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Hooray! Guys, this is by far my favorite episode because I can see it! I can see our Beanie ship reaching shore now. Jae Ha is back on my good side. As long as he’s not being Mr. WiWa, he can stay there. As for our beanie couple, a huge thanks to Miss Jane for sparking that flame out of Joon Young. It is long overdue. *pats back* Miss Jane, I think you will fit with In Woo, a pair of troublemakers. heh!

And thanks for the kinds words everyone. I don’t think I point out anything significant, but if you were me, watching an episode 3 times (subbed, raw, screenshots) might force you to pick up all the little details as well. Cheers! πŸ˜€


Episode 24

Prepared to reveal the truth to his mother, In Woo turns to her, “Didn’t you wonder why I haven’t returned to Korea in years…?” But before he can spill the beans, Young Bum grabs his collar, tells him to wake up, and drags him to the front door, where Jae Ha enters and escorts In Woo away. Oh boo!


Young Bum returns to the living room, and Doo Hee questions him, wanting to know the truth. At first, she felt that it was a problem between a father and son, but it doesn’t seem like so anymore. Lying through his teeth, Young Bum says it’s money issue. Doo Hee arches her eyebrows, “Again? Do you expect me to believe that? Whatever it is, he’s still our son. I don’t want to see you kick him outside like that again.”

Doo Hee returns to her room, musing over what just happened. What are they hiding?


Outside, Jae Ha and In Woo bump into In Joo, whose blood is drained from her face the moment she sees her oppa. In Woo steps forward, his face grim, and taunts her, “Why don’t you smile seeing me? Since we haven’t seen each other in years.” He walks away.

Jae Ha speaks on the phone with Joon Young and she’s relieved that he’s consoling her brother. After she hangs up, she sees Do Yoon sitting by himself on a nearby bench. She plops down on the next bench, and wonders why he’s here alone.


He says he’s scared since she left their lunch date without saying anything. He’s worried that Baek Sul has said something that would make Joon Young avoid him. Joon Young looks down, and feels like expressing herself poetically. She picks up a stick and draws a line across the ground, saying, “Up to here only. If you cross that line, we can’t work together anymore.” Oh gosh, Joon Young, you’re too late. Our slowpoke might be slow, but he’s far on the other side already. He’s busy making footprints in your heart, dear.

She continues to thank him and confesses that she won’t be mad at him anymore, whether he’s teasing her or throwing childish tantrums, “Because that’s just who you are.” She explains that she’s grateful to know him because he has been a consistent force of comfort up till now but “Everything ends here. For now and for the future,” she says.


If Joon Young thinks that confession would drive him away, she’s wrong. Do Yoon shrugs and mutters, “That’s enough. It’s not like you hate me. That’s good enough for me.” She tells him to take her seriously, so he utters out, “‘I love you like crazy. Let’s get married‘. Have I ever said those lines to you?” In other words, why is she being wicked serious when their relationship is still hovering in the air?


Joon Young is embarrassed for being presumptuous and tries to leave but Do Yoon hasn’t finished yet: “It’s the first time I’ve heard of those words. ‘I know you well. You’re comforting. Thank-you.‘” Those lines pull at her heartstrings and she turns around to face him. He walks up to her, pulls her hoodie over her head, and covers her ears with his huge hands. “In the future, when President Baek talks to you, just cover your ears like this.”

He ties the strings of her hoodie and smiles like this:


Okay. Mr. Toothpaste Model. I haven’t seen you smile like THAT in a while so I’m just blinded by those pearls. Love how Joon Young thinks she’s cutting the romance line with him but she ends up letting him take a few more steps inside her heart. After he leaves, she stands there dumbfounded, trying to settle the pit-pat feeling. And how romantic is the setting guys? Falling flowers encircling our beanie couple. *swoons*


That night, Do Yoon enters the new apartment Jane got him. On the phone, she asks him to look inside the main room, she has prepared a gift for him. He opens the door, and voila! She’s sitting there with a neat bow tied around her head. OMGosh. This girl cracks me up. She’s so adorable! However, Do Yoon’s face freezes, and he closes the door.


