Cdrama: Queen of SOP OST

(This is a guest post, due to some glitches, the display name is not showing up.)

woooohoooo!!! finally, hey everyone! tis’ spazzer here. i’ll let you peeps guess who i am! muhahah anyways, my first compiled drama soundtrack!! im gonna brag here, *flips hair back*, this compilation is one of the first. i haven’t seen other sites upload the whole thing before, at least not in HQ like mine. 😎 what can i say? im awesome when i put my mind to it.

Track list (speak up if there’s more):

01. Being the Friend Who Loves You Most – Zhang Han
02. Lonely, Lonely is Fine – Joe Chen Qian En
03. How Many of You – Jacky Xue
04. I Know You Know – Jacky Xue
05. Tears of Goldfish – Jeremy Ji
06. Last Page – Jessie Chiang

♦♦♦ Download OST here // Mirror // NEW MIRROR (11/05/2013) ♦♦♦

Frea: Tis me! the wonderful, magnificent frea! lol. so here’s the deal, months ago i volunteered to compiled all the songs (err, maybe not all but the prominent ones) for this drama since you guys know this baby doesn’t have an official soundtrack (bummer!). our Kaptain A agreed to let me take on this task and lo and behold….never again mama! i spent several months (on/off) searching for these babies. i’ve more respect for the Virtual team more than everrrrr. kudos to them.

the DL links above are password protected. MUHAHAH. ya think i’d let your paws easily into my lovelies? do two things cause we need discussions and fights debates going on around here. ya’ll can’t just come and leave. im not a very nice person. ‘kay.

1) Leave a valid email when commenting. (i’ll email ya the pw)
2) Pick and answer one of the options below:

  • a) Your favorite scene & why. if possible, tell me the episode, our kap needs new banners. lol.
  • b) If you could, one thing you’d change about this drama. (anything, be creative)
  • b) Is this drama good enough for a Season 2? Will you watch it?

that’s it. i will READ every comment so make sure yours isn’t next to miss sloppy in K2. LOL!

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    huhu, kap, the author name is under yours and not my awesome display name – Spazzer. tis might be the glitch you were mentioning. =/

    • 18 thoughts on “Cdrama: Queen of SOP OST

      Eeekkk. I dunno Frea. It’s my first time adding guest post user. And since someone was lazy, I had to copy and paste her document. Ahum *coughcough. I’ll check again to see the problem.

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      My favorite scene is when qiao en knew that ming dao was not tom. and ming dao said, “I will do something that will make him appear in less than 3 seconds” And then he faked kiss qiao en. And then Zhang han revealed himself. And this was ep 13. I think this was extremely hilarious and cute to watch, but I still think that this drama is not good enough to make a sequel and it’s not something that I anticipated because qiao en’s character is basically the same character that she portrayed in her past dramas, innocent, weak, etc. I hope that she can portray a different character that is outside from what she had done. And I watched this drama just because of her, but this drama was rather disappointed.

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    Congrats frea on your first *coughs* post! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    I cracked up staring at the headboard… looks so… regal. XD I have a lot to learn about PS-ing. *sighs*

    Oh no, I haven’t seen this yet. I’m… stumpified! LOL~ Evil kitty, frea, e-vil…. Photobucket

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      LOL! keane dear keane, how about this?

      RE: Why didn’t you watch it? lol.

      as for me, i didn’t finish it.


  3. 18 thoughts on “Cdrama: Queen of SOP OST

    Honestly I don’t really like Queen of SOP – I was really excited for it when it came out, totally spazzing cos Joe Chen is one my my favourite taiwanese actresses (along with Ariel Lin and Ady An), and I had just finished watching Fated to Love You, so of course I couldn’t wait to watch another awesome drama with Joe. Zhang Han the hottie was just an added bonus. Although I thought this series was really pretty (seriously, the scenery and all, and the hot actors/actresses are totally droolworthy) but I still think the plot was rather boring and flimsy. I hated Joe’s character with a passion, she seemed like a real bitch to me (I know some people like her cos she’s “straightforward and decisive”, but I think you can be straightforward and decisive WITHOUT being a bitch, and that was what I felt Joe’s character failed to do), although I still salute her great acting. I didn’t like Godfrey either – I don’t think he’s a very good actor. It’s painless to watch, and I did enjoy watching Zhang Han and listening to the fantastic OST, but this show wouldn’t win any awards in my book. Nevertheless, I think they shouldn’t come up with a season 2, and should instead let Joe and Zhang Han move on to other, hopefully better shows (and even if they did release a season 2, I’ll probably just check it out briefly and then move on)
    Please email me the password, I can’t wait to download the songs! Thanks!
    P.S: This really is a great way to start a discussion on the show XD Kudos to you!

