Drama Gifs (1)


Since I don’t know how to start this post I’ll be direct, I like making Dramas gifs and I thought that since a lot of people like them I’d share mine



here it goes:

Buzzer beat

When Natsuki agreed to marry Naoki

Yamapi is so cute <3


Naoki is BAKA!!

LOL!! this is the best scene in the Drama, I still laugh at it


Riko and Naoki meet at the Supermarket








Nice Catch!


Kiss Kiss !


Don’t Look!

Hehe, cute!

I’ll teach you next time


Love Buffet

Ah Yi only knows how to eat!





Xiao Feng is an Idiot !

Aaron, so CUTE !!


Crazy imagination = Crazy Da Ye


Da Ye, Wake up !


Sorry Sorry









Xiao Feng is a mountain pig!


Where is Ah Yi’s room?


It’s this way!


Poor Xiao Feng 🙁


Da Ye, Don’t Look !!



Ranooosh : For other Dramas gifs , wait for part 2


Check Part 2  here 

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    Why am I a sucker for cute gifs? Now, I have to watch all these dramas to understand their full meaning. =) My favorite is the last one. kkk~ Super Junior Juicy Thanks Ranoosh-ka!

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