Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 29


Well, she looks happy. ๐Ÿ˜› I can’t believe I trudged through this hour expecting some big event…only to find out it happened in the last 3 minutes. Our slowpoke becomes the Swoop-in Kissing Angel. For those who absolutely dislike the family drama, I suggest you watch the last 3 minutes to appease your growing frustration with the writer.

As for In Joo, she lost her screws mid-way through this episode. You can see her sporting a new curly hairstyle. Girl gone wild.

Episode 29

Jae Ha: “Move aside!”
Do Yoon: “Let go of that hand!”

Stressed, Joon Young looks at the guys’ faces, each one desiring to express their inner feelings. Do Yoon steals her wrist from Jae Ha. Having enough for the day, she wriggles out of his grip, looks at them, and says, “I’m already having a hard time without you guys chiming in! Can’t you two see it? Can’t you see I’m having a tough time right now?!”


Do Yoon takes in her serious tone and stays rigid in his stance, but Jae Ha chases after her and grabs her wrist again, “I won’t stand by and act like a good oppa. If I let you go now, I’m afraid of losing you forever.” Joon Young looks away from his eyes, and when she looks up, a tear slips down as she realizes that she feels pain for him but it’s no longer because of the same reason as his. They stay like that for long moments before Joon Young twists her hand out of his and walks away.


Who knew, in his desperation to hold her, Jae Ha loses Joon Young because he can’t see past his own pain. Joon Young walks along that same road and plops down on the bench, deep in thought. She apologizes to him, “Jae Ha-shi, I’m sorry. You’re having a harder time than I am, right?” Using his own stalking technique and vehicle, Do Yoon parks his car next to the curb, watching her.

Joon Young comes home, glances at her desk where the two figures, each one representing for their own boss, standing beside one another. She takes the sand timer in hand and recalls the words Jae Ha told her about using it to wait for him, and how he’ll come immediately once summoned. Her eyes wander about the place and she finally settles the sand timer to the side. This scene is interesting to analyze, I’ll do so in my afterthought.


In the Ha’s household, Young Bum enters his bedroom and sees Doo Hee looking at their daughters’ childhood photos. It’s funny how I thought Dad was gonna be a reckless man again but he quickly returns to his wife for reassurance that her decision maybe right. That once In Joo become Arirang’s 5th Master Chef, everything will be back to normal. He hopes that by then Doo Hee won’t be cold toward Joon Young anymore because she has been hurt enough already.


After the breakdown scene with Young Bum, In Joo returns home listlessly, her eyes are blank, and she can only repeat the scene in her mind over and over again. She takes out her real mother’s photo, and asks in a staggering tone, “Why did you take me there that day? Why me? Why did you abandon me? WHY?!!” She tries to tear the photo again but can’t find the courage to do so. If she does, it will be a complete destruction of her small identity. In Joo holds the photo to her heart and drowns in aching sobs of frustration.


Back to Baek Sul as she tries to do damage control after Haemil personally criticized her management for prioritizing money over values and ethics. She’s desperate enough to do discount events and give out meal vouchers in hopes of keeping the visitors. Just then, a loud voice is heard demanding to see the person in charge. Baek Sul walks up to face an angry mother of two children, both of whom are hospitalized for food poisoning after having a meal at Sanarae. She wants President Baek to take responsibility. Baek Sul stays in her graceful mode and denies the accusation, saying that it’s impossible since they bought their ingredients directly from the producers. The angry mother refuses to quiet down so Baek Sul orders her trusted Assistant Kim to escort her out.

Baek Suk returns to her office in a huff, saying Haemil’s name in disdain as Assistant Kim announces that he has ordered a check with the hospital to find more information. Still, he thinks it’s Haemil’s influence over the people’s minds. As a business woman, she’s quite sharp, deducing that as long as the truth is not their fault, coupled with their performance in the upcoming Korea-France event, Haemil’s effect wouldn’t last so long.


