Recap: Queen of SOP Episodes 5 – 7


So, we’ve decided to combine a few episodes together for each recap post for the rest of the dramas. As Kap said, “The drama has become a little draggy, unfortunately. Yet moving at too fast a pace, ironically, in terms of romance. Getting together with Zi Qi without knowing each other, and Tang Jun falling in love too deeply with the lack of interaction they’ve had. =/

Enough with blabbering. On with the recap!

Episode 5:


Back in the shopping mall, Zi Qi explains to the press that the other supermarket had previously consulted him to be their consultant so he went there to take a look for himself. He wants to make his stand and clear all misunderstanding. He spoke up for Xiao Jie, saying that she was there solely to accompany him. The problem resulted as a communication between the markets, and that there is no relation to Xiao Jie whatsoever. She is only an employee, so there is no need to ask her questions, and expresses his anger towards the media for twisting her words around. He also wants to apologise to Xiao Jie, for having her life disrupted because of his job.

In the manager’s office, he gives Xiao Jie a chance to right her wrongs. Tang Jun’s company, Huang Hai, wants the rights of bringing in to Shanghai Taiwan’s specialty – glass products. She is tasked to bring a representative from Huang Hai to look into the matter.


Tang Jun comes to the office. He stands at the door and winks at Xiao Jie while she stares, and then steps forward to introduce himself to the manager. The manager gives her the keys to the company’s car to bring Tang Jun around, and to the glass factory to take a look for a couple days, also as a means of hiding out for a while – Tang Jun’s method of saving her before Zi Qi spoke to the press.

When they leave, she asks him why he’s in Taiwan, surprised that he is the CEO’s special assistant. He hides the fact that he is the CEO’s son and simplifies it by saying that he owes her money, so is working to repay the debt and as a means of living.


She says bye, but he asks for a ride back to the hotel. In the car, she takes a long time to move, and he finds out that she’s nervous because she hasn’t driven for a long time. He then ends up teaching her how to drive, and they move slowly out of the car park. The next day, Xiao Jie picks Tang Jun up from his hotel, and he insists on driving because he doesn’t trust her driving skills. The couple arrive at the glass factory and is brought around by the person in-charge.


Zi Qi’s assistant – Tian Tian – tells him that he had forgotten to cancel the reservation of a bottle of Petrus red wine originally for Valentine’s Day’s date with Ji Qing. And asks what to do, in the hopes of being able to land his hands on it. Unfortunately, he is seen through by Zi Qi and is told that he can continue dreaming. The bottle is then passed on to the CEO of the other supermarket in the hopes of a good working relationship.

Tian Tian also asks him to get a Valentine’s Day present for Xiao Jie since it’s their first Valentine’s together.


Xiao Jie tries out glass-blowing, and Tang Jun has his arms around her, helping her out. When she succeeds, she turns around in joy, and accidentally kisses Tang Jun. She excuses herself to go to the toilet. Tang Jun is secretly happy and makes a popping sound with his lips.

At night, while they are having dinner, things get a little awkward. He then tells her not to mind it so much if it was accidental. They then hear a car drive up outside. Zi Qi appears!


He’s here to check on their progress but really it’s to spend an advanced Valentine’s Day with Xiao Jie, because they’re tied down with work on the day itself.

After dinner in the guys’ room, they share the same bed. Tang Jun pretends to snore to chase Zi Qi away. Outside, he meets Xiao Jie, who hasn’t slept either. He then gives her her presents – clothes and bags and shoes. She kisses him on the cheek as her present to him. He says that it’s not enough, and that he just needs a girlfriend who can watch the sunrise with him.


They head to the car and spend the night, waiting for sunrise. They chat a bit, and he falls asleep soon after. This is that scene you see in the opening where she plays with his eyebrows. Tang Jun comes out to spy on them, and gives Xiao Jie a shock when he appears next to her window. She ends up watching the sunrise with him, and Zi Qi wakes up only after the sun has risen.


Xiao Jie is seen preparing for the supermarket’s opening, and Zi Hao is outside at his event, gloating that the crowd is at his side.