He gulps down some water and demands that she goes back to England. She won’t! Do Yoon: “So you’re just gonna stay here and do nothing?” Jane: “Well, it’s not like I do anything different in England. I just wait for you!” Do Yoon warns her that he’s getting angry but Jane doesn’t care, “If you hate it, just fire me. And I’ll get out of your work and life!” She smiles and returns to her room.


At Jae Ha’s apartment, In Woo is still fuming in anger but he quickly changes the topic upon realizing that Jae Ha hasn’t mentioned anything about In Joo. All he has heard is Joon Young this, Joon Young that. He guesses, “So you’re actually going back and forth between my two sisters?” Aw. He calls In Joo his sister!

Guilty as charged, Jae Ha can’t say much to save his case, “I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m being punished now.” In Woo breathes, “Crazy bastard.” haha XD

In Joo visits her worried dad and tells him not to fret too much about In Woo, “He does this every now and then.” She reveals to Young Bum that she understands why In Woo feels wronged, and even she is finding the whole thing absurd and unfair that she might go crazy too. Young Bum assures In Joo that he’ll send In Woo back to the states. And how long are you planning on keeping him there, Doc?

While nothing good happens at Arirang, Saranae’s head chef is appointed the next ambassador for the Global Chef Contest. Baek Sul congratulates him, and notes that he must actively participate in the appointment this Friday. It’s the best way to showcase Sanarae and Korean Cuisine to a bigger audience.


Baek Sul returns to her office where Joon Young is waiting to have her look over the Improvement Plan for Arirang’s problem. Baek Sul scans down the list – change in food suppliers, uniforms, ingredients… She looks up, dissatisfied with the list, stating that the major reason why Arirang can’t keep up with the sales is because of the Master Chef’s stubborn obsession with her taste. Joon Young is wary, “How could I..?” Baek Sul smiles, “This Friday when you defeat her, she can’t be forcing her traditional ways anymore.”

Joon Young says she’ll try her best but it’s Doo Hee, a formidable opponent. Baek Sul says not to worry, “You think I’m telling you to beat her with just your ability?” At this Joon Young swallows her fear as Baek Sul adds menacingly, “In this contest, you’re supposed to win no matter what.”

Meanwhile the boys are childishly teasing each other with Do Yoon calling Jae Ha. When Jae Ha speaks in informal language, Do Yoon corrects him, saying that this is a business call. Jae Ha chuckles, “Okay, fine. Director Kim, how may I help you today?” Do Yoon: “I need to talk to you about the competition. Come to Arirang. I’ll be waiting.” He hangs up and Jae Ha describes Do Yoon’s rude behavior to his assistant to which he hilariously thinks it’s just like Jae Ha! “Is he your younger brother?” haha!


Wow, that is fast. We see Joon Young with her two men, meeting in the office, trying to come up with a plan since Baek Sul is obviously planning something if she said those words earlier. Do Yoon thinks they should wait it out, she might be testing them. Jae Ha agrees, for now he’ll look into the other areas, like the directors. Joon Young sighs, and Do Yoon chides her, “Better than sighing, think of ways to lose the competition.”

Jae Ha asks whether she has any dish in mind yet, and she replies that she wants to cook something her mother likes. Jae Ha: “Noodles.” Joon Young thanks him for the hint and Do Yoon adorably adds, “If you’re done, then leave.” Jae Ha: “I don’t want to!” Do Yoon: “Can a government worker be so free?” Jae Ha: “I told you! Catching a spy that is planning on destroying Arirang is part of my duties as well.” Do Yoon points to himself, “Me?” BINGO!


