Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30


Say it with me guys, “Awwwwwwwwww!” These two have come a long way to reach this moment. I’m so glad the writer didn’t drag out the Haemil storyline and allows Joon Young to step up her game. Love how she bites down her bottom lip, like she’s absorbing his pain, hoping to lessen it any way she could.

FOLKS! NO SPOILERS! OH GOSH………..WHY WHY WHY!! Don’t say a whisper about the ending!!!

Episode 30

After the light peck on the kiss, a flustered Joon Young tries to catch a breath, but Do Yoon wheels her around for a deep kiss. She doesn’t fight back, slowly immersing in the moment. It’s too bad her hands are carrying precious dolls or else his hair would be a mess! I kid. πŸ˜›


When he pulls away, she gulps nervously and just looks at him. He takes a step back, steeling himself for her punishment, which he remembers to be in the form of a shin-kick. He pleads, “I’m ready. But this time, the left side because the other side you kicked hasn’t healed yet.” Do Yoon then inches his left leg towards her. I think his memory is blurred, the last time she kicked his left shin!


He clamps his eyes shut, flinching here and there, but Joon Young shows no sign of “punishing” him. Instead, she runs away. He opens his eyes, relieved, and promises, “After tomorrow, I won’t deceive you again.”

Joon Young comes home in a dazed and Da Woon wonders where she bought those cute little dolls because they resemble her a lot. Hearing that, she quickly covers the dolls, causing Da Woon’s interest to pique, “Why are you acting like that? Like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to!”


At the Ha’s household, Young Bum, Doo Hee, and In Woo are discussing about what to do with the two girls. All of a sudden, In Woo seems concerned for In Joo’s sake, grumbling that it’s obvious President Baek is going to use In Joo against Doo Hee. The mother thinks it’s better not to change their names because honestly, they’re still her daughters no matter what. Young Bum retorts, “It’s not about the name! In Joo needs to accept Joon Young as family. If that child doesn’t let go of her greed, everything will go back to square one! And I can no longer tolerate her behavior.” Oh! That’s a very sensible thing for him to say, what has he done to fix In Joo’s mentality other than kneeling in front of her? Ugh.


That night, Joon Young muses over her reaction towards Do Yoon’s kiss to a sleepy Da Woon. She supposes that she’s angry but she doesn’t understand why her leg won’t move to kick him. Although she’s half-way to lala land, Da Woon answers, “Maybe you weren’t mad at him…” Sitting on his master bed, Do Yoon texts her: “Earlier, you were allowed to kick me but you didn’t, are there any regrets?” She sighs in frustration and refuses to reply. He only smiles, deducing his own fantasy of reasoning. Wait, that’s me. πŸ˜›


Next morning, we see Assistant Kim handing Baek Sul some articles, which she prepares to announce at Haemil’s press conference later in an attempt to humiliate him. When In Joo passes by, Baek Sul once again confirms, “The things you mentioned about Haemil yesterday, do you really know nothing?” She confirms that she was merely joking yesterday.


The press conference is held at Choon Won Enterprise, and Do Yoon, fully dressed as Haemil, looks fondly at his mask. Jane gives him one last chance to avoid this big reveal but he shakes his head, “Call as many reporters as you can. And one more person. I want to show her directly.” She turns around to leave as he mutters out, “Thank-you, Jane. Without you, there would have been no Haemil. Today…Haemil dies, only chef Kim Do Yoon remains.” She congratulates him, now he’s able to live fully as a person with a name and a face in front of the public. They smile. Aw.

Joon Young prepares to head out and smiles when she looks at her row of 5 dolls. She mischievously adds, “The real life-size looks better!” heh. She suddenly remembers last night’s kiss and pats her flushed cheeks. Jane calls and invites her to Haemil’s event. Once she’s there, Jane makes sure to tell Joon Young to come to the exclusive press conference room after Haemil’s food show is done.

As expected, reporters instantly flash cameras and throw questions at Haemil while Jane pretends to translate for him. Jane explains that before questions are answered, Haemil would like to show the world his face.


