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Arg. I’m shipping In Woo to the rehabilitating center for now. In Joo can join him later. Seriously, this dude gets me all worked up over his way of delivering his pent-up frustration. The only way he knows how to manage his temper is by attacking people he knows doesn’t fight back. First, he barked cruel words at In Joo, calling her less than a human being. Hello? She was five and all you could do was torture her emotionally like that? And in this episode, he punched mah boy twice because Mother amnesia refused to acknowledge Joon Young? For someone who doesn’t know the whole truth, he’s acting like an irritating know-it-all. Had I been Do Yoon, In Woo would be flying across Arirang, landing himself in one of those precious golden sauce pot! Even though Do Yoon did look cool and hot with a busted lip. Still, no one dares put a dent in that piece of artwork. Rage!!

Episode 27

It’s an illusion, and this Joon Young lets a tear slide down her cheek and head out the door, leaving Doo Hee to her own gasping and struggling.


After Baek Sul threatened Do Yoon last episode, he appears in front of her house, meaning to play the nice son so she won’t publish the article. However, he levels his eyes on Baek Sul and whispers, “Let’s go. Someone is waiting for you.” He drags her all the way to his brother’s cemetery and she looks around nervously, and her confused expression reveals to Do Yoon that she has never been here once to visit his dead brother.

When she tries to turn away, he forcibly grabs her by the shoulders and makes her face Ji Yoon’s photo. Tears well up in her eyes, and she struggles to stay clear-headed in front of the son she decided to save after the competition. The woman obviously has a huge guilt buried deep inside her heart so she utters, “I…I don’t know him.” Staring straight at his brother, Do Yoon is stern, “Try to remember. Because of you, he was born into his world. And because of you, he went to heaven.”


Distraught, Baek Sul says, “I definitely meant to go to my son, I should’ve went to him…” She flashbacks to the scene with Doo Hee mocking her trembling hands, “What’s the fun in a competition when there’s a clear-cut winner?” Baek Sul wrestles out of Do Yoon’s grasp and spits out, “It’s Sung Doo Hee! She killed your brother!” In the end, it all comes down to her pride and Do Yoon tells her exactly that: “Please Stop! Stop pushing the blame on others and admit your wrongdoing by saying ‘I’ll pay for my sins for the rest of my life, Please forgive me‘!” He wants her to stop deceiving herself every day with useless words like that, rather a sincere apology is all Ji Yoon needed, “He waited for you everyday. He’s hurting a lot. And I…I can’t forgive you.”

Baek Sul sniffs back her tears, looks up at him, and continues her supposed logical excuse, “The person who killed your brother is Sung Doo Hee.” Hearing that, Do Yoon releases his hands, and gives her some reality check slap of words, “You cannot release that article. Between a mother who lost her memory because she couldn’t process the loss of her child and a cold-hearted CEO who ignored the phone call saying that her son was dying, who do you think will get rock at?”


Once she has processed why Do Yoon is using his precious brother to threaten her, she barks, “So this was it? You use your brother to threaten me all because of that useless girl?” Without hesitation, he answers “Yes.” I guess he has finally found someone precious enough to hold onto, Mama Bear. She shakes her head, not believing his words since he treasures his brother too much to use his name in this battle. But he knows that she sees the determination in his gaze and without saying another word, she turns to leave.


Do Yoon sits down on the rock, his eyes red from crying, and speaks to Ji Yoon, “Mom is… a bit scared right? I’m sorry. Just this once, let me off the hook.” His hopeless gaze… πŸ™

Lady Amnesia sits in her room and puts her family picture with In Joo beside Joon Young’s childhood pictures. Looks like she has regained that section of her memory because she holds the picture to her heart and agonizes over her two daughters.


At the same time, Joon Young is deep in thought at her desk, while caressing the chef doll Do Yoon made for her. Gah! Notice how the doll and the the sand timer (given by Jae Ha) has now switched position on her desk. The sand timer stands farther back. Weeee ~~ She thinks about her confrontation with mom and decides she needs to step outside for a morning exercise. Hmmm, I wonder where she got this habit from? Perhaps a healthy excuse to pick up some guy in the same running trail?

As expected, they run past each other and Do Yoon appears to have missed her presence, while she fidgets curiously wondering whether he saw her, and continues on in the opposite path.


