Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23


Is it only me but this episode went by pretty quick? The addition of a new cast member clearly brightens up the whole episode. The actor playing Joon Young’s brother, In Woo, is Jin Tae Hyun. Apparently, they have worked together in Snow Queen before. For the life of me, I don’t remember what role he played.

Episode 23

After Baek Sul suggests a competition between the two, Doo Hee readily accepts, followed by a wary Joon Young. Standing by the side, In Joo seethes in anger, objecting to the idea in vain. Do Yoon watches the exchange from far away, and catches his mom later.


He clearly wants to talk about the competition but the appearance of the employees forces Baek Sul and Do Yoon to pretend they’re a pair of loving mother-son duo. Once the employees pass by, Baek Sul’s face hardens, “Don’t get in my way. Just because you joined my side, don’t think that I trust you.”


Joon Young broods in her office, “So the first fight I’ll have at Arirang is with my mother. President Baek is cruel.” Do Yoon enters the office and tells her to do this mission, it’s the only way to gain Baek Sul’s trust. She replies that she knows and insists to be alone. He asks her to look at him, but she won’t, so he concludes that it’s because he’s Baek Sul’s son, a repulsive being to look at. That line gets a strain reaction from Joon Young but she’s stern like a log to let him see it. Oh gosh. Do Yoon, someone give him a hug! He’s not repulsive! 🙁

She receives a phone call from a reporter, Choi Yoo Jin.


Grandma hears about the competition and rushes over to Doo Hee, telling her the whole thing is nonsense. She’s Arirang’s figure, don’t get involved in silly competition with another young chef. However, Doo Hee wants to use this opportunity to prove to herself something, “Is my intense feeling for Joon Young from my guilty conscience or something else.”

An employee comes to inform them that a reporter wants to know if the competition is true? ha! Baek Sul, that woman is fast to spread the news. Doo Hee chuckles at her old rival’s speed.


Do Yoon bumps into his old friend Mi So, who casually flings the game Do Yoon gave him back. He’s mad at Do Yoon for hiding his identity and now the other staff members are calling him an “informant” for introducing a spy to Arirang. Do Yoon tries to lighten up the mood but his friend continues to talk down to him so he pulls the ‘hyung’ card out. Mi So still isn’t fazed and walks away, “Because I don’t have the money to hire gangsters and beat you up! Yah, Kim Do Yoon, don’t live like that.” Do Yoon calls him back, gives me a good punch, and declares, “I’m still your hyung even if the world turns upside down.” Mi So stands up, lips busted, and whines, “I loved you so much! Why do you have to be President Baek’s son! You devil!”

Oh, the sneaky writer. Adding in this scene to further emphasize to Do Yoon how his identity plays a bigger part than he imagined. People might never accept him simply because he’s a son of a rival.

Well, hello. We have another same sequence of scenes again. In Joo sitting in Baek Sul’s office, asking for her real motive behind the competition. Girl, do you have amnesia? She told you twice she wants Doo Hee to beg and disappear. Why are you wasting my 60 minute-viewing time with the same crap?!


Oh wait, wait. She comes prepared and shows Baek Sul the recording she did with her menacing words about wanting Doo Hee to beg on her knees and disappear forever. This is your lever to keep Baek Sul in check? Like, the whole world doesn’t know she hates Doo Hee? In Joo warns Baek Sul that she’s not a joke and the latter agrees, “I know, there’s nothing you can’t do out of desperation. Don’t worry.”

Meanwhile, Jae Ha receives a prank call from an old friend. Joon Young’s real brother, Ha In Woo. He asks to be fed ’cause he’s hungry and is currently rocking at a bar with his new band, friends that he met two weeks ago. When Jae Ha finds out that he’s living in the bar, he generously lends over a credit card to his friend. In Woo is touched and opens his arms to embrace Jae Ha.


