Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes


English Title: The Locked Room Murders
Japanese Title: Kagi no Kakatta Heya (鍵のかかった部屋)
Cast: Ohno Satoshi, Toda Erika, Sato Koichi
# of Episodes: ??
Airing Days: Monday
Broadcasting Station: Fuji TV
Synopsis: Enomoto Kei is a security “otaku” working for a security firm, devoted to improving the securities system on a daily basis. He is not an easy person to familiarize oneself with, always collected and calm, unapproachable, a maniac in Physics, Science, Architecture and profound in other basic theoretical foundation. He is certain and proud of the fact that there is no key which he cannot unlock.

One day, Kei is asked to help reveal a mystery behind a locked room murderer. While he lacks any interest in solving the mystery, he is inevitably intrigued by the term, “Closed Doors” and decides to take on the position. He works side by side with Aoto Junko and Serizawa Gou, who are lawyers working at a major law firm. Junko is pure and forward, acting upon her instincts while Serizawa is a prideful elitist who sees time as money, and therefore, will not take on any job that is unprofitable.

Possessing a vast amount of knowledge and acute insightfulness, Kei is able to unlock the closed doors and unravel the secrets leading to the solution. Never before has there been a drama focused solely on closed doors. It’s an all new original mystery that will keep you guessing every week! — Fuji TV [Credit: Wiki]

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Episode 1 *new file host! good/bad/neh?

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8 // Mirror

Episode 9 // Mirror

Episode 10

Episode 11 // Mirror **FINALE


Alice: I’m craving Japanese dramas lately. I stumbled upon this after finishing Nodame Cantabile on dramacrazy. I finished two episodes in one sitting and decided to share it here. Thanks to Xin Ying because I didn’t know Arashi’s leader is our locked room expert. I like his serious character; he’s not the haughty lead but takes time to explain his thought-processes to the reluctant lawyer and the eager assistant. Their chemistry is entertaining with each episode.

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    I hope to see him smile more!

  2. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    This series is a lot of fun! And there is another dorama running at the same time – Legal High – which features an eccentric lawyer/Sherlock Holmes type character and his junior – a woman. The jdramas seem to do these eccentrics very well.

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      Mr Brain with Kimura Takuya falls under this category too! It’s really cute! Have you watched it? 😀

      • 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

        Ah yes Dr Brain!! That’s a great show – thanks for reminding me. And Kimura Takuya has another tremendous eccentric detective in Hero . . . they are such fun – really affectionately portrayed,

        • 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

          Havent watched that yet, but he never fails to act his role out so very well. 😀

  3. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    Heehee. I’ll take any chance to share and fangirl over Arashi. ;D

    He’s got another drama I forgot to include in the list I emailed you! It’s got suspense/mystery/scary and with a hint of romance too. ;D

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    thank you!
    i luv this jdrama ;D

  5. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    hiii..thanx u soooooooo much for sharing this drama.sooo happy to come here coz i got interesting drama to watch..actually i always visit this web if i’ve no idea what to watch n usually what u post is what i watch.haha..thanx again dear.hehe..pls keep continue posting good drama like.. =)

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    I know why Enomoto doesn’t have a girlfriend….:P

    Aoto looks like this:

    And he asks, “Do you need to use the restroom?” hahaha XD

    Here’s Serizawa looking helpless. “Ever since you came, locked room murders follow!” It’s true though, she locks him the first day at work!

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      I liked this ep. Did you see Seri feeling left out from the mystery solving, and yet he was the one who decided not to actively participate! lol! I luv my Seri!
      I was also gonna sY I really want to see Aoto and Enomoto together but with the ending coming soon am losing all hope and Jdramas tend to be quiet on the romance aspect . What do you think, romance in sight or not? – BTW how many eps does this drama have? I’m going on based on the fact Jdramas tend to be 10 eps. I already miss them, i don’t want it to end T_T hu hu

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        Yes!! He was lying on a sofa with the plasma tv on but his heart and mind was with Enomoto and Aoto. He said, “Looks like you guys are having more fun!”