But as we know the earth is round, so these two are bound to meet up again. He’s stretching and she stops by his side to call out his name but Do Yoon’s stylish mega headphone is blocking out all noises, and she moves to pluck his headphone off. She asks, “What are you doing in this side of town?” haha What a clumsy pick-up line Joon Young, does he look like he’s eating breakfast there?

He answers just like that and is about to turn around and leave when she stops him, “I’m sorry. I never meant to blame you. It’s just that I was a bit scared after meeting with her.” He assures her that Baek Sul won’t publish that article. He’s about to leave again but turns back to put the headphone over her ears, and he grumbles, “I told you not to listen to President Baek’s words. You really don’t listen well.”


He lets her have his headphone and wheels around to leave but she declares loud and clear, “I trust you. I trust your advice. Thank-you.” He instantly stops in his tracks to listen, and runs away after she’s finished. Happy that she’s back on good terms with Do Yoon, Joon Young finally notices that the mp3 player is not even on! haha She smiles at his childish tactic. Cute!!


In the comfort of his house, Do Yoon lies on the sofa, repeating the simple but precious words Joon Young told him. His spaced-out expression is enough to raise eyebrows from Jane. She assumes that he’s sick. Yea. This loon is sick in love. Joon Young is the only miraculous medicine.

While he’s ecstatic, Baek Sul is fuming because she can’t publish the article, and orders Assistant Kim to put their plan on hold for now.


Meanwhile, Doo Hee looks over the field of gold sauce pots and remembers the time when Joon Young helped her achieve the full recipe. Elsewhere, In Joo looks for Doo Hee in her room, and smiles when she sees their family photo. That gentle smile quickly disappears when she picks up the frame and two childhood pictures of Joon Young fall to the ground. Uh-oh. Secret busted? Please let that be!


Cut to Doo Hee cleaning the pots as In Joo leads some reporters to check out Arirang’s massive collection of golden sauce, biggest nationwide. They reach Doo Hee and the reporter requests for a photo together since In Joo has done the oral interview already. Doo Hee glances at In Joo during the whole photo session, her eyes packed with pity for her supposed daughter. Eeek!

Watching them is Joon Young, and Grandma walks up to her, wondering, “Are you envious? People and food, when given a lot of care over time, are destined to become yours. The difference is the taste of food can be different with a change in taste buds but people can’t change their genes.” She looks up at the sky, nodding that maybe Cho Hee saw this and that’s why she sent Joon Young. Oh really? Sigh.

Like a good girl, Joon Young apologizes for not telling Grandma earlier but Grandma replies with reason, “How could you? Not even your parents recognize you.” She then asks Joon Young to drop by for lunch later.


After the reporters leave, In Joo approaches Doo Hee with caution, afraid that her mother is mad because she invited the reporters without notifying her beforehand. Doo Hee uses action to reply, and hugs her daughter tightly. Taken aback, In Joo steps back and observes her mother’s face, “At times like this, you should scold me, telling me not to cook for superficial and selfish reasons. That cooking should be done with care and from the heart.” She stops her ramble when Doo Hee continues to stare at her with those guilty eyes. After a quick minute, In Joo mutters out an apology and returns to her work. Doo Hee stands there in pain, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Sitting by herself, In Joo whispers to herself, finally realizing that Doo Hee knows everything, “This is terrible.”

Doo Hee sees Joon Young but she is stopped in her tracks by an employee, informing her that an important guest has come after 20 years, and she is requested to cook lunch for that person. She hurries off to the kitchen.


Cut to Joon Young having lunch with Grandma as promised. Grandma comments that Doo Hee has picked her favorite bitter dishes, so finish everything on the table….so the important guest is Joon Young. Doo Hee pauses outside Grandma’s room with two bowls of soup, listening to her daughter’s compliment, but she doesn’t have the courage to face Joon Young yet.


Working diligently, Jae Ha flips through the list of board members present at Korea’s Culture Celebration. He has record of every year and notices that a new judge was appointed in 2009. He’s Kim Min Sung, a minor shareholder, whose stocks were bought by Baek Sul because he was charged with corruption not so long ago. With that key fact, Jae Ha heads to Baek Sul’s office and happily warns her to stay low or else he’ll reveal this information to the public. Baek Sul thinks he doesn’t have the ability because she can easily crush him with his rank in the business. Jae Ha: “Of course, but I won’t go down alone.” Still unfazed, she sips her tea like a queen ready to get her nails done and advises him, “When you’re fighting someone stronger, rather than your head, your hands and feet need to be quick. Or else the information you have now could become trash.”

