Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

Korean Title: 원더풀 라디오 (Won-do-poor Ra-di-o)
Other Titles: Love On-air
Cast:Lee Gwang Soo, Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, Jung Yumi
Celebrity Cameos: Dal-Shabet (as Cobi Girls), Kim Tae Won, Lee Seung Hwan, Cul-two, Jung Yup, Gary, Kim Jong Kook, Director Jang Hang Joon, and some other stars.
Release date: 2012/01/05
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See OST Tracklist below:

1. Wonderful Radio (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
2. Again – Lee Min-jung
3. So Bitter – Lee Min-jung
4. You’re My Angel – Lee Min-jung
5. Get Out Boy – Cobi Girls (Dal-Shabet)
6. That’s When I Feel Love – Seo Mi-rae
7. Black Star – Yoo Keun-ho
8. Stay – Kim Kyu-won
9. Blind By Love – Kim Ho-yeon
10. Love Begins with a Confession – Lee Jung-jin
11. The Moment (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
12. Comfort (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
13. Late – Hwang Seong-je
14. Four Percent – Hwang Seong-je
15. Glamorous In-yeong (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
16. Reminiscense (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
17. Changing Seasons (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
18. Still waiting (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
19. Opening (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
20. Ending Signal (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
21. Phone Call (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
22. Last Concert (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
23. In the Lobby (Instrumental) – Hwang Seong-je
24. Namaste (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
25. The Song I sing to you (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
26. Mirara (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
27. Opening 2 (Instrumental) – Jung Soo-min
28. Ttumba Ttumba Medley – Kim Kyu-won
29. Island – Lee Do-wo

The Skinny: Gina is a former Kpop Idol and one of the original Idol fairies (like Fin.K.L SES or Baby Vox). She quit her fictional group ‘Purple’ and started doing radio shows, but a new producer forces her to come up with a new segment for the show. at first it is successful, until a guest accuses her of plagiarizing her original songs and instigates her into foul behavior on air. The rest of the movie is how she resolves this and attempts a comeback.

The Theme: Dae-Geun (GwangSoo) is a fan-boy of purple, and somehow became the manager of the groups leader, Gina. He does everything imaginable for her and stands at her side. But seems to be doomed to be nothing more than a man-slave.

See Gwang Soo friend-zoned with no real resolution.

The Spoilers (And My Review): 8/10

This movie, if not for Lee Gwang Soo’s hilarious slap-stick comedy and the countless Celebrity Cameos, would have a fairly low rating.

This is GwangSoo break dancing.

Minus him, I would give the movie a 5/10 for plot and acting. Actress Lee Min-Jung is hot, but now that she’s officially dating G.I.JOE nemesis StormShadow (A.K.A. Lee Byung Hun) doesn’t sway my vote as much. The acting is ok, but doesn’t tug on any heart strings. I’ll give her points for having to cry a lot in this film, but the directors need to know, just because the actors cry doesn’t mean the audience will too.

Firstly, if you were a fan of the original girl group craze years ago, then this movie will probably appeal to you. In my opinion Lee min jung bares some resemblance to S.E.S. member Eugene (Yoo-Jin). Her characters name is Gina (Jin-ah), her group “Purple” is a three-girl band, supposedly one of the original girl group fairies and is compared to Fin.K.L at one point.


Anyone agree with me? (If not, let me know a better choice in the comments!) Although in interviews Lee Min Jung has stated her inspiration for the film to be Hyori, I think the writers had Eugene in mind. I really want to know what S.E.S and Fin.K.L thought of the movie.

Second, the cameos. The news making cameo is of course Gary and Kim Jong Kook; Gwang Soo’s Running Man Castmates. I think Running Man is breaking new ground in asian variety popularity, thus this movie is worthwhile just to see the 20 second cameo by the 2.

If you’re just a fan of Kpop then the first scene of the movie features Dal Shabet as an up-and-coming girl band named Colbi, and are clueless as to who Purple are. They do a good job, but I think they were just playing themselves, not acting.