Jae Ha asks In Woo when he’ll contact his family, to which he replies that his dad is leaving for volunteer work soon. Maybe then? Or after he’s tired of sleeping around. Jae Ha calls Joon Young, who seems unhappy with the phone call until he mentions that her brother is back.


Jae Ha brings In Woo to a nice restaurant and In Woo complains, “I thought we’re drinking? Why are two guys here?” Jae Ha: “We have to eat first right?” and excuses himself to use the bathroom. Once alone, In Woo turns up his charm and winks at the girls. They laugh at his cheesy action and he wonders aloud, “Don’t they look at mirror?” In other words, they should be grateful he’s even paying attention to them!


Joon Young arrives at the restaurant, spots her brother immediately, and whispers, “I found him.” She takes careful steps towards him, with a puppy face, but In Woo is nervous, “Why is she walking to me?” haha A playboy should be scared. Because in this situation, a girl with a sad face usually says, “Don’t you remember me? I’m pregnant.”

Standing before her brother, Joon Young flashbacks to their happy times as kids while In Woo confesses, “Do you know me? By the way, I…am intimidated by intense woman.” hahaha! Luckily, Jae Ha appears and introduces Joon Young as his junior. They all sit down, introductions are made, and Joon Young stutters out, “Nice to meet you…In Woo…..Oppa.” In Woo’s taken aback since they just met each other but she’s already calling him in friendly terms, and he replies, “Well, of course! Since I’m not your unni.” Gosh, this dude cracks me up!

At Arirang, Doo Hee anxiously answers Baek Sul’s call regarding the competition. Time? This friday. Theme? Arirang. Judges? Arirang’s directors because Baek Sul wants to save Doo Hee’s dignity and decides to keep this a family affair. Doo Hee thanks her dryly.


After the awkward dinner and her brother is sent back to the bar, Joon Young fills Jae Ha in with the current news. The competition. He objects to the idea, “How could you face your brother when you were trembling seeing your brother?” Joon Young says it’s too late to back out, “President Baek must like this, she’s treating my mother like a mentally-ill patient for not being able to recognize her child.” Jae Ha says he can’t stand and watch this unfolds, but Joon Young evades his question and thanks him for today’s arrangement. He’s about to step outside the car, and she pulls his arm, “I’ll go in alone. Drive home safely.”


Next morning, while Doo Hee takes a beauty nap, In Joo handles a case of customer’s complaint. The ajuhmma wants to pack the leftover food home but it’s Arirang’s rule that their food stays in the restaurant, nothing goes out. Joon Young steps in and decides to change that rule, it’s a new era after all. In Joo can’t believe this is the real Go Joon Young, cold and unyielding, but Joon Young disagrees, “I have more to show you.” Her face quickly melts when In Joo reveals that Doo Hee is sick in bed. Way to hit the right spot, unintentionally, In Joo.


Worried about her mother, Joon Young comes to In Joo’s house, holding a wrapped up pot (soup?). The moment she enters the kitchen, memories of a happy family fill the empty residence, where laughter bounces from wall to wall. Deep in thought, Joon Young drops the pot with a thud, causing Doo Hee to call out from her bedroom, “Is it you, In Joo?”

Standing outside the bedroom door, Joon Young answers that she has come because others are misunderstanding the situation. That Doo Hee’s sickness is caused by her, so she wishes Doo Hee to gain back her health and come to work. Doo Hee says she’s fine. At this point, Young Bum is standing behind Joon Young, and when she turns around, he sees the tears brimming in her eyes.

He enters the bedroom and says the most sane thing ever, “It looks like you guys are hurting each other, why don’t you stop?” Doo Hee: “It’s what she wants!” Ohohohoho, from what I remember, you agreed to the fight first, lady amnesia.

Once she’s outside, tears continue to fall, right in front of Do Yoon. He grabs her arms, “Think straight! In President Baek’s eyes, they’re the enemies. Do you want everything to end like this? (with your crying, exposing your weakness and real intention?).”