The CEOs are having a meeting, including Tang Jun. Zi Qi’s father invites them along to take a look at the Valentine’s event, but Tang Jun excuses himself, saying that he has an appointment; helping out at Xiao Jie’s opening.

Episode 6:


Ji Qing and Zi Qi meets coincidentally. She asks about his event, but he disses her. She gets upset and hides at a stairwell, crying. Tang Jun overhears her, and goes over to comfort her, with no idea that she’s a celebrity. She confides in him, that she regrets letting Zi Qi go, and he encourages her to chase him back. “Who says that you can’t get back together even after you’ve broken up?

After Ji Qing puts on the rings for the couple, and hears the guy thanking his girlfriend for supporting him, she thinks about the way Zi Qi treated her and vice versa. As she walks to her car, she sees Tian Tian frustrated over Zi Qi’s event because the guest star is going to be late. She thinks about what Tang Jun told her, and decides to help Zi Qi’s opening.


Xiao Jie starts her demonstration in place of the guest star, and Ji Qing comes along with a crowd. She asks if she can try, and cooks a little. She advertises the product, and asks Zi Qi to try what she cooked. She says in a roundabout way that she has always wanted to cook for her man, and she never knew how to appreciate in the past, but she wants to start and learn how to change and give more to the other party.

She leaves, and there is a huge demand for the product. Tang Jun also leaves, but Xiao Jie asks him to go back to join them for a celebratory dinner.


Zi Qi chases after Ji Qing. He asks her why she did what she did – because she wants to, for him. But she cannot take the way Zi Qi rejected her with another woman, and wants to end the relationship. He doesn’t agree, and kisses her. She resists for a while, but then kisses him back. Tang Jun sees the whole scene.

At dinner with Tang Jun, Jia Yi and Tian Tian, Xiao Jie keeps looking at her phone – she’s been calling Zi Qi. Tang Jun distracts her with a drunk Tian Tian, and she cheers up. Xiao Jie and Tang Jun leave together while Jia Yi’s boyfriend picks the other 2 up to send Tian Tian home.


Tang Jun brings Xiao Jie to a Ferris wheel even though he has a fear of heights, and she tells him how she doesn’t like amusement parks because it gives her bad memories about her parents.


The next morning, she wakes up and calls Zi Qi. He spent the night with Ji Qing but lies that he was busy because a problem occurred in Japan. Zi Qi talks to Ji Qing, and says that he doesn’t know how to tell the truth to Xiao Jie, so he rather let her have some pride, and withdraw from the relationship herself. He asks Ji Qing for some time to settle it, and she complains that she feels like a third party when they were the original couple. She envies Xiao Jie for being able to be his girlfriend openly in public.

In the meeting the next day, the CEO praises both parties. Zi Hao mentions the mistake Xiao Jie made, and she apologises. The CEO takes away her position as a spokesperson, but promotes her to a project manager.

Tang Jun is told to go back to Shanghai with his mother for an upcoming VIP event project. He tries to argue but is flatly rejected.


Xiao Jie gets a call at work and she rushes to the hospital, only to find out that Jia Yi is 2 months pregnant. Her husband-to-be rushes over anxiously. Xiao Jie teases him,

Of course she’s not okay. A life is at stake here!
Let me warn you, next time, whatever she wants to eat, no matter how far, you better get it for her. You also need to treat her like a queen, make sure she’s healthy and happy. Lastly, you need to make more money, because you need to buy milk powder, nappies, baby cots.

He gives Jia Yi a hug, and then gets down on his knee to propose.


For our baby, for your health, are you willing to give up your job, and be the lady boss of my little restaurant earlier (they’ve already mentioned that they’re getting married)? Of course, you don’t have to clean the dishes, I’ll do that. You just have to enjoy the air conditioning and collect cash. Are you willing?

She nods happily.

This is such a simple proposal, but it’s so sweet! This scene is especially cute to watch!!

