkard OST)

Download CD 2 // Mirror

Kap: Yes, this is me reaching out to Lakorn fans. My friend complains that I only focus on the big Four – Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan when it comes to sharing goodies. But what could I do when I’m relatively a newbie tripping in Thai dramas? The only one I’ve watched and never gonna finish is Sawan Biang. And THAT wasn’t a good experience at all – it scarred me and made me hesitant. The only good thing that came out is finding Anne an incredible actress.

So I sought for her help and she gave me this collection. The thing is…the tracks are not in English. Please help me translate and comment if you’d like to see more Thai goodies around this ship. Feel to spazz! 😀

Have a listen to some songs I personally like:

Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4

Pretty cool player! It stays as you scroll! 😉

  1. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    well.. sawan biang is one of my fave(s).. LOLs.. at first i was hesitant too.. no doubt, this kind of genre (whatsoever it called) seriously made me sick.. i used to watch so many dramas and no one like that drama.. but then, i found my self so addicted to sawan biang… i love Ken so much becuz of his character in SB, he was good as a bad guy.. but most lakorn has slap/kiss story.. hmm.. but i suggest you to watch Roy Marn (boy pakorn and margie) it’s pretty cute and funny and for sure no slap/kiss 🙂

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      OMG YUIIII!! finally you’re here. alice here was looking for you when she watched Sawan biang and was screaming dear god because you recommended her that DRAMA (you forgot didn’t you?! hahahaha LOL should’ve went slower yui, recommend something less intense and less focus on “that” aspect. we know thai lakorn traditions and customs but new fans probably get chased away pretty fast. 😛

      and kap/alice, I’m STUNNED TO SEE THIS POST!! seriously?!!! you’re gonna upload thai goodies? GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, you’re my best person now! so hard to get these stuff in hq!

      thanks before! <3<3<3<3<3

      • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

        @ Frea : hahaha.. i do remember it.. seriously.. 🙂 i’m glad if she likes it.. i used to doubt becuz not everyone like this kind of genre, 😀

        Roy Marn isn’t slap/kiss lakorn.. it’s funny.. lovable, and cute.. i love those couple *margie and boy pakorn*..

        actually i’m tired watching slap/kiss lakorn too.. thanks God, some lakorn lately are focusing on something else.. 😀

        • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

          LOL omgsh i love that drama sawan biang, maybe i am weird but i like when the main character is a bad boy and hes rough lmaoo except i wish he wasn’t so mean though but hes so hot. LOL i am actually looking for another drama like Sawan biang and that drama Roy marn i didnt like the girl, found her quite annoying. This is my first time watching thai dramas so i really enjoyed Sawan biang

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      Yui and Frea!

      You know when I read “slap/kiss” storyline, I took it literally as in the couples like to slap each other and then kiss to make up. Mr. R DOES NOT COME TO MIND AT ALL.

      If people were complaining about “I Miss You,” I wonder what is their reaction to Sawan Biang. The drama leaves a bad taste behind…. 🙁

      Frea, only if there are supporters. Don’t want to waste my time upload a soundtrack over 200MB if only one person wants it. Bleh.

      • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

        @K : LOLs, so true.. but i love IMY, not for yoochun’s character but Harry and Zoe.. oopss! 😀
        but, i recommend you to watch Roy Marn 🙂

  2. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Sawan Biang is a hard lakorn to swallow (or to watch without getting sick in your stomach) – and I’m a veritable oldie in lakorn watching. Granted, I watched SB but not without cringing and fast forwarding through all those horrific scenes. Even though I felt Ken and Anne did an impressive job in their respective roles, I would never recommend SB to anyone, especially not newbies getting into lakorns. I may have watched lakorns for over 10 years now, but I have never gotten into lakorns featuring R scenes or the more wildly popular “slap/kiss” genre. There are quite a few good ones out there that don’t feature either. I loved Soot Sanae Ha (Recipe of Love) starring Anne and Ken and thought it was hilarious, but that’s from watching it raw since I know Thai. I don’t know how well the subbers did translating the funny lines and witty zingers.