Joon Young has a brief talk with Young Bum. The mood is mellow as Joon Young bravely suggests that maybe if she lives life pretending not to know the truth…and just be Go Joon Young…But Dad cuts her off, “Then…all of our lives, we will live in regret.” Joon Young reaches across the table to hold Dad’s warm hands, as he assures her that he’ll take care of everything from now on because it’s his sin in the beginning.

As a filial daughter, Joon Young doesn’t want Dad to carry the responsibility all by himself and offers to make up with In Joo, and hopefully, they can all be one family in the end. She promises to face this problem head-on and Young Bum is close to tears, proud that his daughter is willing to walk by his side as they attempt to mend this broken family.

So Joon Young’s first step to be accepted is to mend the relationship with her workers at Arirang. *me = unhappy*. In the early morning, she comes and makes the tofu dish she made in the beginning and urges them to eat it if they’re hungry. It’s fulfilling. The other workers happily accepted the offers but Boo BOO stops them from tasting it, sneering that Joon Young doesn’t have Master Chef’s humility. Joon Young continues to show her other dishes, hoping to have Boo Boo’s opinion.


Unfortunately, this scene is interrupted when In Joo pops in and comments on one dish meant for children, “That’s Sanarae’s style. This is Arirang. We should make food that shows them the taste of traditional Korean Cuisine.” Joon Young argues, adding a different style to one dish doesn’t mean we’re getting rid of tradition. The kitchen staff look back and forth, not sure which side to be on so Boo Boo decides that items on the New Menu should go through Master Chef first, they both should get out of the kitchen. NOW!


As they leave, Joon Young hustles after In Joo, apologizing for her mouthing off in the kitchen, “Sorry. This is Arirang’s peak season, so I felt like rushing.” Looking from a distance is Doo Hee. In Joo is confused at her tone and Joon Young mentions that she wants to get along from now on, “I won’t fight you anymore. Even though I hate it to death, I want you to accept me.” In Joo tilts her head in dismay and it’s then that Doo Hee calls out “In Joo-ah” resulting in the head-turning of both girls. Oh gosh. She approaches them, making sure she is addressing two of her daughters and asks what they’re doing here. They answer at the same time, “Going to practice.”

Joon Young then makes a daring request: She wants to have lunch with the whole family later, “Can I go to your house later?” Hesitating, Doo Hee looks to In Joo for her answer, and Joon Young follows suit, asking her, “It’s okay, right?” She agrees to have lunch together. Oh Man, indigestion, here I come!


Sitting across from In Joo, Grandma acts like a nice cat, hoping that her current days aren’t hard to pass, “You are surprised and hurt by me, right?” Calmly, In Joo answers that she’s not surprised, “Ever since Joon Young came, not even once have I placed first. Maybe it’s because I’m lacking.” She then returns the ring Grandma gave her as gift for her grand-daughter in-law. Grandma is taken aback, “Even if everything else was a lie, I know that the moment you took this ring, your feelings toward Jae Ha were sincere.”

At Sanarae, Jane is having fun with head chef, complimenting his skills left and right. Baek Sul drops by their table and Jane impishly adds, “His cooking is outstanding, I’m planning on recruiting him.” Baek Sul smiles and promises to do well to keep their Head Chef theirs for a long time. Our handsome head chef is shy hearing all the compliments and states, “Why are you two doing this, I’m merely…introducing a new dish.” Aw. After Head Chef leaves, Baek Sul sits down and decides to pay for Jane’s meals, saying that it’s her offering after receiving Haemil’s big gift.


Baek Sul then turns sentimental, reminding Jane of the reason why she doesn’t think too highly of Korea, “The country who abandoned you, your parents…Can’t be good.” Jane smiles in return and hands Baek Sul a gift. An article that reveals her neglect causing the death of her disabled 5-year old son. Baek Sul gasps and Jane explains that this article is written by Do Yoon. He wanted Jane to publish it to the reporters but she thinks it’s better to give it directly to Baek Sul. Suspicious, Baek Sul asks, “I didn’t know you like me…?” Jane doesn’t but knowing that she’s Do Yoon’s rich mother, “It’s a different story now.”

