Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28


I want to dedicate this song “Marry the Night” to In Joo. Those who understand the meaning behind the song would know why. She’s the star of this episode. From her desperation to the disintegration of her spirit, I want her to be happy for who she is and stop letting others distort her value as a person. The name Ha In Joo turns out to be a curse more than a blessing, after all.

Episode 28

Arirang’s Next Master:

In Joo – 1 Vote (Doo Hee)
Joon Young – 1 Vote (Grandma)

Funny enough, if according to Grandma, neither one of the girls are qualified for the position since both of them haven’t finished their apprenticeship yet.


Moving on, away from the nosy reporters, Arirang has a meeting with the board members. Grandma accepts Doo Hee’s resignation letter and voices her preference for choosing Joon Young as the next master because she has recovered the golden sauce as well as having other fitting capabilities. Doo Hee argues that although In Joo doesn’t have the talent, she has learned the skills and has fully absorbed Arirang for what it is. When Baek Sul interjects saying that Doo Hee is merely reacting this way because she’s afraid of what others might say. Doo Hee shuts her up with “Mind your language, I’m still Arirang’s Master Chef.” Feisty.

Doo Hee implores Grandma to grant this request but Grandma is in over her head, “No. You don’t have the right to choose. We’re done talking.” Not backing down, Doo Hee puts Grandma in her place, “The one who doesn’t have the right to choose is you, Teacher.” Grandma’s jaw, along with other seniors’ sitting at the table, drops to the floor. Baek Sul, as usual, gives her best amused expression. Is it weird that I look forward to her face?


Pacing nervously back and forth outside the meeting room is Joon Young. In Joo comes up to her, her face calm, and mutters, “In the end, you came…the real Ha In Joo.” She praises Joon Young for the flawless strategy, publicizing the truth to the media is something that can’t be undone. “There’s nothing I can do now,” she says sarcastically. In Joo continues, “The moment I saw your childhood pictures, I recognized you. Just when I almost forgot you, you’d come into my room and bother me.” I think she’s referring to the nightmares she had with the real In Joo. Without further ado, the two girls are called into the meeting.

Cut to Jae Ha and his assistant. Turns out that the corrupted judge, Kim Min Sung, has turned against his word to testify against Baek Sul. Oh Jae Ha, you think your pea-sized position can outdo Baek Sul when it comes to threat? Well, at least you know that power and money play its role in the business. He scans through today’s news and chances upon the news of Doo Hee’s article so he hurries off to Arirang.


Back to the meeting room where Joon Young looks up in surprise, “A Competition?” Bloody hell, another one?! Wait, wait. It’s not just cooking alone. The cooking will take place a month from now but there are other factors that will be taken into consideration during the one-month period. Customer Service, Sanitation Control, Employee Coordination will factor into the final score. The girls’ faces show their unwillingness and Doo Hee quietly holds In Joo’s hand to assure her. This motherly gesture is noticed by Joon Young and she looks down, sad.

Afterwards, In Joo meets with Doo Hee in a separate room and kneels on the floor upon entering. She apologizes for deceiving Mom all these years about her real identity. She gets choked up trying to explain, “I…I was scared that the time I spent as your daughter would become meaningless. If she didn’t appear, I could become your daughter, Ha In Joo.”


Doo Hee gets on the floor with her, tears welling up in her own eyes, and speaks softly, “How much pain are you suffering? How did you live suffering this much?” She strokes In Joo’s face and tells her daughter to hold her head high because “Nothing will change. You, as well as Joon Young, are both my daughters. So as my daughter and Arirang’s successor, show them confidently.” She has made up her mind to support In Joo, and in return, In Joo nods that she will never misuse food again. They embrace each other in tears. That’s a touching speech. I pray for thee In Joo. Play fair! Please!


Meanwhile, unaware of the published article by his mom, Do Yoon is busy…errr….doing arts. Apparently, Haemil’s favorite pastime hobby is making Joon Young play doh figures. Whether she’s sad, happy, grumpy, or surprised, he has them all memorized. Tweety and Alex, there’s the H bracelet you guys want to see – on his right wrist. I didn’t think it is, but then I compared it to the photo, both the metal latch and 2-bands design is there.


Jane walks up to his desk and chimes, “Oh My God. Your hands are worth how much per hour? And you’re only making dolls now? While someone have to spend all night rescheduling events because of her doll-making boss.” She wants him to make her a doll too and he responds by placing a mole on her face. haha! He’s shy Jane, indirectly telling you that you’re already a doll. Slightly upset, she sits down on the bed and gasps when she stumbles upon the scandalous article.

Do Yoon is furious, it’s the first time he asked for a favor and even used his hyung in the process. Jane tells him to calm down, there are ways to counter back without playing dirty. “Rationalize before making a move”, she advises.


The meeting is over and Joon Young follows Baek Sul outside, and the latter wonders why, “Shouldn’t you be hugging and crying with a mom you haven’t seen for 22 years?” Joon Young knows her place because technically she’s still affiliated with President Baek. Baek Sul cuts the tie then and there, firing Joon Young. She doesn’t care about the unemployment and says, “I once felt that you show me sincerity. But I was deluding myself, you’re a really scary person.” Baek Sul wheels around to face Joon Young, “I still value your talent. If you hadn’t been Doo Hee’s daughter, if you hadn’t been using my son, perhaps I would’ve treasured you until the end.” Joon Young: “Kim Do Yoon is a pitiful person.” Baek Sul warns her to keep her son’s name off of her lips and that’s when our slowpoke enters the scene…


Do Yoon: “The son you speak of, is it me?” He wants to have a private talk with Mama Bear but Joon Young says she wants to speak to him first. Out of nowhere, Jae Ha joins them and grabs Joon Young’s wrist, meaning to take her away, but she gives Do Yoon a quick glance before allowing herself to be pulled from the scene.


Baek Sul mutters “Like an idiot.” ha! Still like a mother, but I like you better when you’re Cupid Baek. Do Yoon looks at his mother, “You really did it, ignoring your son’s words.” She explains that it’s because she knows him well, he’s all talk and no action. He bites down his lip and declares her the winner, “Listen carefully, from this moment on, I won’t hate mother anymore. Because there isn’t even hate for you, we now truly have nothing to do with each other.” She plasters a small smile on her face, but after he steps away, her face spells hurt and sadness.


