First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013


Not bad. Not bad at all. Yesh, I have made friends with this version, nothing is gonna change anyway! And since I love Wallace Chung. What’s a girl gotta do here? 😀

I’m amazed at the speed of filming in China. This one started filming not so long ago and they already released a trailer! Do people NOT sleep over there?

Here’s our Xiao Feng. Will his ending be the same old tragic with a capital T?





This adorable actress Mao Xiao Tong (English Name: Rachel Mao) is playing Chung Ling! CUTE!

Look at her glaring/making faces at Duan Yu.




Sorry Wang Yuyan. Even if you bare more skin, Duan Yu is looking in the other direction. Put your white robe on.


I mean, what’s not to love? Mu Wanqing (Zhao Yuan Yuan) wears RED – fierce and passionate.

In the fool’s embrace. Waitaminute, he’s no longer a fool for choosing her this time!


Kissy kiss kiss!


Since it’s the winter time, our couple needs some cuddling sessions as well. 😛


The wolf.


Source: All images are captured by AVirtualVoyage.Net.


  • See lady, what did I say last time? Yu Zheng is here to change the wuxia world. Read his announcement in the trailer, “Wu Xia New Vision.”
  • Is that….Xiao Feng….snowboarding?!
  • It’s hilarious how every fan that I know LOVES the change in Duan Yu’s love life. Everyone is in favor of Mu Wanqing. Can’t blame them.
  • The CGI wolf looks great! Let’s hope they don’t change this beast into a puppy in the real thang.
  • Is anyone annoyed at the one-colored robes these characters are sporting? All red for Mu Wanqing, all green for Chung Ling, all purple/orange for Ah Zhi/Ah Zhu, and bright blue for Duan Yu.
  1. 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

    ROFL @ snowboarding XF! Man, that’s a lot of lacquer glossing on his piece of wood. XD

    I love this trailer for the CGI not so for the music…. yet. And for everything else, I have to wait and see if this cast can keep me… surfing my snowboard… without crashing like XF. XD

    Thanks Kap’n!

    P.S. Purdy much… people DON’T get to sleep over there. Now that’s a lotta love for the industry. =)

  2. 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

    LOL! yu zheng is creating war with his line, “Wu Xia New Vision!!”

    XF snowboarding….knowing how he added skating into Gong 1, im not surprised he incorporating another modern sport into his productions. gotta be interesing. 😆

    watched some BTS videos and let me just say Chinese production crews hire A LOT of workers…. one scene (not war scenes) could have up to 300 laborers in and behind the scenes….what you gotta do they have the money to use.

    thanks for the prrrrrrretttyy!

  3. 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

    Cannot wait for this 🙂

  4. 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

    Actually I’ve always shipped Chuang Ling/Duan Yu since the 2003 version, they were so adorable! Mu Wanqing was a bit TOO over-the-top for me – but I have a feeling I’ll be shipping both Chuang Ling and Mu Wanqing with Duan Yu this time. Well, as long as he doesn’t end up with Wang Yuyan, I’m happy. (I still think Kibum looks pretty awful as Duan Yu, which is sad cos DY’s my favourite character, but the trailer still looks pretty cool)

    • 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

      I only remember the 1997 version. Chung Ling is adorable but she didn’t have the romantic vibes with Duan Yu. Like a cute mui mui only.

      Mu Wangqing was portrayed by Bondy Chiu and I loved her! Dunno much about the 2003 version. xD

      haha what I notice about Kibum first in every scene is his perfect, white pearlies. 😛

      Keane & Frea, I saw the BTS videos…lots of workers for one measly flying scene. ;O

  5. 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

    I was intrigued by this and am currently watching the 2003 version.

  6. 7 thoughts on “First Trailer for ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ 2013

    Perhaps, the one toned wardrobe for each character helps with budgeting or perhaps it is an artistic expression of their characters, and the answer to your question is, No, ppl in China (Asia) in general, do not sleep when they are working. This is why we can churn out movies and dramas in dozens over one that Hollywood can churn out in the same time period and we can do it on lesser budget even! One need only look at the eye bags of the actors and actresses to know they have been memorising scripts over-night while filming for the whole day. That’s Asian work ethics for ya!

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