Sitting down in her chair, Baek Sul remains agitated with Do Yoon. Assistant Kim claims that other than meeting with Joon Young, he hasn’t left his house. Next target: “What about Arirang?” They’re busy preparing for the next competition. Baek Sul narrows her eyes and tells him to keep a close watch on In Joo, “That girl won’t last long.”


Jane comes home, all tired and exhausted, “I can’t do it anymore….Do Yoon’s mother is scary!” ha! Do Yoon thanks her but she’s worried about him. He may think that this article could distract Baek Sul from investigating Haemil, but she will find out sooner or later. More importantly, once his mysterious identity is exposed, the people might abandon him. Do Yoon tells her it doesn’t matter, he can’t cook wearing a mask when he’s 60 years-old right? Plus, he’s confident that he doesn’t need a mask to be mysterious. Ha. I agree with that.

She lays out his next problem, “Once Joon Young knows the truth, do you think she’ll still like you?” Do Yoon looks down, that has been his worst fear – her distrust in him leading her to cut all contact between them.

At home, Doo Hee peacefully cooks some dishes for their upcoming lunch, as Young Bum broods in his office, holding the family’s registry. He intends on adding Joon Young to the family records.


Downstairs arguing over which animal bit Joon Young when she was little are In Woo and Joon Young. Young Bum is satisfied seeing them chirping like that, their house hasn’t been filled with joyful laughter lately. When he sides with Joon Young, In Woo quickly asks for Mom’s help. They all laugh, oblivious to In Joo standing at the door. Doo Hee enters the living room with a big smile on, but the second she spots In Joo, she quickly regains her role as the hesitant mother. In Joo greets Young Bum and in a voice full of reluctance, tells her to go change.


Joon Young follows In Joo into her room, “Don’t you feel bad for our parents who look at us apologetically?” In Joo tells her to stop the kind act in front of her. Joon Young: “We’re both adults. You and I need to do well so that our family won’t suffer.” In Joo can’t stand Joon Young’s accommodating attitude, “Just tell me to give everything that is yours back. Say it’s unfair. Yell and get mad!” Joon Young: “Then will you go away?” In Joo narrows her eyes as Joon Young explains that it will take 22 years for her to receive back all the love and care, that’s why she’s trying so hard to get along. “Because I can never let these precious moments slip away again.”

In Joo takes a few stabs at her own pitiful self, “Don’t worry, for those 22 years, I have never laughed or smiled about a cat or dog. Please leave, I need to change.”


Lunch is finished and the table arrangement looks interesting. In Woo chimes in “It’s not like we’re dividing into Blue and Red Team. Half is what In Joo likes, the other half is what Joon Young likes, what about me and dad?” Doo Hee gives a general statement that they like everything. They dig in and the atmosphere is suffocating, with Doo Hee giving more attention to In Joo while the father-son duo caring for Joon Young. It comes to a point where In Joo asks to leave the table, and In Woo furiously barks, “We’re all uncomfortable as you are, but we’re trying. So sit down!” Doo Hee asks him to stop and allows In Joo to return to her room. However, Young Bum intervenes, announcing that he needs to talk to the family as a whole.


Sitting in the living, Young Bum gives a grand speech about how sorry he is that things turned out this way. But to him and Doo Hee, all of them are their children and they wouldn’t trade it for anything. He wants to give them back their respective names and add both of them to the family’s registry. In Joo protests, she would rather be removed from the records than changing her name. Doo Hee agrees with In Joo, a name is just a name, “Lets not put more meaning behind it.” Joon Young agrees because every time someone calls out her name, everyone suffers. Maybe it’s even better if she continues to live as Go Joon Young. And if her presence at Arirang is hard to bear, she will leave there too. This whole family is driving me to nutty world.

