Joe Chen Qiao En rocks her new mature image


Is it new? No longer the girl-next-door. That’s for sure.

This woman is looking gorgeous lately, as evident in her latest drama SOP Of Queen. In her recent pictures, she’s seen with layered-long waves. I still remember her tacky outfits and wild-crazy hair with multiple color highlights back in the days of Prince Turns to Frog. *shudders* Now, the side swept bangs matches her face better. She’s not your typical pretty actress in the industry (some might call her plain) but that fact is the reason why I think many fans identify more with her down-to-earth personality. Which also made her characters in Prince Turns to Frog & Fated to love You relatable, topping the ratings game in Taiwan.

Anyway, have some gorgeous photos she has been shooting in the month of August. And some random news of hers thrown into the mix.

Make-up needs major improvement. She looks pale and plain.


Is that a tattoo?






I love the clothes in the second batch, especially this dress:




  • Her movie with China F4’s Zhu Zi Xiao. It was released a week ago on August 23rd, calld “Courageous Love”. Let me know whether it’s a must-see or pass! The trailer is posted above.

  • At the Asian Idol Award Ceremony 2012, Joe Chen attended with co-star, Zhang Han, and their drama Sop of Queen won Best Drama. How? I don’t know. Joe also received an award called Best Classic Role as Chen Xin Yi.
  • Presenting the award to Joe is close friend Ady An (my favorite Taiwanese ladies in the same place!), accompanied by Thai Actor Mario Maurer. Ha. It’s so random pairing these two together. They exchanged a friendly conversation in English where Ady asked Mario to teach her Thai. He taught her the most important ones: “Sa Wat Dee Kah (Hello),” and then “Chan Rak Khun (I love you)!” The endings of both phrases (Kah/Khun) are used when the speaker is a female.
  • There’s also a shot of Kpop singer, Chae Yeon.
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  1. 5 thoughts on “Joe Chen Qiao En rocks her new mature image

    she’s beautiful in my eyes….

  2. 5 thoughts on “Joe Chen Qiao En rocks her new mature image

    I can’t quite make out her ink, does it say “JOE?” In question, like who am I (Joe)?

    I didn’t need to see her hip bone sticking out of the gold dress, and so I’ll have to agree w/ Kap’n on that second dress tis my fav too. More votes for Goddess-like Joe. ^ , ^

    I’ll pass on the movie. Is that dude’s English name really “Peer” Zhu? LOL~ I’ll just blame the writer and director. =p

    Did Mario get some kind of newcomer nomination for his Chinese movie, Love On That Day? That’s why he’s there. Who actually vote for these categories anyways? Looks so ol’ skool. Kkk~

  3. 5 thoughts on “Joe Chen Qiao En rocks her new mature image

    There’s something about Chen Qiao En that reminds me of some teleserye actresses.. maybe her expressions? I don’t know, I can never pinpoint it -___-;; I like her in the white dresses much better… she pulls of haughty quite well~

  4. 5 thoughts on “Joe Chen Qiao En rocks her new mature image

    I think the movie is gonna be lame. Crying festival in the trailer!! I know she can cry but she needs to pick more challenging roles for future projects.

    The gold dress and makeup makes her look much older. White gown is gorgeous!

  5. 5 thoughts on “Joe Chen Qiao En rocks her new mature image

    That pic with the first white dress gets my vote too. Looking at the second pic with the white dress you would think they haven’t heard of photoshop. It reminded of one pic i saw of Britney – the retouched and unretouched photos were released and i realized just how much is removed!!! if Joe Chen was a hollywood celebrity her legs would have gone through more work i tell you

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