At the same time, Jae Ha and Joon Young sit down on plain grass as she mumbles away how everything ended up being like this, even though she has prepped herself many times before. She thinks that’s why Doo Hee hasn’t treated her any different, she was wicked during the time she was a co-director at Arirang. Although she knows In Joo plays an important role too, she couldn’t help but wanting to be embraced by her mother. Jae Ha comforts her, “That’s not bad. If I were you, I would be throwing tantrums, demanding to have everything I couldn’t have all these years.” He begins whistling the song he sang to her when they were little, the Korean version of “When You and I were Young, Maggie.” Joon Young flashbacks to the carefree days of her childhood just as Do Yoon watches her from a distance.

He comes home and Jane gave him a packet of information. We don’t know what it is yet, but judging from their stern faces, this duo has put on their battle gears against someone.


Baek Sul sits in the car ride home, recalling Do Yoon’s words, “Since there’s not even hate, we are now truly nothing to each other.” Upset, she goes for the weakest link again, no! Don’t pick up the phone In Joo! I want to pound you right now. Baek Sul words her sentences to stir up the girl’s vulnerability, “How does it feel to be chosen and not kicked out? You’re at ease thinking that you’ll become Master Chef, huh?” Still clear-headed, In Joo replies, “The biggest mistake I have made was getting involved with you!” Good, good. But Baek Sul fuses her own failed experience with In Joo’s effectively, “There were times I dreamed of those empty dreams. But the impossible is impossible no matter what you do. Just like how you couldn’t become Ha In Joo despite trying for 22 years. I’m tell you this to help you avoid having your dreams crushed.” In Joo hangs up like a pro but it’s clear her wall is cracked once again.

She heads home and bumps into In Woo, who is obviously frustrated that his real sister isn’t living with them. In Joo asks, “Do you feel good?” He answers sarcastically, of course, he doesn’t have to look at her nervous expression from now on. She agrees, it feels great to not be scared of her own oppa any longer. He wonders, “Are you leaving then? Since the truth has been revealed?” No, she’s not and will never leave because she’s still mom’s daughter and his sister. In Woo snipes back, saying that it’s good that she feels like his sister, unlike before when she can’t utter a word when he bullied her.


His tone is unconcerned and tired, “Don’t leave then. You, too, can be my sister.” He hesitates before giving her a pat on the shoulder. That motion doesn’t bode well because she takes it as pity, “It’s too late! No matter how scary and disgusting I was, you shouldn’t have looked at me that way!! I was only 5! Once! Just once you should’ve considered me pitiful!” She shakes in angry tears, and In Woo leaves with a heavy heart. You should apologize jerk brother!


Meanwhile, Joon Young walks past the storage room and sees Doo Hee stirring tofu water. She heads inside, hoping that her mother would look at her just once. Doo Hee is aloof, opting to express herself through cooking. Basically, she requests for more time to adjust and Joon Young complies by helping mom make tofu. “Patient is key,” she says quietly. A little later, while they wait for tofu to form, Doo Hee holds Joon Young’s hands and calls out, “In Joo-ah. To meet this foolish mother, you’ve endured for a long time. I’m sorry. I’m…sorry. I’m sorry, my daughter.” They hug each other, tears flowing out.


Ah! The packet that Jane gave to Do Yoon earlier must contain information about Sanarae’s international branches because Baek Sul is surprised that Haemil posted critiques about her restaurants on his personal blog. Really? A blog? Address please? She grumbles, “What’s the reason?” Haemil is exposing the secret that Sanarae’s Foie gras dish is made from animals that have been abused, it’s an animal cruelty argument. Baek Sul looks at Assistant, “Didn’t I tell you to change our supplier earlier this year?!” Well, she told them to solve it among themselves so they took her meaning differently. She explodes in madness because people in other countries have been canceling their reservations, although the effect hasn’t come to Korea yet. She screams, “Of course! It’s Haemil we’re talking about! Who would go to a restaurant if an international star chef says has problems?!!” She orders to meet Haemil immediately.

I’m visualizing Baek Sul’s face when she knows the truth. hahaha This is great! The Haemil’s Effect.


Cut to Jane talking to Baek Sul on the phone. I like how she cryptically adds, “If you threaten him, he might fight you for the rest of his life…” She promises to persuade Haemil once she gets in contact with him and hangs up, whispering, “Goddess of Wrath!” He tells Jane to hand it in before she attacks. What what? Jane suggests they hand it in anonymously because this information would definitely reveal his real identity. He doesn’t care, he has a plan in mind. Jane looks satisfied, “Haemil’s Comeback.” That’s what I’m saying! Bring back my masked man! I love the loon in love but I need the confident man who can make Joon Young all nervous and uneasy in his commanding presence. 😀

In Joo heads to the broadcasting station to do another episode of young star chef but her friend’s response is cold. He’s upset that she lied to him about being Doo Hee’s real daughter since his concept is mother-daughter relationship. The company’s message board has been filled with negative replies, but In Joo didn’t look into the problem that way, since she’s not a celebrity or anything. He says lying on air is unacceptable and has found a replacement already, so she should go home.

During Arirang’s break time, the kitchen gang gather around to break down the situation between the real In Joo and the fake In Joo. One of them goes as far as calling In Joo a deceptive thief, criticizing her lying on the tv show about eating the treat Doo Hee made when she was young. Unfortunate for them, In Joo hears it and answers, “I did eat it.” Only Boo Joo and Soo Jin express concern before In Joo.


In the kitchen, Do Shik lifts up a heavy bag and Joon Young intervenes, trying to mend their relationship. He fakes being angry at her, “You lied to me. You couldn’t trust me? We are one family. It would’ve been better if you told me and we planned it out together. I’m disappointed Go Joon Young!” He welcomes her back with a handshake.

An employee informs Doo Hee of an unexpected visit, all the master cooks from each region are coming to Arirang unannounced. They’re invited by Master Sun (Grandma) to try out the foods In Joo and Joon Young make. Doo Hee sighs. What a troublemaker, Grandma. Isn’t that the purpose of the competition? Why now? Are you trying to prove your point beforehand that your decision is right and has always been right?


