Drama Gifs (3)

Hey Drama Fans,

I’m back with more gifs for the drama you adore, Check them out

Continue Heartstrings:

I didn’t !

I’ll go die later

I’ll fix your hair for you 😛

No!Why?! .. just 1 sip !This has spit in it!! .. :O



XP !!


It’s Delicious

I’ll wipe your tears

Cute scene


Drunk Gyu Won


Don’t! Not my face!!


Narcissistic Prince!


Lee Gyu Won, my Hero!Can’t stand! Pfft


I hope you will like me again


You are in trouble now!Goodnight kiss <3He kissed me! Twice ! XD


Cheating me with a statue! Slap!


Paddle the water


Feeding Lee Shin


It’s ok if it’s Lee Shin =)



Liar Game:

I’m going to take all of it!


Come here!Go!Yes!


I won!!


OMG ! I just died!


See? It’s easy


Right ? 😀


I Know !!I don’t Know !!

LOL!! I just couldn’t stop laughing here at Akiyama’s expressions, Nao’s imagination is funny – Rana


I got it !




Really ?!

What ?!! :SLet me borrow it, your lip gloss.You toying with me?! :@

I caught my breath here, I thought Akiyama is finally being romantic. *sigh*. But it was funny – Rana

You are setting ducks!

Ranooosh: Well, that’s all for Part 3. Wait for more dramas in Part 4 🙂

  1. 2 thoughts on “Drama Gifs (3)

    Who spits in the coffee?? Yonghwa!!?? Min Hyuk! Tailbone Prince in the recent Happy Together episode. 😉

    Liar Game: It has Aoto from The Locked Room Murders. She looks pretty here, now I want to watch it. The guy reminds me of Kim Jae Wook!

    Thanks for sharing Ranooosh, you have A LOT of Heartstrings gifs!

    • 2 thoughts on “Drama Gifs (3)

      Neither one of them but you’re close enough , it was Park Shin Hye 😛

      Yeah I know isn’t she great, her name is Erika Toda and I love all her works so far, she is a really good actress.
      And you won’t regret watching Liar Game it’s an amazing drama. It’s all about lying and deceiving, it really makes you think.

      You know, I tried to reduce my Heartstrings gifs but I couldn’t, they are all cute and funny.
      Thanks for stopping by Alice, and you’re always welcome =)

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