Arirang’s Kitchen. Again. What’s the point of this? Everyone works quietly as Do Shik watches over them. He’s fired but they called him in early to take care of breakfast. The annoying one baring her teeth is Boo Joo and she vows not to let Joon Young off the hook for firing her beloved man. Someone fire her. Please?


The chubby girl, Shin Young, leads Joon Young to the battle ground, as Jae Ha catches them in his sight. Like a gang fight, Boo Joo is the ring leader and she rolls up her sleeves, but the underlings quickly hold her back, believing that she promised just to talk. Are you guys like dumb? Too bad, her long arm reaches for Joon Young and her nails graze lightly over Joon Young’s left cheek. Jae Ha steps into the scene with a bellow and Boo Joo calls him White Knight (as opposed to Do Yoon’s black Knight). However, Jae Ha doesn’t want further rumors with him protecting Joon Young, so he launches into a rant, describing Joon Young like a troublemaker ever since she took the spot as Co-Ceo. His outburst dissolves the tension in the air and the kitchen staff scurries away, truly believing his criticizing manner.


After they leave, Jae Ha pulls Joon Young into the storage room (beanie couple’s breeding seeding ground) and chides her for letting others step all over her while telling him she can take care of things. Yet Joon Young isn’t sad because her other option is never meeting her family, which is the worst feeling. Jae Ha raises his hand to touch the wound on her face but Joon Young’s eyes speak volume about the uneasiness she feels towards him. Lala! Awkward, Jae Ha quibs, “If that scars, you will look…more ugly. Why are you keep getting uglier? To think how pretty you looked when you were young.” Joon Young smiles at his joke and thanks him for saving her today.


In her office, Doo Hee holds the letter of resignation in hand, recalling Joon Young’s words, urging her to remember the buried memory. At Sanarae, Baek Sul is also brooding about Do Yoon’s words at the cemetery earlier. Surprisingly, Doo Hee pays her a visit and Baek Sul wonders what’s wrong, “Your face is pale.” But Doo Hee can’t bother with beating around the bushes any longer and wants to know exactly why Joon Young came to Arirang. Baek Sul keeps up with her act, “I sent her there to fix up Arirang.” Growing impatient, Doo Hee raises her voice, “I told you not to play word games!” Baek Sul: “I find your tone offensive. You were always like this, people have to take your words as commands. Remember I’m not your inferior or student, I’m a friend.” Doo Hee: “Is that why you sent a friend’s daughter? To wreak havoc and watch her mother suffer?!!”


Baek Sul coos at her friend, “Did it hurt much? You cannot blame me for you didn’t even recognize your own daughter.” Doo Hee prepares her sniping attack, “But someone else is more pitiful. Your son. I just realize that he’s been acting on my behalf and helping my daughter all this while at Arirang.”

Doo Hee adds, “So when you see him, thank him for me.” Gah! Is it weird that my heart aches when they speak about Do Yoon like that? A pitiful being?


Standing up Baek Sul inserts another stab, “Then what about In Joo? Even though she’s not your daughter, you should’ve raised her better. Maybe then she wouldn’t grow up to be a monster that spilled hot water over her own hand. Ah! Did I tell you who poured poison into Joon Young’s ingredient at the plane menu competition?” Doo Hee doesn’t believe any of it but her face says otherwise. Dang these women, both are on equal terms in using their rival’s kid as a weapon!

Back at Arirang, Do Shik paces back and forth, thinking of Doo Hee’s request, “For the time being. Do not oppose Joon Young. I’ll bring everything back to normal. Believe me.” He doesn’t like the idea and ends up doing push-ups to release his frustration. Suddenly, a hand gropes at his ajusshi biceps and he freaks out. It’s Boo Joo, here to deliver some editable stuff, good for men. Lady, I don’t need another reason to dislike you. Creep!