    Even though I was too late for the DL, thanks for sharing all the same. Just in case you’re interested, here are the titles of the songs in English:

    CD 1
    1. Let Love Grow in Your Heart
    2. The Symptom of Love
    3. It’s You
    4. Just the Word Forgiveness
    5. Don’t Know Who to Choose
    6. Miracle of Love/Love Miracle
    7. Mean Person
    8. Even if I Count All the Stars in the Sky
    9. Worried He’ll/She’ll Misunderstand
    10. One Person, One Heart
    11. The Closer I Get, the More I Get Hurt
    12. Heart Filled with Warmth
    13. He Who was Just with You

    CD 2
    1. Lum Sing Tom Yum (can’t really translate this; “lum sing” refers to a racy style of music and “tom yum” refers to a Thai soup/dish – so if this were an American song, it’d be something like Country Western Chicken Noodle (albeit a bland version))
    2. My Love/Beloved/Darling
    3. Can We go Back to the Way We Used to be
    4. You Suddenly Appeared in my Heart
    5. Love Decree (referring to a holy order from the heavens uniting two people)
    6. Heart’s Path/The Path of the Heart
    7. Can’t Control my Heart
    8. It would be Easier to Stop Breathing
    9. Why Does it have to be You?
    10. Warm/Good Feelings in My Heart
    11. Can’t Sell Great Love
    12. Can You Ask Yourself
    13. Do You Think of Me When You’re (apparently it ends here)

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      YES!! Agreed with Nee regarding Soot Sanae Ha (Recipe of Love)!! Watch it Kap! it’s funny and fast-paced. I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE KEN AGAIN. Erase his character from Sawan Biang completely.

      your avie is adorable nee. the download link hasn’t been posted yet. do come by and tell us more recommendations! i’ve watched some years under my belt regarding lakorns by not as much as you.

      are you a subber, might i ask? thanks for the translation!!

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      THANKS A TON NEE!! You’re awesome for translating all the songs. Hats off to you. 🙂

      Oh no, you’re not late for the songs. I haven’t updated the links yet. My friend went home and I only copied one CD (I thought I did both when I uploaded the sample tracks, fail).

      Thanks for the recommendation, have heard it several times from Little Frea here. 😛

  3. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Actually #4 of CD 1 should be Just the Word Forgive. I forgot to correct it.

  4. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Kap and everyone please upload lakorns. if you do that would be so great because they are hard to come across in Hq. subbed ones would be even better. thanks for the songs.

  5. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    please do upload the songs. thanks

  6. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Even though I’ve only seen thai movies I think it would be a fine addition : ) Although…i’m hesitant because your reaction is negative and you have good judgement about dramas and have had for years…

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      Your words are too kind, Momosman. Maybe we have the same taste…because I usually don’t like many hit dramas on the net.

      I love Thai movies, at least the ones that I have seen and shared here were enjoyable. As for dramas, maybe it’s one bad apple from the basket. Just watch out for the theme “slap/kiss” because it’s more than a simple kiss that I wished I knew before I watched the first few episodes.

      I’ll write something when I find one I really like. 🙂

  7. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    @ frea: I dabble in sporadic subbing. I don’t have the time to actually sub a whole lakorn, but when I have time I’ll help at Viki. I haven’t had much time to watch lakorns this year so anything I recommend would be old. Just at the top of my head:

    -Jan Euy Jan Jao/Jun Euy Jun Jao* (Oh Jan, Jan Jao/Oh Moon, Moon Goddess) starring Rita Jensen and Kong Saharat (usually not a fan of horror, but I was surprised by this one)

    Period (1930s-1970s):
    -Prissana* (name of female lead ; also means “riddle, puzzle”) starring Tik Jedsadaporn and Taya Rogers
    -Mekhala (also name of female lead; name of a goddess) starring Kob Suvanan and Woot Asadawoot
    -Sapai Jao (Royal Daughter-in-Law) starring Vicki Jett, Kong Saharat, Aun Sarawoot, and Tookta Inthira
    -Ban Sai Thong (Golden Sand House) starring Num Sornram and Joy Rinlanee
    -Buang Banjathorn* (Enchanted Bed) starring Marsha Wattanapanich and Chakrit Yamnam
    -Ngao Asoke 1999 version (Asoke’s Shadow/Shadow of the Asoke/Ashoka Tree) starring Ae Isariya and Ake Ekgarat
    -Ngao Asoke* 2008 version starring Pong Nawat and Pueng Kanya (I liked both, but I thought the 1999 version was better)

