Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST



— Various Artists —
01. The King – Various Artists
02. Missing You Like Crazy – SNSD’s Tae Yeon
03. Love is Crying – K.Will
04. I Can’t Say It – J-Min
05. Only You – Boyfriend’s Hyun Sung
06. Feeling Alive – Super Kidd
07. First Love – Lee Yoon Ji
08. The King’s Love & Emotion
09. Hang Ah’s Dream
10. Dead Line
11. Two Hearts
12. Together…
13. Special Mission
14. Sad Sky
15. Smiling Day
16. Love Sick/ Painful Love
17. Lovely Yours
18. Breach
19. If You Close Your Eyes
20. Burning Heart
21. Greasy
22. Lazy
23. Black Message
24. Bright Day
25. New Start

Download FULL OST // Mirror

Alice: I hope no one notices that I forgot about to share the soundtrack (except Nutella!).


Ready for the finale folks?!

  1. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    Nutella, I shall make some banners to entice the finale!

    But here, a beautiful music video made by martyna267! It’s absolutely stunning!

  2. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    That video was so amazing *in tears and pretty much speechless* It was all the heart-tugging moments in one go.. and the orchestral choir music.. such a sucker for orchestral music ever since Nodame Cantabile (which reminds me, ish people gonna watch Alice In Wonder City? Especially Kappy? xP).

    More purty banners from Kaptain? w00tw00t~ I’m going to save all of them and stare at them until I uncover the secrets of how you make such awesomesauce banners ^^~

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

      Nutella, your name new nick for me makes me chuckle every time. Instead of seeing Kappy, I see “Krappy”.

      Alice In Wonder City, Keane told me about this one. I just hope the girl who uses my name have a rational brain. If she’s a ditzy, I’m done for! 😛

      Do you have photoshop Nut? If you read tutorials and practice, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be requesting for banners from you. ^^

      • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

        *giggle* I promise that wasn’t my intention when I wrote you that nickname xP I just watched AIWC, and both the episode and Alice were gorgeous (and not slow at all), and although it’s too early to tell whether the story will turn into a makjang mess, just the pretty is enough eyecandy to pull me through at this point…

        I do have photoshop, but the problem is.. three-fold? First off, my poor little notebook usually doesn’t handle PS very well, ending in it crashing and me sobbing in heartbreak. Second, it completely intimidates me when it does work, as do the tutorials (the basic ones are too basic and the rest too hard TT_TT) and last, but not least, is that I am simply a lazy, procrastinating arse, more enabled by the above reasons. I await the day PSing knowledge will simply drop into my brain.

  3. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    Thanks so much for this OST!!! Just wondering-do you have Shi Kyung’s version of the song First Love? I think he sang it in one of the episodes. If you do, could you please upload it? And I love your banner for Shi Kyung/Jae Shin. Thanks a lot again!

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

      Hey Sky, I’m still hoping the drama would drop a miracle this month, a duet for SK&JS’s First Love. How wonderful would that BE?

      I saw your request for the banners in the other thread…they will be uploaded soon. After I finish mourning… 🙁 You know where to find them right?

      Now I understand why the song is First Love….and not Last Love. *sobs some more*

  4. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    may i ask the title of princess jae shin’s song on episode 6 … the one she sang in the underground … her first meeting with shi kyung … please … thnx !!!

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

      @ Kyung Jin – Pretty sure Princess Jae Shin sings “Feeling Alive” (내맘대로 살꺼야) by SuperKidd. Unfortunately the OST seems to have the original artist’s version and not Lee Yoon-Ji’s version. It’s still catchy, but I really would have loved to hear her version on my iPod. She sings beautifully and honestly, IMO, I prefer her version.

  5. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    Thank you soooo much for all the drams ost everything 🙂

  6. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    thanks very much indeed for d ost.. (-:

  7. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    what is the name of that beautiful K2H OST, this powerful choir that they put each time there is a very intense moment. You know, the very “king”-like choir !

  8. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    thank you so much for the ost of the drama, i really loved this drama

  9. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    thanks a lot! I’ve been looking for the OST in one package file!
    keep being so helpful & informative 🙂

  10. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    thank’s you so much for share ost the ost drama the king 2 heart 🙂 really i like this drama ..

  11. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    really many many thanks!!!!

    i had to re-watch this drama all over again. i finished watching it a few weeks ago and suffering from withdrawal syndrome… and trying my best to watch others but had to just re-watch the bromance and hang-ah/jae ha….

  12. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    thanks for the ost 🙂
    do you know the backsound when lee jae ha and hang ah going ouy for dating in the garden in episode 19? i’ve been looking for it and still can’t find it, please help if you know, thank you so much 🙂

  13. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    YAY! I haven’t been able to find this OST anywhere! Thanks for sharing it!

  14. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: King 2 Hearts OST

    thank you! I really liked this drama

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