    • 18 thoughts on “Cdrama: Queen of SOP OST

      GIRL! I love your honest answer, most would gloss over the flaws of this series (severely flawed in logic and flow) because they love joe chen, but you were honest and i love you for it! i watch it for joe but her character feels like a prick. LOL she just kept annoying me with her jumpiness into relationships. godfrey is hot but his character? JERKKKKKKKK FACE. do you know he’s cast in a hollywood movie as a wizard, in a gay relationship? i think it was for the books in the mortal instruments. danggggg!

      i heard about S2 and my face went….”WHATS THERE LEFT TO SHOW???!! Marrriage life??” Moving onnnn!!

      sending the pw after this comment.

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    congratz for your 1st post 🙂

    and thank you.. i like those songs even the drama its self wasn’t really my fave one..

    ps : i like this confidence! -> “what can i say? im awesome when i put my mind to it.”

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    Thank you for your link. I think it should have the season 2 cause I don’t seem to enough for the couple.
    I think I will watch them again. I like this couple.

  6. 18 thoughts on “Cdrama: Queen of SOP OST

    @Yui, so….why didn’t you like it? and yes…i need some moments to shine. lol.

    @Deedee, just found out that Season 2 has a completely different storyline. so are you still gonna watch it? different characters and qiao en no longer plays a part!

    @ifb, girl, did you not read the post?

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    @ frea Oh sad to hear. I think I wil watch it but if don’t have Zhan han too. I am not sure that I will watch.

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    Ahhh finally the complete Ost! I had requested this ost last year..Thank u!
    You are awesome,indeed hahahaha :* muah muahh
    My favorite scene was the ‘sleeping beauty’ scene, when both of them trapped inside the glass and sleeping.. godfrey gao looked like a prince charming there! wish i had one like him <3

    ps. I'll watch any drama or movie as long as Godfrey Gao is in it 😛 cheers

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    I would like to have the password please! Answering the last question, I think don’t think it’s good enough for Season 2 because I felt that they have milked it for all its worth already!

  10. 18 thoughts on “Cdrama: Queen of SOP OST

    Sent the pw to everyone except ifb, who didn’t answer my questions. i gave your 3 choices and easy questions, why don’t bother to read? this just proves that most of yall just come and snatch, without reading the content.

    people work hard ya know. have the decency of a simple thanks isn’t hard.

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    Thank you for uploading the OST !!!

    NO, the drama should not have a Season 2. So far, I never seen any drama successful in their second season. It’s not because of the cast or acting problem BUT more on the plot. Since the drama wrap up nicely in the 1st season with a great plot and centered conflict, dragging the whole story to a second season ruin the whole wrap. This show is this good because what we want to know and need to know are all condensed in the 1st season. So…please don’t ruin the whole setup…just because of fans; requests or money

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    I found this site while searching high and low for the ost for SOP Queen. I haven’t watched Taiwanese dramas for ages and I started watching this for Godfrey (gasp not for Joe Chen?)
    Anyways I would LOVE to get the password to the ost since I love all the songs in this show.

    a) Your favorite scene & why. if possible, tell me the episode, our kap needs new banners. lol.
    Hm.. Favorite scene.. I think I enjoyed the beginning of this drama a lot more (it got draggy when there was all that office politics) I loved all the London scenes too. One of my favorites is when Han’s character brought Joe’s character to the best ice cream in London, and later she flashed back to it when she was with Ming Dao. I think thats when she started realizing that she liked Han’s character. I loved all the cute scenes with Godfrey and Joe together though, like the beer can stacking one and the sleeping beauty one.

    Hopefully someone still checks this and I can get the password to this OST! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    Can you reupload the soundract of The queen Of Sop? I can”t download it. thx

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