    -Luke Mai Glai Ton* (The Fruit/Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree) starring Andrew Gregson and Kob Suvanan
    -Klin Kaew Klang Jai* (The Scent of Orange Jasmine in my Heart) starring Rita Jensen and Rome Patchata
    -Phoo Chai Meu Song (The Second-Hand Man) starring Aff Taksaorn and Chai Chattayadom

    Revenge (not really a fan of revenge lakorns because they fall more in the “slap/kiss” genre and they usually always include an R scene between the leads, but I do watch them occasionally because the acting is usually good until the R scene ruins it):
    -Raeng Ngao* (A Shadow’s Potency/Influence – hard to translate this title because it refers to a person’s own demons; i.e., the female lead takes revenge for her dead twin believing that’s what her twin would want, but it’s really her own demons spurring her on for failing her twin with the revenge being a surrogate for her guilt) starring Ken Teeradeth and Anne Thongprasom (not the recent version because I haven’t seen that one)
    -Tang Pan Kammathep* (In Cupid’s Path) starring Andrew Gregson and Janie Tienposuwan (such an innocent title for a revenge lakorn) – personally, I think Andrew is one of Thailand’s best actors, but he hasn’t been as active in recent years, although he has started doing lakorns again (I haven’t had time to see any of them either except Mongkut Saeng Jan (The Moonlight Crown), which I thought wasn’t one of his best

    Romantic Comedy:
    -Prajan San Kol (The Tricky Moon) starring Ken Teeradeth and Janie Tienposuwan
    -Soot Sanae Ha* (Recipe of Love) starring Ken Teeradeth and Anne Thongprasom
    -Mae Khrua Tua Yung (The Nosy Chef) starring Ae Isariya and Wut Asadawut
    -Manee Yard Fah* (commonly known as The Princess but the actual Thai title translates roughly to A Precious Jewel from Heaven) starring Willy McIntosh and Anne Thongprasom
    -Soda Gub Cha Yen* (Soda and Iced Tea) starring Tik Jedsadaporn and Pin Kejmanee
    -Bo See Chompoo* (Pink Bo) starring Chakrit Yamnam and Angie Hastings

    …and that’s all I can think of right now. There are more, but ten years is a long time and A LOT of lakorns to sift through. The titles with an asterisk (*) means there are English subtitles available as far as I know. As you can tell, I LOVE period lakorns. I think that’s because ancient Chinese dramas were my first love. I love anything period, and that goes for all countries. For England, it’s the regency era; for Korea, it’s the Joseon era; for China/Chinese, it’s the wuxia era/ancient China (not so much a big fan of the Shanghai era, though)…and you get the picture.

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      wow…thanks for the long list of recommendations. most of them i haven’t seen because i just got into lakorns a few years ago. lol. and I tend to like the younger generation cause they’re around my age.

      regarding Prissana, might i ask if there were a lot of love scenes (skin contact)? because from what i know, the actress was very young (14) when she filmed with tik…and i felt extremely uncomfortable watching them in the first few episodes….the age gap is BIG!

      i love period dramas because thai costumes are stunning!! especially during wedding scenes. i love those gowns. who are your favorite thai actors/actresses? i see that you watch a great variety.

      saw a few episodes of the new Raeng Ngao but i don’t really like the new Ken P. very much. very stiff and less emotional than Ken T. and janie’s face keeps changing…she looks different with little fixes throughout the years. i loved her in the comedy with Film. I’m pretty, single and rich? or something like that. lol.

      Andrew Gregson…gotta check him out. he looks mixed and HOT!

  8. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    It is great to hear that you are also fond of Thai dramas, from your list I saw that you are missing some great OST. Most of the OST listed if you do a search will have the translated version, 2 that I recommend to add to your list though 2 is not from 2012:
    sarp phusa (cursed fabric, a true horror ghost movie if you are into horror, one of my best)

    If you like Anne recently she had Qi Pao which has been translated with a great OST (2012) linked to OST
    If you like to know the meaning of the song go to swtannenat channel for the full translated episode you can then read the translated OST at the beginning.

    Raeng ngao (older version of Anne has been translated), OST of new version translated

    Mongkut see thong translated ost (I love this song very much and highly recommended)

    Please let me know if you enjoyed the OST and if you like I could recommend you more lakorns that have been translated. (Please spread the love of lakorns since they are great and fun to watch, their story lines are very different to that see in chinese or korean drama)

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      funnyz, this collection does not include all the songs from this year. My friend said it’s released by channel 3.