Joon Young gets up and leaves. Young Bum and In Woo urge Doo Hee to run after her but In Joo holds onto mom’s hand. Although she’s sorry, Doo Hee lets of that hand…


Outside, Doo Hee calls out, “Joon Young-ah! Don’t leave! I’m being punished right now. Every night when I fall asleep, I have nightmares of you falling into the ocean. What if something happens to you again? But my daughter is still alive, I want to touch and make sure.” She strokes Joon Young’s head and holds her close. Doo Hee continues, “But every time I look at you, that child hurt so much. To me, that kid is also my daughter.” Joon Young sniffs back her tears, “I understand it mentally. That child, to mom and dad, is your daughter as well. But emotionally, I feel hurt. I think it’s unfair and become greedy. And I think I came back for nothing…” Doo Hee hugs her, repeating that she was wrong, “Mom was wrong.” In Joo steps outside just in time to see this tender moment.


She goes back to her room, sitting in front of her mirror in a daze. She eyes the traditional hanbok, her eyes betrayed no emotions.


Later that night, she’s wearing a short dress at a dance club. Man, she looks stunning in the whole ensemble, minus the hopeless gleam in her eyes. The music slowly ceases to exist in her ears. She envisions her mother on stage, looking shameful to her own daughter. Then she recalls the moment of how a scared and lost Song Yeon Woo was mistaken as In Joo. She insisted that Doo Hee was not her mother, but Lady Amnesia continued to embrace her. The past events crawl up right in front of her eyes and she breaks down, sobbing in the center of the dance floor. Moments later, she finishes a whole bottle of alcohol and is taken in by Assistant Kim.


Next morning, Joon Young shakes off her thoughts regarding In Joo and runs. Along the way, Do Yoon sees her and runs behind her until she stops to catch her breath. He moves up behind her to pluck off her headphone, “Are you running for the Olympics?” She ignores him and puts on the headphone, which just provokes him to pluck it off again. Joon Young: “Today, no matter how much you talk, I can’t hear you!” She pulls the headphone over and speaks with determination, “I don’t want to hear anything today! From now on, I’m going to find my place instead of hiding!” Whatchu talking about girl? Your place is next to him.


Her last words before she turns around, “So, for now, let’s talk later.” Do Yoon: “Even if you push me away, I’m not leaving now.” Clearly, she can hear him because she slows down ever so slightly. He continues, “Asking you to not run away, I take that back. You, too, can come to me. I’m tired.” She continues to walk away and stops when he says, “Your shoelaces are untied.” Ha! You’re busted young lady. Why? Why are you even attempting to trick him? He’s the master.


Do Yoon runs up to her, bends down, and ties the laces. A small little detail, before he runs up to her, her shoes are in the same position, but after he bends down, the shoe with the untied laces moves up so it’s easier for his hand to tie. Naughty girl! ๐Ÿ˜›

Afterwards, he squeezes her shoulder in encouragement, “Don’t think about anything and just run.” She looks after him as he runs away. I think she wants to run together Do Yoon, why are you in a hurry today?

Doo Hee checks on In Joo that morning and notices that she’s gone, leaving behind the hanbok with the precious necklace on top of it. Her phone then rings. It’s Baek Sul, wondering if someone is looking for In Joo…


Speaking of the devil, In Joo wakes up and Baek Sul readily hands her tea. She isn’t thankful but mocks the big cat instead, “You have a nobly habit of picking up people thrown out of Arirang and bringing them here.” Baek Sul sneers, “Not by Arirang but people who are thrown away by Sung Doo Hee.” That shuts In Joo and her fresh attitude just as Doo Hee arrives. Baek Sul plays the devil for a while, teasing Doo Hee that there’s only a hurt girl in this house, no one in the name of Ha In Joo.