Joon Young is outside, directing the construction workers on how to change the ventilation system when In Joo comes and says, “Don’t talk nonsense to Mother. Nothing will change just because the family knows. If anyone interferes with my life, I won’t leave them alone.” Unfortunately, Doo Hee overhears from a distance. Joon Young replies rationally, “What are you afraid of? You’re now a grown up. Even if I appear, you’re still going to be their daughter.” That’s easy for the real daughter to say, In Joo sneers.


Just then a worker inadvertently knocks a log which leads it to stir some logs out of position at the top of the roof. In Joo sees the logs wobbling up over Joon Young’s head and keeps quiet about it. Then then logs come crashing down just as Doo Hee flies in to push her daughter “In Joo” out of harm’s way. Joon Young’s touched with the gesture but Doo Hee turns professional, “Don’t think much about it. Even if it wasn’t for you, I would’ve helped since this is Arirang.”

Doo Hee broods in her room, her hand to her chest, deducing a fearful conclusion about who In Joo is as a person. And yet, Joon Young appears in her room. She wants to know the truth, “I felt it. Your heartbeats racing against mine. You remember right?” She asks again and again until Doo Hee tells both of her daughters to get out. They exit, and there standing at the door is In Woo.


He heads inside, all riled up about Doo Hee’s cold act towards Joon Young when she already knew the truth, “What are you afraid of that you’re ignoring her? Why? Do you feel guilty when you’re awake and runs away by sleeping through it?” It has been 22 years, he muses, “How long are you going to be like this? How much longer are you going to sin?”


With his blood boiling like a mad dog, In Woo hustles outside and finds himself a punching bag. Okay. This is not cute. He punches Do Yoon twice, who is innocently looking for Joon Young! The second punch is because of President Baek. Do Yoon doesn’t fight back and guesses why In Woo hates him. “Because I’m a prick in your eyes. I’m despicable. I spoil your mood for no good reason.” In Woo: “You’re staying around knowing that?” Do Yoon is firm: “I didn’t take your hits because you’re Joon Young’s brother. You just looked like you needed to vent. Sometimes, I feel crazy like that too.” Oh really, Do Yoon? Dumb boy. C’here, let me show what true wrath is.

In Woo softens with a plead, “Stay away from Joon Young. She needs to be in peace right now.”


He listens well and drives home. But because fate is working its magic, there she is, his lady love walking along the same road. He parks by the curb and questions, “Who let you go home early?” She gets in and he immediately looks at her scratch. She downplays the fight by saying it’s an accident scratch but he knows better, “By the assistant chef’s nails?” haha XD She then sees his busted lip and asks the same question, “Were you in a fight?” But he’s more worried about her pretty face, so he puts a cute band-aid on her cheek, with a warning, “I’ll put on another one if you remove it.”

She grumbles teasingly that he’s always doing things on his own accord, “It’s good that you got beat up. I don’t know who did it but I like it!” Do Yoon: “Ha In Woo.” Her eyes shift towards him, lingering there, until he dissipates the air by flipping down the sun visor mirror, showing her the childish band-aid. They both smile and I squee when he gently touches her cheek all the while smiling like an idiot. Skinship is so natural now eh? πŸ˜›


In Woo and Jae Ha drink at the bar. In Woo wonders what Do Yoon does as a career and Jae Ha honestly says he doesn’t know much about Do Yoon either, “But he’s not a bad guy.” In Woo asks, “Are you really going to give up Joon Young?” Jae Ha is unwilling to because it’s hard when his heart squeezes in pain when she cries but he has to act like a good oppa all the times. As a brother, In Woo tells him he can’t be together with Joon Young because both of the girls are his sisters. But then, as a friend, he wants Jae Ha to hang onto Joon Young, “If you two love each other, why don’t you go overseas?” hey hey there, buddy. Don’t give Mr. WiWa ideas that couldn’t be fulfilled.


Instead of going home, Joon Young and Do Yoon head to their “love bench”. πŸ˜‰ This time, they sit in each other’s spot, as if occupying that person’s place, thinking in that person’s position. Do Yoon still chuckles looking at the band-aid and she plays it cool, “Laugh all you want since you put it there. It’s a waste if you don’t (laugh).” And he explains, “I put it on because I didn’t want to see your scratch.” She’s caught by surprise and he smiles again at her overreaction. He then wipes the dry blood off of his lip. A part of me wish Joon Young apply the same band-aid on his lip. Or maybe apply ointment on them sexy lip. But I’ll forgive her since she makes the cutest face around Do Yoon.