Cut to the kitchen staff members: Boo Joo complains that she should quit, and the others agree, “It’s not the only place I can work at anyway.” Do Shik tells them to snap out of their complaints, it’s Master Chef’s decision, they should all support and work hard. Seeing their dejected faces, he volunteers to treat them to pork ribs today but their response remains lukewarm, so he offers to buy them expensive beef sirloin instead and everyone perks up.

After having a bit to drink, Boo Joo calls Joon Young and asks to see her in person at this run-down restaurant. Joon Young tells Do Yoon that she can handle drinking, “See you tomorrow.”


Even though they’re having beef sirloin, the staff members can’t let go of their bottled up anger, “How could a greenhorn like Joon Young compete against our Master Chef! This is humiliating.” Joon Young makes her entrance, and Do Shik asks curiously, “Are you here to apologize?” Joon Young: “What for? I didn’t do anything wrong.” Do Shik is disappointed with the cold response, and leaves. Boo Joo is mad but Joon Young suggests they settle everything with drinks, rather than fists.


22 glasses. 2 for each person. She will drink them all. The moment she finishes the fourth glass, our white knight appears and grabs the 5th glass out of her hand. He’s going to drink in her place. As he downs the rest of the drinks, Kim Tae Woo’s song “So I Run” plays in the background. Appropriately played man. So I run away with your drinks and some pieces of your heart? 😛

He finishes all the glasses and pulls Joon Young to leave, Boo Joo interjects, “Whoa! Whoa! Are you two lovers for real?” Do Yoon: “Yeah! This is the woman I love. If you want to trouble her in the future, ask for my permission.”


Outside, he wobbles around and Joon Young helps him to a bench in the park. She wonders why he drank all the beer, did he want to look cool that much? Aw, she finds him cool, so he prompts for an answer, “I looked cool didn’t I?” He goes on, “Since I drank all that, you have to grant me one wish… This time, I….will go to you.”

Joon Young: “Kim Do Yoon shi…”
Do Yoon: “Don’t run away. I’m sorry, because of my mom,….I… I’m sorry.”


The drinks sway his head to her shoulder, where he rests like a little boy. Joon Young sits like that, engrossed in the song “Sad Love” by Lee Jung. Wait, I meant me. We can see that she tries to reach out to him, but in the last second, retracts her hand, unsure of her own growing affinity to this man.


Cut to Young Bum helping Doo Hee to the dining table, where In Joo pours some porridge into her bowl, thinking that mom made the porridge because it tastes the same. Doo Hee tastes the porridge and claims, “I must brace myself for the competition. I made this porridge for Joon Young once when she was sick. God gave her many talents.” Don’t tell me, they’re going to make the same dish for the competition, because that is borderline laughable.

Young Bum sits in his office, contemplating over the facts that Joon Young has not once but twice cooked the same food as Doo Hee. I’m so disappointed in him. He’s a doctor for god’s sake. A simple DNA testing will tell him the truth? What? Is he afraid of going to jail? Please, this is a drama. Jail scene only last for 5 minutes. And it’s pay day next.


Back to our beanie couple, as Joon Young realizes for the first time that she’s selfish, she’s not the only one hurting in this process. She apologizes, “I’m sorry. Do Yoon is also hurting.” Turns out that she has called her only male friend for help, and Jae Ha balks, “What a great black knight!”