        Such a big baby. This Seri! Can’t wait for this week! I see romance but the writer isn’t developing it. This makes me sad, why are Jdramas so romantically crippled! T_T

        And it’s going to be 11 episodes in total. 😀

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          Yaaay! That means more eps to develop the romance, but we probly shouldn’t get our hopes up right?
          Hang on a minute, i just thought of something. If a drama is well received they usually make a second season right? So there’s a possibility that there might not be much groundwork covered on the romance front, that can be done in the second season – however there are no talks of a second season 🙁 I really don’t want it to end

          You know we haven’t seen much of the cop that was investigating Enomoto, wonder why he’s quite. They might have saved that for the end to make it dramatic

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          My hope is sitting in a corner, sobbing. =(

          Season 2? I’m not sure of the way Jdramas work but I did heard of popular dramas getting a continual movie. Still short but better than nothing?

          I was wondering about the police too. Maybe they save it for the last 2 episode? heehee! I hope they lock up Enomoto and have Aoto and Seri solve the case for him! That would be true to their team work spirit! And of course, more screen time for your favorite Seri! =D

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    i have problems downloading from uploaded.to. i kept getting this message “You have reached the max. number of possible free downloads for this hour, please try again in an hour or purchase one of our premium products”, when i have yet to download.
    can you please use uppit.com?

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    agree with apple’s comment… please share the link(s) at uppit.com or nekaka or bayfiles if can … TQ

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    Hiya Kap’n!

    Been a while, but i tried to catch up with the eps. Ep 8 was HILARIOUS!! Especially at the end when Enomoto thought Aoto was talking about him but she was talking about the dog and he got mad! Yay! Finally we’re getting something on the romance front.
    And Seri on tv – seriously i luv this guy!!!! Seri was just ridiculous

    Ep 9 – Omo Seri running away from the weird guy that was chasing him – i laughed so hard! Its funny how he doesn’t want to be involved with the Locked Room cases and yet he always complains about being left out
    Did you check out the preview? It doesn’t look good for Enomoto, as we has suspected they’re leaving out that part for the last of the eps. BTW i’m am watching another Jdrama and i saw Enomoto in it – he was making a cameo as part of Arashi – you shud have seen me shouting when i saw him, i was like “Enomoto”! It was kinda weird seeing him act normal and not like our adorkable Enomoto

    • 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

      Yep! They’re saving the best for last. hehe! But I would rather they drop hints every week to make it even more suspenseful. Unless those ending scenes with Enomoto and the keys are intentional plot devices…??

      I love Enomoto’s face too when Aoto was referring to the dog! hahah He has this subtle anticipated expression on, ready to shrug her off if it’s him. Turns out it’s not. 😀

      Our boy is hauled away! Now we get to see Aoto and Seri’s accumulative skill to help their friend! I was waiting for that moment. =)

      I’m on the same boat, when I saw videos of Enomoto on youtube…I’m like…”But that’s not him!” 😛 The attachment we grew for robotic boy. Tsk tsk!

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    Great drama! And love the last case, had me on the edge of my seat for the entire 2 eps! But the final scene… I must say I’m shocked and a little disappointed.
    So does that mean Enomoto really was the thief like the police detective thought?? And he’s just running away?
    And that the window cleaner (TAMAKI HIROSHIIIIII) gave a few diamonds to Enomoto before turning himself in??
    I find that a bit hard to grasp… it would have been really cool if they could expand on Enomoto’s character a bit more, he’s so mysterious, which, I guess, is what makes him interesting, but stil!

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    WIll u upload it at uppit.com as i tried it using speedfile.. cannot download it using IDM….

  12. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    Thanks Admin.. 🙂
    appreciate it…

  13. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    Finally finished the last episode. Funny how I started to wonder WHY Aoto and Seri are doing the investigation while the police man is eating instant noodle.

    All in all, I wish the characterization was better for Aoto and Enomoto. Toda Erika didn’t have much to do in her role, while Enomoto’s storyline could have been built with more suspense and storytelling, giving Ohno more complexity to wring out of the character.

    Seri’s epic: “It’s like the idea fell to me from the SKYYY!!” hahaha 😀

    I can’t believe the only time he smiles is in the end….b/c of the extra income! Alysun, I believe your assumption is right. See the evil smile in the end? heh.

    Annette, here’s a gif for you….. I’m going to miss his running-flappiny wings way of running. 😛

    • 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

      Thanks Kap, luv it!!! This show was all about Seri for me – how could they end it just like that, so anticlimactic. Not happy at all with this show, it started good and then it crashed and burned. I’ll watch it once in a while just to see my Seri!!

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    ep 11 had a problem. hope you can fixed it. thanks

  15. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    that is a great file host!! i like it..thankz for the jdrama..i’m in love in with him all over again!!