Before the elders, In Joo cuts Joon Young’s greeting off midway, and Grandma cheers Joon Young with a small smile. Hm! Off the girls go cooking in the practice room. As she cooks, Joon Young unconsciously hums to “When You and I were Young, Maggie,” causing In Joo to look up. Doo Hee checks on the girls and In Joo’s jealous eyes widen when Joon Young calls out “Mom”. Doo Hee checks on In Joo’s side first and Joon Young looks at them, envious of their closeness. When she looks away, Doo Hee looks over to her side, meaning to correct something but is stopped by In Joo, asking about her dish.

The dishes are presented and tasted. Both girls receive criticisms but it’s Joon Young’s shining moment as she’s more thoughtful about the elders wearing dentures. Grandma makes sure she compliments Joon Young and makes it seem like the girl can’t make a mistake. SIGH. Before Doo Hee steps out, she bellows, “Are you still going to stick with your decision?” Doo Hee bows politely, “Enjoy your delicious meal.” Can’t stand this old woman.


Outside, In Joo muses, “Had the winner for the competition been decided? Those people, no matter what you cooked, would only say the strong points.” She’s hinting at Grandma’s possible influence on the women’s choice of words. Joon Young has no energy to argue today, “They’re our elders. Stop wasting your time on meaningless pursuits.” In Joo insists to explore the issue further, claiming, “Those people are experts in the field. Do you think they have ignored the basics? They all have known Master Sung for more than 20 years.” Coupled with her condescending tone, In Joo seems to suggest the basic rules of power, that they wouldn’t go against Doo Hee, the Master chef?


Young Bum drops by Doo Hee’s office to announce his resignation at the hospital, hoping that they could go on a vacation together after the 5th Master Chef is decided. His second topic involves moving Joon Young back into their household, and Doo Hee refuses with her explanation, “For 22 years, In Joo has lived in Joon Young’s place. Nothing is going to change right away. I think she should keep her name.” But Young Bum thinks it’s time to let the fake In Joo go and masks his words in a nice little bow by saying that she has her own fate to carry out.

Doo Hee can’t agree with him, “For 22 years, she was my real daughter. After Joon Young came back, do I just throw her away?” He tries to make things better by stating that In Joo has been well-fed and lived in a nice place, it’s time for Joon Young to experience the happiness of a proper family. The words sound so nice but the underlining meaning is not. Thankfully, Doo Hee is unyielding in her decison which causes Young Bum to say bitterly, “Fine. Your words are always reasonable. Then and now. You’ve put always put your duty as a chef before your heart as a mother. Then I’ll do what I like.”


Now that Joon Young is fired, she’s cleaning up all her stuff when Jae Ha drops by and offers to help. While he’s busy packing her stuff, she walks over to Do Yoon’s desk, and her fingers traces his name plate. She’s preoccupied with Do Yoon to the point that Jae Ha mumbles, “His stuff…tell him to get it himself,” which is when she replies regretfully, “I don’t think he’ll come. I told him to get lost.” Rather than waiting for the answer to come, Jae Ha asks directly, “Perhaps…have you allowed Kim Do Yoon into your heart?” She looks down, “It’s because I feel sorry for him…just sorry.”

On their way back to Joon Young’s house, Jae Ha wonders where Haemil is since he hasn’t gone to any of his cooking events this year. Joon Young smiles knowingly, “He found someone he loves. For the time being, he wanted to stay by her side. Isn’t he cool? I’m jealous of his courage.” Jae Ha tskks at the word “cool” and changes the subject to Joon Young’s housing instead, “When are you going to move back to your parents’ house?” She doesn’t think it’s possible.


Jae Ha turns around to leave and that’s when Do Yoon emerges from the shadows. I knew this kid is hiding somewhere. His phone alerts a message from Joon Young. She’s keeping his stuff, so he should contact her to get them. Aww, an excuse! The last line of the message, she inserts, “Is everything alright?”

At home, Jae Ha broods about Joon Young’s response regarding her feelings towards Do Yoon. He clamps his eyes closed, realizing his love rival has already entered his lady love’s heart. The question now: Is he still in her heart to fight this battle?


And Haemil strikes again, this time he’s personally published an article criticizing Sanarae for using money to settle an allergic reaction case, without issuing a public apology or modifying their system. Fireballs shoot out of Baek Sul’s ears, “I thought we settled it quietly! Why is he doing this to me? Is Haemil crazy?”

As for Do Yoon, he’s scrolling through his article, just as Jane intrudes his room and uses nuclear terms to describe the fight with Baek Sul, “The bomb has dropped. She’s going to try and detonate it now.” 😀 She then picks up a phone call from Joon Young and Do Yoon immediately jerks up his head to listen. She adds oil to the the growing guilt, “Oh…what to do? I haven’t seen Do Yoon around that much either. He’s probably really upset and went into hiding. His stuff? Do you want to come and give them to him? ‘Kay.”


Do Yoon leaves the room to run away, “I told you didn’t I? The thing I’m most afraid of is Joon Young’s distrust in me. But I was the one who broke…that promise.” Jane tries to diffuse his guilt, “It’s not your fault. We didn’t know that President Baek would go that far.” Still, he insists to run away.

Luckily, our Jane is a mischievous cookie. She calls Joon Young with an earnest request, “Because he’s afraid to see you, he ran away. Go Joon Young, just this once, go find Do Yoon.”


The sun sets and it’s night time when we see Joon Young takes careful steps in the forest cemetery. The song “Sad Love” by Lee Jung plays in the background. “My eyes search only for you. My two hands are still reaching for you…” I like how the lyrics depicts Joon Young’s emotions this time around, it’s a role reversal as she’s yearning for him.

She greets Ji Yoon with a smile before explaining how shameless she is; she only comes when there’s trouble, and how she only cares about her own pain when Do Yoon is hurting a lot in the process too. Joon Young: “I’m sorry.”


