Drama Gifs (2)

Hey guyz, it’s Part 2 of Drama gifs. Let’s get started!

Ikemen Desu Ne (J-version of You’re Beautiful):

Ren hugs Miko!

Ouch! Just like a puppy !PfftLOL!

What is that?Shock! << his expression is funnyRun for your dear life!

His face was too close!And that’s how “Pig-Rabbit” was made

Pig-Rabbit is in the market!

Scardy cat

No Way!

Are you for real?YES!!Good Girl, Pig-Rabbit !

Worst spaghetti EVER !! << Poor Yuki

Ren is the best !

Love Shot <3

Miko likes Ren

Heartstrings (AKA: You’ve Fallen For Me):

First encounter

Weeeeeeee! Jeju Island !!

Happy Birthday Shot !

Don’t follow me !

The Great Fall !

I don’t want to !No!NO!MEAT!! 😀 .. Still No!Pleh ! XP


I don’t need your money !!


“Blocking the way” Game

Fighting !

Drop Dead !

Forget it ! <_<

Crazy Lee Gyu Won

Pitiful expression

Vampire Lee Gyu WonDidn’t you but a “Bung Curse” on my bicycle?!So, the “Bung Curse” worked?!HAHAHAHA !!

Hehe! serves him right !

Ranooosh: This is the end of part 2. Since I have a lot of gifs for Heartstrings, the rest are going to be in “Part 3” + Another Drama, so, wait for it !

Ah, also, you can suggest a Drama you want for me to make gifs, but no promises!

Check Part 1 here

  1. 3 thoughts on “Drama Gifs (2)

    The one that had me cracking up is the golden hair boy…Jeremy! ARE THOSE HORNS HIS HAIR? ROFF!!

    It’s hilarious how you start each post with fan-girls sparkly moments. 😛

  2. 3 thoughts on “Drama Gifs (2)

    Protect the boss and some historical dramas can b used to make gifs

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