Trailer for upcoming travel-to-the-past HK drama “Three Kingdoms RPG”

From left to right: Ruco Chan (YAY!), Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan *dunno the other three*

Tvb fans! Raise your hand straight and proud! If you want to talk about the theme of time travel, Tvb should be mentioned because of their successful drama A Step Into the Past in 2001. Haven’t watched any Tvb dramas in a while….almost half a year now. But this trailer and the poster caught my attention. The poster is surprisingly well-done. I love the cross between the past and present with the ancient stamp holding modern text. It may look over-crowded but I think that’s the intention, capturing all the appalled and curious look of the characters to the intrusion of one man.

This series is set to air in July. Looking forward to it and if it’s good, I’m taking it up!




  • Briefly, the story is about a game addict (Kenneth) traveling back to the chaotic period known as the Three Kingdom while he’s playing the said game.
  • Kenneth Ma is no Louis Koo but he has this easy-going attitude and nice-guy personality that it blends well with his persona; it makes him likable. But that sometimes hinders him when he plays villains.
  • I lost all train of thoughts in one scene and started to laugh real hard. If you know the relation between Raymond & Chok, you’d know what I’m talking about. “You’re really handsome in person…very chok! Chok Chok Chok Chok Chok Chok!” OMG! I die.
  • Towards the end…they’re playing modern card games. 😛
  • Bromance:


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    I have been looking forward to this series ever since it was presented for the first time about two years ago (I think). And what’s not to like about a time-traveling-Step-Into-the-Past-themed series starring Raymond Lam (!!!), Kenneth Ma, and Tavia Yeung?

    Another Kenneth Ma and Raymond Lam collaboration that I utterly enjoyed? The Four; about four young constables, released back in 2008 — pure bromance and suspense and more.

    I haven’t really been following TVB for the past two years or so just because no series has been catching my attention, but I would totally go for this one anytime. There are one or two series that I’ve watched, or watched part of, but none of them are that good. I grew up with TVB and really hope that it’ll start giving me series to love once again, cause there have been too many disappointments lately.

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    Am alsi a tvb fan….used to be!!! Looking forwatd to this. Seems luke kenneth ma is gaining prominent role. He seems like first lead ovet raymond lam.

    And tavia, her new nose still bothets me to no end. She was prettier snd natural before!!!

  3. 4 thoughts on “Trailer for upcoming travel-to-the-past HK drama “Three Kingdoms RPG”

    Any chance this is going to replace “No Good Either Way” on the 9th or is TVB planning on making this a once-a-week show?

    As a fan of “A Step Into The Past” (denying that it’s been 11 years already) the premise definitely has peaked my interest I’m just not sure how well the writer(s) plan on tying both past and present into the story since we saw a cell phone, Kennith’s unusual behavior in the past and well the eventual love line that will form but will be challenged by his predicament.

    Who was the woman singing in the trailer? She had a really nice singing voice.

  4. 4 thoughts on “Trailer for upcoming travel-to-the-past HK drama “Three Kingdoms RPG”

    Hey Semi-fly, surprised to see you here! 😀

    If nothing changes, this series should replace No Good Either Way on the 9th as you said. 11 years! Time does fly by…taking our youth along with it (denying relentlessly that I’m old, weee ~~).

    I’m not too sure about the flow either since the producer & writers have done mainly serious plot lines (Heart Of Greed, Moonlight Resonance, Mysteries of Love) while this one looks light-hearted and comedic. It might just be a funny mess in the end seeing how he travels farther back in time to see Mr. Dino too. I’m in for the humor, chok chok chok! ha!

    The lady singing? The girl who looks up curiously in a dark room? She’s Tavia Yeung.

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