He comes to Do Yoon and pulls him away from Joon Young, slapping his face pettily, which earns him disapproving looks from Joon Young, “Don’t do that!…” Jae Ha: “Then should I carry this big thing by hugging or piggybacking?” Joon Young offers her help but he pushes her arms away, cutting body contacts between the two. haha! I love that she defends Do Yoon’s handsome face. 😀


Jae Ha carries bulky Do Yoon home and reluctantly gives him a thin blanket to spend the night on the sofa. When he sees Do Yoon’s handsome face, Jae Ha moves to cover his head completely. Oh gosh. Hilarious man child here. hehe. A little bromance doesn’t hurt anyone, right? 😀


In the morning, Jae Ha wakes up to see Do Yoon chomping down breakfast. Jae Ha wonders how Do Yoon can find the time to be a black knight and the latter responds, “I’m doing everything I can. Since you have given up, I’ve been watching from the sideline, a step back.” Jae Ha tells him to stop whatever he’s doing because Joon Young is in pain. Do Yoon says he won’t since he has no feelings left for Baek Sul, now we just move forward because “You shouldn’t have let her go when I gave you the chance.” He thanks Jae Ha for the hospitality.


Joon Young arrives to work and overhears some distasteful words from the mouths of two gossipers calling her foxy for trying to woo Choi Jae Ha and now President Baek’s son. Do Yoon comes up from behind, wraps his arm around her and declares, “Spread more rumor, this woman here, I have a hard time keeping her from running away.”

Assistant Kim reports to Baek Sul about the marriage rumor between Do Yoon and Joon Young.

Joon Young goes to her office and asks Do Yoon to stop joking like this, but he says, “Don’t make me become a trivial man. It’s not because I was drunk.” Joon Young: “Do Yoon shi!” Do Yoon: “Don’t make me say the same thing again.” Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Baek Sul. When Joon Young hesitates to pick up, Do Yoon does the honor of answering. She wants to have lunch together like a normal family does, on Sunday, today. heh.

In Woo gives a surprise call to In Joo. Is it me, but she seems to forget for a second about identity crisis, and is relieved to call him “Oppa”, well, until he says he’s in Seoul. She’s back to be the insecure seed.


She goes to Doo Hee instantly, wondering whether her brother has called. No. Calming down, In Joo wonders why her mother is working so hard for this competition, she’ll win regardless. In her head, she thinks, “Or maybe you have acknowledged Joon Young’s skill to this extent?”

Walking outside, she crosses path with Jae Ha. She tells him to stop looking at her with those eyes, “Eyes that tell me I will get caught and be kicked out!” Jae Ha sighs, “If you know then why are you lying like this?” She snickers, “I have enemies everyone. Arirang, Sanarae, Oppa, and family. In Woo is back. It would be better if he never comes back….forever.”


Jae Ha finally realizes that In Woo knew about the truth and that’s why he’s been running away for the last twenty years. He goes to the bar, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You bastard!” Jae Ha demands for the truth, but In Woo only knows the latter part of the story: “Dad brought this strange girl home and declared she’s In Joo. Then Mom also looked fondly at this strange girl and called her In Joo. What should I do? I can’t call them crazy people so I ran away.” He has said enough and doesn’t want to bother with this topic anymore, that is, until Jae Ha mumbles, “The real In Joo, she is alive.” In Woo turns around, his face solemn and vulnerable.


Now the lunch date. Baek Sul carefully asks whether Do Yoon is interested in arranged dates since the ladies are giving her hola. Joon Young seems mildly interested and Do Yoon excuses himself to take a phone call. After he’s gone, Baek Sul works her words around Joon Young, “I’m glad that you’re around because Do Yoon doesn’t go back against my words. Joon Young is a girl with sense. You know that I treat you like my own daughter right?” Yea, Joon Young understands her words: Keep a distance from Do Yoon.

The call is from Jane. Being a capable manager, she has signed the papers for his new place. He thanks her with a small smile. When he returns to the lunch table, Joon Young is gone. Baek Sul: “Stop following her around. If you want to stay by her side, don’t do anything reckless. Are you thinking of marriage?” Do Yoon: “For now, just sit back and watch.”


On her way back, Jae Ha calls Joon Young, “Listen. In Woo….knows everything.” She hurries over to the bar where In Woo seriously asks her, “Are you the real In Joo?” She nods meekly. In Woo: “Are you sure you’re the real In Joo?” She again nods quietly. That’s it, he’s going to tell everyone the truth! Joon Young holds his arms, begging him to stop but he has a big guilt to bear in all these years, “It will be too late if you make everyone out to be fools for not recognizing you!”

