Main & Ending Theme songs for ‘Drama Go Go Go’


And both are sung by our robotic love machine, Jiro Wang, as he romances Ruby Lin against the other leads. These two songs are included in his first solo album called “What Are You Waiting For”. Not sure whether an official soundtrack would be released, so in the meantime, enjoy his voice instead.

The cover. Visual show of Flower boy, no?

Main Theme: Our Script – Jiro Wang // Download

Ending Theme: I Should Love You – Jiro Wang // Download

Are you watching this drama? How’s it so far?

  1. 5 thoughts on “Main & Ending Theme songs for ‘Drama Go Go Go’

    Dang, he looks hot in his ET MV with that HHHAIR.

    I said I was gonna give this show a shot however I haven’t even started searching for it online yet, although I do have Jiro’s solo album but have yet to give it a good listen. I like the songs from Absolute Darling/BF better. These tracks are like echoes to AbBf days. He debuted as a solo artist and somehow you’d think he’d have the power controlling contents going into his album, yet it seems not so? Disappointing album thus far. What a shame!

    Peter… wait for me!

  2. 5 thoughts on “Main & Ending Theme songs for ‘Drama Go Go Go’

    is it weird that he’s getting hotter the older he gets?

    maybe it’s the new hair like Keane said……

    i read that his album aims for a rock theme but i rarely hear the unique vibes to rock… his voice is too soft for this genre.

    Not too shabby, i like some songs from this album, the ending theme is my type! the drama is available on viki but not subbed fully. T____T with such a cast you’d think….

    • 5 thoughts on “Main & Ending Theme songs for ‘Drama Go Go Go’

      I was just about to say that it seems like all of the Fahrenheit babies seem to be getting more awesome with age~ I just managed to watch the mvs, and now I can’t wait for the drama~ So many shenanigans~ I think I’ve been doomed to watch everything that Jiro does ever since I felt my heart break for him in It Started With A Kiss~

      I think Jiro does strong beats really well, like in Pretend We Never Loved, but not full on rock… it’s more like rock ballad or something.. I dunno, I’m bad with genres… and ooh, this drama already aired? It never even blipped on my radar. Shall remedy that now~ Although I’m currently on a jdrama kick….

  3. 5 thoughts on “Main & Ending Theme songs for ‘Drama Go Go Go’

    I like a few songs from this album. Age does Jiro good. 😛

    One of my favs. Along with “Pretend That We Had Not Loved.”

  4. 5 thoughts on “Main & Ending Theme songs for ‘Drama Go Go Go’

    LMAO~ that’s all I got to give to that MV above me, “What Are You Waiting For?” Let me answer that, “I’m waiting for you to be quiet and look pretty!” =p

    I know Jiro loves to Rock but songs like these depreciate his talents. He gets the most points for flexing his muscles on cue. I hope his sophomore album grows 10x’s better.

    Oh dang, I want his clothes and accessories. HOT items!

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