Haemil stands up and is about to take the mask off when Joon Young enters the room, causing him to pause. She smiles and waves at him, as Baek Sul swallows her growing anticipation. Gathering his courage, he finally plucks off the mask, and Joon Young’s response is nothing of sweet and proud, she feels hurt and betrayed, and leaves the scene. While Baek Sul gasps for breath, staring at her son as he explains that he’s Korean and his mother is none other than President Baek, Sanarae’s CEO. The reporters surround her and she forces on a small smile for them, while reserving a sneer to send in his direction.


He steps down the stage and walks up to her, “Are you smiling? You wanted a great son.” He ends the statement with a lop-sided smile, challenging her to say otherwise. Haemil is tired so the conference is dismissed.


Although she’s angry at Do Yoon for not telling her his identity, she can only think of his good traits as she walks down the road in a huff. He screeches his car to a stop and climbs out, quickly explaining “From the beginning, I planned to deceive you. Not only you, but everyone many times.” She glares at him, grabs his wrist, and shoves his sleeves up to see the H bracelet. Afterwards, she kicks his right shin, “That’s for yesterday!” and then kicks his left shin too. Her warning: “Follow me and I’ll kill you!” He bends over to rub the pain, and muses, “At least she’s not ignoring me…” Oh gosh, this kid.


Sitting at the bus stop, her phone rings:

Joon Young: “Hello?”
Do Yoon: “It’s me.”
*ring ding dong*
Joon Young: “……………”
Do Yoon: “Don’t hang up!”
*ring ding dong*
Joon Young: “What do you want?!”
Baek Sul: “I want to ask you that! You knew didn’t YOU?!!!”

Raise your hand if Baek Sul’s voice scares the beejeezus out of you? I was expecting a cute phone banter until her screeching voice pulled me away from cute land. Woman knows how to burst my happy bubble.

In short, Baek Sul threatens that she’ll make Doo Hee experience the same betrayal of her own child by using In Joo but Joon Young says she won’t allow that to happen and hangs up. Furious, Baek Sul smashes her phone to the ground and curses, “Kim Do Yoon, you jerkkkkk!”


Now that Joon Young knows where In Joo is staying, she rushes over to confirm with In Woo, who tries to change the topic but fails miserably. She attempts to go to Sanarae but he stops her, “What would you do over there? It will only hurt both of you.”

Turns out that the book he was reading earlier is In Joo’s diary. Adding one more trait I dislike about him. Joon Young’s eyes grow teary as she scans through the pages. In Woo thinks it must’ve been difficult, what’s worst is that he could never look at her brightly. Yea, jerk brother.

In her room at Baek Sul’s house, In Joo tries to draw some dishes but her mind is too tense to allow creativity at the moment. When Joon Young calls, she ignores it.


Cut to Baek Sul as she recalls Do Yoon’s words on how he’s been living in England, “Every day I saw blood. Killing living things became nothing. Unfortunately, this time I have been caught and must be shipped back. Still, I’m quite famous there.” She breaks down his cryptic words, finally understanding that he was referring to being a chef. Assistant Kim comes in and reports that the papz are still camping outside, waiting for her public explanation as to why her son attacked Saranae. Just then, Do Yoon calls, and she fakes a loving tone, “Oh! My beloved son, Haemil. Thank-you for the surprise.” I laugh so hard, her face is hilarious. She smooths things out by saying that they’re both equal now, “So let’s move on from here.” He doesn’t reject the idea.

Jane comes into the living room, tired and frustrated, because the reporters have surrounded their building. She suggests that Do Yoon stop this revenge since it has been quite gratifying but he’s firm with his decision. He won’t be the first to stop, not until she changes. Jane: “What if she doesn’t change all the way until the end?” Do Yoon: “Then….mother and son will probably fall together.”


And finally, we get a glimpse of Jae Ha as he discusses the achievements of the Department of Agri-Food in a meeting. The director asks, “What attributes led to the falling sales of Arirang in recent years?” And Jae Ha supposes it’s the people’s lack of interest and bias in Korean cuisine. He thinks that by highlighting Arirang’s 100th Year anniversary, it can improve people’s image of Korean Cuisine. The director pounds, “If the plan is improving the image of Korean Cuisine, it doesn’t have to be done at Arirang.” Jae Ha argues that Arirang has been a reputable name for so long, its foods and prestige cannot be easily replaced by another place.


After the meeting, he trudges up the steps without much energy. A phone call from fake dad brings a smile to his face. Fake Dad tells him he’s still in Seoul. This surprises him and he promises to call back because he sees Joon Young from a distance.

