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After my theme song collection died due to MU shutdown, I didn’t have the energy to upload them again (some are gone forever), so here’s another attempt to share some HQ songs that I still have in my hard drive. These are volumes that Tvb released over the years (2008, 2009, 2012). Take note that they don’t release all their theme songs, only some of the popular ones. That’s one of my pet peeves with TVB, they’re behind when it comes to making a drama sound special. Each series only have a theme song and some insert songs while the instrumentals are reused every now and then. But as we all know by now…Tvb is cheap.

Tvb Themesongs Collection 1 (2008)
01. Moonlight Resonance Theme: Unintentionally Hurting You – Susanna Kwan
02. The Seventh Day Theme: Most Beautiful Seventh Day – Kevin Cheng
03. Wars of In-Laws 2 Theme: Goodbye – Liza Wang & Fama
04. A Journey Called Life Theme: Small Story – Steven Ma & Linda Chung
05. Steps Theme: I’m So In Love With You – Bernice Liu
06. Healing Hands 3 Ending Theme: Every Day with You – Bowie Lam
07. Heart of Greed Sub Theme: Appreciated – Raymond Lam & Linda Chung
08. The Building Blocks of Life Theme: Deep Love – Lui Fong
09. Maiden’s Vow Ending Theme: Forbidden Love – Charmaine Sheh
10. War and Destiny Theme: Fortunately – Myolie Wu
11. Trimming Success Theme: Love Ordinary – Kevin Cheng
12. Into Thin Air Theme: Truth – Bernice Liu
13. The Ultimate Crime Fighter Ending Theme: Put Me to Death – Moses Chan
14. The Biter Bitten Theme: Only Need You – Shirley Yeung
15. Maiden’s Vow Theme: Butterfly Transformation – Charmaine Sheh
16. Best Bet Theme: Have Mutual Affinity – Linda Chung
17. Heart of Greed Theme: Can’t Speak Out – Susanna Kwan

Part 1 // Mirror

— Tvb Themesongs Collection 2 (2009) —

— Tvb Themesongs Collection 3 (2012) —

Alice: Take a look and tell me whether these collections are worth my efforts! Don’t want to waste my time if no one wants them.

  1. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    I’ve been out of the loop for so, so long on TVB dramas. My family pretty much stopped following/watching after their leading stars start singing their own theme songs replacing great voices like Ramon Tam, Four Heavenly Kings, Shirley Kwan, etc. Some stars just need to stick to acting alone.

    I’ll give this a try. Thanks Kap!

    • 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

      Reason? Tvb is cheap! haha! 🙂 It saves money if their artists sing the theme songs. With the exceptions of Susanna and Raymond, everyone else should stick to acting. 😛

      Definitely, the four heavenly Kings (Jacky ♥♥♥). Once every few years, I have to burn a new CDs of theme songs for my parents. They love the songs from the 80s, especially The Condor Heroes!

      • 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

        I thought at one point the actors wanted this, that they request to expand their talents (and bank accounts) doing more projects. I don’t know why Hong Kong artists don’t get enough CFs as Korean artists do. Maybe a poor selection of management companies are to blame.

      • 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

        Agreed, they wanted it. It’s a win-win situation for the stingy and the ambitious. 😛

  2. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    Unlike Korean Drama OST, TVB soundtracks really can’t capture the heart of viewers as well. Will there ever be a day when the music fits the scene so well, that even after the drama has ended, you are still reminded of the plot when you hear the song?

    • 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

      I think all the great song writers retired and fled from HK after China regained territories in late 90’s from the British. The music industry was hit hard since then.

      However, I don’t accept this reason, ’cause since then, the power of the internet via video chat has a secure platform many folds, so those great minds can continue their jobs through new methods. Why let it downfall? Sadness.

  3. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    I like it! Though I haven’t watched anything TVB for a very long time as well. These songs kinda remind me of the good old days. Thanks Kaptain for your effort!

  4. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    Suddenly, I started TVB’s “My Better Half” and like the songs on there. My family has always had a soft spot for Michael Mui and Barbara Yung shows. He was really good in “Dicey Business.” ^ , ^

  5. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    Thank you for sharing!!!
    I’m still following TVB’s drama but have to admit it’s not as good as before!
    All the good actors are half gone -___- really sad.

    I’ve been looking for old TVB theme songs.. like really really old ones!!
    Because those are good… maybe around 1990-2005. But it’s hard 🙁

  6. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    Keane! Oh Barbara….. her death was quite a stir in my household. My mom loved her very much. I didn’t watch her dramas until my parents bought the dvds for some 80s dramas. To be honest, I didn’t like the character she famously portrayed – Wong Yung. That spoiled brat annoyed the heck out of me. She’s lucky to have a devoted husband in Kwok Jing.

    Michael Miu and Felix Wong are lovely to be seen together. Did you watch Gun Metal Grey?

    Madibi, agreed, some of the songs back in the days were really great because of the soulful singers chosen to represent! I’ll see what I can do… with those old songs. =)

    • 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

      Not only in my household, my clan was unsettled about her demise. My great grandmother started it, so all the women in the clan were very gossipy, and can’t forgive Kent Tong for not being Barbara’s rock to lean on during her weakest moments.

      I’ll try to find “Gun Metal Grey” and check it out. If only the Five Tiger Generals would all come together and collaborate in a great film or series, eh? They all have the time and money now, their kids are all grown up, *coughs*AndyLau*coughs* start something please!!!!!! For the love of your devoted fans~ (。◕ ‿ ◕。)

    • 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

      Yep, Kent Tong’s face was on the WANTED bulletin board around the neighborhood! Your clan??! hehehe 😀

      That would be hard…inviting the five generals back to film one drama. Tvb doesn’t have the money and credentials to do such thing anymore. Pity. Maybe mainland producers? Still…a low percentage…

      [email protected]! 😛

  7. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    Thank you so much!

  8. 14 thoughts on “Theme Songs Collections from TVB Dramas

    please keep doing what you are doing. YOu don’t know how long I have been waiting for someone to do something like this. Not that I’m lazy and I can’t do it on my own. I have 4 kids to take care of and my life has more stuff to worried about then some TVB songs. But I ILOVE LOVE LOVE their theme songs always. Please update to 2014 if you get a chance… thanks so much for all your effort !!

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