Episode 7:

He asks Jia Yi to move to his place after she is discharged, so he can take care of her 24/7. The 3 of them cry happily. He leaves to clean up his place and let his parents know of the good news. Xiao Jie is happy for Jia Yi, and promises to be her witness. She also promises to keep Jia Yi’s room as it is, in case the couple quarrels and she wants to move out.


Zi Qi asks Xiao Jie out for dinner, and she takes it as a celebratory dinner for her promotion. They chat about work and just as he tries to broach the topic of a break up, they get interrupted when she receives a call from Tang Jun, asking her to help him foot his bill. She rejects him multiple times, but he brings up how he saved her while in London, and she agrees reluctantly. She leaves, promising Zi Qi that she’ll be back as soon as she can.

In the restaurant, she asks for the bill, but Tang Jun keeps giving her more food, making her stay. He tries to drop hints about Zi Qi’s infidelity, but she doesn’t get it, and keeps praising him. They talk about Ji Qing, and even wonder what kind of guy she will end up with.


Zi Qi is waiting for Xiao Jie to come back, and Ji Qing is waiting for him to call her about good news. On the other hand, Tang Jun and Xiao Jie chat and drink away happily, and also discuss about the project he has to go back to Shanghai for. She comes up with an idea, and he likes it. Inspired, he asks for the bill so they can leave, and she is shocked at how expensive the meal was. He is willing to use himself to repay her (idiom used here is to imply marriage as a way of payment), and she looks at him suggestively. He starts taking off his jacket, but she tells him to help with moving Jia Yi’s things the next day because she’s moving out.

He puts his jacket back on disappointingly, and she remembers her date with Zi Qi. Staggering back into the restaurant where Zi Qi is waiting, she insists that she’s not drunk, but Zi Qi helps her out of the restaurant to get fresh air.


Outside, she says that she’s very happy, because everything seems to be going so smoothly after she’s met him. She wonders if he’s happy, but he says that he doesn’t know. She thinks that he is not, and asks if it is because she’s too noisy, whether he wants to break up with her because she’s not good enough, and begins crying. Remember that she’s drunk. He looks at her in amusement, and assures her that she’s really good. She’s happy, and walks unknowingly onto the road. A car comes, but he pulls her in, and into his arms. She starts daydreaming about how lucky she is to be by his side.

When Zi Qi reaches home, he sees Ji Qing waiting for him at his place. He smiles from drinking a drink she’s poured, and she goes on about how blissful it is to see a loved one smile. They talk about how nice it is to be able to come home with someone waiting for them.


The next day at Xiao Jie’s place, they are packing Jia Yi’s things. Xiao Jie and Tang Jun promise to be there at her marriage registration ceremony at 2.30. The girls chat, and Xiao Jie laments having no one to rent DVDs to watch with anymore, but promises her best friend that she will take care of herself.


Back to Zi Qi, Tian Tian proposes the idea of popping the question to Ji Qing while they’ve just gotten back together and she’s happy. However, there is the problem of Xiao Jie; he suggests breaking up with her as soon as possible so as not to prolong the pain.


In the office, Tang Jun looks for Xiao Jie, but she’s at a meeting. He waits till 3, but she’s not done yet, so he goes into the meeting room to drag her out. She apologizes to Jia Yi, who only tells her not to miss out on her own big day because of work, and to take care of herself even when she’s gone. They exchange words of endearment before parting in tears.


In the car, Xiao Jie complains to Tang Jun about how different it is when guys and girls get married; the groom’s family has an additional member, but the bride’s family loses one, and Jia Yi is practically her family. She breaks down and cries.

– End of Episode 7 –

XY: Sorry this took so long! I hope 3 episodes at one go helps make up for it. 😛 I was going to do 5, but this post is long enough with 3, so I thought future recaps will be according to how how long the post is, instead of having a specific number of episodes each time. Let me know if you’d prefer another way of grouping recaps together. (: And a little tidbit: I found out that the actress acting as Jia Yi here is Kimi Hsia, who is also Qiao En’s best friend IRL! Also, there are talks that there might be a second season for this drama. Yay or Nay? Let me know! (:

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