She thanks him for blocking that article from being published. He shakes his head, it’s not him but his hyung. She can’t publish that article because of the sin she committed against Ji Yoon.

Unfortunately, Doo Hee’s words provoke Baek Sul in the wrong way. She orders Assistant Kim to release the article tomorrow morning.


At home, Doo Hee asks for a glass of drink from Young Bum. After she gulps down the bitter taste, she asks, “In Joo, what’s her real name?” Taken aback, Young Bum takes another sip from his own glass to calm his nerves, “Song Yeon Woo. She’s one year older than our In Joo.” Her eyes strain under the stress, “A girl whose face and age differ from my own daughter and yet I couldn’t distinguish…”

Young Bum apologizes, it’s all his fault. Doo Hee can’t bear to blame her husband though, “The pain I suffered for one day, you have been suffering for 22 years. Why do you make it so hard to blame you?” She thought about committing suicide but seeing the pain her children endured all these years, dying appears shameful. Now she lives to protect and repay each and every one of her child.


She goes into the kitchen to make Sujebi. In Joo enters and Doo Hee monotonally explains that she’s using an herb called Chunnamsung because once the poison is removed from its root, it makes a great medicinal herb. In Joo listens as her face grows darker and darker. She looks over at the pot where the plant used to be blooming, now it’s been plucked out.

An employee barges into the kitchen, carrying the published article. Doo Hee looks at it calmly while In Joo’s eyeballs are about to drop out of their frames. Since Baek Sul has done the honors of inviting the reporters, Doo Hee prepares to head out, just as In Joo holds her mom’s hand, explaining why she did all the evil things – to protect my place. Doo Hee doesn’t say anything and fondly strokes her face.


Outside, Joon Young and Baek Sul simultaneously arrive at the chaotic scene. She turns to Baek Sul, “You’ll definitely be punished.” I notice that when Baek Sul tells her not to believe a man’s words so easily, Joon Young doesn’t see it as Do Yoon’s fault, her eyes and focus and hatred are all targeting at Baek Sul, and her alone.

Doo Hee steps into view and the reporters pound at her with questions, detailing to the suicide on the cruise 22 years ago, including the lost child Song Yeon Woo. Wow, they basically know everything.


Doo Hee: “Yes it’s true. My real daughter is not Ha In Joo, but my disciple Go Joon Young, who’s standing from a distance. 22 years ago, I made the wrong choice and lost my child. I then deceived the world and raised another child as my own. Arirang’s Master does not only cook but she also represents Korean Cuisine. So I will take responsibility for this matter. Therefore, I will step down from my position. Arirang’s 5th Master, I’m planning on appointing my disciple, Ha In Joo, who have been trained for 22 years.”

This sends a domino effect of shocked expression on Joon Young, Baek Sul, and especially In Joo because a second ago she thought she was losing everything at once. However, a second twist comes because Grandma wants to play in this drama too, “Arirang’s 5th Master Chef is Go Joon Young.”

Alice: Arg! Grandma! You sly fox, what? Why? You are the ultimate selfish person. You never stop for a second and observe the pain people around you are feeling. Jae Ha, In Joo, Doo Hee, and now Joon Young. What’s so great about Arirang anyways that you stubbornly hold onto to it? A selfish woman who never sees things past her own desires. At least I can see why Doo Hee wants to give the title to In Joo. It’s a consolation prize, a darn worthy one at that. I guess it’s a battle between talent (Joon Young) and skills (In Joo). Logically, Doo Hee’s decision makes sense because In Joo is the one disciple she has been grooming over the years but do you believe that In Joo can help Arirang thrive out of it slump party? I’m afraid not, at least not until she builds a stronger self-esteem about her own value.

Doo Hee and the article. Crafty woman. What she said to Baek Sul was intentional after all. She’s still a coward in confronting her problem and used Baek Sul’s flamable nature to her advantage. She pushed the right buttons and the tiger retaliated appropriately. Baek Sul, in the end, disappointed Do Yoon once again by letting her anger further strains their relationship. Do we really need another accident with Do Yoon before she realizes that blood runs thicker and warmer than the cold hatred she’s been holding onto all these years?

