Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’


Darn, darn, darn. What happens when you put two equally cute-faced actors together? A cute romance with a bathtub of youthfulness (image above, no pun intended). The stills are absolutely adorable! Jang Na Ra plays the daughter from a rich household, who chances upon Jimmy Lin a few days before her wedding. Hijinks ensue as they take off flying into exhilarating sports…. What? Two harmless puppies doing action? I’m there.

What else do you need to watch these two being chummy in a BATHTUB? However, the location of the bathtub is questionable, in the middle of a FOREST? Not suspicious at ALL. Nope.

Stills from baidu, weibo, news, wandafilm:



I like this role reversal for Nara….RAWR!



“You! Stripping….??”

“I ain’t having none of that!”



The suspicious bathtub actually shoots out water…


Harmless Jimmy







Music Video: Jang Na Ra’s I Can Only Think of You

Age is coming at me fast. 😐 You feel old when your beloved actors and actresses begin getting married and having kids. You look back and say, “Ah, it’s been almost a decade since he/she last starred in so and so!” I remember watching Jimmy in his debut performance as the mischievous twin in The Legendary Siblings, alongside with Alec Su. I distinctively shipped him with the second lead girl, and threw dagger stares at the annoying first lead girl. Ha. Shipping fandom starts early, don’t you agree?

Interesting. The trailer offers a much darker plot than the stills. Am not sure how that plays out but the songs are guaranteed to be nice. It’s written and produced by another talented singer, JJ Lin. Watch this clip below where they are interviewed during the recording of the songs. Jang Na Ra adorably calls Jimmy “Oppa”. Fun fact: JJ Lin converses in English, Chinese (Mando?), and simple Korean phrases with Nara. Okay. Why so cute?!!

The movie is set to be released on Chinese Valentine’s Day, August 21st.

  1. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    The poster looks awesome. *sighs* The trailer doesn’t appeal to me at all.

    All I want to know during its premiere is… who’s brave enough to win our Kaptain’s heart on V-day?

    Thanks Chief!

  2. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    One thing I dislike the most when it come down to Chinese Dramas and Moves from Mainland China is the voice dubbing of its actors and actresses.

    Jang Na Ra is a trilingual person who can speak Korean (her native language), Mandarin, Cantonese and English language.

    • 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

      I totally agree! I really wish they would stop with the dubbing. I mean, they even do it when the actor can speak perfect Mandarin!

    • 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

      i agree, but i heard that jang naras gonna use her real voice for this movie. which means shes gonna be speaking mandarin throughout the movie! very excited to see jang nara speak chinese!

  3. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    JJ Lin *squeal* and oh they are so cute and puppies and kyyyyaaaaaahhhhh~ I love the selca while piggybacking… only in an asian drama… How did this drama not even fly in a 3000km radius to my radar? Ah off to watch le clips~

  4. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    Oh lordy, Keane, you’re pointing the arrow of love at me? hehe 😀

    “Single, happy, content!” is my motto. Love and its trouble, I’m staying away! Now let’s flip the table back, has anyone won your heart yet? 😛

    MJ, I, too, question the same thing. Why do they always dub? Is it because of the actor’s pronunciation not being as perfect as they want?

    Nutella, aren’t they cute? I’m watching for the cute. But the trailer and mv suggest a melo-romance…. DUN DUN DUN!!

    • 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

      I’ve actually become pretty immune to dubbing, not only because of the recent crossovers (SuJu boys and Goo Hye Sun come to mind) but also because of almost all the wuxia/fantasy-historical stuff I’ve watched is dubbed.. although I think that if any actor/actress has a good enough pronunciation, they should either (a) just leave their voice be or (2) write a reason for them to have a less-than-perfect accent into the character to cover any slip-ups (like they did for Jung Minnie in Fondant Garden.. although even then, they dubbed in his mandarin lines and let him say his korean ones >.>). Though admittedly, some of them *need* to be dubbed *refrains from naming and shaming*.

  5. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    cute overload *jumping around the bathtub throwing confetti*

  6. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    My Lovely Jimmy Lin !! Last time I saw him was in My Lucky Star!
    I hate the dubbing, I’ve lost interest of a lot of dramas because of it. Not only you feel there is something wrong with the scene, but the voices they choose are always squeaky and just annoying!
    But I’m prepared to take my chance with this movie since this hottie is in it!

  7. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    I can still remember back in old school days when Jimmy Lin appeared on Hong Kong variety and/or concert shows and sang. I was probably about twelve then, and a few years later, he left the scene to go into army. And then the next time I saw him again was in Quest for the Sutra with Dicky Cheung and Twins, et. al. I sometimes forget how baby-faced he is, but he’s a cute little sucker.

    And Jang Nara, the first time I ever saw her was in Baby-Faced Beauty and I thought she was pretty darn good, acting-wise and singing-wise. She has a really strong, unique voice.

    This looks good, but I’m not a fan of melos, if that’s what the trailer is suggesting… so…. eh…

    It’s so cool that we can get some international partnership going on here. And I didn’t know that Jang Nara could speak Chinese and Cantonese as well. That’s awesome. JJ Lin, I know, can speak English, Mando, and Cantonese, and he’s such a talented singer/songwriter. I’ve seen some partnerships between Taiwan artists and Korean idols and kpop stars before (Will Pan and Nickhun; Vanness Wu and Junsu; etc…). So I think it’s so cool when they do stuff like that. Even though we’re all Asian, the language is still different.

    Thanks for sharing the news!

  8. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    Very cute. The bathtub one reminds me of the Cialis commercials. Haha, funny and weird.

  9. 13 thoughts on “Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’

    Jang Nara can get by with her chinese, but she is not fluent, in her early days in china she sang her songs by sound, phonetically, rather than acually understanding the words as such. During this film she went around with her own chinese teacher to help her and any accent was covered by saying she had been brought up in Korea. The song is acually a single she released in Korea and has nothing really to do with the film other than its story matched well with the film so they added it to the film with her doing a chinese version. While this film not the first time she has acted in chinese, she did so for the tv drama racecourse with Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, it is the first time her voice was used, as she ended up getting dubbed anyway in racecourse.
    The film by the way was to celebrate so many years of normal relations between Korea and China or something along those lines, thus the big budget it had for a chinese film.

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