Recap: Queen of SOP Episode 3


Oh, we have a brave soul in the house. How she can easily fall asleep in the presence of a hot stranger is beyond me. Ladies, we need an experiment to debunk another mystery in dramaland. Ask your boyfriend to carry you while you’re sleeping and see if his biceps against your soft skin wake you up. – Kap

Episode 3:

Xiao Jie talks to Peter Rabbit and thinks about the advice Tang Jun gave her (“How are you going to have customers think that they’re buying love? Also, the window display is very important. “) and an idea strikes. She rushes to her room, sends Tang Jun a message, thanking him for giving her inspiration and starts on her proposal.


At the meeting the next day, she gives a presentation on her idea but is rejected when she asks for help. The manager’s assistant approves of her idea, but tells her keep it down as there is no budget or manpower for Valentine’s Day this time. Jia Yi also advises her to do something simple, but she says that she wants to do something significant, or there is no point in her staying in the company (instead of going to London). Turning to her friend, Jia Yi can’t resist the face and brings Xiao Jie back to her old department to seek help from other colleagues. One of them chirps, “Let us know if you need any help!” Xiao Jie perks up: “I actually really do!” Immediately, they all return to their seats with various excuses.

Since asking nicely didn’t work, Jia Yi reminds them of the various favours they ever asked from Xiao Jie before, and they sheepishly return to Xiao Jie’s side, discussing ways to split up the job.


In London, we see Adam accompanying Tang Jun to various banks requesting for loans, but is repeatedly rejected. Adam suggests asking Tang Jun’s mother for help, but he refuses. Speaking of the devil, Tang Jun receives a call from his mother who offers to help with money matters. In exchange, he needs to accompany her to a function in Taiwan, which happens to be organised by Xiao Jie’s company. Smiling, he agrees. Hanging up the phone, he speaks to himself, “Who would have thought that I’d be the one going to Taiwan to look for you?”


Once again, Xiao Jie thanks everyone for their help on the window display, and chases them away while she finishes the rest (which is still quite a lot) by herself. Zi Qi drives past and decides to lend a hand. Calling out to her when she’s fixing a mannequin, she gasps in shock. Again. He offers to fix the mannequin for her, and she asks him which department he’s from and why she always sees him when she OTs, but he doesn’t answer, and warns her teasingly not to create too much trouble when she OTs so she wont see him so often. If I were her, I would volunteer for overtime hours too since a hot colleague is gonna bring me snacks and keep me company! – Kap


Sitting against the bed and facing the streets, these two strangers (now closer friends?) talk about fairy tales, and why the prince always has to save the princess. Her perspective is that it’s to give the prince a chance to be a hero, but he argues that the prince is just cleaning up the princess’s mess. She has fallen asleep by this time. He carries her onto the model bed used for display while he sleeps on the other side of the bed (GAH!). Like always, the security guard slacks on his job, assuming that there’s no one left in the room and closes the door before he leaves.


The next morning, a crowd gathers in front of the window where the couple is sleeping, taking pictures and videos, and Xiao Jie wakes up flustered while Zi Qi is calm. She soon finds out who he is because the crowd outside shouts his name while wondering who she is. She becomes even more flustered, but he tells her to relax, and says that they might as well take the chance to play the role of sleeping beauty and the prince (for marketing maybe?) while waiting. He gallantly sweeps her off her feet, both literally and figuratively, and puts her on the bed, cooing her to sleep more. I totally swooned! But I’m not gonna be able to fall back to sleep with cameras aimed at me…


At the meeting, Zi Hao berates Zi Qi for causing such a scene right after he came back. Xiao Jie is going to be punished, but Zi Qi takes the blame, explaining that he wanted to help her out because she was doing OT late into the night by herself. Zi Hao can’t believe that he was actually helping out a worker and accuses him of flirting. He insists on a punishment because he’s the GM even if the offender is his brother. The CEO (their papa) asks for an update on the situation, and is told that the response is mainly positive, and there have also been comments wanting permission into the set to take photos. Not relenting, Zi Hao persists that a punishment be carried out, and the CEO tells Zi Qi to clean up the mess he created. He suggests letting the paparazzi speculate as a way of promotion and generating interest without incurring costs.

Zi Hao thinks that he’s just trying to shirk responsibilities, but gets told off by his father, that he should be thinking of a way to save the situation instead of getting worked up. He also appoints Xiao Jie as the PR for matters relating to this before leaving. Riding on the wave of media attention, Zi Hao decides to have a new supermarket open on Valentine’s Day, and gets Xiao Jie to take on that responsibility as well.