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    I feel so sorry for your misunderstanding of Enomoto only based on the last scene which set up to trap us in confusion. In fact, after watching the last drama scene, I was shocked like you too. However, after I read comments (Japanese) in Yahoo (TV Guide) site, I realized that Enomoto is a far more complicated and kind person than we can comprehend in a simple and direct way.
    Enomoto in ep11 came to the carpark and met the murderer directly to convince him to turn himself to the police. If Enomoto only wanted the diamonds, he never had to face with the criminal and risk his own life. No one could imagine at that time Enomoto had already found out the location of hidden diamonds. If Enomoto wanted the diamonds, he only had to take the diamonds from the washing machine without telling the murderer and flew faraway from Japan immediately with calling to Aoto. If Enomoto wanted the diamonds, he supposed to take all diamonds instead of leaving 5/6 of the real diamonds to the police.
    The reason is that the 1/6 of diamonds are changed into cash and paid for the debt owned from the murderer’s parents(the same amount of money as the fake diamonds police claim). Enomoto may get some “helping charge” from the murderer. Enomoto is a kind-hearted person that is why he used this tactic to convince the murderer to go to the police himself and might even ensure the murderer that Enomoto would help him to pay the debt through the diamonds so he could have a new life after he got out jail.
    “The locked Room ” was directed by 3 directors and every one protrayed Enomoto with different images–white, grey, and black. The last scene of drama is taken by the director who likes to protray Enomoto from the dark side and this linked with the original novel (which described Enomoto as thief from the beginning but the novel’s Enomoto had a total different personality, outlook, education background, and job).
    However, only based on the police talk and Enomoto’s last smile, we could not confirm if he really is a thief. You must know Enomoto likes to unlock unusual locks, it is not surprise if he would check all the serious securities out as interests. The fact is with Enomoto’s skills and intelligence, he can open most of the banks’ and jewel shops’ doors and take away all the jewels and money as much as he wants. Then why he stays in the dark basement room by himself in a security company where co-workers isolated him for more than 5 years.
    Of course, Enomoto knows many people would always doubt about him even if he works in a security company once they found out his outstanding unlocking skills, including his co-workers, clients, and police. However, he knows well that once you make a crime you would always be trapped and no freedom can escape from the guilt feeling deep inside the criminal’s heart. That’s why I think he would avoid to involve in crime especially hurting m one’s life. He wants freedom for his heart and that’s why he has to leave becasuse he knows the police would eventually arrest him whether he really commits any crime or not. To feel secure, the police just wants to lock him up for future safety.
    On the other hand, we can sense that Enomoto is possibly not totally innocent. He might have special income from a grey zone area where it is hard to trail him in court but he has a very strict policy from the murder cases he solved. He does not allow anyone to hurt other’s life even if the killer has a special reason behind(ep7& 11).
    My conclusion is that Enomoto might not be a simple good guy but he definitely cares for people in deep. He shows his kindness and bravery as face to face with the murderer even if risking his personal safety (ep 9 face against the gun) or peaceful life (ep5,6, 10) and I don’t believe he wants the diamonds for himself. His last smile might implicate something far deeper than what the drama would ever tell. We can only use our imagination to provide a satisfy answer individually and that is what the producer of the drama intended to fulfill from the beginning. This is why this drama is so successful because that is no direct blame for wrong-doings of all the killings, yet from Enomoto’s slient anger freezing in his eyes or deep sorrow wrapping his back. The last moment of Enomoto at the scene always moved our hearts with various thoughts (sometimes with fears) and every one feels a little different. This is also why I love this drama and Enomoto becasue of this mysterious atmosphere.

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      This is very long. I recommend Higashino Keigo Mysteries if you watched this.

  17. 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been trying to find dramas that kinda have the same feel of Galileo..with it’s eccentric male leads..and I found this! I got so intrigued by it because it’s Ohno.. So excited to watch it. Arigatou!

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    Hey alice, I just finished Nodame Cantabile live action (finally). Just wondering in ep.8
    *(spoiler) it shows miki and mine in a hotel room bed after she takes 2nd in her competition.

    Is it supposed to imply that she slept with him? The show is very wild so I had trouble following everything.

    • 30 thoughts on “Jdrama: The Locked Room Murders Episodes

      hahaha JC. I’ll be honest and say I didn’t really watch the drama. I skipped a lot of parts and wasn’t able to enjoy the drama as much as other fans. 😆

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    Episode 7-11 is dead, if u have a free time, pls re-upload episode 8 and 10.
    Thank you.

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