We then see Do Yoon walking to Ji Yoon’s tree as well, but Joon Young is not there. The important thing is not that he’s late but how she knew where he would be even before he’s there. Do Yoon sees a sticky note left by Joon Young. She promises to come back to surprise Ji Yoon in the future and teasingly asks, “Do you share my opinion that your brother is a dummy? Even now, I trust Kim Do Yoon.” We can literally see the relief in his eyes. Do Yoon: “Thank-you Hyung!”

Thinking of a new plan, Young Bum has a short talk with In Woo, telling him to get a job, but In Woo marks the problem clearly, “You shouldn’t have time to worry about me. What about Joon Young? When are you going to stop worrying like this?” He urges his father to do what his heart desires from now on.


Later, In Joo is working in the practice room, her mind lingering on Baek Sul’s words about her worthless ambitions. She snaps back to reality when Young Bum comes armed with a mission that she could sense as far from beneficial, as least not to her. And that’s exactly it, he has bought a few popular dresses for her, and she stammers, “You..have never once bought me anything. Why now? You wanted to buy them for her… Are you feeling sorry for me?” Young Bum gulps down the lump in his throat before he slowly kneels down before her. She stares in shock.

Cut to Joon Young outside the practice room. She happily answers Do Yoon’s call and he tells her to wait right there for him.


In Joo kneels down beside him, pleading him to stand up, but Young Bum stays in that position to speak, “I’m sorry In Joo-ah, I can’t continue this lie anymore.” In Joo can sense it, she can feel the yearning look in his eyes every time he looks at her while thinking of the real In Joo, but she chooses to overlook it for her own sanity. She really cracks when Young Bum provides nothing supportive and only a mere, “I was wrong.” She pushes him away and this is how Joon Young finds them as she hides herself behind the pillar. In Joo: “It would’ve been better if you say ‘Thank-you for protecting my daughter’s position’. Do you want me to leave now? Look at me in the eye and say it!”


He looks at her, explaining that he doesn’t mean that, he just feels sorry to her…and to In Joo as well. Her second wall breaks hearing him referring to Joon Young as In Joo. She calls him a liar, “You said I was Ha In Joo! If you were going to be like this, you shouldn’t have done so in the beginning…I don’t want to! I’m Ha In Joo! Not the 5-year old Song Yeon Woo but the four-year old Ha In Joo! Take responsibility! Accept responsibility!” She can no longer control her emotions and repeats the same line over and over, which is when Joon Young feels overwhelmed and leaves the scene quietly.


She bumps into Jae Ha outside. Seeing her crying and hurting again, he has made up his mind, “I won’t let you go!” He grabs her wrist and turns around. And there he is, our slowpoke. Jae Ha: “Move aside!” Do Yoon: “Let go of that hand!” The episode ends with Joon Young’s eyes concentrating on Do Yoon’s face.

Alice: Really? Really editor? I have to wait a few days to know which man she chooses to run away with? Every fiber in my body hopes it’s our slowpoke, but knowing the writer’s irritating snail-paced romance, Joon Young is probably going to hurt my boy again. What did I say last episode? If this happens again, it’s an unpleasant habit that she has adopted since she knows the dummy would always run back to her. PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! And Jae Ha, why oh why is he even there? It’s night time! Go home and sleep!

For those who are wondering, I think Joon Young does feel pity for Do Yoon. A normal being would if they know what he’s been through because of his mother. However, that IS NOT the only feeling she has for him. She might think so because she’s dense. But we know otherwise…what’s that phrase they call? Actions speak louder than words. Those yearning eyes and giddy smiles that she has been giving Do yoon was what she did when she loved Jae Ha. You just can’t deny her growing attraction and change of heart. Plus, she’s not the type to store two men in one heart. Thankfully, she doesn’t have the skill to be a player. 😛

I must be one of the few who couldn’t fully join the hate bandwagon for In Joo. Yes, I want to knock this girl until she gives up her obsession and desperate measures when pushed into a corner, but I still can’t hate her. Can you guys imagine In Joo’s life when she’s shipped to the states to live with a brother who can’t even look at her like a human? That’s too much. Any kid would turn out insecure and scarred. She’s a broken product from an unhealthy environment. She would’ve turned out great, if raised by a normal family. In the Ha’s family, she has to learn cooking and satisfies Mom’s high expectations, always cautious not to anger Mother. With Dad, he’s rarely around and when he is, he sets up this wall, and inside that wall he worships his dead daughter and ignores what his son does to the kid he brought home. Then there’s the brother who bullied her in the middle of the night. She cried but no one could hear her muffled voice. Jae Ha is probably the best person she has encountered but then it’s all because she plays the role of his In Joo. The crybaby.

I didn’t really like this episode because everyone spent so much time and energy pounding on a mirror which has already broken. Now it’s shattered. As a child, you hope that your parents want you, that your presence in their lives is a bless. Yet, everyone took turn telling her she was a mistake, a bad twist of fate, a thief, that she’s unwanted and should move on with her life. Life? Whose life? For whom? How? If you have never taught her to be herself in the first place.

Of course, the evil things that she did, she should be punished for, but I’m asking for leniency. The girl needs help, she doesn’t have the courage to move on now that she’s far too deep into this mud hole. The question: Who will be lending that hand? And I mean action, no wishy-washy words.

  1. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Go team DY-JY!

    Whoa, this is getting more interesting. Icould hardly wait for the last few episodes!

    By the way, are there any recaps for the 1st to 8th eps? Havent found them yet..

    And oh, thanks a lot for these wonderful posts! 😉

  2. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    thank you your recap; I have been waiting since yesterday for your recap even though I had seen ep 28….and yay am the first one in here lol…

    I too totally agreed with you that JY does feel pity for DY however her eyes, and actions betrayed her from the first time she met DY. As I recalled she showed interested in DY even though she was with JH. She peeped at his van and wondering if he was inside, her disappointment when DY told her that he wasn’t interested in her… And the kiss, she was asking for it….

    well, can’t wait to see the next so and who everyone would react after finding out DY true identity especially JH and the head chef for repeatedly calling him Arirang’s youngest…. And of course JY

  3. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Thanks Kap! this is not a gd episode, in fact, its making me have doubts if JY will choose DY in the end.. the fact that she was subconsciously humming the song JH sang to her and that all she felt was pity and sorry towards DY.. and Jane had to call her to tell her to find DY.. i thot she took the initiative jus makes it feel like all she feels for DY is pity.. :((( im gonna cry if they dun end up tog..!and we r left with only 4 episodes.!! anw has any1 seen ep 29 preview? if so pls upload it here!! i cant wait!!

