Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21


My least favorite episode. I think I snored through this episode so I won’t blame you guys if you all fall asleep at some point during this dull recap. Things we have seen, stuff we have heard, all recycled once more, with them just wearing a different set of clothes. They better bring Jane back because all the female characters (minus Cupid Baek) are grating on my last nerves!

Episode 21


Facing the beautiful night life, Jae Ha doesn’t spare a thought to enjoy the view, instead he asks for the truth from In Joo, the whole truth: “I saw Joon Young’s childhood photo. So tell me, who did I spend the last 10 years with? What happened to our memories?” Tears filled those desperate eyes and In Joo begins listing off the characteristics of Ha In Joo like she’s reading from a profile page. She catches her breath and mutters the last important line, “I’m Ha In Joo and the feelings that I have for you have never been a lie. So what you saw is meaningless. That child is simply Go Joon Young.” Bravo, In Joo. I agree with you. Did Jae Ha simply love the name In Joo? Or is he a better person than that and loved you for who you are/were?


We cut to the beanie couple where Joon Young is acting like a babo, trying to dissect what Do Yoon is telling her, is it true or not? She can’t believe that Baek Sul is trying to use her to destroy Arirang. Why? Do Yoon offers no explanation either. She then lectures him for not calling Baek Sul ‘mother’ – something she wishes she could do every day.

I think this is the most annoying lecture ever. Just because you don’t have something, it doesn’t mean that others are treating what they have for granted. Do Yoon has his reasons for not liking his mother. Everyone has their own reason for choosing the path they walk.


She calls out his story as a joke, which upsets him and he angrily retorts, “A joke? A man running around for the sake of defiance? Fine. I also don’t like a person like you who sensationalizes everything and doesn’t care about others.” Ohhh. Harsh words. But wise words too. This girl really hangs her heart in her sleeve. Too emotional at that.

He stands up and walks away but she stops him with an informal “Yah!” He turns around, stunned, and she just gotta be the one to say the last words: “You’re acting like a kid, running around mad because no one listens to you.” She walks past him, he whirls her around, enough to see those teary eyes. He softens. Oh boy, she has you wrapped around her pinky. One tears and you go limp. Poo.

This WAS not how I envision this scene to be after last week. Disappointed.

Back to In Joo as Jae Ha’s eyes widen in disbelief, “Just because she lost her memory, how could your father simply switch kids?” In Joo is much calmer now and takes her dad’s side, “Don’t say it like that. That was the best he could do.” She tells him that she liked it. Before she met dad, she didn’t have her own room. Her nights were spent in cheap motels, in the back of night clubs, where the smell of heavy perfume suffocated her. So when Dad offered the bed, the dolls, and the pretty clothes, she accepted everything. Jae Ha listens attentively and speaks in a neutral tone, “But you’re now a grown up. It’s time to give back her place. How could you act like you don’t know when the owner is right there?”

Her face darkens, “Then, should I just die?”


Okay. Someone give her a chill pill. She breathes out a sigh of relief when Jae Ha nods that Joon Young doesn’t know yet. She begs him to let this secret remains hidden. He looks at pitiful self, and asks, “Are you happy? Because the unhappiest person right now is not Joon Young or Doo Hee, but you.” He’s about to leave before In Joo mutters out, “I’m happy…. You won’t tell her right…?” He doesn’t give her a direct answer.

That night, we have another brooding session. Joon Young looks at the sand timer Jae Ha gave her and reaches for her cell. Jae Ha stands in front of her house, now confident about his feelings being right and true, he thinks, “So it was you. That’s why I felt that way the first time we met.” I swear, 4, 5, 6, it’s lunchtime for childhood sweethearts.

Next morning in Sanarae’s cooking studio, Joon Young stares at a bowl of flour. Her selective paralysis is at work and she feels nervous holding the knife. Thankfully, Grandma calls, she wants to meet Joon Young to see how she’s doing after the accident.


Grandma gives Joon Young some tonic drink, hoping it would regenerate her health. Curious, Joon Young asks how In Joo was as a child. Grandma laughs, as a child she was playful, smiled easily, and would follow Jae Ha around because he was the second kid around Arirang (first is her brother, is HE ever going to make an appearance?). Grandma asks Joon Young to understand In Joo a bit, maybe the period that she was living abroad made her turn greedy after being deprived of parental love and care. Their conversation is interrupted with a call from Jae Ha.


