Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

Check out Love OST.

小淩: The funniest part was watching Shu Qi’s BTS scared of lightning strike when she said (responding to Director Doze Niu’s caution to be careful of the Lightning God), “I’ve done too many naughty things in my life. (She’s thinking, “I’m gonna get hit.”) Let Ruan Jing Tian film his part first.” 哈哈~ BTS segment of other main actor/actress on Love YouTube.

I’m going at it like a fiery bull sees RED. My Trifecta! Last installation of the triple play (see Monga & The Soul Of Bread), thus in recognition to my Taiwanese roots, herein enjoy the boba tea, m~mmm boba, and make yourself at home in my cineplex. Adieu. 再见。

Kuan: “I’ll support you for the rest of your life.” “你的未來,我全包了。”

Zoe: “I don’t need support, I only need love.” “我不接受包养,我只接受爱。”

Chinese Title: 愛 / Ai
Cast: Ethan Ruan, Shu Qi, Mark Chao, Vicki Zhao, Eddie Peng, Amber Kuo, Ivy Chen, Rhydian Vaughan, Han-Dian Chen, Doze Niu
Date Released: February 10, 2012 (Taiwan)
Download Links: DVDrip+softsubs
Watch trailer: here


Plot: The story hops between two big cities, Taipei and Beijing, about eight lonely souls searching a great love to be responsible for ultimately. Whether being in a romantic relationship, deepening a kinship among family, or strengthening a friendship, the show insures Love as the common denominator fueling life’s existence. Dynamic Director-Actor Doze Niu (as Lu Ping) plays a wealthy businessman divorcé with a daughter in college Lu Hsiao-Ni (played by Amber Kuo) who copes with her best friend’s and her boyfriend’s betrayal by distributing her anger through art. From a one night stand, a surprising pregnancy nearly ruins a perfect friendship among classmates, like a car crashing into the water with trust and respect thrown away. Lu Ping seesaws between his daughter and his socialite girlfriend, Zoe Fang (played by Shu Qi), issues. Of course, one day Zoe is fed up with Mr. Lu’s womanizing ways and seeks pure love given by a stammer Li Hsiao-Kuan (played by Ethan Ruan) slogging between jobs as Zoe stole his first kiss and foremost devotion. Kuan stops his sister, Li Yi-jia (played by Ivy Chen), from having an abortion since the baby’s daddy, Kai (played by Eddie Peng), doesn’t love her. Kai drops the pregnancy test strip bicycling his way to a film club meeting besides Taipei’s most eligible luxe automotive’s bachelor, Mark Na (played by Mark Chao), who’s on his trip to Beijing meets and encounters a realtor named Jing Xiao-Ye (played by Vicki Zhao), who as a single mother to DouDou (played by Muran Lin), puts his fast paced life to the test.

So, what is Love? Love is responsibility, Love is the hidden shadow behind the real scene, Love is a moment of tears but filled up with endless smile, Love is a kiss, and Love is a beautiful memory.


小淩: Okay, my main reason why I chose this movie is to even the odds since Ethan Ruan stole Mark Chao’s thunder in Monga, so now, Mark is a total scene stealer in Love. Try not to blink, for a special appearance of the rest of those Monga hoodlums work together with Ethan’s character at a car wash. Sorry Ethan, your stutters were adorkable, but couldn’t beat a man embracing a child like his own son! I must have a super soft spot for an OCD alpha-male who would flip his perfect neat world over to fall in love with a messy single mom and uber cute son. =p


DouDou: “You’ve never met your dad so you won’t miss him, but I’ve already met you. I can’t stop missing you.” “你没见过你爸爸,所以你就不要希想他了。但我已经见过你了,我没办法不想你。”


Heart. Break. DouDou shatters my heart in bits and pieces.


Be on the look out for Amber Kuo too, the sweetheart who robs hearts and scenes herself. I think it’s her character’s strong facade personality which allures me and have me scanning for her in every scene. She’s so darn cute!

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  1. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    小淩? Google translator tells me it’s Ling! 😀

    lol….keane and impartiality for Mark. He got to kiss Vicki. I thought huang xiao ming was in here too since didn’t kap post a photoshoot of them together for promotion of love? hehe

    feel like doudou is gonna break my heart too. 🙁

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

      Google translator is very helpful most times. ^ , ^ My surname, ’cause I told XYZ my real name’s initials are Y.Z., her’s X.Y. =)

      No, Huang Xiao Ming is not in this one w/ Vicki. I like him in Love In A Puff. HawT!!