Joon Young steps in and cuts off their childish argument. She walks Jae Ha outside and he assures her that In Woo is soft-hearted, he’ll accept her in no time. Their smiles quickly vanish the second they see Grandma coming towards them. She mocks the two, “Aigoo, look at Arirang’s VIP guests, a co-director and the manager of the Inspection department.” Jae He thinks Grandma ought to stop picking on Joon Young. Grandma: “Why? Are you two still dating?” It’s Joon Young who confirms that they are not, so Grandma shouldn’t worry about anything. But with her keen eyes, she notices that Jae Ha isn’t over yet. Having nothing more to say, Jae Ha exits, leaving Grandma to grumble what she’s going to do with Joon Young. Believe her nonsensical actions or ignorantly go along with everything? Just stay put, Grandma. Don’t annoy me. K?

At the same time, In Joo joins Doo Hee in the kitchen, and her eyes widen, “You’re showing the lotus flower sauce to the public?” Doo Hee: “It’s because I haven’t found the right food to go along with its bitter taste so I left it untouched. But now, I think it’s the time.” In Joo pouts, “You said you were going to show it when I become Master Chef.” And Doo Hee replies affectionately, “Please forgive me, my daughter.” They smile.


Ruining the moment is Mr. Fireballs, as he crashes into the kitchen, notes the lotus flower sauce, and wonders aloud, “That sauce is so bitter, I remember. Who is In Joo like that she likes such bitter taste? Isn’t she strange?” In Joo restrains her growing anxiety while Doo Hee smooths things out, “She’s not strange, she just have special taste.” In Woo continues to bring up childhood memories just as Doo Hee reminds him that he was the troublemaker, drinking the sauce and having a stomache, even taking a trip to the hospital.

In Woo visits Young Bum’s empty office and In Joo joins him moments later, asking, “You did that purpose, didn’t you? When are you going to stop? Until my blood dries up and I die?” In Woo is not that heartless, “No. Until you’re honest.” Sigh, In Joo, he accepts you already.

The next few minutes, we have scenes of Joon Young making her new noodle dish. After she’s done displaying 3 mounds of noodles, her phone rings. “Jane?”

Cut to Jane, wearing Do Yoon’s shirt as pajamas with her mini shorts on. She comes to his room and suggests they eat some fruits. *Ding Ding* Jane feigns innocence, “Who is it?” hahha I love troublemaker Jane! Approve!


Do Yoon parts his lips in surprise and Joon Young is taken back with his appearance in a girl’s apartment. It’s cute how Joon Young settles down onto the sofa and immediately asks why Do Yoon is here. He doesn’t reply and instead downs a glass of juice to clear his throat. Jane explains that this is Do Yoon’s apartment and he lets her rent a room rather than staying at a hotel. Joon Young’s response is lukewarm but she hastily changes the subject to Haemil. When Jane answers that Haemil has fallen for a girl and wanted to quit cooking, Joon Young comments, “Ah, so he’s a romanticist too.” Do Yoon glances at Joon Young and gives a small smile, acknowledging his lovey dovey side. hehe πŸ˜‰


So why is Jane here? Since her boss has found his love, she ought to find herself a man too. She plops down next to Do Yoon and hooks his arm. Joon Young seems troubled at their skinship, so is Do Yoon. He unhooks himself and allows the ladies to talk.

Jae Ha returns to Arirang to find In Joo waiting for him. They walk side-by-side, having the most honest talk. In Joo is infuriated that Jae Ha told In Woo everything but Jae Ha affirms it’s In Woo who told him about the other side of the story. He reveals to her that In Woo for the first time feels like she’s human, and not someone without a heart, following Young Bum’s instruction. In Joo snickers, sadness written all over her face, “So you’re saying that there’s a period where he didn’t regard me as a person?” Oops.


Stumped, Jae Ha explains his words, “In Woo pities you.” Unfortunately, In Joo has long been infected with Young Bum’s thinking, everything must be sweep under the rug. She claims that if In Woo feels bad for her, he ought to fly back to the states. Fed up with her evasive tactic, Jae Ha confronts her, “Whether you’re Ha In Joo, or has someone else’s name, no one hates you. The only person tormenting yourself is you.” Okay folks, clap for Jae Ha! Best speech for Mr. Wiwa! I’m proud!

In Joo appears touched at his words. Of course, even I’m touched.