Impatient, Doo Hee searches for her daughter and finds In Joo standing in a room. She thinks it’s better that they talk somewhere else but In Joo insists that In Joo is not her name and that she wants to stay here. Doo Hee apologizes and In Joo replies bitterly, “No, the owner is back so I’m just giving it back. I’d rather throw it away than share it with her!” Doo Hee: “Our In Joo, you’re my good daughter.” But that sentence has the opposite effect because In Joo turns to her mother, “Yes. I was a good daughter. I studied hard. I was obedient. As you wanted, the way you liked it. I hurt for 22 years. Whenever Dad looked at me coldly, every time In Woo called, and every time you frowned at me, every day hurt! And all that time, you didn’t know anything! As a mother!”


Doo Hee calls out In Joo and she quickly corrects her, “It’s Song Yeon Woo! 27 years old.” The only thing she shares with Joon Young is the same blood type. Er, this sentence doesn’t mean anything right, writer? In Joo warns Doo Hee that if she continues to force her, she might disappear. With a heavy heart, Doo Hee relents, and heads out. To Baek Sul she says, “I will take her back as soon as I can. Make her eat even if she doesn’t want to. Don’t say things that will upset her.” Baek Sul turns her head slightly, “Master Sung, in times like this, you make requests not threats.” Doo Hee then lowers her voice, “Please look after her.”

She leaves and In Joo looks on, unhappy. Baek Sul digs her own grave, “She raised you for 22 years yet she doesn’t know anything about you.” In Joo: “Does President Baek know everything about Kim Do Yoon then?” Of course, as a proud woman, Baek Sul answers yes without hesitation. In Joo, it’s not your place to tell Baek Sul! NOT YOU!! I protest!

Doo Hee takes the cab home, and shuts her eyes in pain. When Joon Young calls, hoping to share noodles with mom, she refuses and hangs up. In Woo drops by the practice room and Joon Young wonders if something happened at home since In Joo is not in her station. He lies that she’s out with some friends and deflects the topic by offering to eat noodles with her.


Baek Sul loses her cool as Assistant Kim announces that they have lost their place in the Korea-France event to Chowon Food Corporation. She’s furious because everything was decided yesterday. The other big news? Chowon’s invited guest is rumored to be Haemil. She can’t make any sense out of it because Haemil is an international star chef, not a good choice to represent Korean cuisine. Assistant Kim supposes that after he has admirably picked bibimbap, Haemil’s interest in Korean food has risen in the people’s eyes. Sitting in her chair, Baek Sul promises not to ever let Haemil show his bad temper again. After all, she is a woman without fears.


Cut to Haemil and his team, assigning jobs in preparation for their big revealing day tomorrow. The day Haemil’s mask comes off to the public. I need a moment. He sounds forced speaking in English. haha, it’s cute.

He goes into his room and looks over his outfits and masks as Haemil. He then takes out Joon Young’s post-it from the inside of his left pocket and stares at it longingly. Jane sneaks up behind him and teasingly tells him to give up, “After tomorrow, she won’t trust you anymore.” He shoot her glares. His phone rings, it’s In Joo, wanting to meet.


She’s sitting in a cafe scrolling through Haemil’s recent attacks at Sanarae with an amused expression. He sits down across from her and she wonders what’s his next plan. She confesses that she’s living at President Baek’s house and feels sorry that the mother has been deceived by her son all because of a girl. Thinking about the possibility of Joon Young becoming Haemil’s girlfriend further upsets her. In Joo smashes his hope, “The moment you love her, you should’ve revealed the truth. Right now you just want to put on a performance as Haemil. To look cool in front of Joon Young.” Do Yoon finishes her line, “Now you’ll say, ‘Take her and leave?‘ I told you didn’t I? If you get too close to President Baek, you’ll become like her.”


Although, he pretends to not be affected by Jane and In Joo’s menacing words, he comes to watch Joon Young at her friend’s workplace with a heavy heart. What would happen tomorrow when the truth is out? Would Joon Young look at him again?

Inside, Joon Young is showing off her handsome brother and Da Woon chimes, “He’s my style!” Jane calls, faking that Do Yoon has disappeared once again!

Cut to Baek Sul as she plans to attack Haemil tomorrow, accusing him of working with Arirang to stage the mushroom allergy accident to bring down Sanarae’s image. She thinks that Haemil is upset because Jane’s boyfriend is her son. What kind of conclusion is this?