      Your song choices are amazing. We have similar taste in sentimental songs. I especially like the last song even if the lyrics is sad. Do you know the English name of the song?

      Please do recommend more songs like these! 😀

  9. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Prissana is a period lakorn so there’s usually very little skin contact. I believe they did kiss maybe once or twice, but they were very chaste (one the was on the forehead). I was kind of icked out by the fact that Taya was 14 or 15 (turning 15 or 16 during production – I can’t remember which it was), but since it wasn’t very graphic or anything, I just ignored it and pretended she was the 19-year-old she was playing. In the novel the prince was 35 to Prissana’s 19, so I guess their real age difference added to the visual feel of the story?

    I don’t have any favorite actors or actresses. I just like what I like. Sometimes ones I’m not that impressed with or fond of surprise me and vice versa. I like Andrew Gregson because I think he’s really talented, but I wouldn’t call him my favorite. I also like Anne T. because she’s an amazing actress, but I don’t favor her. And then there are many lesser knowns that I like because they’re consistently good. I just watch what interests me and let the actors/actresses show me what they’ve got.

    I haven’t seen the new version of RN, but I have heard mixed reviews about it. Honestly, even in the old version, I hated the first few episodes that featured the weaker twin (but as a character, she made sense, and I never questioned her actions). I liked it better when the other twin shows up and puts those perverted and catty people in their place.

    I haven’t seen any new or recent lakorns, so I can’t say if I’d like the new generation. However, there are a few newcomers that I’m interested in checking out. I’ve heard a lot about Nadech and Yaya, so I’m expecting big things. Mark Prin, Kimberly, Mint C., Taew, and Alex are a few others I’m looking forward to watching. I watched Alex when he played as a kid and was impressed with him, so I wonder how he’s doing now.

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      Nee, she was 14 when filming and 15 when the drama aired. Still very young. She barely hit puberty. don’t know why they insist on filming with such a young actress. it’s not just prissana…the younger generation of actresses are fairly young when they started out as leads. quite scary.

      you’re quite fair, willing to watch any lakorns. i only watch my favorites and rarely go off trail unless the dramas got a lot of rave reviews from people i know.

      hehe looks like channel 3 are doing a good job because all the newbies you mentioned are from their channel. lol. channel 5 & 7 have new batches of newbies too but they have yet to make a name for themselves yet.

  10. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Updated CD 2 Links! If you’re wondering, these are HQ mp3, bitrate@320kbps! Cheers! Spread the news (not links!) so they won’t die!

    Cherry, saw your question in the cbox.

    Song 1: My Love – Pramote Pratarn Track 2 of CD2
    Song 2: It’s You – Boy Peacemaker Track 3 CD1
    Song 3: Miracle of Love – Lula Track 6 CD1
    Song 4: Even if I Count All the Stars in the Sky Track 8 CD1

    Hope these are correct. My eyes are tired atm. 😉

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      Song 1: It’s You – Boy Peacemaker Track 3 CD1
      Song 2: My Love – Pramote Pratarn Track 2 of CD2
      Alice you must have been really tired when posting this. This is the names of song and 1 and 2. love the songs. These 2 songs are so touching and full of emotion. hope there is more.>.<

      • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

        ha! I didn’t have CD1 to compare. I used my questionable mental notes instead. I thought I copied CD1 to my HD but I didn’t. My thai-lakorn friend already went back home for the week so I couldn’t upload CD1 yet. Tskk tskk.

        • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

          its ok Kap. take your time uploading. I plan to be pretty active now that i am almost on my break. cheers.

  11. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    @alice thanks for the names and hope you do upload the soundtrack.

  12. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    @ Alice just say you posted the links for Cd2 thanks. please upload the soundrack for cd1. thanks

  13. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    The first track for CD 2 is just called Tom Yum Lum Sing. Sorry if I confused you. You can’t really translate that title, so I used that Country Western Chicken Noodle as a comparison.

    Thanks for the link! I haven’t bought a CD for as long as I haven’t watched a lakorn. I was just thinking of ordering some CDs and DVDs, so this will be a nice preview.