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    Thank you Kap!!!
    Pity In Joo aka Yeon Woo. The father is the worst character here. Innocent look with selfish heart.
    Everyone incl me are pining our heart for JY-DY. The last 4 episodes seem like too short to see the lovely dovely of their relationship. Hope PDnim & writer don’t make it end in haste.

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    so happy for the recap. thank you 🙂
    did you notice the moment when JH asked JY if she has already let DY in her heart? she looked down and kept saying she was sorry, she didn’t say no, she didn’t respond to the question openly. how will she react about DY being Haemil? she thinks he is an amazing cook and a cool brave man…she is kind of a fan girl isn’t she? she’ll be like ”wtf?” but at the end of the day she’ll be happy and flattered about being the one he loves.
    i hate that lousy dad, he should be arrested and beaten up. he kidnapped a girl and ruined her life. he bribed a 5 year old child with material things and told her to assume someone else’s identity. she was little, couldn’t find her mom, saw a lot of things she didn’t have and wanted them. maybe she thought at the time that she has been abbandoned. so she said ok.
    she lived her life pretending to be someone she was not. she suppresed her name, her character, her dreams, everything that was connected to her previous life. she lived 22 years that way & she suffered alone.
    Dad and IW have no consideration of her, as soon as they found JY to be the real IJ, they want to bring her back immediately. you can’t do that kind of things hastily. you have to consider JY’s feelings as much as fake IJ’s. not everything can be solved by saying sorry. its not that simple. and not everyone is willing and happy accepting big changes.
    they cannot say ”get your life back, go back to be SYW” to fake IJ without thinking about her position.
    she is not some doll who can be called barbie today and bratz tomorrow.
    how could she all of a sudden change what she has been for 22 years of her life? she has done and achieved a lot of things in those 22 years, how can she simply throw them away?
    time and caring words can resolve these problems since we are talking about a drama (which will probably end with a happily ever after), in real life that wouldn’t be so easy.
    Poor JY too, i think after seeing the scene with fake IJ and father she feels sorry and pain for IJ and maybe guilty, probably she feels like she has destroyed the family coming clean about being the real daughter.
    anywayzzzzzzzzz, let’s talk about the guy who thinks he can solve everything by dragging JY here and there…
    someone please explain what does she being sad about the family matters has to with his confession (”i can’t give up on you”)?
    i mean its not related at all!!!!!!
    ok he let her go (truthfuly speaking JY dumped him because he wanted to marry her and take her away far from her family because he couldn’t see her getting hurt), said he was going to be a brother figure, wanted her to be happy after going to her family and if she still didn’t want him to be by her side he would walk away.
    he clearly knows that she has moved on but he is still there with no intention of walking away but nothing can be done since he is still in love with her…(i am not worried since JY does not look at him as a man, but as if he was a brother, a friend, her brother’s friend)
    he wants to end her pain by dragging her away from the family? does that make sense? how does his brain work? can someone hit his head and tell him that even if JY is sad (and with the family matter she got to be sad, heck its a messed up situation) he cannot do anything about it, nor DY can do something.
    I love the fact that DY came and stood right in front of JH, he came to get her and he won’t move aside it’s written all over his face. JY saw that too. So chaebal JY behave yourself!
    This drama is awsome because:
    1 there is DY, the ”chef in shining armour”
    2 it is not about women being jealous of some guy, they fight because of other reasons (family, revenge…)

  6. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I also noticed that JY was comfortable enough talking to JH about DY and Haemil. Also he didn’t even care about JH’s presence but was pacing out thinking about DY in her office.

    I too don’t understand when JH said “I won’t let you go”, I was like huh; are you kidding me? She dumped you and never looked back. I think his character is the most poor written lead character (if he is) that I have ever seen. If its not for LSW&SYR pairing I have already drop this drama after ep 2.. I think the writers still want JH to be around til the end to make it more interesting since JH has no place to go lol

    I stopped blaming The fake IJ since the brother showed up. I dislike both the father n the brother for treating fake IJ so poorly during the past 22 years. They should have accepted her and treat her like family; its really effecting her emotionally. I skipped most of the family and Arirang’s kitchen parts; can’t stand those workers either.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      “I think the writers still want JH to be around til the end to make it more interesting since JH has no place to go lol” – so right. All he does is reading charts 😀 is this a job? how much they pay for it, cause I can do it non-stop.

  7. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I can’t wait the next..
    Now…our focus to Haemil action…

  8. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    thank you very much Alice 🙂

  9. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I watched row and just the DY – YJ scenes while in Budapest on Sunday night. I was so happy with the DY smiling, It gave me hopes for more moments with those two lovebirds, but after ep 28 I get angry at the writer -wth? is this gonna last 100 eps?

  10. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    looking forward to the scenes when haemil will eventually take off his mask and reveal himself to his mother,JY and the rest of the arirang kitchen staff.i want JY/DY ending together.thanks for the recap.

  11. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Thank you Kaptain A for your recap. Well done.

    Is impossible for JY to chose JH, if this is the ending, honestly this drama is a flop. , because lead actor

    JH was already projected as a wishy washy character,so please don’t make JY looks like a puppet.

    It will be worst drama of the year. Haemil fighting!!!!!!

  12. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Its a wrap. JY and DY for sure. Writer is just toying with us – most annoyingly. JY should leave Arirang and join DY/Haemil. Jane is better a better cupid than Prezzie Baek. She’ll be sure to make it happen.
    I’m done with JY’s parents. They are screwed up. DH is like an old-styled refrigerator that needs to be unplugged to defrost.
    Let IJ get what she wants – to run Arirang – to the ground.
    JH will get drunk and run back to grandma.
    Prezzie Baek will leave Korea out of boredom since she has no one else to fight.