In Woo walks past Joon Young and Jae Ha, straight to his house. Oh dear! I like this fireball character!!


Doo Hee is happy her son is back but Young Bum spares no smile, “I see that you return without calling.” He doesn’t care at this point and wants them both to listen carefully, “To Dad, this is probably the best present for you.”

Alice: Ack! The preview! But I need to study for finals!! Why this week of all weeks?

I’ll be succinct here, I like In Woo! He gives off the same vibes as actor Ji Sung (the voice?), which is a good thing, and his face is very emotive. He shall be call Mr. Fireballs from now on. If he gets things done and moves the plot forward, why the heck not? His appearance is a breath of fresh air as I’m sure you all are tired of our cast running back between two boring settings, now we have a bar to rock at! In a way, I can see why he’s rushing things to get done, for someone who probably lives with a considerable amount of guilt for not protecting his sister (in whatever ways), he wants to do the right thing. It’s probably his frustration and grief that drives him to treat the fake In Joo so harshly and never grew to like the girl. Then there’s also the factor that he feels wronged and neglected, emotionally, by his own father when he’s speaking the truth about the whole ordeal. Poor In Woo, another victim added to the list.

As for our beanie couple, there are big steps made this week, taken by our heroine. With realization, concern comes next, and naturally life-time treatment plan of happiness, right? I especially love the drinking scene because another light bulb goes off in my tiny head. Usually, we see couples coming to terms with their relationship in the ways they handle things. In Cinderella’s Sister, we see Eun Jo meeting Ki Hoon in the middle of the road, symbolizing the equal effort each is willing to put in to make this romance work. Beautiful!

In the drinking scene, we witness that Do Yoon is still the mower, taking up more than half the effort. It perfectly paints their unequal footing at the moment. I genuinely believe that by the end of the drama, Joon Young will see that Do Yoon is a man worth all 22 glasses of fine wine. No less, babe!

  1. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    FOTG needs to move forward fast now with 9 episodes to go.

    Brother came home to speed up the process of conflict resolution .Btw, the actor played best friend to Hyun Bin and an employee of the elegant boutique owned by Yuri’s father in the Snow Queen drama.He earned the ire of the bratty Yuri there .

    While our beanie couple gets more scenes together …moving towards each other with DY getting bolder,more open and warmer with his feelings , JH is I think getting marginalized . But I get the feeling JY and DY are going to turn into Romeo and Juliet in the next episodes .

    I also got the bromance vibe when I saw JH reaction to the face of the handsome hulk sleeping in his sofa . Did they sleep together ?.What’s with the unmade other side of the bed . Naughty writer .

    But you know it is only at DY that JY gets to show her puppy eyes very often. Oh ,writer don’t make us expect so much for the drama love conclusion.

  2. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Spoiler for next episode : Jane is coming back and mother Baek Sul is mad as hell .Somebody please introduce Jane to In Woo fast .He needs a manager as singer. JH will feel the pangs of jealousy ?

    I hope JH goes back to the fake IJ . Then DY and JY together for the home stretch ! Yuhoo .Writer please torment us no longer .

    Doo Hee and Baek Sul -they can tear each other’s hair for all eternity.

  3. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Thanks for the recap Kaptain!! I didnt see the episodes, didnt wanna spend the weekend worrying over it all but Im liking where its heading with DY x JY! I hope she gets to the phase after realization and does well by actually reciprocating and choosing him!! I cant see him heartbroken!! T_T

  4. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    @ ALICE: Hello, I’m very happy whenever I read your recaps. Although, I’d watched the whole episode but reading your recaps make me feel comfortable and more attractive. I would like to use your recap to translate to my friends. Is it possible to do that? I’m appreciate for your sharing. Thank you very much. I still waiting for your recap eps 24. Fighting! Fighting!