Back at the apartment, Jane braces herself for Do Yoon’s anger. She urges him to tell Joon Young about his identity as Haemil but Do Yoon says he can’t. He doesn’t care if Joon Young misunderstands him for living with a girl. “What I fear most is her distrust in me. So don’t say a word to her. If you pull another prank like this, I might really fire you.”

Jane calls out, “Bastard.” Do Yoon softens, “Without you, I can’t take care of my finances or buy underwear, so stay with me.” Yea Do Yoon, don’t be mean to my girl, or I’ll take away your underwear!

Afterwards, Joon Young comes to her friend’s workplace and Da Eun notes that something is bothering her friend. Joon Young says no, she’s just wondering about something, “You know, two people who are not married nor dating are living in the same house. Isn’t that strange?” Da Eun agrees that it’s strange but since it’s someone of no importance, why is Joon Young so bothered? Joon Young denies, “No…it’s just strange.”

She walks mindlessly to the front display section, and Do Yoon appears right outside the glass window, smiling like THAT again. Okay. Notice how Joon Young cracks a small surprised smile and hurries outside to meet him.

She asks how he knows she would be here, and he jokes, “Telepathy” but she’s not responding warmly to his answer, so he adds, “Is not it. It’s obvious you’re either at Arirang, house, or here.” For some reason, she smiles brightly at that. Does she like the idea of him knowing where she is? You betcha.

So why did he come all the way here? Do Yoon randomly says her best quality is neither beauty nor character, “You’re simple. Sometimes, I think your brain is clear.” Joon Young crinkles her nose at his meanness. He then reveals his real intention for coming here, “I’m only renting a room. There’s no relationship so don’t think anything strange.” She opens her mouth to whine but he continues, “I know you’re not interested, but just know it.”


He turns to leave and she looks mildly disappointed. That is until she notices Da Eun gluing herself to the glass window in an attempt to eavesdrop. hahaha πŸ˜€

Next morning, it’s Thursday, and Joon Young wants to test out the equipments before her competition tomorrow. Do Shik keeps his cool and calm self, and asks her to practice somewhere else, because having a big authority figure in the kitchen unnerves the other employees. She complies with the request. Looks like the Improvement planned has begun because the kitchen staff are spotted in their new uniforms.


Having no place to practice, Joon Young wanders into In Joo’s personal practice room, where Doo Hee is making her dish. In Woo sees her enter from a distance. Once inside, she stands behind a pole and watches her mother cook for a long while. Doo Hee finally notices another presence in the room and calls out Joon Young’s habit of spying on other people. Joon Young is about to leave but In Woo enters, greets her warmly, and explains that Jae Ha introduced her to him.


On a whim, he grabs Joon Young and brings her closer to Doo Hee, “Mother, don’t she look familiar? Look closely, the eyes, nose, and lips?” The siblings look at their mother, anticipating a reveal. But Lady Amnesia barks, “She’s in a relationship with Jae Ha. Be mindful of your sister and stay away from her.” Joon Young turns around and leave, and In Woo mutters in annoyance, “Mother, you’re the one who needs to distinguish between dreams and reality.” Oh! Oh!

Outside, Young Bum sees Joon Young and the two sit down for a brief talk. Seeing how hard she cried last time, Young believes that there’s a hidden reason behind the competition. Joon Young remains steadfast about the reason being Doo Hee’s refusal to cut down staff.

Young Bum then goes on to explain why he can’t seem to hate Joon Young. She resembles this small child that he has buried deep down in his heart. He offers to help her if she needs anything, and she hurries off, forgetting her cellphone on the table. Young Bum chases after her and hands it back, but her pained expression unsettles him. In Woo pops out from behind, “Joon Young resembles our In Joo a lot right?”


Father’s face hardens, his tone serious, “I have put up with you for as long as I could. Let’s go home, we need to talk.” In Woo: “Answer me. If she were the real In Joo, competing against Mom, what will you do?” The wheels in his head start to spin up an assumption, and Young Bum asks, “You…do you know something?” At this moment, In Woo chooses to mock his father instead, “I just know that you’re a hypocrite, Doc.” Back in his office, Young Bum orders a detective to find Fake Dad for him.