Kim Tae Won, the famous guitarist from Boohwal also makes multiple appearances as a bar owner. Of course more recently you know him from his “granny” appearances in Star Golden Bell, or his current variety on KBS “Qualifications of Men” where he sang in Choirs and stuff.


Cultwo also make it into a scene. They are currently hosting a variety show on KBS as well, but I remember them from Star Golden Bell right before its cancellation.


If you’re wondering who Director Jang Hang Joon is, then you obviously aren’t a fan of Shinee’s Onew. Jang Hang Joon is that skinny guy who hosts the show with Onew, Gil, Shin Dong Yup and Yoon Jong Shin where they ride around in a trailer with some star and yell out the window to the street playing games. Its called Night Star. Anyways he makes a couple of scenes in the movie as well.


Ok, there are some other actors billed as cameos, but I think those are the main popular ones.

Thirdly, the saving grace of the movie is Lee Gwang Soo. His image he built up in Running Man actually fits well into the plot. Many of his scenes add nothing to the plot, but make the movie watchable. I’d say its comic relief to an otherwise weak plot.

Gwang Soo with a girl in a hotel room? Nothing happened, really!

So what makes this movie a bad Date movie? Mainly its because the main characters don’t have a strong reason to fall for each other, yet they do.

If we follow the plot, Gwang Soo’s character Dae Geun is the only person (other than her mom) who stands by Gina through thick and thin. He selflessly devotes himself to her, even when she has no more money to pay him and hes just working for her for free. He always agrees with her. Even when everyone including her boss Jae Hyuk (Jeong Jin) believes she plagiarized her songs, Dae Geun takes her side, keeps on encouraging her and never doubts her for a second. He takes a second job as a driver to make money, but doesn’t leave her. He follows her passionately and plays only her songs to her customers, doing what he can to continue to promote her. You can see the undying love in his eyes as he yells for her from the audience, yet at the end of the movie she kisses the good looking boss.
Girls often say what they want from a guy “a guy who believes in me, treats me like the only person in the world that matters. Loves me for who I am, will never doubt me. No matter how foul my mood, he will always stay by me, trying to cheer me up. He would do everything I ask him to even if he suffers from it and I never see, won’t complain about it. He would cry in my place when I’m feeling sad, but stand in the shadows when I’m enjoying the spotlight, never taking an ounce of credit just so he could watch how happy I can be.” And the movie shows us this is a lie. Its just a good way to get into the friendzone.

Dae Geun (GwangSoo) does all of this for Gina. The whole movie he sincerely gives his best to her. She is in a bad mood and hits him, insults him and makes him do errands beyond the call of duty, he always says yes. He continuously looks out for her and she hits him in return. When she and the PD have a disagreement, Dae Geun join her side calling him a dog. It doesn’t even cross his mind to tell her to calm down. She is always right- in his eyes. But there isn’t even the hint that she shows she appreciates it throughout the whole movie. In fact, if I remember right, throughout the movie she does nothing for him. Theres not even a nice gift to show him how much he’s appreciates it. He is always cheering for her on the side or in the audience and never seeks to benefit from it. Its worse than simply “friend-zone” where there are some borders. I think part-way through, Jae hyuk says to Gina “he has a good heart” and Gina says “yes”. Thats it!

If we look at the guy Gina does choose, her new director Jae Hyuk, we notice that he doesn’t do anything beyond a normal boss.


In the beginning he shows an obvious dislike to her, doubts her most of the way through the movie. When she makes an on air mistake, he isn’t very forgiving. So what does he do? well, near the end of the movie he finally finds evidence she didn’t plagiarize the song and goes to her side for it. (Something Dae Geun had been doing throughout). Jae Hyuk wins Gina over by “supposedly” putting his job on the line for her (which he didn’t lose anyways). But actually did he really? Firstly, he might have known he wouldn’t lose his job since the threat was made by a rival and NOT by his boss. Secondly he was doing things within his duties, not really beyond. It was just a risky move, but one which showed trust in his employee. What is his motive? It might seem like had a lot to lose, but he also had a lot to gain from the stakes. In fact, if Jae Hyuk looked like Gwang Soo I’m pretty sure Gina would just show “love” to him as a junior shows love to a senior employee, non-romantically.


