Tdrama: Love Forward OST


Lack of updates? Cause the heat around here is burning my working cells. I’m a winter person so when the temperature rises past 90°F, I’m cooked thoroughly.


01. 灌溉愛 Irrigate Love – Amber Kuo
02. 該忘了 Ought To Forget – Amber Kuo
03. Still In Love With You – Amber Kuo
04. 我不要再難過 I Don’t Wanna Be Sad Again – Diana
05. LOVE U U – JJ Lin
06. 白羊夢 Aries Dream – JJ Lin
07. Fantasy Love
08. Love Together
09. Must Forget It
10. I Don’t Want Sad Anymore
11. Should I Do?
12. Tension
13. Irrigate Love
14. Forget It Or Not
15. Confrontation
16. Funny Love
17. Love U
18. Still Loving You

Download OST here // Mirror *PW-protected*
PW: avirtualvoy

Kap: I hear about this drama everywhere on the net. Haven’t watched an episode yet but the songs are surprisingly nice. Drop me a note if you’d like a copy because I’m through with uploading random goodies when only a small amount of people download. Links die…. and it’s notttt cute. (Check our twitter for updates like this.)

Fans of this drama feel free to pass on the pros and cons. Translations for the first few songs are appreciated! 😀

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    Would you please send me the password?

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. 57 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love Forward OST

    password please , thanks 🙂

  3. 57 thoughts on “Tdrama: Love Forward OST

    please give password


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    waaah do you still have this file? may i have the password please? thank you!

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