    • 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

      Feel free to. 🙂

  5. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Thanks! it makes things more clear for me. I can’t stop watching the row episodes, but in 24-th I kept on ff the non-DY and YJ scenes, and they are less and less.:(
    I understand that is better to have all the characters on screen to a better plot development.
    As I asked before, what is the OTP in this looong drama? Please tell me is DY and YJ, cause they have so many things in common and they look so good together. He even kissed her. (did JH kissed JY , cause I don’t remember now).

    @ Alice – good luck with the finals!!!!!

  6. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Thanks so much for the recap!! I have grown to love this drama that I actually download the last two ep. since I didn’t want to wait to watch what will happen next!!

    I love that our beanie couple is having more “lovey-dovey” scenes than before!! I have been thinking, and maybe all of beanie couple fans also, if the writter decide to go th beanie couple love line it will be so easy and logically to have a happy ending since BS and DH won’t have to keep fighting since they will become in-laws in the future if our beanie couple marry ^0^, and JH can stay beside IJ since I really can’t believe that all those years of care and love for IJ vanished just like that when JY came in the picture so I’m sure JH somehow still like IJ…

    That way it will definitly be an awesome happy ending, a Park ShiHoo ending, when the second lead end up with the female lead!! ^0^

    • 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

      The moment I started watching, the drama gave me a “Queen of Reversals” vibe. Usually one can tell straight away who is the main lead, but here, despite the fact that Joo Sang Wook is listed as main and Lee Sang Woo as supporting, I wasn’t convinced, cos DY is more interesting, memorable and has more depth as a character.
      If i recall correctly, in “Queen of Reversals” Park Shi Hoo was supposed to be the 2nd lead, but people loved him, so when the drama was given an extension, writers made some changes. (Yay!) It’s not a stretch to assume that the same can happen here, since they don’t even need an extension to develop a believable love storyline for beanie couple (well, DY is already in love, but JY needs some prodding).

      Right now I’m watching ep 20, so I don’t know what’s in store for our lovebirds in eps 21-23 (haven’t read the recaps either), but there’s still hope, ne?

      Actually, my main reason for writing a note (before I got distracted by “QoR” reference) had been to ask about this poll:
      Who is winning? Hangul is a mystery to me;)

      • 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

        The result is:
        DY-JY couple: 75%
        JH-JY couple: 25%.

        Big thanks to Kaptain, although I’ve watched the episode already, still I love to reading your recaps, it make me more understand the storyline and the fact that there’s a few lines in the subtitles confused me!
        Take care <3!

        • 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

          Thanks for the explanation:)

          I’ve just finshed watching and reading recap of ep 23 – I usually do it at the same time, if I want skip pointless scene or if I find the subs unclear, so big thanks for your hard work Kaptain A!
          Kim Do Yoon, you handsome devil, you! You’ve finally stepped up your game! I hope you won’t go back to being her silent protector on the sidelines in the next episode (can’t expect drama characters to be too consistent, but still;p)!
          Go Joon Yeong, you’re doing great girl – becoming more aware of DY and sticking it to Arirang residents. I mean, she’s a sweet and naive girly so other workers, Ha family and meddlesome granny walked all over her, used her and abused her. I know that all that she does now is for the show, but I love it anyway, that she holds her own for once.
          In Woo is fun and interesting and I hope he won’t lose his spunk like his dongsaeng. I have high hopes that he’ll be the one to get the ball rolling.
          Preview for ep 24 – the clip when DY he covers JY’s ears and smiles (sooo cute!), it better be one scene and not a montage, cos I’d love to make it into an animated icon. Can’t wait for the next ep!

  7. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Thannks, Kaptain, for a wonderful recap! Though I have already watched the episode, your comments/insights are the ones that truly make my day. I am so glad to think that we are rooting for the same guy in this crazy love triangle. Hope our man wins at the end, for surely, who would be crazy enough to choose any one other than DY shi????