What do I learn from this? All that girls really want is a good-looking guy who makes more money. Gwang Soo shows us how to get into the “friend-zone” without hope.

Throughout the movie we see this same theme of “handsome above all else.” The guy serving military time taking a leave of absence to try to appeal to the girl he loves even after going on the radio to sing a song to her. He is ugly and can’t sing well, but I bet no other guy did anything like that for her. But she only shows disgust and disdain for the ugly soldier. The girl who’s embarrassed by her step-dad because he’s ugly and slightly crippled. I bet if her mom had married Lee Byun Hun she would love him. Her step dad has to give her a gift (monetary) before she changes her mind.
Halfway through the movie, they have a company dinner with drinking. Gina makes Daegeun carry her drunk colleague (piggy backed) home while she stays with Jae Hyuk, of course. This is the only point when Gina acknowledges Dae Geuns kindness behind his back. I think the love line the writers tried to put in here was simply because Gwang Soo’s character was too incredibly pitiful.


I really hope Lee Gwang Soo can be the main guy who wins the girl in his next movie.

  1. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    should be doing my hw……….

    Surprisingly, an objective review yichung! i thought you would fanboy every single moment b/c min jung is in here. very true words, the actors can cry, especially korean actors where they can cry buckets after buckets but the real deal is whether the audience can feel it. THIS line is what i feel for drama BIG as a whole. too much crying, too artificial, it didn’t hit me in the guts……like secret garden/best love did (even those are heavily flawed).

    feels like this movie is tailor-made for lee gwang soo BUT he still doesn’t get the GIRL? WTH? So pitiful…then what is lesson learned?

    cant see the resemblance btw lmj and eugene. lol.

    great review yichung! enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

      Yay someone read it! Fast too. Lee Min-jung and Kim Eugene are aged less than year apart. Thats a sandwich I’d love to be the meat to.
      The ending doesn’t even show Gwang Soo kissing the other girl the writers decided to put with him. He should be the HERO for once, I think that will also improve his ability to be the main character in RunningMan too! I don’t mean him to change his character, but instead to have his character succeed in the role of a hero.

  2. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    I’ve watched this movie, it was really great made my eyes kinda teary =)

  3. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    This was the best part of the entire movie, IMO. The second best part was seeing Gwang-soo break dance in the recording room, not only did he not stop there, he was banned being in the recording room, so he continued break dancing in the hallway. Precious fellow, he is. ROFL~

    I too want him to get the girl but Gangnam Style. For once, I’d like to see him like a Vince Vaughn in his movies getting his dream girl. I’d like to watch it when that time comes. Please share another date movie if you do come across one. 😉

    Sidenote: Eh, I bought a bunch of those bunny ears for my nieces and nephews for Halloween. Kkk~

  4. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    Finally free enough to comment, yay~ I see our entreaties paid off ^u^ I do agree with a lot of what you said, especially in terms of the movie, but I do have a couple of points that I’d like to say (I’m sawwy, but I ish hoping you don’t mind a small discussion~)

    First off, Gwang Soo is very harshly treated, especially in the movie, but he does get the girl (the one he wanted anyway). It’s not explicitly stated, but both him and Jung Yu Mi (yes, the Innocent Steps cutie-pie who was evil in Rooftop Prince and will be back to good in City Conquest) have couple mugs or something and there’s a whole scene that alludes to them going out (I watched this movie a bit ago so my memory is hazy).

    Secondly, Gina was paired off with her boss because that was their OTP. Gwang Soo was always the brotherly one in his and Gina’s relationship, he didn’t even like her romantically in the least. As for why… the movie is more about Gina than her love-life, which is more a “look she got her shit together after all” thing, rather than the point of the film. To make the film about a dongsaeng-manager noona-celebrity would require a completely different focus to be done right. It would be like us going from amnesia/terminal illness as the basis of the storyline to examining only the amnesia/illness in great detail documentary style.