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      haha It’s okay. I have seen some weird English titles hence I wasn’t surprised and thought it was a real name. xD

      Good luck on your Lakorn shopping. I heard it’s impossible to get HQ lakorns. The only way is to buy Dvds. Sad face.

  14. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    I started watching Thai dramas couple of months ago.I love the story. It’s completely different from wat I usually watch. Now I m completely hooked on them. I love to watch Pong’s drama.I have finished some of his dramas and there is still some I haven’t watched yet. The other Thai actors that I like to watch are Tik, Ken, Paul and Bei.even though Bei’s drama is the first Thai drama I watched.

  15. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    I m hooked on Pong’s drama.

  16. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Can i get the link for the cd 1?? I just found link for cd 2. Thanx..

  17. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Hi.. can u re-upload link for cd 1? thanx

  18. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Sorry but can you link the download website for CD 1???

  19. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    really disgusting dramas i dont like thai dramas for many reason :
    1. i despise rape scenes
    2. i hate romance it is afoolish love story ha ha ha
    3. because im amuslim and those things are forbidden in islam
    thanks for god im proud of being amuslim

    advice : i think that kinda of dramas lead you to the perversion ( and i dont think so that anyone of you like the perverts so why are you keep watching it ?!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe to entertain yourselves *** really weird

  20. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Sam high five I am also Muslim 🙂 oh and lol I understand why you don’t like it. I liked that drama sawan biang because I love their acting, I have never seen a guy so mean and I am new to Thai dramas, I understand it’s wrong but come on it’s just a drama and I doubt it would lead to perversion, just because you watch a thriller movie or horror movie would you act upon those actions based on what you see on tv. No way plus I didn’t enjoy the rape scenes at all it was disturbing but it was amazing how the guy changes and you have to me mature I guess to understand it, and at the end of the day it’s just a drama and I would never ever go for a guy for a rapist in real life that’s wrong, but in Thai dramas they make it look romantic which is weird and they don’t even show any nudity or any sexual scenes so I don’t know why you would say it like that.

  21. 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

    Dear sam, what you said was pretty harsh. please don’t generalize ALL thai dramas as disgusting. NOT all of them have rape scenes. some of them are funny and entertaining, you’re jsut watching the wrong ones. I, myself, usually skip over rape scenes and watch the aftermath. if they’re dumb and illogical, I kick the drama hard to the curb. at the end, it’s YOUR choice to watch the bad ones or pick something better.

    also, no need to bring ethicnity into our discussion becaure there is no possible way that there existed a culture that tolerate rape. that’s just disgusting. of course they are forbidden such as other bad deeds.

    @Marin, you’re right my friend, sawan biang is superb in its acting. i just hated it because of the twisted and disgusting storyline. can you imagine their child asking them, “how was I made?” *shakes head*

    As for the perversion aspect, it’s not entirely false. you know these days KIDS watch stuff online ALL the time. and they are weak-minded, what they see they tend to “want” and copy (just for the heck of it), without completely understanding how serious something could be until it’s too late. there’s also a number of sick pyschos living in this world that shouldn’t be encouraged to find “love” in such ways.

    just y two cents. don’t mean to offend anyone. 🙂

    • 38 thoughts on “Thai Lakorns: Best TV OSTs of 2012

      frea your completely right, lol i guess i am at that age where i watch stuff and i am mature about it and i know the difference between right and wrong, now if kids watch these types of shows then its wrong because they don’t understand what their watching and it can lead to perversion act. People over 18 should be watching these type of shows not kids. I completely rooted for the main character because i understood his dilemma how he never recieved love and how he can’t show it, so he hurts other to gain pleasure even though hes a pyscho who should be locked up in jail and shouldn’t be doing these type of things just because conflicts with daddy issues. All the characters in this show is type weird and crazy and its so unrealistic, Like how her mother was okay with her being with a rapist, how kawee father married the sister, how she didn’t report him and kept shut, why the main character has so much hatred for the sister, and why the sister is obsessed with the kawee.. Its like a roller coaster ride and dramas makes it okay even though we know its wrong, I know if someone like kawee raped me i would report him to a mental clinic no matter what problem he faces. This drama actually makes you mourn for each character and we have to know at the end of the day its a drama, and this is the only drama i have seen that is so different like a main character that’s a rapist . I guess it teaches us always love our kids or else they will turn psycho lol

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