They greet each other in friendly terms and the atmosphere becomes awkward. She walks past him and he braces himself to tell her about her fake dad. They head over to his restaurant together. She wants to go in alone but he claims, “I want to see father too!”


Inside, Fake dad is happily counting his bills until Joon Young shoots daggers out of her eyes, which immediately sends him running around the table and finally hides himself behind Jae Ha. He defends his shameless action by saying that he’s working to save money in order to pay back what he owed. Joon Young: “You think I’m going to be fooled again?” He chuckles, “You have been fooled all your life anyway!” and dashes out the door. She tries to run after him but Jae Ha grabs her arm, all smiley, “I knew Fake Dad is the cure. Now you’re back, Udo’s hands of god, Go Joon Young.” They smile, the heavy air is finally dissipated. When customers roll in, she takes charge of cooking them delicious meals, while Jae Ha manages as a cater/cashier.


While cleaning the table, she stumbles upon an article about Haemil/Do Yoon, Jae Ha wants to discuss more, but Joon Young divert the topic to her father. Promptly, he returns and she forces him to write a contract, giving all the profits the restaurant made to her by the end of each month. Fake Dad groans at her authority, and she glares at him, knowing that he pockets cash every day anyway, “I’m giving you this much because you saved me.” Fake Dad looks nervous, and confesses, “Truthfully, I didn’t save you from the ocean. When I saw you, a woman was supporting you above water. But when I reached you guys, the waves swept her away.” Joon Young is curious to the woman’s identity but Fake Dad has no idea who she is, except she was discovered dead the next morning.

Do Yoon waits for Joon Young at their love bench, hoping she would show up. At last, luck is not on his side because In Joo calls him and sweetly mumbles “Haemil” through the phone. She sounds drunk, and of course she is at a bar, drowning in her sorrows of mixed identities. She teases Do Yoon for a bit before reminding him that Song Yeon Woo is dead. Ha In Joo also has a new owner, what’s left for her?


He takes her arm, meaning to take her home, and In Joo looks up at him, pondering why he responds to her calls. Do Yoon: “If you conspire with President Baek, I’ll feel too sorry to look at Go Joon Young’s face.” She laughs off her hurt feeling and sits back down, “You’re the first to say my real name. It would’ve been better if you were Choi Jae Ha.” She tells him honestly that it hurt most when Jae Ha broke up with her.

Jae Ha is driving Joon Young home and suggests that he can look up her savior’s name since it was published in the newspaper, it wouldn’t be hard. She declines his intention as she doesn’t want to feel indebted towards him. Just then Jae Ha receives a call from Do Yoon and he looks beyond annoyed to answer it. ha!

At the apartment, Jane warns Do Yoon through the phone that news of him going to a club has hooked the reporters to their building, so come home when he can.

He hangs up just as Jae Ha and Joon Young arrive. He’s surprised to see Joon Young and advises her not to go inside because In Joo is drunk. She doesn’t care and enters the club room where In Joo is in. Do Yoon glares at Jae Ha, “Why did you bring her here!” Quite proud of himself, Jae Ha screams back, “Because we were together!”


Inside the room, Joon Young adopts a passive approach, asking In Joo to please come home, “I won’t take away your name. The name Ha In Joo, you can keep it.” Errrrrrr, I don’t think that’s a good idea to sound like she’s a pity case Joon Young. In Joo stands up and throws the drink into Joon Young’s face. She bellows, “Do you think you can offer that name as a peace offering?!” Joon Young returns the favor right back, her force gentler, “Because of that name, you think you’re the only one who suffered?!!” They argue back and forth about who suffered more. Hey girls, this is boring, let see them claws and nails, all because of a name! I think Joon Young is a bit harsh but In Joo is acting like a drunk baby.

Now, the men enter, you figure they would come in earlier, right? In Joo is slightly mortified at the sight of Jae Ha, as he’s seeing her in her most insecure appearance. He takes her wrist and they exit the room.


Do Yoon offers Joon Young his handkerchief but she plops down on the chair instead. He wants to explain to her but she says there’s no need, “Since you fooled the world, not me.” Ha, then why are you taking it personal Joon Young? She tells him no matter what he says, she’ll still be angry. Like he told her before, he repeats, “Even if you push me away now, I’m not leaving.” He allows her space by leaving the room.