Jae Ha & his Investigation. Unfortunately, for Jae Ha, he’s the opposite of Joon Young and Do Yoon; he was raised under the traditional setting, so he, too, shares the mindset of those working in Arirang. His investigation of Baek Sul is laughable. Just because she’s a shrew business woman, it doesn’t mean she has no reasons in deconstructing Arirang. Truth is, Arirang’s problems are internal, lying in its operating system and deep-rooted beliefs. Even if he gets rid of Baek Sul, Arirang’s jarring problems remain. The presence of Baek Sul merely points out all the shortcomings that the whole restaurant chose to ignore in the first place. Without financial support, it would shut down. So dude, you should be helping Arirang thrive instead of prying into another person’s business.

Our Beanie Couple. I think the writer has intended for us to go ooooh and ahhh over every little thing Joon Young does to bring that mega-watt smile to Do Yoon’s face. It’s obvious because once he’s happy, we are pleased ear-to-ear, forgetting for a second how lousy her writing is. If the outburst from last episode was supposed to divide them, I was hoping for a longer time period so that it allows Joon Young to chase after ma boy, you know? If it’s like this all the times, Joon Young might take him for granted. But, I’m happy with their interactions in this episode. It’s not about their families anymore. Just Do Yoon. And Go Joon Young. Just the two of them.

Everyone plays nice, let’s keep next episode discussion in the right episodic recap. πŸ™‚

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    I’m not paying attention to the fake IJ anymore ,she is being consumed by her own internal hell -she’ll just burst into flames anytime now.

    DH has a complicated problem on what to do with their family situation. YB and IW same here offering solution she doesn’t listen to .

    Grandma may be interfering but if we remember her past admonitions to DH ( that her ego is most impt not Arirang ) and she already knows the incompetence of InJoo and doubted her authenticity as IJ, she is actually the remaining conscience for Arirang . She was a former master chef and teacher after all.

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    For some reason SYR always gets a good chemistry with a fellow actor who is placed into the unconventional role in the drama. I’ve her watched all her past dramas and seen this happened all the time .

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    You know, I was actually proud that JY didn’t pin any blame on DY for the whole article coming out. I would have made her walk the plank if she did! Knowing DY, he’s gonna feel bad enough as it is, which is only natural when you weren’t able to fulfill his promise, but hey. Your mom is BS!! No one can predict the lengths this woman will go to! And JY knows this, so rest easy:)

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    And IJ? That girl needs retribution for her evil deeds. I don’t care what happened to you as a child. You are responsible for your own actions. Everyone keeps walking on egg shells around her! Urgh. It irks me. Anyway, I’m totally in this one for DY. Thanks for you recap, Kap.

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    thank you millions for your hard work, and the cute smile screencaps, his smile makes my day πŸ˜€
    as for my comments on the series: i think DH is doing the right thing by letting IJ have her way, so she won’t go rampant to hurt JY, once she has what she believes is “rightfully” hers, i mean the family’s affections, the Chef position in Arirang, the praises from the press and all. She wants all her hard work of 22 years come to fruition, that’s understable but the underhanded methods she used, the mushroom incident, nerve-poisoning, shushing the plucking out the refrigrator thing, pouring boiling water on herself, … she needs to be punished for that, really! but speaking of which, she is already trapped in her own hell for desperately clinging onto her fake identity is sad to watch. She puts the mother and the father in a bad position by not accepting the fact and coming to terms with JY.

    As for IW: please shut up, stop encouring JH and pushing DY out. Thank goodness DY is stubborn enough and has earned his way into JY’s heart, and she understands him and respects him for being there for her always, supporting her, shielding her form his mother, so i don’t think that their bond is that fragile to be broken. I hope they keep that up until the end and won’t let themselves be manipulated.

    I think the best way out for all will be IJ becoming the masterchef, DY come out as Haemil and go abroad with Jae In and JY, JY become a kind of respresentative for traditional Korean food on some kind of international level, creating new dishes with DY/Haemil, IW visiting them time to time, IJ becoming a better person with her fears being dissappeared, her concerns being solved, JH falling in love with her and being on her side to keep her away form her evilness, sane and on track, Grandma being saved from her Arirang obsession and life-long responsibility, BS redeeming herself by admitting her wrongdoing to her son(s), the kitchen gang being fired, BJ’s ass being kicked hard for being such a hoodlum and treating JY both as kitchen worker and then as her superior so poorly and inappropriately, not holding the etiquette, being all handy around the head chef, who clearly isn’t showing any signs of interest in her, not that i would care! huh!