    I agree with the Kap. This episode was a bust for me as well. Writer has no more interesting ideas and is just hammering away at whatever shards of glass left from the broken mirror. This is another drama that had potential but the writer lost inspiration. I think most of us would’ve given up on this drama if not for Lee Sang Woo. Kudos to him for keeping our interest alive.

    ANd thanks again for the recaps!

  13. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    In as much as the fake In Joo is pitiful, she is now a grown up adult like JY. It is all her miserable life we have here in these last episodes but we did not have a lot of what JY has to go through just to survive. She has an adopted father who was always telling her she wasn’t his own child,abandoned several times yet she persisted. She was right when she told JH she was fine before he showed up. But she did not whine about her growing up years and moved on to secure a better future for herself. In spite of being treated as an outcast by everyone and constantly asked to give up -she did not .Only her own winning spirits buoyed her up.

    Two survival modes. Fake IJ harping on her miserable existence and if that is really miserable why is she insisting to stay put in that condition. JY is trying to restore to what she has lost , a little clinging to that past(that is what JH is to her now,and the memories of that happy song -all in her happy past).

    But JY is in the present -that is what DY is to her now.

    Ms writer should know the past is not the future.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      @ seattlebabe yup.. i totally agree with you..IJ has been fortunate for having grown to such family though there was a lack of love..she should understand of course to them as well.. in spite they did not maltreated her IJ not like JY experience, struggling to survive.. fate twisted them but they JY-IJ only made their life what should it be.. Thanks for the recap KAP… i truly admire you..Goodluck

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      Actually, I’m quite glad Joon Young didn’t grow up in the Ha’s family. I could only imagine a crybaby if she were.

      I’m also in agreement with Fake dad telling Joon Young beforehand that she wasn’t his biological daughter. That allowed Joon Young to just be herself, she didn’t have unnecessary expectations for them. Life might have been hard, but she was loved by her parents and grandpa (along with his dead wife who cherished her talent enough to teach her the golden sauce recipe). Childhood was tough but she was surrounded with resilient people who loved her for who she is, giving her the strength to face adversities.

      On the other hand, In Joo’s identity was always restrained and ridiculed while she was growing up. I’m sensitive to these things because I have worked with damaged kids before. If they struggled to be someone else and tried to satisfy the people around them WHILE being bullied, they won’t have the mindset to stay positive (some become suicidal). In Joo’s mindset is exactly that – skewed/broken. She doesn’t love herself and others only showed love for the person whose name is Ha In Joo. And that’s worst of all because she knows she’s not Ha In Joo, yet she wanted to be loved and so forced herself to become someone else.

      She insisted to stay there because that’s where she could scoop up some love. She needs help to regain her self-esteem and values. When she learns to love herself, she can see how others can do the same.

      It’s like a constant fight within herself with people singing in her ears:

      In Woo: Be who you are! Stop stealing my sister’s position!
      Young Bum: No…you’re now Ha In Joo. Our daughter.

      Had the twist of fate didn’t happen, Song Yeon Woo would be a formidable opponent. Joon Young wouldn’t last in a fight with her. 😛

  14. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    If I may add ,the writer should concentrate on that now-the future. The present is all about the conflicts and has now moved to the climax. But I think the beginning of the story is what is going to be its ending as well ,with a twist . The drama started with the competition ,it will end the same. I have some scenarios in my head regarding the twist .I’m looking forward to see how the ending will be played out.

  15. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I want to launch a million stink bombs to them right now! Forever shy DY is not the only slowpoke here, but them dang writers as well. JY should not go back to her family’s fold because her wings would be clipped in such a lunatic family. Hard luck to IJ who wants Arirang! YOu can have them all with all our blessings, Doo Hee included! And if JY ends up chasing Haemil/DY all over the world, Young Bum might as well go with her and be her bodyguard if he wants to atone for the 22 years he is insisting that he missed in her life! And maybe, just maybe Doo Hee will be running after him as well, being a sorry ass for not taking care of him. And another maybe, Mother Baek will just stay glued to her television set just to get a glimpse of her son cooking with JY! wahahahahaha!!!!

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      What a fun scenario you got there !

      I agree with you, there should be sweet justice somewhere out there. After all,it is drama -where endings can be manufactured and anything is possible.

      The ending should be fun, I’m through with all the angst and crying .

  16. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Even if JY were to stay with JH there would never be “total” happiness because of IJ being her “adopted” sister and JH having been a part of their family and involved wit IJ in the past. I don’t know what the writers have in store for us, but I feel JH and JY should just be friends so that there can be some peace in that family. I think grandma would also agree that she should not be with any of the sisters.

    DY is a dreamboat, so he is my choice by default and also because I have a HUGE crush on this character.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      I have been thinking the same, JY and JH together, I can’t happen; what about family gathering, it will be totally awkward. JY will not move in with that family but will come visit them from time to time. Both JY and DY shouldn’t stay in Korea but living abroad, DY can extend her experience by learning with other chefs as DY asked her in the past. She can’t work for both Arirang and Saenera (spellcheck) because of Pres. B and IJ.

      • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

        correction: JY can extend…. not DY….

        • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

          definitely; JY would be very happy alongside DY and they could make beautiful babies, successful restaurants
          and cooking shows together. OMG, I’m daydreaming. The both of them should get away from their families
          and forge their own happiness. 😉

  17. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Does anyone else think these dolls DY is making of JY have some significance in the outcome
    of the drama?

  18. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Wow, the preview is not out yet. I’m worried that the cast and crew are running on their live-shooting system now. Wish them the best of luck!

    Mara, interesting question. I’m not sure..but all I foresee is this loon in love making more of those dolls for his pretty wife and cutie babies in the future. I just know it! 😛

    Fair announcement….if the writer gives me a crappy ending, I won’t be recapping ep. 32! How could I if my heart was smashed into pieces? I’m sure you guy share the same sentiment? Smashing laptop and the likes.

    wedding….baby-making…..smiley families….. that’s not hard….

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      I read ep 29 and 30 preview already but haven’t seen the video yet; just didn’t want to post it here yo spoil it

      • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

        where? where? where? pretty please with a cherry on top!

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      I come along way from ep3 to now , just for DY…. , hate to be being a fool in the end.