Outside, In Joo is flustered, wrestling out of Jae Ha’s grip. “Why?! Now you think it’s unfair after you see me like this? You think you’ll go crazy because I made you a fool for 10 years? Are you afraid of me?!!” He barks back, “Because I love a person like you, I’m the crazy one! I wish you were a guy so I could beat you up!” She gets defensive, “Why? For taking Joon Young’s name and acting like her?” No, he feels that there’s nothing unfair to her since she’s the one deceiving everyone who loves her, “You should’ve lived like other people!” In Joo: “How? The moment I came to Arirang I was different! Yet, I did my best to you, my family, and Arirang. But now…I have nothing!”


They take a breather, and Jae Ha pulls her to a car’s window, urging her to go home and show them who she is as person. She can’t, her courage is deprived so long ago, and walks away. He stops her with a sweet line, “Song Yeon Woo. Your name…is pretty.” Tears run down her cheeks as she gives a small, weak smile.


I think we’ve established before that within Arirang’s kitchen crew, Haemil has a fanboy. Now Daniel is stroking all the items that Haemil has touched. Mi So is scared every night since they’re roommates. He compares Do Yoon to an onion, “The more you peel, the more there is!” When the short staff member makes fun of Haemil, Daniel lowers a deadly look his way, warning him to apologize. Ha! You gotta love a devoted fanboy.


Do Shik enters and warns them to be extra careful about tomorrow’s event, since the Ambassador’s wife is picky with their food. Meanwhile, Doo Hee is discussing food menu with Grandma but the old cat suggests letting In Joo and Joon Young handle the event tomorrow. I swear this woman lives to pit women against each other. Take a break lady. Doo Hee then confesses that In Joo is staying at Baek Sul’s place and Grandma instantly lectures, “You said she’s your daughter! So when she goes the wrong way, bring her back! You shouldn’t be minding her feelings!” Er, yea, stretching a rubber band too far will eventually break it. I notice Grandma says the wisest words but she can barely live up to it.

She calls In Joo and demands the girl to come back for tomorrow dinner event but In Joo grows tired of playing the supporting role to Joon Young and declines the part. Grandma: “If you don’t come, I’ll take it as you giving up, and will give Joon Young the title of Master Chef.” I don’t think the title is enticing anymore, Grandma.

At the same time, Jane speaks on the phone with some reporters, confirming that Haemil will personally hold a press conference in England too. She then wonders what his plan is for President Baek since she has made him a beloved son of all. He gets up, leaving Jane to see his plan displayed on his laptop – another article.


Once the article is released, reporters immediately gather in front of Baek Sul’s restaurant. She’s bemused, why are they here again? Turns out the article reveals that President Baek has ended their mother-son relationship ever since he was young. “You just found out about Haemil’s identity, so why did you lie? Did Haemil attack Sanarae to seek revenge?” they ask.

Reading the articles at home is Joon Young. Her eyes are filled with worry. Jane calls and she rushes to their building immediately, now knowing that Do Yoon received the courage to open up because of her words. In voice over, we hear Jane’s words: “Because of his mother, he hid himself behind a mask his whole life. Because you said you trust him, he gave up everything. Knowing that he’d get hurt by his mother.


Baek Sul barges into Do Yoon’s place and demands that he takes all his words back. Unyielding, Do Yoon asks, “Should I write another article about how you fed your son food that he’s deadly allergic to?!” Her eyes bulge, why is he doing this to me when I’m still his mother? He reminds her that their relationship has been cut when she released that article against Doo Hee. Baek Sul: “How long are you going to do this?!!” Do Yoon: “Until you admit you killed Hyung and repent sincerely!” It’s interesting how she processes these statements like a businesswoman when she’s so agitated. She glares up at him, saying that she has given birth to him, so he should pay her back! She pounds against his chest, demanding for her birth-delivery fees.


Joon Young enters the house and pulls her away, just to have Baek Sul flings her to Do Yoon’s side. Baek Sul looks at him, her face like a wounded leopard, and spits out, “A bastard like you, I have no memory of giving birth to.” These words have an effect on both of them as she staggers out the door, while Do Yoon reels from her coldness, and moves slowly to sit on the sofa.