In Joo returns home and guesses that Baek Sul’s headache is because of Haemil. She cryptically says, “You can’t beat him. It’s unbelievable, even you become a fool who can’t see or hear when it regards your own son.” Baek Sul is bemused, “Speak clearly! Haemil….who is he?” She turns around, her eyes sharp and clear, and Baek Sul’s eyes widen in disbelief.

Joon Young calls Do Yoon but he doesn’t pick up, so she texts him instead, reminding him to call Jane since she’s worried. Just Jane? Are you sure? ๐Ÿ˜‰ She looks up from her phone and grumbles like a girlfriend, “He’s best at making people worry. Always spending his free time to tattletale at his brother. He looks grown up, but he’s still a child.”


She walks by their love bench and chances upon four little cute dolls on the bench. She bends over and looks at them all smiley. OH GOSH! Is that little Do Yoonie? Or am I imagining stuff again?


He comes up behind her with a light tap and she stands up, relieved to see him. He’s all like, “Glad to see me?” and she quickly frowns. She asks what’s going on tomorrow but he replies that it’s nothing. She sees through him though, and insists he stops fighting against President Baek, “You know fighting family is harder than people think.” Do Yoon: “After tomorrow, I won’t have to.” Joon Young: “Think about it again. In the end, you’ll be the one hurt most.” At the same time, they both feel that she’s stepping towards him and Joon Young quickly interrupts the charged moment by saying that she will go home and display these dolls.


He holds her gaze, “I’m sorry.” And leans in to plant a gentle kiss on her lips…



She’s flustered and turns to leave….

But he wheels her around, and plants a kiss so deep this time.






I love how his eyebrows sort of twitch in the middle of the kiss, as if Joon Young is responding and he’s confused!

Alice: Whew! For the record, I don’t think he’s sorry because of the kiss. He’s sorry about tomorrow’s press conference. Our boy is never sorry of his display of affection. That’s not a bad trait for someone so mysterious and patient, huh? On the one hand, I’m a happy fangirl because of the double kisses. But somehow it feels like Do Yoon’s goodbye gift because he truly believes that she won’t trust him from now on. Sigh. And Sung Yuri. Having been in the industry for so long, she is still shy about kissing! I really hope her frozen lips at least….twitch next time. I’m serious here!

Joon Young: “Jae Ha-shi, I’m sorry. You’re having a harder time than I am, right?”

From what little bits that I gather, Joon Young means that Jae Ha is having a harder time because of her indecisiveness. I think Joon Young knows the answer in her heart but she doesn’t want to hurt him, a person she was fond of as a child and grew to cherish as a woman. She thought that by not making a decision, the pain would be less, but unfortunately, the more mud thrown in a pond, the harder it is for the fish to see what’s best for them. By the time she realizes it, Jae Ha is in more pain than she intended.

She knew that he’s in pain but chose to wrestle out of his hand and this is a critical point as it emphasizes her choice, hence we don’t see Jae Ha at all during this entire episode. She can’t go to him when she’s holding someone else in her heart. When you love someone, you want to be their support system, you want to go through the pain they’re enduring. However, she chose to leave him and it’s clear why she does so. She loves him, like a brother, like a family member. But, he’s no longer the man she’s in love with, so being with him alone is a lie that she can’t shoulder. Not anymore.

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    Finally!!! Long-awaited moment. hehe…
    Thank you so much for your hard work.

  2. 25 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 29

    I understand how many are frustrated with FOTG, but that kiss made the episode worthwhile.
    Next weekend is the finale and let me say that SYR’s Romance Town also frustrated me at the
    end,but I’m sticking with FOTG, while I bailed on RT.

    • 25 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 29

      I did the same. Couldn’t even finish RT, but I’ve lasted throughout this drama. It is only because of DY!

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        I hear you and although I love Jung Gyu Woon, Lee Sang Woo makes me swoon.