Joon Young sits in her office, remembering what Doo Hee was making in her room. She recalls that the sauce has a bitter taste. She lists off all the ingredients that are bitter and Do Yoon offers his own list, consisting of “albiflora.” Joon Young lights up, “I found it! A way to lose to mom.”

Baek Sul wonders where Do Yoon is living and orders her Assistant to look into it.


That night, Joon Young comes to practice in Arirang’s kitchen. In Joo drops by and warns her not to trust President Baek so much. Joon Young thinks she should keep that advice for herself, “You’re probably going crazy over the competition right? That’s why you’re buzzing around me like a bug.” Dang!

More scenes of mother-daughter simultaneously cooking. When Joon Young notices that one of the ingredient is used up, she enters the storage room, and the lever outside falls, locking the door. Uh….

Baek Sul finds out where Do Yoon is staying, and is surprised he has the money to rent such a luxurious place. She goes up to check while Do Yoon requests that Jane cancels all Haemil’s upcoming events throughout Asia. *ding ding*


Baek Sul barges into the apartment, speechless to find Do Yoon sitting there. After she has calmed down for a bit, she orders Do Yoon to come home. Looks like she doesn’t like how easy her son is, hooking up with a woman at Sanarae’s event and even moving into her house. Jane continues to play girlfriend and agrees with Baek Sul’s offer, “We can move back together.” Do Yoon stands up and enters his room, as Baek Sul spits out, “It’s too bad you have to leave the moment we met. The ticket back to England, I will send it through my Secretary.”


Happily gathering her needed ingredient, Joon Young finally approaches the door. When it refuses to budge, she panics, and flashbacks to see her young self being trapped in the same room. After pounding the door leads to no reaction, she leans against the wall and braces herself, while her inner fear as a child screams for her mother.


Doo Hee opens the storage room, and Joon Young rushes over to embrace her, tears flowing out. Doo Hee tries to get out of the hug but she gradually gives in to an unknown feeling, and hugs Joon Young back.

After the hug, the two women return to their respective places, their hearts still tumbling over the closeness.


Next morning, Joon Young walks listless down the road, and passes by Do Yoon. Upset, he calls out and directs her to take 3 steps back. ha. She does so and asks him to be her driver for the day. Inside the car, Do Yoon asks her what’s wrong and she rattles off, “It was the first time I was hugged. I liked it.” They drive past….Jae Ha, sitting in his own car. Oh, you’re late again, buddy. That means something, no?

Young Bum receives a phone call, the investigator has found Fake Dad. He hurries off, leaving In Joo to sense that something’s up.

The competition is today and Do Shik assures his staff members that Master Chef is merely showing off her skills to the public again. Everyone should be supportive, work hard, and learn from her grace!

Looks like the money Baek Sul gave Fake Dad has come to good use because Young Bum finds him fussing the workers like a boss. Fake dad is happy to see Young Bum again, but the latter isn’t, “I came to ask you something.”


Cut to our competitors, Doo Hee and Joon Young, as they prepare for the competition. They meet each other in the lobby, and lock eyes for a good intense minute. In Joo watches the charged moment from the sideline. Doo Hee: “Are you ready?” Joon Young: “Yes.”

With his veins popping, Young Bum lunges at Fake dad the moment he confirms “Joon Young is your lost daughter.” Young Bum bellows, “You definitely didn’t say that! You said it wasn’t her!”

Alice: Cute, heart-warming episode with lots of revelations in the romance department. What I want…

Episode 25 & 26: Handling Identity Crisis
Episode 27 & 28: Doo Hee’s memory returning, In Joo & Jae Ha’s story
Episode 29 & 30: Event w/Haemil, Secret busted, Joon Young’s upset
Episode 31: Wedding and smexy times. 3 Couples? DYxJY, JHxIJ, JxIW? It’s perfect!
Episode 32: Babies! Babies! Babies! DY is going to be a handful. heehee!