    As for Gina&Boss being paired up that way.. yeah, it seemed abrupt, but mainly cos it was a two hour or so movie. If they had gotten a mini-series of 8 episodes, say, like The Thousandth Man, I’m sure we’d be able to see more of how/why they got together. I mean, the drunk scene was very cute, and if they had time to put in more scenes like that, we’d deffo be rooting for them.

    As for the message of ugly guys never win the girl… The soldier bit.. maybe you’re right, but personally speaking, if anyone did that for me, I’d be completely mortified, regardless of how the person looks. I mean, who can know how the person dedicating/singing the song to you on radio looks like anyway? The dad.. it was clear that she disliked the dad, but that was, if I remember correctly, more dependent on the fact that she was against her mom remarrying him than anything. The gift broke the walls down not because of the money exactly. More because she knew exactly how hard to earn every bit of those headphones (it was headphones, right?) And not only that, he paid attention to her, then went out and got the gift, and then wrote a letter with it. If it was monetary like you said, he would have just slipped her the money in an envelope. It was clearly the effort and gestures along with the money and how it was earned that got that reaction. And if she had been happy if her mum married Lee Byung Hun, solely on the basis that it was Lee Byung Hun, that would be having at least a slight Elektra complex, which is disturbing to say the least. Then again, I watched the movie raw, so I could definitely be wrong.

    And finally: I think you give us girls too little credit. I mean, yes, looks are a huge factor, but they are for the majority of the population. You watch girl groups for the same reason. I watch boy bands for the same reason. But at the end of the day, we all know that we’re not going to have a relationship based purely on looks. I don’t think Gwang Soo got bullied because of his looks. Gwang Soo started off as, and still is, a model. He got bullied because of his personality. I don’t think one maybe-message of a movie is going to brainwash us all.

  5. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    Uh-oh Nutella, you’re on to me ~ perhaps I did skew the facts a little to fit my purposes. I just want to believe Gwang Soo can get the main girl in the end. Thank you for your feedback; you’ve clearly read my entire post and watched the movie keenly. I was not able to pull anything over you. I certainly have underestimated the female gender’s ability to see through a weak romantic plot. I will end with a poem:
    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Min-Jung is pretty,
    Not like Gwang Soo.

  6. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    thank you for the links. :))

      • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

        i cant access that rapidshare link.. when i click it display IDM auto download and when i started download it says cannont download..

        and i close my idm to get auto download.. i cant access rapidshare… any mirror pls?

        • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

          Which file sharing site are you able to download from?

        • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

          i think better on jumbofiles, nosupload or IDUP.IN 🙂 thanks

        • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

          I’ll also put it on Nosupload in small parts (takes longer), but I made a big file u can download right away if you are subscribed.

        • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

          wow, nos upload small parts, that was nice.. thanks to you.. i can get HD now… this site is Awesome 🙂

  7. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    Been putting off downloading this for real ever since I watched it on youtube some time back. My friend got me into watching it because they claimed to have cried buckets- and I have to admit the stories *did* induce my ducts too… But LMJ has never impressed me with her acting, and with this, proved again that she’s not doing anything to me. BUT the Boss…. I LOVE THE GUY SINCE 9 ENDS 2 OUT! ;DD Reason enough to keep this I suppose even if he’s not doing much. His awkward singing scenes was adorable <333 And Gwangsoo-Yumi appealed more to me, of course because of GS.

    Thanks for this! 🙂

  8. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    LOL, it takes 1week to download all these part 😀
    thanks, i think better 1part is about 200 – 300MB 🙂

  9. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    can you repair download link part 3???

    • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

      Do you mean rapidshare download link? What is the error you get?

  10. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    did you know title a song sing by taxi driver, song play at 43:47 – 45:15?

    • 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

      I believe its “Nul Sarang Ha Get Suh”
      The translated song title is “I Will Love You”
      In Korean its 널 사랑하겠어, by Zoo (동물원), a Korean band.
      It was featured in a couple of Dramas.
      Here is a youtube video of it.

  11. 22 thoughts on “Movie Date with JC (11): Wonderful Radio

    my brother watch the movie this morning and suddenly he asked me to find the song played by the schoolgirl whose parents working in the laundry store. It played from 00:52:10 – 00:54:00. what’s the title?

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