Meanwhile, Baek Sul meets with Manager Cha at the Ministry of Food. Turns out that Baek Sul wants to invest in the “deteriorating” Arirang by buying bonds from the government. The man is hesitating but Baek Sul knows the right place to hit.

Joon Young walks along the wall of Arirang and slowly remembers the song that Jae Ha used to sing when they were little…as in 4 and 5. Okay Writers.


The song in her head becomes loud and clear as Jae Ha sings in from behind. She turns around, tears falling, and whispers, “I remember. That song you used to sing to me when I was younger.” He’s glad and takes a step forward to wipe the tear from her eyes. Jae Ha: “Still the same. Crying as always. Everything is the same, why couldn’t I recognize you?” *rolls eyes*


They continue to joke and laugh, which is how Doo Hee sees them and chides Jae Ha for his display of affection, “There are still others who think you’re engaged to In Joo. Please consider that (watch your behavior).” Somehow Joon Young thinks this is the right time to tell Doo Hee the truth but stutters in between each word. Doo Hee doesn’t want to hear her excuses any longer and steps away. Jae Ha shakes his head, “It’s no use. She doesn’t remember.”

In Jae Ha’s car, Joon Young thinks aloud, “What I would do if I were to meet my mother. Should I cry? Then she’d feel sorry. Maybe I should smile brightly? I have to practice in front of the mirror.” Jae Ha places his hand over hers, asking, “You have an older brother too. Do you remember?” She hakes her head lightly. Jae Ha: “Should we contact him?” Joon Young: “Later. In Joo and I both need more time.” Er, translate time into the # of episodes please.


Manager Cha comes to meet with Doo Hee to discuss about another company investing in Arirang. Doo Hee doesn’t like the idea of shared management but Manager Cha warns her to think otherwise because the government has decided to stop investing money into Arirang. She could hardly cover the losses afterwards. Just then an undesirable idea crosses Doo Hee’s mind, “Perhaps, is the investor someone I know?” Who else Doo Hee? Who else?

Baek Sul calls Joon Young into her office and the latter quietly stares, with Do Yoon’s words playing in her head, “The reason why she hired you is because she wants you to destroy Arirang.”


Baek Sul hands Joon Young a package: Co-Investment Management Plan. In the first few moments, Joon Young rejects the idea, she can’t possibly carry out such a task but Baek Sul knows how to sway her heart, “You’re saving Arirang for the sake of Cho Hee, Doo Hee, and myself. What other reasons do you need?”

After Joon Young leaves, Assistant Kim informs Baek Sul with some good news. The Co-Investment Plan has been accepted. She smiles, there isn’t a second option to save Arirang anyway.

At Arirang, the kitchen staff worries about their future when the new representative takes charge. What if he/she fires them all? Do Shik enters and warns them to keep their lips shut. The next person who speaks of the silly rumor will be cleaning the kitchen for a whole month. Suddenly, Mi So bursts in, exclaiming loudly about the new owner/director. heh. Bad timing, dude.

News of the co-investment finally arrives to In Joo’s ears and she rushes to Doo Hee’s office. Doo Hee asks for a quiet moment to deal with the decision.


In Joo then flies to Sanarae to criticize Baek Sul. She’s not the right person to lecture others in the name of saving Arirang.

Baek Sul reveals her superb plan to In Joo: Joon Young will be her representative at Arirang. Naturally, she will come into conflicts with Doo Hee. They will claw at each other until one person breaks. I laugh at this part, how this woman thinks her plan is flawless. In Joo thinks the same way, “Are you trying to save Arirang or kill it? What’s your goal?” Baek Sul: “I have answered that question before. I want Doo Hee to kneel before me in defeat and disappear from my eyes!”


Now we see Joon Young, standing outside the door in shock. She makes a move but Do Yoon stops her with a pat on the shoulder. They walk away. Do Yoon: “Now you believe what I said?” Joon Young: “What kind of person is your mother?” Do Yoon: “The kind that says my dream comes first when her son called for help.” Well Joon Young, now you know NOT to place your pitiful no-mother story on others and expect them to react how you’d like them to.


After her talk with Baek Sul, In Joo heads to the cooking studio, when she sees that no one is around, she searches Joon Young’s bag…for the locket? It’s not there. Luckily, Joon Young comes back and offers tea. In Joo: “Since you have been abused to that extent, why won’t you you back down?” Joon Young: “Why do you hate me so much?….Wait, there’s no tea. Water will do.” She moves to pour water but pauses momentarily, so In Joo pours herself a glass and brings it to her mouth. However, Joon Young snatches the glass away and splashes the water into In Joo’s face, “The water going into you is a waste.”