  2. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    Subtitles is not accessible in jumbofiles.
    Can you upload in another site?

      • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

        thank you for the sub, download done

        more questions:
        1. i can play the first file but 002 and 003 not. do i have to use hjsplit?
        2. subtitle won’t load. why not srt?

        i use windows media player and media player classic.

        usually when it’s srt, the subtitle load just fine

        • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

          1. Yes, you should use hjsplit to join all 3 files.
          2. Those are not srt format so you must have the right codec pack to view ’em properly.

          Anyone know if Win MP(C) will play .sub fotmat? I haven’t used this media player for so long, GOM player has been a faithful companion eons ago. I’m curious if updated codec packs for Win play everything nowadays?

  3. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    Not to take away from the makeshift family that spawned out of Mark, Xiao Ye, and her son spending time with each other, but I can’t for the life of say it was the best couple to come out of the movie. I think there was something inherently special about Zoe & Li Hsiao Zuan’s relationship.

    In one scene she confesses that she bullied a boy who had a stammering problem back in primary school and while it’s not explicitly stated you almost want to extend her bullying that child with Li Hsiao Zuan. Of course that’s just silly but there was a line during an argument between herself and Lu Ping that made you think that it might just have been Li Hsiao Zuan all along — the one where she states it felt like she had known him her in a previous life. Granted there isn’t a great deal of depth in their overall story but I don’t think there needs to be in many cases it just amounts to the time spent with that person and the feelings they can evoke in you/them that makes that connection turn into something magical [love if you will].

    Given all of their problems I still have to hand it to Lu Ping for stealing some of Zoe’s thunder and the end of the movie. Is little confession just cemented his feelings for her even though it never seemed likely that he had been able to and in the end while he wasn’t ready to let her go he knew that while he may have loved her on some level the love that she experienced with Li Hsiao Zuan was something that he could never really give her [I’m reminded of The Beatles song “Can’t Buy Me Love” for some reason].

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

      I thought Mark, Xiao Ye, and her son was definitely the sweetest couple and funny. Xiao Ye trying to dance and hide her leg cast had me laughing hard 🙂

      I also did think there was something special about Zoe and LHZ too. From the moment LHZ rescued Zoe their relationship became very interesting. I didn’t expect there relationship to be so deep and strong which is why I think it’s something special. They were two very different sort of people so I figured they would have a fling or something…but thankfully they didn’t.
      After Zoe admits to laughing at that boy in grammar school because of his stammer she says that she did it because she liked the boy. i wondered then if LHZ was that boy…and Zoe’s comment about knowing him in another life had me thinking it might be a possibility. But how deep that comment was had me about to re-watch their scenes together to see just what happened to create such deep feeling. I was excited at this point because it meant that they would have more than just a fling.

  4. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    Just a little question… is this 2:08:00 version or 1:56:00 version? Mine is 1:56:00 version and I just realized that there is another version with 2:08:00, I’ve missed those 10 minutes… There is one scene between Mark and Vic that I’ve missed.


    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

      Oh yeah, this is precisely 2:07:58 version. Hope you’ll find the missing part enjoyable.

  5. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    I’ve been looking for this movie, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    Just a question, MF file for the subs it has 3 different files in it, and I don’t seem to know how to make it work. I try to open all files with the film, and each individually. In any case I never the subs to work

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

      Looks like your media player is being naughty, lol, please read Step #12 on F.A.Q.s and follow those instructions.

      You can leave those sub files together, not left each alone, w/ the movie file to sync. Enjoy the movie~

      • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

        Thanks, I’ll check that

  7. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    hi K
    i already join the files. i use gom player too. but still the subtitle won’t load.
    what to do?

    anyway, the sub is english, right?
    i know it’s silly because i can’t read any chinese character shown in the movie

  8. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    I cant download the other 2 parts of the file..
    it says that the website file share site is not available..
    please help me..
    i’ve already downloaded the first part of the movie.. TT_TT

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

      Sure thing… stay tune~ DONE! Enjoy.

  9. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    Thanks so much, I’ve been able to joined all 3 files, including the subtitles, and able to play it properly. Took me forever to find this movie, so thaaaaaaanks a bunch!

  10. 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

    Could you please reupload part 3 of the movie? I was able to download the first two parts. but I believe the 3rd part has been removed or the link has been invalid?

    thank you in advance!

    • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

      Sure thing, back in a bit… DONE! Enjoy.

      • 25 thoughts on “Movie Date with 小淩 (9): Love

        Thank you so much Keane!

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