Tdrama: Once Upon A Love OST


Track list:

01 擁抱你的微笑 Embracing Your Smile (Opening theme song)- Claire Kuo
02 星星 Stars – Jingwen
03 看見 See (Closing theme song) – Biung
04 擁抱你的微笑 (配樂 – 溫柔版) Embracing Your Smile (Instrumental – Gentle Version)
05 幸福說 Happy To Say – Shirley Tai
06 打勾勾 Tick Tick – Huiyi Chen
07 星星 (配樂 – 希望版) Stars (Instrumental – Hope Version)
08 Miss You – Shirley Tai
09 再見面的時候 When We Meet Again – Yali Huang
10 看見 (配樂 – 悲傷版) See (Instrumental – Sorrow Version)

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Keane: I watched episode 1 of 原來愛·就是甜蜜, and I’m lovin it! Oh.Em.Gee~ Sunny Wang (from In Time With You) is so freakin adorable as a NERD despite all the HOTNESS. I love Nerds!!

My first impression of the pilot episode is that it reminds me of Fated To Love You when you got the leading male, Sunny as John Li Jin Yang, making a name for himself as a fashion designer in NYC is in love with a beautiful and talented girlfriend but the idiot girl is too conceited and won’t get on a plane with her man back to Taiwan. Hence, after a bruised ego from Rebecca’s rejection he’s forced to go on blind dates by the matriarch of his family, ergo Sticky Girl, Cheryl Yang’s character, Mimi steps in for the full sweep. One problem though, she’s a single mother with a thick coat of armor protecting her broken heart.

Oh drama, I love this combination so I’m willing to stick through it for a win-win. Catch ya later!

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    Oo-La-La~ A Day In the Life As Sunny! Who else is chasing this drama series?

    cr: tagged as is

  2. 9 thoughts on “Tdrama: Once Upon A Love OST

    Gotta give it to Taiwanese writers for the blatant use of location for their marriage proposal!

    “No, I can’t make it to the ship!”


    “Sorry bud, you get on that plane YOSELF, kay?”

    Dejected #2.

    Sunny Wang. You hot tattoo man. What are you doing lying on that bed with seducing eyes? 😛

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    Keane i’ve been looking everywhere for english subs for this one – where’d you get them? I wanna watch it, like the lead actress

    • 9 thoughts on “Tdrama: Once Upon A Love OST

      I watch it raw Annette, so I’ll keep an eye and ear open for ya when I come across such subs.

      • 9 thoughts on “Tdrama: Once Upon A Love OST

        Please do, i’ll be waiting. Thanks Keane

  4. 9 thoughts on “Tdrama: Once Upon A Love OST

    I just love track #1 & #9.. can’t get those out of my head lately. Shoop~shoop~dowapduwah~

    What to do? I’m falling in love with the series as each episode reveals. Highly recommended.

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    YES! Finally, I finally finished this series. Got me bawling in the beginning through the end. A real mature love story. SIGHS. Pretty deep. I love it! I don’t want to get into the sappy stuff, it can only bring flutters and bittersweet details, it stops here, so I can continue to hope….

    In the end, track #8 is painstaking my heart every time I listen to it on the show. Sad that this show is over.

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    Hi!! i’m looking desperate for this show… a idea where i can find it??


    • 9 thoughts on “Tdrama: Once Upon A Love OST

      I still have this series in low quality. I haven’t seen subs for this that’s why I haven’t posted any up. This show so deserves subs. Shame!

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