Not only is Doo Hee, but Young Bum appears to be living in his own constructed virtual world as well. Before In Joo went missing, we all know how strained his relationship with Doo Hee was, so when he got the chance to have a “perfect” family, he didn’t mind sacrificing his son’s happiness. That’s the thing with parents, they have this ill habit of perennial yearning for the child that is missing, and neglecting the kids who are with them now. It’s a situation that can’t be helped. But since he’s a doctor, you would’ve thought that he can at least attempt to properly treat Doo Hee’s amnesia and grief, yet he chose to go along with her wishes, which ended up psychologically damaging to the kids. The more I see, the more I detest this man, dressed so nice, act so kind, but still can’t get past his selfish needs. He’s human after all, so what can I say. People may say he treats In Joo nicely, but on a closer look, we can see that by treating her nicely, he’s ultimately creating distance between them. That’s why In Joo never grew to be “close” to dad. She clearly feels the distance too and therefore sides with Doo Hee instead, the one who doesn’t remember.

Oh drama, I need to go study. πŸ˜‰

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    i can just imagine do yoon just overpowering joong young on their wedding night and just do what a man got to do, on the hand if that cant happen then they better not do that thing where everybody else get happy endings then our otp somehow meet again after a long period of separation and just stare at each other smiling and then BOOM!! the end!!!, booooyyy woulnt i throw something at my computer then

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

      haha! I want a wedding scene. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN!! Sung Yuri hasn’t done any real kisses right? Only frozen lips as far as I know.

  2. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

    I also saw JY is falling in love with DY without her knowledge. I think that is why DY is smiling that way like you said ala toothpaste commercial model. He senses that no matter what JY is saying about the demarcation line. It is both a naughty smile and a very affectionate one.

    Yuri was kissed torridly in 3 dramas already ,the last one being in Romance Town .She better brace herself LSW is another intense kisser . She might never recover (I wish ,I wish! They look good together really).

    In Woo is speeding up the process of recovering the lost family . Of course Doo Hee will think JY is just crazy . There will be rejection and crisis ,what to do with the fake IJ.

    But I couldn’t help crying with the embrace scene at the bodega of mother and lost daughter .

    Yes, JH needs to be supportive of the fake IJ now . IJ was right what did he do with the so many years they were together ? He should stop being challenged by DY and give up . Leave the two alone for the rest of the epis and rebuild his relationship with IJ.

    Like you I want a wedding between JY and DY of course . Do I want a honey moon scene ?.Why not ? And a maternity hospital scene , that would be great !

    If they don’t do this I will demand a sequel with DY and JY only !

      • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

        Please, I’ve been watching that movie just for him. He is a very shy person, but that kiss was so beautiful, real <3

        And he looks so good when smiling! (who doesn't?) so director, please let us see him smile more often.

      • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

        oh my….LALALA!! my innocent 17 years old mind!!!!!

        i clicked thinking it’s INTENSE KISSSING…but then the following scene. omo…. Rated R! lee sang woo…now i know why you said you like scenes with no talking…. oh gawd. this image of lsw is forever imprinted in my head now. T_______T

        i think kaptain alice posted the happy together of this movie cast years ago… maybe i should go back and watch it.

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    I was feeling down after watching my fav soccer team crash out of the champions league, but how glad was i when i saw that you’ve posted up this recap! at least now, my day wont be so depressing…

    Anyway, how right you are about our ship reaching shore! I cant wait for them to show us more developments between those two! I would say that what i want to see the most now, is for JY to actually do something for DY. It’s about time he receives some love from her after always being the one giving it away. It must be so tiring! But just wait awhile more yea loverboy? I bet the writers have something nice lined up for them πŸ˜€

    Jane and IW would really make a cute couple btw! I can totally imagine them bickering non-stop but loving each other in the process! IW’s character is so amusingly likeable! Him acting all young with the outfits he wears and the way he’s living!

    and thanks again kap!~

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      JY was the first who extended a supportive arm to DY and made him open up slowly and live his own life (away from the trauma of the death of his twin brother). In spite of his meanness ,his teasing to JY ,a loving heart blossomed. I truly hope that heart will be nurtured by her and both their hearts will find the love they were looking for.

