Tdrama: Love, Now OST


— Compiled Tracks So Far —
01. Let’s Go Running Together – Cosmos People
02. Temporary Boyfriend – Yen-J
03. Add Fuel to Fire – Yen-J
04. Alibi – Yen-J
05. Hold This Hand – Victor Wong
06. I Want To Make A Movie About You – CosmosPeople
07. Wild Beast – Della Ding
08. Cang Jie – Mayday
09. Tian Kong by Jia Jia

Download OST here

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Listen Sample:

Kap: This is NOT the official release. Just some songs my friends told me ’cause she’s watching and I’m not (reason: no sub, and it’s too long). Let me know if these tracks are actually playing in the drama.

UPDATE: This drama is being hardsubbed by XiaoZero at LyricalZero.

My friend is 50% right in her spazzing mode. I asked her why and she showed me this:

*picks self up from floor*

Why is it so slippppppppery around here?

Anyways, rising musician Yen-J made quite an impression as 3 of his songs are featured in this drama. My friend calls him “shy but a god with musical instruments.” Checking his profile, he’s been singing/composing for a number of popular Taiwanese dramas, including Drunken to Love You, PS Man, Autumn’s Concerto.

Feel free to share and discuss drama-related stuff here. I’ll help as much as I can…

  1. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Was gonna check this drama out, but as you said no subs. Did your friend say whether this drama is good or not? With Tw dramas its either hit or miss – most often the latter unfortunately

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      It’s really good, actually ( for me) it’s really long but it is not a heavy drama , it can make u smile and happy , an entertaining drama 🙂

  2. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    yay! a compiled soundtrack post. this will be helpful for fans!

    @annette, so far the general opinion is that the first 10 episodes are zippy, adorable, and fun. but then they also speculate that the story will go down towards draggy territory…



    they need unnecessary plots to make 80 episodes. LOL!

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      Typical of TW dramas, i always wondered why bother making so may eps instead of just making the story into a few eps its supposed to be instead of stretching out a plot that is sometimes non existent. But i guess it means more money, although they do get called on some for terrible dramas. One such drama that received that treatment was a Rainie Yang drama Sunny Girl (no surprises there!) – it was terrible people in TW complained you can’t possibly pay someone for that and put it on tv. I saw it and it was that bad.

      • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

        First of all this is a really good drama and all of those episodes were really good it was one of the best dramas ive seen the emotions were great the actors were great and THE HATERS were even better so fine be one of those people you are entitled to your own opinion so I guess thats just what you think.

  3. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    You can actually watch it here with subs
    I actually like it mostly because of the chemistry and the guy is chasing the girl here not the other way around unlike in most dramas and he’s also the first one who fell in love not the girl. If you’re looking for illogical and rom-com dramas this one is good lol. Just ignore the logic (cause I’m trying hard so I can enjoy the show lol), and enjoy the chemistry ^_^

    *kinda spoiler*
    Actually this reminds me of Nice Guy, the boy gets revenge on the girl he loves because well..she betrayed her (at least that’s what he thinks in this drama (misunderstanding *rolls eyes*)), kinda like a light version of nice guy or a rom com version not a melodrama. The good news is the misunderstanding will be cleared on tomorrow’s episode since it’s an 80 ep drama *_*

  4. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    so far it’s actually not bad but don’t know what kind of story they will try to tell with it being 80 episodes. it’s going to be like Tiamo Chocolate where it starts out great then they had no more story line for the main so many episodes end up telling the story of sub characters. but ill keep watching. for now.

    Yen J new songs are cute, pairs well with the drama

  5. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Yen J is well known in Taiwan. I have been a follower of his career since the beginning. He comes from a professional family background with both father and older sis being medical docs. His dad wanted him to study med as well but he went against his dad’s wishes and pursued his love of composing and singing. I like his songs. Not a good looking bloke (unlike those idols) but very talented! I am currently watching this drama as well. Up to episode 15 out this week. So far so good, but I expect there will be some dallying soon, given that it is a 80 episodes drama! I am not sure who will pick this up for subbing but if anyone does, I am happy to help with the subbing. ^_^

  6. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    two more songs kap!

    Hold This Hand by Victor Wong
    I Want To Make A Movie About You” by CosmosPeople

  7. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    I’m hardsubbing this drama! I have only 5 eps out so far, but you can find them here at my translation blog.

    I actually really like this one. Yes, it’s mostly because George Hu is my favorite, but there are also a lot of cute moments in this drama that you don’t get in every TW drama. And I love the music too! I’m a big fan of Yen-j. And in just the last few episodes I heard fragments of a not-yet-released song by Magic Power! I love them. =D

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      Thanks for your opinions everyone!

      XiaoZero, I added your blog to the post. Hope it’s okay with you. 🙂 This drama is promoting Magic Power for sure. So many songs from them and Yen-J!

      • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

        Of course! I don’t know how else to let everyone know about it. ^^”

  8. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    XiaoZero, thanks so very much for your hard work. I can only understand 50% so your translations really help. Keep up the good work. Jia yu. 🙂

    Hi, Kap. Could you please, please release the 6 songs? I think its going to take a long time before you compiled 10 tracks. Please forgive my asking and impatience but could you do this as a special request from a Nai Nai (senior citizen)? Thanks in advance. 🙂

  9. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Here’s two more songs to add:
    Beast by Della Ding
    Cang Jie by Mayday

  10. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    simplesim, oh you use the BIG NAI NAI CARD!! Watching HZGG has helped me understand just what an endearing term it is. I don’t have all 6 songs yet (some may think it’s easy to find these tracks but it’s so hard T_T). I’ll update the link as soon as I get my hands on them. Is Nai Nai drowning in George’s wonderful smile? 😀

    Thanks lemon123 for the latest addictions! ^^

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      You’re welcome, Kaptain A. Here’s another:
      Blank Spaces (Fill in the Blank) by Jia Jia

  11. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Aye aye Kaptain! Lol. Thank God you have a soft spot for Nai Nai. 😀 I was inspired by the Nai Nai in Inborn Pair (am watching now concurrently with Love Now). Ooooh yes, George megawatts smile and deep voice is a danger to me poor ole heart! I like his looks better than Chris Wang, more manly. And George’s suits are way better than Chris (his suits in IP are horrendous).

    Take your time looking for the songs, I thought you have them already. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  12. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Wait Wait Wait this thing is WHAT? EIGHTY episodes? Did I read that right? Jesus…I think I might decide not to watch this after all…
    On the other hand, George Hu looks absolutely awesome – I’ve been his fan from the start and I’m glad he’s getting more attention, especially since his acting has improved by quite a lot.
    And omg that picture above…I can’t decide whether or not to watch it…those who have: is it good?

  13. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Anyone know the name of the artist and the title of the song that played in Episode 49 for the touching reunion scene between Chee Ming and his doctor mum? I love it. The lyrics are very touching too. Thanks in advance.

  14. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    OKAY GUYS! Finally have all the 9 songs in HQ (I wanted to wait for 1 more but don’t want to stall Nai Nai). I’m very OCD with the quality so it took longer… 😛

    Another thing that has been bothering lately are those shameless thieves stealing my links and making money through adfly. That is not acceptable. If this behavior continues, I won’t waste my time and effort in compiling OST collection anymore.

    Will tweet when I have the links ready.

  15. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    well are the links ready ~i mean for the songs *winks* i rarely watch Taiwan drama without subs but Love Now caught my eye and i am now down to 62 episodes and counting. But i really really love the songs ~ Btw, the drama is refreshing good in my opinion ~ no dramatic revenge, the normal love triangles but not draggy till the end and of course the dramatic revelation till the end (keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a better ending)

  16. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Someone nows the name of the song they play when there’s a club scene, the song has like all this autotune, I really like it, someone knows? :/

  17. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    thanks so much for the links ~ you are the best!

  18. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Thanks, K for this. I appreciate the hard work that goes into it. Is there a way that can block ppl from stealing the links, eg: making the links exclusive only to A Virtual Voyage? Again, thanks….the number of episodes is certainly a put off but I must congratulate myself for having lasted so long, patiently, stubbornly… and am still going with this drama. It has a nice feel to it – reality and some really good message about love and relationships. It is a good end of the work day sort of drama – something to relax over dinner every weekday. It is ending soon and it looks like it will be a good wrap up. The songs are phenomenal…. and I am sure that many of us fell in love with George Hu here. 🙂

  19. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    CAn anyone help where to down load the tv series song

  20. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    I rip viki sub for this drama, you can jump to my blog: It’s up to 47 episode right now.

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      Oh nice! A subtitle website for Taiwanese/Chinese dramas! 🙂

  21. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Any ideas on what the insert song is on episode 54 starting at around 7:00 minutes?

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      i was searching for this very song too… finally dug it up…
      it’s limited love editon (soundtrack) by rene liu…
      here’s a video link…

      • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

        Thank you! I would kiss you if I can haha!

  22. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    I’m currently watching this series, am on episode 4. So far, the songs that I’ve heard are in the series. Thank you so much for uploading the songs that your friend had. I appreciate it and your site as well.

  23. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Can someone tell me the title of the song played for Qi Ming & Cai Rong’s wedding when Cai Rong entered the church??

  24. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    I’m currently watching ep 10 on Dramafever and I know they cut these eps a lot, but does anyone know the song when they are in the drinking contest for the stuff animal? All I can identify is “ROCK AND ROOOLL” and “put your hands up” and this is not enough for me to actually find it. Love the song and would appreciate it if anyone identifies it. Thanks for putting up the rest of the soundtrack!

  25. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    hello! thank you very much for the OST! i’m wondering if anybody knows the name of the song in ep 35 (35:00-37:00) when Zheng Yu Xiang takes Lan Shi Yun to the mountain side to yell out their wishes? I tried to Shazam but there’s too much dialogue for the app to pick up the backgound song…

    thank you!

    • 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

      hey Sophia, refer to my Deeps comments up above with the youtube video link

  26. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    thank you for uploading this! I’m about half way through all 80 eps (D:) but I really love the soundtrack so far! I think twdrama soundtracks are my favorite then jdramas….thanks again!

  27. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    I actually needed to share this specific posting, “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

  28. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    Can anybody tell me the song in ep 15 around 17:00

  29. 45 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love, Now OST

    I’ve just finished watching this drama and I have to say that I love it..
    I usually don’t like taiwanese drama because they are usually very childish and too much fantasy..
    However, this drama is nothing like that and I totally enjoyed all 72 episodes..
    I absolutely love the chemistry between the leads themselves and all the supporting actors & actresses..
    I also love how much Shi De (male lead) loves and cherishes Yi Ru (female lead).. ^_^

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