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    O…. thanks heaps Kap. you have made my day

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    I like the scene when DY texts JY from his bed after their kiss “aren’t you regretting that you should’ve hit me earlier?” ^–^ and I love mischevious Jane’s quips. Between Jane and Do Yoon, they make up for the family dragged-out drama that’s constantly on rewind.

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      Jane is awesome and her character placement is essential to DY and JY getting together.
      Team Comeback’s captain is Jane. She truly loves Haemil and wants him to be happy.

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    It is not true that SYR has frozen lips.If you had watched Swallow the Sun,she had a sizzling kissing scene with Jisung .It is true she finds kissing scenes difficult as she herself admitted in an interview.

    Maybe, it’s the director’s instruction, that kissing that way shows Joon Young’s slow admission of her feelings.At least she did not push him away like the first time , and she is not drunk this time. That is also payback time for DY who is a slowpoke himself.

    I think her pace as far as JH and DY is concerned is just right. She can’t just be turning her heart off and on like a faucet. JH’s character was faulted for leaving IJ’s side for her .

    Anyway,in ep 30, JY will have a role reversal with DY.

    Turtles, as in the folktales, made the finish line eventually,because the focus is there and the direction is clear.

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      ha! Seattlebabe, frozen lips is just a general term I use for actresses that rarely kiss with passion in dramas. It doesn’t have to be true ALL the times. In SYR’s case, it’s most of the the time.

      I did watch Swallow the Sun and the only kiss I remember was them standing before a beautiful sunset. Her lips moved….but she was more like a robot. I need more RAWR and Passion in her movement.

      Lee Sang Woo is the opposite, from his Happy Together episode, he appears very eccentric and has a complex with his speech (Even Jang Hyuk & Jo Dong Hyuk made fun of his slow speech). That’s why he prefers scenes with more actions than lines. ๐Ÿ˜›

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        Hi hi, I’ve seen that show, he was cute. Even so, he does a good job with his lines, he should trust himself more.

        Anyway, I promised myself not to watch anymore drama from this writer. It getting frustrating.

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        I think she needs to enroll in Yoon Eun Hye’s “kiss with a passion” course.
        She’s a master at onscreen kissing and I’ll be damned if ll her kisses seem
        so real that she’s always rumored to be in relationships with her leading
        men. To me she’s k-drama’s best kisser. I love SYR’s acting (except when
        she screams/screeches ’cause it’s so irritating) but she never shows passion.
        She’s great at subtlety but if I were given the opporunity to kiss LSW or JSW
        I’d get my game on and take advantage of this Godgiven opportunity. hehehe

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          Haha! I agree, one must not squander opportunities to lock lips with LSW. I noticed that in many korean dramas, ladies always seal their lips shut when kissed. >sigh< Just does not come across as real life kissing, you know what I mean? ^ __^

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    I wonder what Do Yoon will say if he finds out lady love Joon Young has moonlighted in the movie Detective Cha as Young Jae and his rival this time is ex-Hong Gil Dong.

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    Kumawo Kap…love ep29 with bits here & there between JY&DY. I tink FOTG concentrate more in family matter till the end. Left 2 more eps & writer really can make us keep guessing how it will end. Quote in ur recap abt the blood group, I think there might be an accident which require blood transfusion. Dunno who will that be. Hope it not happen.Hwaiting for your ep30 recap!

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    thanks Kap. im a bit curious wheres the other doll DY made..the one which JY wear as first time chef..

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    As is probably true with most of us, I have only stuck through this drama because of the character of DY. If the dra writer did anything write, it was certainly him. He is such an interesting character. He has a lot of heart and depth to him. Even while exacting revenge on his mother, he has given her multiple chances to save herself. She just simply refuses. And the thing is, it probably hurts him way more than it does her, because DY is a good person with a heart! You hear that, BS? DY isn’t perfect, but he is a genuinely great person. He words often trip him up, but his actions are true gold. Sigh, where can I find a guy like this?

