English-Dubbed trailer for upcoming film ‘Saving General Yang’


I shall call this year the year of remakes. 😛 I’m sure we’re familiar with the storyline of this one. The seven noble (and hot) sons saving their beloved father in the face of the impossible. Only one shall live to tell the tale. Louis Koo was originally cast as first Son but he got injured and they replaced him with Ekin Cheng. Truth be told, these guys are handsome but not very tough-looking. I’m very fond of Yu Bo and his overall build is not too shabby, great even. My main problem with these men is their lanky legs! I mean, seriously, if you’re gonna save me, better build up them leg muscles or else I ain’t running with ya!

Raymond Lam meets Vic Zhou with a handshake. I love Zai Zai’s mannerism here. Raymond, stand up straight!

But Wu Chun‘s awkward face pwns everyone.


The guys in their warrior mode:

Vic Chou (3rd son), Yu Bo (2nd), Li Chen (4th), Ekin Cheng (1st), Wu Chun (6th), Fu Xin Bo (7th), Raymond Lam (5th)

Celebrating Wu Chun’s Birthday. Vic’s face looks so small next to Raymond’s. o.o




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  • Director is Ronny Yu (Fearless, Freddy vs. Jason). How’s his style folks? I didn’t watch those movies.
  • Can’t stop giggling at “They call me General Yang…” Don’t doubt Adam Cheng because that man has screen presence you can’t ignore.
  • Hope there’s a segment that talks about the men’s weapons of mastery!
  1. 3 thoughts on “English-Dubbed trailer for upcoming film ‘Saving General Yang’

    It’s finally gonna release. I’ve been eyeing this movie FOREVER! That Chunnie bday pic was like 2 yrs ago or something… maybe last… year? Dunno, definitely not this year’s though that’s for sure. Maybe the reel has been collecting dust in the film room or the editing took a lifetime to achieve. LOL!

    ROFL @ “lanky legs” so is that the reason why Raymond chose Hammer pants? Kkk~ Fashion is an illusion. I’m happy to see at least one guy is a colorful individual… *winks @Chunnie* and I just realize, there will be NO END to Adam’s animal prints. *rolls eyes*

    Now, I need to watch the terrible dubbing trailer. I gotta search for original voice trailers after to calm my fiery.

    Thanks for the pretty Kap’n. Cue song: It’s Raining Men!

    • 3 thoughts on “English-Dubbed trailer for upcoming film ‘Saving General Yang’

      Amen to everything you said Keane… I’m pretty sure that the pic was from last year (mainly due to Zaizai.. he’s been rocking that look since around the time he did that movie with Ella and Binbin.. Oh yeah, Perfect Two…)

      I don’t mind the lanky legs terribly since they’re going to be encased in armour or similar for most of the onscreen time, but I am going to point out (not to be whiny or anything) that these guys look more like noble men of the non-fighting persuasion rather than noblemen who are generals… But I suppose that the fact that seven very hot guys are in the same space negates all the bad things? Someone for everyone yo!

      I wonder why most of these companies refuse to sub. Either they don’t do anything, or they go ahead and dub it. No. Sit down. Take a second. Give us subs. Throw away dubs. Realise that subbing is easier and less expensive and we want to hear the guys who we are watching on screen’s voices, and not some american twang mispronouncing every second word along with every proper noun (totes not American Twang’s fault, btw, he never learnt any dialect of chinese). *rant over*

      Thankies Kappy for le purty article <333

  2. 3 thoughts on “English-Dubbed trailer for upcoming film ‘Saving General Yang’

    Is it because of 12.21.2012? You guys are all suddenly very interested in dates? The picture was indeed taken last year. The photos have been staying in my HD since forever and I need something cute and non-sticky for my possibly last post on this earth, so I just picked it. 😛

    Keane, Adam reigns as the lanky leg Daddy. Just look at them sticks! And Raymond thought he could fool the world with his hammer pants. Wrong crowd dude. 😎

    Nutella, agreed completely. Put them in scholarly robes and see magic before our eyes. xD


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