      But how about their mothers ? I think they might turn into Romeo and Juliet. Btw, there might not be any connection but why is it JY is being called Julie ?

      • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

        yea, JY did help DY in a way, but i guess it was unintentional? or if better said, that time when she opened up DY’s heart, she did so as a friend. i would love for her to do something for DY out of love πŸ™‚

        and i think she’s called julie cos “yuri” (her real name) sounds similar to “julie”

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          I don’t know much korean, but I know that α„… is pronounced R or L (don’t know the rules).

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    I can’t stop smiling now that I’ve read this episode’s recap!! DY x JY is becoming a reality!! Finally!! Yaaaayyyy!!! \o/ Thanks Kaptain!! ^^

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    Been a silent lurker here.. anyhoo, thanks for the recaps Kaptain A! I enjoy reading your thoughts. I’m so glad that we support the same ship =)

    Here’s the preview for episode 25 (I hope I embed it right.. Lol..if not then just click on the link.. hee!*^^*)

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      thanks dear Bella! I LOVE YOUR AVATAR. it’s like taunting Jaeha or something. LOL!

      oh man!! why do i see JH stopping JY from helping poor DY? is he drunk in broad daylight or did someone beat him up and he falls to the ground?

      yes! kap! ONE FULL EPISODE for making babies alone. lol. πŸ˜› JY, it’s too late now…he has already entered your heart. look at your jealous self. and you don’t know? how dare you claim you know what love is!

      agreed the dad may act all nice and noble but he’s the start of the problem by showing doo hee those cheating pictures with him and another woman.

      who want to bet he cheated or not? i say he didn’t…

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    thank you thank you thank you thank you πŸ™‚

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    Love your witty writing Kaptain A. Whenever I think of the hands mixing in the bowl with dough, I think of your comment about Ghost and unchained melody. lol.

    I like this drama. Even though sometimes it’s slow, JY is crying all the time and the cooking has been lacking a bit. It’s more like decorating than cooking especially with the fake In Ju.

    One thing I noticed, which applies to all k-drama. How come the pedestrian and the car driver always seem to meet at the same time? Since when do cars drive 3 miles per hour LOL

  11. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

    What if the fake In Joo happens to be Young Bum’s daughter from the woman who wanted to commit suicide from the cruise ship? The woman could have followed him and his family on the ship. Later when, Young Bum realised that no one is going to look after his other daughter, he took the opportunity to bring in his other daughter as In Joo. Everyone thought he loved his wife so much. Maybe, he stayed with her because the previous lover had fallen overboard and therefore his extra-marital affair had ended. He is scared of people discovering who the fake In-Joo really is because he didn’t want others to find out his sins.
    What do you think of this notion?

  12. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 24

    Such a good episode! I loved the DY-JY moments. They are definitely taking the right steps in the right direction:) How sad it is that DY has no one to be able to tell him what a great guy he really is! It’s not like he has a family to do that for him. He and JY both want the same thing. A wonderful happy and complete family. It’s what makes them so perfect for each other. And that leads me to this. What exactly do you think DY’s plans are for his mother? Why did he become Haemil? What is his ultimate revenge on his mother dearest? He did he meet up with Jane and when? I want to know these answers!

    In Woo is still an interesting character. He sure is a great catalyst to get JY’s secret out to the family. I want to see how he takes to DY:) That ought to be interesting. He is after all an older brother who has really missed his sister. He’s bound to be a little bit protective. I hope the father gets his act together and cleans up the horrific mess he made of things. In “protecting” his wife, he sure has made a mess of things! She needs to know the truth and dad needs to repair his relationship with IW and IJ. Maybe if he had been a man in the beginning, they wouldn’t have so many problems.

    DY’s smiles are lovely! They way they transform his countenance is magical:) He should smile like that more often! And DW cracked me up trying to eavesdrop in the window. JY sure looked happy when DY came to clear up the misunderstanding. Thanks for the recap, Kap!

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