      Absolutely, if the ending is crap don’t waste your time to recap ep 32. . I want to go some where to release my

      anger., but I can’t wait for ep 29 …..for Haemil .

      I love all comments posted here.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      Absolutely understandable! Not recapping may also help save your keyboard from getting smashed. If I see Jae Ha’s twitching-wishy-washy face in the altar instead of DY, I will be extremely disappointed. My hopes is that DY-JY have several girls for each doll Haemil made….like Secret Garden ending, with many little kids visiting grandma Baek 🙂

  19. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Let’s keep the faith and I guess a preview would somehow let us know if JY is on Team DY or JH, so
    they want to keep us on pins and needles. Only 1 1/2 days to go and if we get no inkling this weekend
    as to who JY favors, then I’ll really be upset.

    I’m going to wish for great eps. 29-32, so we can read your recaps (which a lot of the times are more
    interesting than watching the episodes) :-).

      • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

        Just as expected, ambiguous. But DY’s revelation as Haemil gives him more of an opportunity than Jae Ha.
        Did you notice JH is not mentioned anywhere in the previews? I’M ON TEAM HAEMIL COMEBACK! Now
        I just need JY on board and we’ll have a marvelous ep. 32. 😉

        Remember JY said she was envious of Haemil dedicating himself to his love, so in ep. 31 she’ll know it was her. Bring on the doll babies for this OTP (I’m hoping)!

      • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

        thank u

        • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

          glad that we are in the same page, I was thinking the same that no mention of JH in the next 2 eps but I doube he’s still around waiting for another opportunity. Someone in here posted a comment before that JY attracted to both DY and Haemil because she found the similarities in both, I think its true. Even though JY will be mad at DY for hiding his identity from her, she will have a few flashbacks regarding to Haemil/DY: eating the dish that she made knowingly he is allergic to mushroom and could die from it (he was sick from eating it), cooking with her at the tv station , withdrawn the law suit, the emails, the necktie he gave her…. If she doesn’t appreciate everything DY/Haemil does for her then I have no words to describe this girl.

          you’re welcome about the link…..

  20. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I had forgotten about the mushroom incident and you’re right on about the memories.
    Her memories of JH will include about 1,000 possible wrist fractures, a honky ring and
    a hell of a lot of screaming and dorky laughing, plus the Maggie song and how he tried
    to win her through her adoptive dad.

    CL we almost forgot DY taking care of her in the hospital and helping her get rehabbed,

    The guy has my GH seal of approval.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      oh yah I’ve completely forgotten about the hospital, without DY’s help JY would never be a chef again.. I just wish Pres.Baek being more supportive if DY/JY relationship like she did before she found out JY is DH’s daughter; doesn’t she wants her son to be happy knowingly how much her son loves JY as well as to make up their relationship . I must say most of the leads in this drama are delusional especially the parents, brother,JH. I would’ve dropped this drama after ep 5 if its not for LSW/SYR pairing. Writers please don’t disappoint me!!!!!

  21. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    WOW! So many comments already! Kap, your recaps are getting pretty famous now, well done! 😀

    Reading all the comments give me loads of ideas on what may come, but i believe all of us are rooting for just that one, perfect, ending: wedding….baby-making…..smiley families ( You’re right abt this Kap((: ) DY-JY needs more love scenes together! I don’t have any episode which I really truly love, cos the writers have been playing around with us too much. So yes, ep 32 better be the one making us all smiles, OR ELSE…. heh

    Abt all the other characters in the drama, I too, can’t seem to fully hate IJ. To tell the truth, I don’t think I hate anyone in the drama (either that, or I just can’t be bothered with them, i.e. the arirang kitchen staff). IJ is getting on my pitiful side nowadays, whereas JH, to begin with, I like him as an actor, but unfortunately, not here. Even Father, I think I understand his pain, but his actions are…urgh( you’re a doctor, why can’t you think of smarter moves Dad?)

    I’m still looking forward to JY doing something nice for DY, esp after realizing all that he’s done for her. Come on JY!

  22. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I hate to say it, but JY’s whole family irks me! From the Dad to the Mom and the children in between. Everyone has some majorly flawed thinking processes. I think it’s safe to say that you can peg this on the parents because they obviously didn’t do such a great job raising the kids. That being said, however, I can’t stand IJ’s attitude! Here is no helping someone who can’t help they their own self and IJ readily exemplifies this. Yes she had a flawed bringing up, but she has chosen to cling to all the negative and refuses help. I can’t sympathize with a person like this! I don’t care what your upbringing was or how much pain you’ve had to endure. You can’t be helped if you don’t help yourself.

    Sigh. The only person I think who could really break through to IJ would be JH, but he’d burned his bridges with her. I truly think he could have saved her. Not crushes a woman’s self esteem like the man she loves. But enough of IJ, JY had better not break DY’s heart. That was a mean ending for this episode and with such a vague written preview, I’ve been stewing for a week! I can understand JY being upset when she finds out Haemil’s identity. She already cares for DY so she’ll be upset that he didn’t tell her. I hope the reconciliation is swift. She can’t deny what a huge help he’s been for her and how much he’s done for her. And yes, the mushroom incident came to mind as well as his dropping the lawsuit. These speak volumes.

    May we not dwell anymore on the past and trudge on to what the future holds…and sorry. JH, you just don’t belong in that future. Until Saturday comes, I’m all pins and needles! Many thanks to our wonderful Kap for her great recaps!!

  23. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Where can I watch this episode in eng sub? Please please please show meee :(. Thanksssss….

  24. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Here’s Ep29 preview on Youtube =)

    Looks like wuri DY is swoopin’ in for another of them kisses.. <3

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      Thank u Kap, and everyone on here for making this a fun read!

      Just wanna say that im not sure what DY was gonna in that last bit of the preview , but JY didn’t flinch at ALL as he came close!

      But yes, if DY and JY don’t end up together, I’ll feel like its the biggest middle finger they can give us…

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      Thanks dear for the preview! I only see dy and jy scenes! Thats a good sign she will pick him!!!

      Thanks kap for the recap! Much more entertaining than the actual episode.