His eyes, red from anger and pain, yet he still thinks for Joon Young’s sake, “I’m sorry,” and covers his face. She sits down by his side, taking in his pain, “You’re hurting…so much that tears won’t even form.” He looks sideways at her and she moves his head towards her shoulder. Just as his head rests on her shoulder, a tear slips down the contour of his nose. That tear drops so perfectly, so timely…. They stay like that for long, quiet moments, while she gently pats his shoulder.

That night, everyone broods. Doo Hee’s in her room, and In Joo is at Baek Sul’s place. She comes out for a break but Baek Sul sips her wine and rants that they’re so similar, being rejected by their family members. She urges In Joo to make a decision or risk being kicked out of her house.


Next day, the dinner event for the Ambassador’s wives as Arirang celebrates their 100th year Anniversary. Joon Young is wearing her cute hanbok, and greets Doo Hee happily. She asks about In Joo and Doo Hee replies with confidence that she’ll come. Just then, bad news hit as they’re informed that the Ambassador’s wives all canceled today’s banquet. Why? They all went to Sanarae.


At Sanarae, Baek Sul greets the wives and shows them their chef for the day. Out comes In Joo in her chic black dress and hair pulled back into a sleek pony tail. She addresses the wives, “I’m Chef Song Yeon Woo.”

Alice: Wow, I’m in love with what In Joo is wearing in the final scene. She looks stunning. Who’s her stylist by the way? πŸ˜€ She’s back to her straight hair again, so I hope that it’s a good sign she’s planning something against Baek Sul. Gah! There are only two episodes left. *gasps* Writers, you cannot waste a second in the last two episodes!


Oh Gosh! My tears! Why are they so beautiful like this? I love that what I said in my last recap is really meant for this episode, this moment, when she finally wants to be his pillar of support, that she wants to share his pain with him. And his single tear means so much to me because of what she said two seconds before, that his pain is too much tears won’t even form. But the instance she reached out to him, the pain became bearable, and he allowed himself to cry, knowing that he’s not enduring the pain alone.

As much as I want a wedding scene and baby-making sessions, I don’t think the writer is creative/daring enough to add those heavenly moments for us. So then, what is everyone’s dream ending? I personally would like to see Joon Young making those dolls, this time for their little Joon Youngies and little Do Yoonies. Because this assures me that she sees a future with our slowpoke. Just like how we envision them to be.

And I want a passionate kiss. Naughty minds, we must think alike. πŸ˜›


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    Everyone has done a great job in keeping spoilers of future episodes clear from view. Written previews & preview episode are fine, appreciated too! Let’s continue that for the final week!



    I cannot believe I spent the last four months writing about this drama…..

    I love this song by the way!

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    I am so grateful that you spent the last 4 months writing about FOTG.
    This weekend is going to be bittersweet for us fans so I ask you to recap
    until the end, please.

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      BTW, I would like the sofa DY/JY had their moment on, just
      as a souvenir (it is rad though).

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    Awk. DY’s mom is so heartless! It had to kill DY to release that last article, knowing full well that it was th final blow. And even knowing what would come of it, that didn’t make it any less painful when his mother basically said she wouldn’t remember even giving birth to him. Lots of harsh words all around. I don’t like broken families:( That’s why I hope so much that both DY and JY get their happy ending. After everything they’ve went through, they deserve it.

    Finally, an Arirang kitchen scene I didn’t mind, lol. Daniel should have taken out that annoying chef! Serves him right, bad mouthing The Haemil! Hilarious:) I just can’t understand how they can possibly savage Arirang. It seems like a lost cause to me. And now, it would appear IJ no longer even cares about the title, although I’m wondering if she may be trying to do something to save her mom. After all, she didn’t tell Haemil’s secret. At least, I hope so.

    On a side note, the soompi thread is saying JH was supposed to be the leadin man, but writer changed love lines because everybody else loved DY. And there was supposed conflict over this issue. If true, how could we not prefer DY over JH??? The writer sure wrote him an awful part!! I hope they don’t try to change anymore love lines this late in the game. I cant even see how that would be possible. Anyway, I have truly enjoyed every bit of this 4 month journey! I’ve only ever read recaps and never commented. It felt like we were family here:) I’m gonna miss the camaraderie when this drama is over:( And so, befor I start bawling, thanks, Kaptain! You’ve done an admirable job guiding this ship. We’re almost to the harbor. One more week left:(

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      It does feel like a family, doesn’t it?
      I came across this site because of this drama and I felt in love with it, it feels worm and calm.