    The family drama is exactly that. Drama! It seems that they simply can’t fix anything. DH continually hurts JY by trying to appease her estranged fake IJ. Look, mom. You’re wasting your time with IJ! GY is a more worthy cause. At least she would benefit for your acceptance. Anyway, tired of all the family drama. This should be about just DY/Haemil, JY, and Jane. The rest of the characters are obsolete. And I too believe DY was sorry about not telling JY that he is Haemil. He certainly wouldn’t regret that kiss, hehe. Thank you, Kap. The end is finally in sight!

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    Thanks Kap love the kissing picture and I did an encore of DY kissing scene actually all his kissing scene and he has the most..I think Lee Sang woo is the expression man actor DY less talk, its all in his facial expression and I can feel that his longing,loving looks he gave JY.its so convincing as if he giving me the look it self.LIke you say I too go for the RAWR…I hope SYR will try give all her ability in the kissing scene like YEH she is a good all her kissing scene..even LYW could kiss well..I think I still can accept SYR kiss but not GHS ..Hope the last episode will be the most anticipated ending of DY and JY..and ends well..with future junior master chef they produce..If you’re not writing the recaps of the last episode due to the wrong ending we anticipate I will understand..Till Next week.

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    Did DY plan to pre occupied JY two hands by his dolls so that she could not refuse his kiss? Clever one!

    • 25 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 29

      I was sort of wondering where the dolls were when he kissed her, only to realise JY was holding on to them. Well, JY must have been shocked to be kissed, but at least she didn’t refuse it…that must mean something :))

      • 25 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 29

        Totally agreed!
        After kissing moment is more adorable…the way DY look at JY and touches her hair..
        It is meaningful, expression of how much he loves her…ohhhhh can’t stop repeating this scene..

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    thanks for the recap ๐Ÿ™‚
    finally he said ”im tired, you come to me too”
    she is always amazed and embarassed and also shy when DY shows his affection and care.
    i think JY felt a change in the air before the kiss, when she told him that he would get hurt with his mom…they locked eyes and she felt something was about to happen…so she interrupted the moment by talking about those the dolls (she sooo likes them, she was smiling happily)
    luckily DY is a man who take action, hence he kissed her. after the first kiss JY was like ”what am i going to do now?” then he gave her that passionate second kiss. and she closed her eyes. i hope JY will give him a hug or a kiss next time…
    oh BS…please be sorry before doing anything worse…you have done enough… your own son is always in pain for what you did back then and what you are doing now… he begged you but you still didn’t listen…
    now your son is going against you…you still won’t back down…you still won’t admit… from what im seeing you are not going to say you are sorry till the end…
    because DY has a good heart in the end he’ll forgive you somehow…

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    As usual Kap, you notice all the small details! Their jogging scenes in the park are always so cute! And i can’t help loving DY in his sleeveless grey hoodie.

    I find it amazing that the director can always find beautiful places to film. Their love bench spot has such a spectacular view, and to have a kiss there is like an icing to the cake. Haha. To tell the truth, I’ve always liked Sung Yuri’s acting, but I’ve not shipped her with someone so much since her days acting in Snow Queen with Hyun Bin. Really hope our beanie couple can get the best couple award at the end of the year. *crosses fingers*

    Anyway, i sneak-peeked the next episode and watched it without subs, and I was trying so hard to figure out what DY said to JY after the kiss. I’ll tell you what I thought he asked her to do in your next recap. So disappointing DY didn’t say what I thought he did. Oh well, at least they locked lips! XD

    On a side note, is anyone as annoyed as me when IJ called up DY to meet up with him? I mean, scenes with just the two of them are really redundant writers…. :/

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    thanks so much for your recap – reading your insight is really more meaningful than trying to figure out how the drama gonna end ~ ep 30 is also daebek as i await your recap.

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    kiss lovingly created another entry imagination.

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    wow this is great.. And you are full of imagination…and those are pretty cool.. I thought the same.. wow.. i love this episode so much

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