Trailer for upcoming T.v.b drama “Highs and Lows” with Raymond Lam and Michael Miu


Left to Right: Jazz Lam, Derek Kwok, Michael Miu, Raymond Lam, Law Lok Lam

Excited for this! So far this year, I’ve only watched and finished 2 tvb dramas: Three Kingdoms RPG and Tiger Cubs. I tried Ghetto Justice 2 but the whole thing was a basic rehash of the first series, so I got bored.

Long Trailer:

  • Another cop series! After Tiger Cubs, I’m expecting high-budget materials in here with layered characterizations that TC lacked.

Wrinkled, but happy Michael with unshaven Raymond

  • Raymond Lam plays Wai Sai Lok, a rugged superior  with an abnormal personality. What? How abnormal is what I want to know! This is Ray’s last chance at Tvb’s Best Actor Award this year. Let’s not talk about Chugot Leung….
  • Michael Miu and Elaine Ng play a divorced couple; he’s an inspector of the Narcotics Bureau and she’s an Inspector of Financial Investigation Division.
  • Ella Koon returns to film for tvb after 6 years. She plays Ray’s subordinate and secretly crushes on him.

MC Jin (hi!), Raymond Lam, Kate Tsui

  • But the most interesting character to me is given to Kate Tsui, who plays a hard-working sister raising her sick brother. To pay for medical fees, she’s willing to do anything. From selling pirated stuff to becoming an informer for the police. Due to some unexpected circumstances (a heart-broken romance with Ray?) she slowly succumbs to the debilitating power of drugs; I’m thinking for emotional comfort. She’s known as the Drug Queen in later episodes. Oh gosh! What a fascinating character. I hope Kate can carry such complex roles. I know she can do sexy well, let’s see if she can do miserable and badass together.

Ben Wong, Michael, Raymond, Ella

  1. 2 thoughts on “Trailer for upcoming T.v.b drama “Highs and Lows” with Raymond Lam and Michael Miu

    Oh!! michael miu in another cop series. but no felix kwok anymore. saddddddd day.

    but wowzers. Kate got a big role in here. tvb MUST be pushing her status for the award this year. but i dont think she’s gonna nap it though since she’s still new compared to the ones who havent gotten it yet…


    tavia yeung. i believe she has a period drama coming up in november. if she wins, then raymond will probably win too since they won the improving award back in the days. cute because they were in the same tvb acting class. 🙂

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