      Ij is pitiful….but I think they will make her miserable completely, lose her mind…..and become suicidal!!!!!! Jh shoule help unstable condition.

  25. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    What the… from the preview , has IJ revealed to Baek that DY is Haemil? There won’t be anymore excitement no

    ………….IJ don’t be a……….

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      I’ve been having a little sympathy for IJ but after watching and reading ep 29 preview, I changed my mind

      • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

        Yah, she looks like she’s totally jump off the deep end and into the dark side!

        • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

          I just want the family drama to be over with awhile back or at least after ep 29, (the parents, brother and IJ are delusional) and just focus on JY/DY/ JH love story (even though JY has no room for him in her heart). Too much focus on the family and Arirang issues.

      • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

        Please translate what she says to make you jump ship on her. It must be something
        strong. I hope when DY leans in for the kiss, she doesn’t bug out and say “What
        are you doing?” hahaha, it can be a nervous response but between that and
        komawoyo it’s basically her dialog. I must say she does add cute gestures, but they
        are a staple of her SYR’s acting and I remember them well from Romance Town.

  26. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Please watch this video. It brought tears to my eyes.

  27. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Mara: I did not jump ship on IJ, I dislike her from the start, but started to feel bad for her because of the way her brother and father have been treating her for the past 22 years (not accepting her as family member). In 29 preview, IJ stated that “I don’t want to have any relation with that girl” which she means JY.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      I felt sorry for IJ since the first two episodes when she was portrayed as a
      lonely and sad little girl. She was so living a miserable existence when her
      “adopted mother” claimed her as IJ and it was never explained if she knew
      her mom had cancer and took her life. Strike 1 in life. Strike 2 was the
      family she was adopted into. How do you send away a child at so young
      an age just so society won’t recognize she’s ot the “real thing”? The mom
      should not have put Arirang first and her children second. The dad also
      disappeared for a few eps. and I was wondering where he was, ’cause it
      was never explained if he took the children to the U.S. with him.

      The two girls went through a lot of strife and then they fall in love with the
      adult Jae Ha, which is where the competition between them starts. Can
      someone get me a hanky? The three were meant to be apart because
      there’s too much accumulated pain between them.

      Remember IJ knows DY is also Haemil, so I think she will tell his mother
      in order to get back at DY and JY. Her revenge is aimed at everyone
      who hurt her and that includes almost everyone in the cast. I’m not on
      her ship because of all the mean things she’s done, but I can certainly
      understand the psyche of her character. She’s an excellent actress since
      those roles are harder to play convincingly and she’s better in this role than
      SYR is in hers, but that’s basically due to the script and starpower.

      BTW, I love Joo Sang Wook in most of his roles, but this script has not put
      his acting abilities to the test. He’s the reason I starting watching FOTG
      since SYR is a mellow actress and kdramas are mellow enough.

      CL, only 17 hrs. to go and I hope live streaming works tomorrow. Cya!

  28. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I skipped most of the parents, brother, IJ scenes cuz I can’t watch it, just too much; crying, screaming and the craziness.

    I have never seen JSW work, this is ny first and I am not a fan… Sorry to JSW fans

    I don’t watch much dramas, only when I like both male and female leads then I will give it a shot. The reason I stay with this on cuz of ALWays SYR.

    hahahahah I have to wait longer, mine is about 19-20 hours,

  29. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Hi Kaptain A, So many thanks for all of your recaps. I love DY&JY and hope they will wedding….baby-making…..smiley families,like you said.

    this is preview ep29 sub eng

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      THANK U!!!!! so DY is leaving??? YYYYYYY! no DY dun go!!!

  30. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Maybe, just maybe, if he decides to leave she’ll realize how much she
    loves him and follows him.

  31. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Love ep 29, will wait for the recap. next ep 30 is going to be interesting.

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      totally agree!!! cant wait!

  32. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    I was so full of hope that it might be the beanie couple after all, but the last moment of this episode shattered all the hope I had left -.-” Why do I get this feeling that Jae Ha is now making his “comeback” as Joon Young’s man…..gaaaah….I don’t want it like that!!! T____T

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      yes, JH still clinging to JY even though even after she rejected him (not once). He think he still has a spot in JY’s heart, don’t understand his thinking at all. Its difficult watching him calling JY’s adopted father FATHER. Grrrrr I just wanted him to leave JY/DY alone and concentrate on helping IJ to be a better person.

  33. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    Well, I am here reading again your recaps and waiting for your episode 29 and 30 recaps that I have watched.Everyone is happy,so am is the most satisfying episode so far..I just hope it ends like what everyone expected .I watch this drama because of JSW but ending loving LSW..I don’t know about anyone taste in K Drama but mine is how the actors act that attracts me.LSW is really good here.. love his smile and his loving looks that make my heart go ‘dugun-dugun’ like having heart attack.Wish SYR acting convince me,so far it did but could have been better.The IJ I just don’t understand her..why she hate to accept JY at all when she had everything from DH love and understanding..that poor confused mother.Thank you Kap for your recaps can’t wait for episode 29 and 30 recaps..till this coming weekends…

    • 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

      I am with you, I watch drama because of the actor/actress in the show even if its the best. I have never seen JSW drama before and I am not his fan at all. Sorry to JSW’s fan in here but I just can’t stand his fake laugh with JY’s adopted father, trying to be cute in his tone of voice when he talks, his character is a very poor written character. I skipped most of his part even when he’s with JY, only seen a few cuz I had no choice.. I don’t think I will ever spend the time to watch his drama again unless he has a minor roll.

  34. 65 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 28

    JY n DY should be together cuz they have similar life events that rob them of their childhood happiness. WehnJY was hurt during the competition, it was DY who gave her the strength to carry on, always supporting her with kind and caring words. When DY was hurt bcuz he lost his brother, JY came to east his pain. They are meant for each other because there is a vacuum that needs to be fill. I really do not like In Joo (fake) cuz she gaives me chills. Try to poison the chef and putting poison in someone else food is a no no. She can’t do that even though she hated JY.
    She should be thankful for the past 22 years living in a loving home with lots of love. Have she forgotten?
    Sang Woo performance is just amazing. YuRi is just awesome. She hold the reins to this most beautiful drama.

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