[For those who are confused (I got pretty confused myself), the departmental store and supermarket are under the same company. Departmental store is under Zi Hao, supermarket under Zi Qi. The Valentine’s event is organised by the departmental store, while it’s the first day of opening for the supermarket. Xiao Jie was doing a window display for the departmental store, and because of the whole commotion and gossip, Zi Hao decides to take advantage and have the supermarket open on the same day since it’s under the same company.]


In the Marketing department, Xiao Jie gets called to the manager’s room, and is assigned to take charge of this event’s promotion. Before she leaves, he also advises her to lose at least 5kg to look better on screen. Uh, excuse me sir, you want a skeleton for promotion? – Kap


At home, Jia Yi playfully elbows Xiao Jie for becoming a celebrity overnight when she gets the nickname window lassie. Jia Yi finds out that the one who stacked beer cans with her friend was also Zi Qi and teases her for having spent 2 nights with him. She shows Xiao Jie a picture online and Xiao Jie thinks back on what happened, smiling sweetly.

She posts a status on Weibo:

Things turned out unexpectedly in the end. I’m not a princess, but found a prince behind the window and became an awaken sleeping beauty. This has led me wondering what kind of fairytale I will be in. I wonder when my prince will appear.

Tang Jun sees the status and is disappointed (or thoughtful?).


At Zi Qi’s house, instead of being angry, Ji Qing teases her boyfriend for looking unnatural in the paparazzi photos. He wonders if she’s angry or not, but she’s more thankful that he finally understands how it feels like to be photographed for gossip all the time. Confident about her goddess image in every man’s heart, she’s not worried, much less threatened by a random stranger. She goes on about how he can’t get jealous over her kissing another guy for work, and assures him that it’s him she thinks about when that happens. Loving their chemistry and interaction here! It’s such a playful atmosphere in this scene.


After the PR promotion, Xiao Jie complains to Jia Yi that she’s starving from eating grass all the time. She gets a call from Zi Qi, and is asked to go outside. She meets him where the supermarket’s opening event will be held at, and is told that the departmental store’s B1 eateries will have stalls there on the same day. Xiao Jie is worried about the business of the supermarket’s eatery stall holders, but that is exactly what Zi Hao wants; to make their opening a flop.


In the meeting room, Xiao Jie’s manager speaks to Ji Qing and her manager about the departmental store’s Valentine’s event, where Ji Qing will put on rings for couples. She then leaves the managers, allowing them to discuss the details. Outside, she meets Xiao Jie and Zi Qi, where Zi Qi asks her to be the spokesperson for the supermarket, but she tells him that she was already asked the same by the departmental store, though things are not confirmed.

She leaves and talks to her manager about the invitations, and is reminded that any smart person will rather represent the departmental store.

Tang Jun arrives in Taiwan.


After dinner, Ji Qing tells Zi Qi that she will be representing the departmental store on Valentine’s Day, and he becomes upset because he doesn’t want to lose to his brother. There’s also the fact that he’s always the one giving in due to her job. She defends herself, arguing that he should already expect all these when he started wooing her. He knows, but retorts that he’s tired. She suggests a break-up, if that’s how he feels, as she will not give in.

They break up.

– End of episode 3 –

XY: There’s starting to be more action! Woohoo! I’m getting addicted to this drama. 😀

Alice: Oh tee hee tee. This drama reminds me of two hits, Drunken to Love You‘s troublesome relationship with a celebrity, and In Time With You‘s eternal crush on friend. I like the symbolism of the display window. Xiao Jie suddenly finds herself the center of attention while being lifted into a fairy tale world of every girl’s dream. It also signals the seed of her affection for Zi Qi but the downside is his motive – it’s all a show in the end. But like every dream, there’s a road to reality, often guided by Mr. Frog, aka Tang Jun. Let the plot begin!

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    What is the chance that once things get underway between the trio (not that I’m looking forward to another love triangle) that Ji Qing will come back and make things difficult for Xiao Jie?

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      Hmm…. I like Ji Qing right now… She’s chic and cool. There’s another character Chu Chu, who’s going after Tang Jun…. which means we’ll a Love Pentagon! Xiao Jie has two girls to deal with. Oh headaches. 😛


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        office work? Done! XD

        Kap, I took a peek at ep 12. JQ is so evil there. I can’t stand her laughing after she put on the ring. 🙁

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    thanks xy for recapping… 🙂 i really need to finish office work so that I can watch this drama. I stopped at ep 2. huhu.

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    just finished ep 33.. I’m falling in love with Godfrey Gao <3 totally fallen

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