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    its nice to see JY’s reactions…hurt, anger, annoyance and then worry…
    she displays a lot of different emotions when DY is involved…
    it was nice to see her running to be by DY’s side.
    it was always him to support her now its her turn. i liked so much how she led his head to her shoulder. that meant a lot.
    BS is still on revenge mood…when will the evil queen realize that the one she has hurt the most in all those years is her own son?
    thanks for the recap πŸ™‚

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    there is just so much issues to be solved in these 2 episodes. how are they going to do that.. ? I too definitely expecting a wedding* huhu =)

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    I am so happy to stumble upon your blog Kap due to FOTG..I watched this drama because of JSW ending falling in love with LSW..his chemistry with SY is so touching and I am really touched by it.The kiss,looks they both share is so convincing and I will want this drama DVD in my collection.The MBC strategy making the OST through Music and Lyrics for the song I call the DY song..compose by JH(2PM) and lyricist KSE is like hitting nail on the head Their love is so sad due to their mother animosity..but just keeping my finger cross so the writer let us have a good ending with DY/JY ,with little babies playing dough dolls.Till next week ..Thank You.

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    oh Kaptain ~ i dont know what to expect from the last two episodes but i wannnnnnnnnt a definitely DY/JY ending with kisses and whatever making babies moment ~ *keeping fingers crossed*

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    Thank you very much for the recap πŸ™‚

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    KaptainA, thank you very much for the recap. I can’t recall how did I get in to your blog but I’m so happy to be here, reading your recap after watching RAW and follow other comments….it just like you all sitted in my heart and soul.
    For the ending I think there will be no wedding scene to pleased us… how to say…. I think that IJ will finally come to her senses and President BS will end up alone, business going down and our DY/JY couple go overseas … screen will then show 5 years after (maybe) and focus to the grand children and one of them will be talented and will sort things out…. After all everthing started when they are young. Heartless Grand Mom always got soften when comes to the Grand Children

    *I want Passionate Kiss(es)**

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    The DY-JY relationship is already firmly established after the sofa moments. Ms writer should not think of any twist and turn to make it otherwise.

    I read somewhere that women kick their men’s leg so they can’t run away .For good measure JY kicked her man 3x.No more kicking DY, JY he is all yours !

    The wedding is surely going to be the feast for our eyes and hearts but I am not expecting much . It is enough for me, that they finally felt what they have for each other and that will let them weather any other storm together.

    I see that SYW , I’m no longer calling her the fake IJ, has come to terms with what she has now and being herself ready to move forward.The drama made use of changes in attires and physical appearance to send the message that the characters are turning a new leaf in their lives. JY had also changed to indicate she claimed back what she lost , Haemil has put away his mask for there is no need for that .

    We only have JH to settle his heart and mind -to let go what he had already lost-JY. If he realized it is SYW that he really loves ,that is up to him .And if SYW responds positively -well good for them .

    Now the eternal animosity between BS and DH. DS has yet to realize DY is her future son-in -law . BS has yet to absorb that JY will be DY’s wife ( ohhh, I like to call her Mrs Kim Do Yoon now !). So will that change the fate of the battle royale?

    Has BS not yet realize that she has succeeded way beyond DH actually ? That the prize Arirang she has coveted even without her doing anything evil has been self-destructing ?

    So many speculations on the ending, I will just allow the writer to go on with her own story telling . But I reserve the right to have my own happy ending for the drama characters.

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    So kind of everyone, I’m sitting here….sorta stalking MBC website for ep.31 preview! Yea, I don’t have a life. πŸ˜€

    Here have some pretty with HQ images of the kiss while we wait. I swear their love bench is beautiful, above the city with colorful lights all around. Such a romantic setting!