In Joo stares in disbelief, “What the hell, you know how to pull these kind of pranks?!!” Joon Young’s face hardens, “With the way I’m feeling right now, I could throw you outside this window with no mercy.” Haha, Joon Young, you’ve bluffed me before, I don’t believe you now.

The moment In Joo leaves, Joon Young breathes a sigh of relief, having to act all hardcore drains her. Do Yoon stands outside the door and shrugs nonchalantly when In Joo threatens to reveal his Haemil identity.


Manager Cha tells Jae Ha of the co-investment plan and he heads to Arirang. Grandma is talking with Doo Hee about the same matter. Doo Hee thinks the table has turned, she will surely lose this time if the investment is not made in time. Jae Ha enters then but Grandma is still angry at his defiant decision, and yells, “I don’t have a worthless grandson like you!”

Joon Young makes some dishes for Baek Sul to taste. She has also made her decision regarding the co-investment plan, “I’m going to do it. Because I want to beat Ha In Joo. A person who uses food to harm others has no right to be a chef.”


Jae Ha exits Doo Hee’s office. This makes In Joo nervous as she repeatedly asks why he was in there? Did he say something? Jae Ha tells her to calm down, what could he say to someone who has no memory of the said event? He’s curious, though, shouldn’t In Joo be more worried about the fate of Arirang? In Joo says no, “Maybe President Baek is right. We need a change.”

He urges her to reveal the truth but she flips it on him, “When the truth is revealed, the one being hit the hardest is you. Isn’t that the reason why your lips are sealed? Because you can’t love two In Joo?” Oh! Oh….I like that she isn’t going down alone, gotta take Mr. Wiwa with her. heh.

Joon Young is at Da Eun’s workplace. Jae Ha calls and they decide to meet tomorrow.

Next we have a nice scene between In Joo and Young Bum as he thanks her for being beside mom during this tough transition period.

At work, Jae Ha is informed of Joon Young being Sanarae’s representative through his assistant. He hurries off to meet her.


At the same time, Do Yoon is cooking a dish in the in cooking studio…Wait, don’t tell me it’s the same dish that Joon Young wanted to eat last time? Ah! It is! I have a foreboding feeling that she won’t get to eat it again. He calls to make sure she’s on her way there.


Unfortunately, Jae ha arrives there first. He grabs Do Yoon’s shirt, “You knew she was going to Arirang to fight her mother?!” Do Yoon: “I sent her there. Not to fight but to protect her mother from President Baek’s scheme.” Jae Ha: “You crazy bastard! You knew everything but you still push her to fight?” Are you deaf Jae Ha? He says ‘protect‘!

Jae Ha continues his rage: “I warned you didn’t I? Don’t put her in between you and your mom!”


Joon Young sees them in a quarrel and breaks off the tension by calling Jae Ha’s name. Do Yoon shoves Jae Ha’s claws off of him. Jae Ha grabs Joon Young’s wrist: “Let’s go.” She doesn’t want to go and prefers that they talk it out. Nope, he can’t agree, he wants the truth to be out now. Joon Young: “Then should I just say it out? To bring up those painful memories and bother her? A person who doesn’t remember what happened?” Which is when Do Yoon grabs Jae Ha’s wrist to stop him.

Ha, this scene would be perfect if Do Yoon and Joon Young hold hands behind their back. Naughty naughty. 😛


With the rising tension radiating from both men, Joon Young agrees to go with Jae Ha. Do Yoon lets go of his grip and returns to the cooking studio where a perfect dinner is laid out on the table. He mumbles two lines that makes me giggle and then breaks my heart: “There are people who are waiting in line to taste these foods. Why is it so hard for me to feed you?”

Oh his pride as Haemil and his hurt as Do Yoon. Perfect mix eh? The only thing I can say to console our slowpoke is this: Third time the charm!


This is funnier – Baek Sul arrives, notices his dejected spirits, scrunches up her nose (cute!), and spits out: “You lose her to Jae Ha again?” hahaha XD He wonders, “Why do you push us together?” Without thinking, she answers, “You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Go Joon Young.” Aw.