    Will be anticipating the recap for the next episode! thank you very very very much again and again!

  13. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    Couldn’t wait for this recap, had to read before I left for work. A big thank you Kaptain A.

    I kind of agreed with many viewers’ that this writer is very ” wishy washy”. Is he or she a newbie?
    It took so many episodes for DH to recognised real IJ, and actually JY is quite weak in her character as well. I actually why do still chasing this drama, is all for Lee Sang Woo.

    I am looking forward for ep 28, I am interested to know what was the sms message that JY send to DY and

    note she left on the tree. At the last scene, JH asked DY to back off, he should be the one who back off.
    And JY this time you have to shake off JH’s hand and go with DY.

    I hope the writer will come up with something interesting , good plot for Haemil’s apperance in the coming episodes, DY and his mum will reconcile soon,don’t waste our time for the next 4 episodes.

  14. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    Anw guys, was wondering whether we’ll get to see the reappearance of the H bracelet JY gifted to DY. What do you guys think?

    • 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

      in next episode you’ll get to see it πŸ˜‰

  15. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    I would love to see the reappearance of the H bracelet , I was so disappointed in “Princess Prosecutor”, i
    did not see the reappearance of the bracelet which KSY gave it to PSH.

  16. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    Writer needs to give more JY and DY time don’t you all agree? Too much focus on DH not certain of how to treat her two daughters. In Joon is the only one (not counting Jane) who knows who Haemil is….

  17. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    Really do I see H bracelet in next episode ? There is no reason for JY to get angry about finding out
    DY is Haemil because the mask is his “signature”, and there was no reason to bring up the subject to her
    that ” Hey JY, I am Haemil, you know? ”

    I cannot wait to see Haemil’s appearance and his plan to help JY, and there after no more
    competition, no more family issue. All reconcile and then happy moments for DY and JY.

    Please this is a 32 episodes drama not 50 episodes that you could put in irreavant scene like
    chief chef doing push up and that idiot woman so desperate for man.

    • 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

      Tweety, check out the playdoh making scene. He’s wearing it on his right wrist. πŸ˜‰

      Writing episode 28….as of right now. Weee ~

      • 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

        Hwaiting! Kumawo…

      • 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

        Yea , saw it now…You are great …… attention to detail

    • 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

      super agree at your comment abt the irrelevant scenes the writers like to input! XD

  18. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    Kap!!!! Ur killing me, am waiting for your 28 recap lol…

  19. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    I’m waiting for the sub for 27 and 28 Pls pls sub

  20. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    does any1 know how DY bro died? i remember there was someone banging on the door and the poor kid was crying.. but they didnt provide any other details rite?

  21. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    DY’s bro has epilepsy, and his mom lock him up in a room to goes for Arirang’s cooking contest, the poor boy has an attack and BaekHae doesn’t comeback to save his oldest son. That’s why DY resented his mom so much!

  22. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    i want seo hyun-jin acts in another drama as main lead!

  23. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    oh my my im going crazy waiting for the preview…
    i have this feeling she’ll hurt DY…but i think that eventually she will go to him…
    hope JY won’t let us down…otherwise we’ll throw rocks at her…
    aren’t DY’s scenes with his mother great? sad but full of emotions…

  24. 32 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 27

    love your recap..and got to understand certain part of the story because as a non Korean I have to depend on subs.I have to agree this drama main attraction is JY and DY OTP.I love DY how he reacts whenever he remembers his meeting with JY.I have watched episode 29 and 30,and I am here because I wanted to read your I read this recap twice..Everyone will be happy because it reach the expectation.I just hope the last 2 episode will make me the happiest person on earth if JY and DY walk together holding hands in the sun set or kissing at the rendezvous bench..Thank you for your recaps KAP

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    Hi all, just changed into aware of your website by Bing, and discovered that it’s definitely helpful. I’m going to be mindful for the city. I’ll appreciate after you proceed this from now on. A lot of people is going to be taken advantage of your current crafting. Regards!

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