Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

Also Known As: Gung Hay Fat Choy
Chinese Title: 我們發財了 / Wo Men Fa Cai Le
Cast: James Wen, Alice Ke, Gina Li, Patrick Li, Xie Kun Da, Tsai Chen Nan, Wang Xuan
# of Episodes: 90
Airing Days: Weds+(6/27)… Daily ‘o , 0″
Broadcasting Station: SETTV
Synopsis: Gung Hay Fat Choy (means “Congratulations and Be Prosperous” in Cantonese) picks up the Jiang family’s struggle in a depressing economy, where the father, Jiang Ba (played by Tsai Chen Nan) is a retired civil servant who believes his retirement reward is enough to keep his family happy living off it peacefully. However, his lifelong bickering wife, Jiang Ma (played by Wang Xuan) cannot settle with just enough, she desires retirement in a sea of wealth and prosperity, so she depends on their three kids to bring home the riches. Who doesn’t want to get rich? Is marrying to the rich the best option? How will their three Jiang son (played by James Wen) and daughters (played by Alice Ke and Gina Li) bring home prosperity? [Source: blog, Credit:]

Note: Videos are RAW. Format = RMVB. File Size = 200MB+. If you like my work and intend using it, a.k.a. synopsis, then please credit where it is due. Kindly appreciate it.
Subbing Groups: Unconfirmed

Episode 01 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06 // 07 | Mirror 07 // 08 // 09 // 10

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Episode 21 // 22 // 23 // 24 // 25 // 26 // 27 // 28 // 29 // 30

Episode 31 // 32 // 33 // 34 // 35 // 36 // 37 // 38 // 39 // 40

Episodes 41-70 MISSING *Please HELP find clips for these serial set*

Episode 71 // 72 // 73 // 74 // 75 // 76 // 77 // 78 // 79 // 80

Episode 81 // 82 // 83 // 84 // 85 // 86 // 87 // 88 // 89 // 90

NEWGung Hay Fat Choy folder E01-40


Keane: SORRY PEEPS! I had the last two episodes for a long while yet forgot all about ’em. It’s OVER, 90 eps long. What was I thinking uploading these long running shows one after another? Ack, till the next long run. ; )

I miss Alice, oh no, not the Kap *coughs* I mean, OF COURSE I miss you (stuttering) Kaptain Ayyy ~Pinocchio. Who said that!?!

You may recognize Alice from Office Girls, well, she kept a lasting impression on me debuted as lead actress then, and after I finished that show minus the hideous wedding dress I found myself googling more on her work, so it’s no surprise I’d leap mounds for Alice Ke AND (her OGs comedic co-star) Patrick Li – in this long-Long-long family drama, yet another one Keane? Yup! (Am I talking to myself now? It must be very late.) What can I say? Eye-Catching title, right? Bling-bling! After watching OGs, I’ve become one of Patrick Li’s fans. Whose with me? You know you love his Engrish and Han-nese (Hangul+Chinese)! Like me.

And I can’t forget the Hotties, up and rising star, Xie Kun Da, from Absolute Boyfriend. He is a force to be reckon with! He has choco abs too!! Let the battle of the HOTTEST choco abs begin! Xie Kun Da vs. James Wen. I hope to catch him in action taking a comedic role, seen in AbBf’s BTS, very soon. He’s a funny guy! James Wen, oh James~ I haven’t let him out of sights since My Queen aired back in 2009. Do you remember he was also in Autumn’s Concerto? Oh, how I wish he was a secret agent with 00_ digits to his repertoire.

BONUS: I really dig Jian Ting’s (Patrick Li) theme song, so, you know it, I’m sharing ’cause… “Wo eh~, wo ehh~, wo eh~” it’s all about caring. MC HotDog ~ 老子有钱 [Download]

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    First 3 episode previews. Check ’em out: 1st | 2nd | 3rd

    One Happy Family!

    Source: fb

    You may remember Gina Li recently from the series Ex-Boyfriend. She’s pretty but I wouldn’t call so pretty ’cause I just wish her Dopey ears had gotten fixed. Oops, I believe the keyboard has a mind of its own.

  2. 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

    Keane, would you mind define “long-long-long” here?
    Not longer than Dae Jang Geum or Dong Yi, right?

    • 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

      Last I read, this show is a firm 80 episodes. Who knows since it’s a daily show? SURPRISE! 80+?

      BTW, love-LOVE-love those two sageuk dramas. I would marathon ’em in a heart beat.

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    is it good??i just finished watching Inborn Pair with 84 eps, and i like it, how about this one??

  4. 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

    Wah, FINALLY, I’m able to UL on this new host I’ve been talkin about. Give it a try, and let me know how you like filesharesite or freakshare, ‘k? Any good? Anything bad?

    Please leave your reviews under this comment box. Go ahead, hit ‘Reply.’

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    My radar detected my name being called out….too many Alice floating around these days eh? 😀

    YESH, new file host! YAY! The site predicted my speed right. About 6 minutes for episode 1.

    Omgosh, you guys have great patience, 80+ episodes of daily dramas…. I can’t….do…it. I did watch 85 episodes of Dear Heaven though so I might just join this crazy league. 😛

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    Waahhhh look how adorable they all look~ I wish people sub this soon because I’m so sure I won’t be able to follow half of the Patrick Li’s rapid fire delivery TT_TT

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    I have been watching Gong Hay Fat Choy online when episode 1 came out today Wednesday, June 27, 2012.
    Gong Hay Fat Choy can be watched at Taiwan Entertainment (

    So far I enjoy watching Gong Hay Fat Choy which is better than Ti Amo Chocolate with Vanness Wu and Joanne Zheng to which I quit…Ti Amo Chocolate to me when down the tubes.

  8. 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

    I can’t really say I’m enjoying Jian Ting (Patrick Li) at the moment. If anything he has cocky down to a fine science (his lackey who i’ll just refer to as “dog” is equally skilled it would seem). What’s worse is at some point Yu Zhen (Alice Ke) is bound to fall for his “charms” before realizing how much of an imbecile he is and/or realizing what Ming Da (Xie Kun Da) means to her [or am I over thinking their chemistry?].

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    I finally chased up to E13, and I think Patrick is the star of the show. Watching those segments without him gets kinda dull. I really hope JT has sincere deep feelings for YZ. And I can’t help but get all hyped up when I hear that hip hop/rap song comes on, I don’t know who sings it nor the accurate track title, 老师有钱 (teacher got mon-neh) lyrics are so catchy. LOL~

    I can’t stand YH’s wife, but that’s what housewives do is find trouble in their marriage, ’cause they have nothing better to do than go to the hair salon to gossip about daily events, and blow things out of proportion. So annoying!

    • 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

      the hip-hop song is by MC HotDog and titled 老子有钱 🙂

      • 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

        Haha… I missed the title by a word? Thanks for confirming the track smiletea. I’m terrible at understanding Mandarin when one talks so fast like MC HotDog. I was curious about this artist when I saw his album drop but haven’t gotten the chance to listen to the album yet. I’ll try it now. UPDATE: I end up liking only 1/17 tracks.

        Jian Ting’s theme song Rocks! UPDATE: mp3 @ top page (take a listen)

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    What is up with this series? No one cares to complete this series on BTHliang??

  11. 15 thoughts on “Tdrama: Gung Hay Fat Choy

    I will still continue to UL this series, so I haven’t given up. =p The show has gone 80+ episodes, however I NEED HELP finding E41-70 same vid quality [480p] so if ANYONE has a reliable source to refer me or share those missing links here, then much appreciate it.

    I’ll start UL-ing E71+ within the week (after I’m done reup’g TAC)… stay tune~

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