    He’s so gentle while kissing Yuri…….. *swoon*

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      And thank of for these screenshots! I’m totally fangirling right now πŸ˜€

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    hay se estan haciendo mucho del rogar con la vista prew. ya casi es viernes y no ha salido ni siquiera leida ups bueno ahora estan durmiendo y alla es de noche pero q malos sniff sniff gracias por la vista previa del drama nuevo q se llama fantasma se ve adorable espero lo pasen aunque sea entre semana ups

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    How about light peck kiss from JY meaning “she come to him” and of course kissing back with deep and passion kiss by DY :p

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    Did anyone here noticed Do Yoon hands during his confrontation with mom and JY tried to intervene ? His strong arm was there to cushion (if ever) JY’s fall on the impact of BS hurling her.It was also his arm that instinctively served as barrier to protect JY from the aggression of the Head Chef at Arirang Kitchen.

    And yet it contrasted with the vulnerability he felt afterwards. It was the weakness he now cannot hide with any facade because JY articulated how he felt. Next to go after the Haemil mask was the Do Yoon mask.

    When JY pulled DY gently to her, it was the most loving act of a woman to bring a man to her shoulder and bosom. She held his arms next to her, and the consoling pat turned to a reassuring massage that said -she was there for him.

    I was hoping Jane went to the province for an errand that day so the two had the whole time to themselves.

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      i totally saw that amidst all the drama! haha!

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    Episode 31 Video and Written previews are out:

    E31 Written preview:
    μ œκ°€ ν•˜κ³  μ‹Άμ–΄μ‘Œμ–΄μš”. μ•„λ¦¬λž‘ λͺ…μž₯.

    ]μΈμ£Όμ—κ²Œ λ‹Ήμž₯ μ•„λ¦¬λž‘μœΌλ‘œ λŒμ•„κ°€λΌκ³  μ΄μ•ΌκΈ°ν•˜λŠ” 선노인! μΈμ£ΌλŠ” μ†‘μ—°μš°λ‘œ μ •μ •λ‹Ήλ‹Ήν•˜κ²Œ 이번 경합에 μ°Έμ—¬ν•˜κ³  μ‹Άλ‹€λŠ” λœ»μ„ 밝히고, μ€€μ˜μ€ 그런 μ—°μš°μ˜ λœ»μ— μ°¬μ„±ν•˜λ©° μ ˆλŒ€λ‘œ μ—°μš°μ—κ²ŒλŠ” μ•„λ¦¬λž‘μ„ 맑길 수 μ—†λ‹€κ³  λ§ν•œλ‹€.μ€€μ˜μ„ κ°€μ‘±μœΌλ‘œ 받아듀이면 ν•¨κ»˜ μ‚΄ 수 μžˆλ‹€λŠ” μ˜λ²”μ˜ 말에도 λΆˆκ΅¬ν•˜κ³  μΈμ£ΌλŠ” 짐을 챙겨 집을 λ‚˜μ˜€λŠ”λ°..

    • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

      wow…thats great!!! Thank you…

    • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

      Thanks Bella dear!

      Did…..I just….see…..two giggling bunnies waving their game controllers around?

      *waits anxiously*

      • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

        well, they seem to be having lots of fun together *anticipating and anxiously waiting till the show( please please don’t spoil my weekend πŸ˜€

      • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

        I second that too.

  17. 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

    Thks so much for your remarkable recaps…

  18. 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

    Hi ,

    Can someone translate ep 31 written preview, please.


  19. 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

    Thanks Kap. I have read this recap ,watched ep29 and ep 30 raw….just Jane, DY and JY scenes.. 4 to 5 times.

    The story is not well written … but we all agreed that we watch this drama because of LSW.

  20. 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

    Oh, JY is pushing DY away because of noble idiocy? She’d better get
    on that plane to he U.K with him or else…. πŸ˜‰

    • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

      I hope she is asking DY to settle his “Haemil matters” in UK and hurry back to her arms πŸ™‚

  21. 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

    Kap, I’ve been reading your recaps since episode 6…and am I glad I found it! I admit I was looking for screen shots of LSW/SY lol…

    Thank you for the time you spent each week, and for giving us a space to get together to discuss FOTG. It truly does feel like a family, as Dana and Rose has mentioned. A part of me was trying to forget about it this weekend cause I didn’t want all of this to end πŸ™ but alas, we are here at the home stretch. Thank you again!

    • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

      Let’s end with a bang this weekend! ~ ^.^ ~

      No spoilers kay folks! πŸ™‚

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    I just found that LSW acted as a gay couple with Song Chan Ee, in ” Life is beautiful “. I would like to watch it

    but 98 episodes….do not have the patience. LSW looks great in this drama too.

    Just a bit curious , how could both LSW and Song Chan Ee are so gentle, to portrait as a couple. I thought usually

    there is a feminine figure and a masculine figure in gay couple..

    I hope he will select his next drama, wisely

    • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

      hehe Tweety, Lee Sang Woo likes to portray many types of roles. I hope he does comedy next, even though he has a speech complex. It would challenge him as an actor.

      Who knows….rom-com with our Yuri….. *whistles*

      I haven’t watched Life is Beautiful, like you, it’s too long for my taste…. 98 episodes! The longest Kdrama that I have watched is Love In Heaven, running at 85 episodes….. but then that was because the main lead is a super, perfect husband. Lots of tears though. πŸ™‚

      • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

        Waiting impatiently for ep 31, so did a little research on the script writer, just to check what kind of ending, I am


        She wrote Golden Fish which had crap pairing and ending as well, I think is a bit similar with child hood love. I

        didn’t like that drama as well . Although ,I liked that male lead Lee Tae Gon , second male and second female

        actors, it didn’t had the power like LSW for me to sacrifice my late hours to keep up with the drama.

        If she is giving same sort of ending, I can confirmed that’s her style of writing , then I cannot see myself watch

        any future dramas written by her.

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    EP. 31 was a dud for me. I’m so sad. πŸ™

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      Bella I can’t watch the preview….any other link you have?

    • 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

      Here, I uploaded it again….

      DY wearing a black suit…. *swoon*
      Baek Sul’s break down….finally! She taunts JY to chase after DY!?

      JY is seen running, is she running to him? Leaving the competition?

      NO SPOILERS!! πŸ™‚

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    haha. imma lil bit slow writing in this recap, but yea, loved ep 30 πŸ™‚ just watched ep 31, and i cant wait for tonight’s ep! gahhhhh! 12h seems so long!

    im hoping for JY to be the one to kiss DY first in this last ep! but i think im gonna be disappointed it’s not gonna happen. (after that second kiss in ep 29, i seriously thought DY asked her to kiss him back! XD *wishful thinking*)
    but if that’s not gonna happen i hope the writers give us another couple scene that’ll make us swoon at least.

    CAN WAIT! πŸ˜€

    p.s. im gonna miss your recaps, Kap, plus all the people here too! πŸ™

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    I just finished watching episode 31..and its all tears for me all the actors did well in their acting.. JH decide to leave for Europe..BS finally felt guilty, DH is very supporting towards BS .IJ also realise her action..JY and DY interactions was the highlight for me.I can’t imagine the ending would be..its all in the writers hand.I just hope whatever the ending would be, I guess I love this drama the most.. after watching so much of K drama.FOTG gave me enough romance and kisses to keep me content.The JY /DY ship is the far. I will be waiting for your episode 31 recap and impatiently waiting episode 32….Thank you Kap.

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    DY n JY need to be together after all they had gone through. Still waiting for recap of episode 31 n 32.

  27. 47 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 30

    Totally, totally disliked the finale. No kiss scene, everything was rushed and of course the inevitable 1 yr. time jump. I guess the writer and pd left it up to our imagination if JY/DY stayed together, but a kick to the shin instead of a kiss? I don’t think I’ll even watch the subtitled version I’m so upset. She even turned down his proposal, omo. What a silly character SYR was given to play. In retrospect. the second leads were better written than the leads and this drama, coupled with Romance Town, did nothing to further SYR’s career. She
    should try her chops as a second lead ’cause they are usually given meatier dialog Boy this rap-up was like
    pissing against the wind (it’s going to come right back at me and haunt me that I spent 32 hrs. watching live,
    countless hrs. rewatching and reading recaps). I’m thinking about moving from Kdrama Land ’cause it’s too
    depressing to get one’s hopes up and then be let down. This will go right alongside Summer Scent on my list of worst endings, but FOTG had 31 episodes to prepare a grand finale and then rushed it. Sorry to vent, but please Kap, don’t waste your time recapping eps. 31 & 32. There are better dramas out there and coming soon. Bye bye FOTG.

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