  8. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Kap, I can never thank you enough for the fast recaps ! What i i love most abt your recaps are that they’re so detailed, it seems like im reading a pro writer commenting abt a drama in a magazine or something! There’s always something that i missed out on while watching but you brought my attention to it. Plus, you never fail to inject your fun humour in!

    And i’m loving the new episodes! Me wanna buy the dvd when it comes out! 🙂

  9. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    thank you for the recaps! patiently waiting for ep 24.i like DY & YJ moments in ep 24…

  10. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    Thanks for doing the recap even when you have your finals coming up. Ace them OK?

  11. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    As always thank you!!! I’ve seen the episode but I look forward to your recap… You translate parts missed by subs, and I love it (like what fireball-bro said when JY was standing in front of him).

    Hooray for JY and DY! They look so good together, especially when it bings smile to DY!

    If I were the fb-bro, I’d be running away fast …the dad is cruel, he turned the household to a loony house 😀 I’m glad the fb-bro came back with sanity intact!

    For fake IJ, evil or not, the poor girl is enslaved by dad’s lunatic plan. The dad could have helped mom recover properly instead, adopt fake IJ properly and let her be herself. For that, I hope fake IJ gets JH in the end – and hopefully, both of them be happy too. JH’s character is so wishy-washy-no-spine-all-talk-twitching-face while IJ is bordering insane evil. How I wish they made JH loyal to fake IJ and kept that brotherly feelings for JY instead. Sigh.

    Anyway…you are the best Kaptain A!

  12. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    My heart broke for DY in this episode. First, when JY wouldn’t look at him and then right after that, his friend drops him like a hot potato! I felt so bad:( What did he ever do to deserve that?? It’s not his fault he has such an awful mother! I have to say though, I loved his show of being a valiant black knight! Swoon…What idiot girl wouldn’t fall for a guy like that? And finally JY realizes how selfish she has been not realizing all the pain he has been going through. You know, some people just keep their hurts to themselves so as to be stronger for those who are weaker. I hope you appreciate that, ok JY?? And absolutely loved JH taking DY to his home and reluctantly caring for him, lol. Can we please have more of these bonding moments? Pretty please!!

    JY is stepping up a bit. Less crying, more action. I like that so much more than her tears. This drama is definitely getting better! And I’m loving the fact that IJ has less and less control of what goes on. Her brother coming back definitely puts her in her place. She’s losing her power in Arirang and in her family. Her brother really is moving things along. Sure, he does it in an impulsive and reckless way, not sure how to handle it. Only knowing that is has been plaguing him for the past 20 years, and he is more than fed up with it. Can’t say that I blame him. He is definitely an interesting character to watch. I like the change of pace he gives to the show.

    JY is showing the signs of starting to care for DY. It’s there, whether she realizes it or not. She’s a kind person by nature, so I can’t see how she wouldn’t or rather couldn’t allow all of DY’s continued acts of devotion to get to her. She would have to be made of the coldest stone. She’s very restrained, but DY is plowing ahead and making way. I really can’t wait for ep 24 recap! Thanks so much, Kap! You never disappoint your devoted followers:)

  13. 19 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 23

    im getting really excited cos i have this feeling now that DY might end up with JY! i was really doubting it in the earlier episodes, cos i thought JH was the main lead. but seriously, writers wouldnt put so many scenes of the 2nd lead with the main female lead if they dont plan to end them together! ive concluded that! yay 🙂
    anyways thankfully the storys finally moving foward, anymore dragging & i was ready to give it up. only reason i stick to this show was for DY. i just love the guy <3
    pretty sure this is gonna b a good ending, i can foretell that everyone in this show is gonna get a good ending, even BS & IJ.

    thanks for your recap, they make my day. i actually read your recap before i watch the episode, if i dont like the episode then i skip it. lol.

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