When she moves in to taste the food, he hastily pushes them out of reach, making up the excuse that they’re cold. Next, he announces to her that he’ll be going to Arirang with Go Joon Young. Baek Sul: “As what? The maknae chef again?” Do Yoon: “No, this time as President Baek’s son.” No, she doesn’t like the idea of being embarrassed because of his lack in whatever. Baek Sul: “Do you like to follow Go Joon Young around that much?” Yes. She challenges him to call her mother then and he replies “Mother” so quick that she is caught off guard.

Oh Do Yoon, are you really aware of the effect of that word on her?


And here I thought Jae Ha has some profound plan to help Joon Young out. His plan? Run away to Udo Island. “I will solve everything! Whether it be President Baek or In Joo. I’ll make it like nothing had happened.” Okay. Mr. BigTalkNoAction. Your new year’s resolution should be: Do more, talk less. Have a plan.

Joon Young: “I have to take care of it. I can’t hear whatever you’re saying right now.” While she’s searching for ways to reunite with her parents, she doesn’t have room to think about him.


Hurt by her words, he slowly approaches a nearby tree and starts punching it. His knuckles bleed and Joon Young begs him to stop.

He turns around, “You think about your parents. And I’ll just think about myself. I don’t care if you think I’m selfish. Let’s get married.” Joon Young stares him spitting out ridiculous words. He continues his foolish ways of calling Grandma and announcing to her about their marriage. What else do they need? Witnesses? That’s simple. He could just call his co-worker and her friend.


His next step? He drags Joon Young to the church, “It took 22 years for me to meet you again. I won’t let go of this hand.” Standing before Jesus, he promises to pray and go to church often from now on, “So help me marry this girl. Help me stay by her side.”


He turns Joon Young so that she faces him. He proposes. He reaches out his hand and waits for her answer. She slowly lifts her hand and whispers, “I really want to hold this hand right now…” Jae Ha: “Then just grab it!” But Joon Young knows better. The moment she holds onto his hand, she will never regain her rightful place as Ha In Joo because they would go back to Udo Island and she would continue to live as Go Joon Young. Two line of tears escape from Jae Ha’s eyes as he mutters, “You’re so cruel.”

This scene would have a greater impact if I feel for them. I’m watching with a dull expression on because it’s just ridiculous how far the writer is squeezing the underdeveloped storyline out of these two.

We cut to see a few seconds of Do Yoon running his heart out, thinking about his confrontation with Jae Ha from earlier.


Jae Ha sits idly on a bench. Joon Young comes back and applies medicine on his wounded hand. She wonders aloud, “I must not have eyes when I was little. Why would I follow this good for nothing man?” Oh. Okay. Since you know it yourself. I won’t waste my calories then.

As she applies the medicine, Jae Ha takes this chance to repeat how hurt he is in the same words that Joon Young used in episode 6. He then lists off the things he wants to do with her: holding hands, watching movies, cooking and then complaining, traveling…etc. She cries….


Later, when he returns after washing off his bloody wound, Joon Young has left, leaving the burdensome ring behind on the bench. More tears from Jae Ha.

Alice: Hmmm I don’t really have much to say about Jae Ha anymore. Except I wonder why Joo Sang Wook picked this spineless role after his excellent character in cable drama TEN. If he wanted something light, this is definitely not it. Unlikable. Wishy-washy. Boring.

This episode feels like an overdose of Jae Ha and Joon Young. The return of the ring, is this the end to their chapter? Beginning of the next? Cause I’m ready.

As much as I anticipate Joon Young to find out about Haemil, I’m also eagerly waiting for Baek Sul’s reaction to the news. Since she has always looked down on her own son for being nothing but a troublemaker. It would be interesting to see her jaw drop. heh.

Regarding Joon Young and Doo Hee, I think the element of surprise is no longer there (was it ever?). As long as the truth is out, we can see a future of them together. I’m more intrigued in the plans the writer has for Do Yoon and his mother. They’re less averse to each other now, so a happy ending isn’t impossible. What I would like to see? Do Yoon cooking a few dishes for Baek Sul. That would be his way of accepting her again, subtle and sweet, and done in his flavors. If the writer is dramatic, hurt Do Yoon, and have Baek Sul choose HIM over Arirang this time. Who knows, maybe Baek Sul wouldn’t be the only person running to his bedside. *hint hint*

Questions to ponder:

1. Would Joon Young turn out better/worst had she not been switched?
2. Jae Ha & Joon Young – does their nonexistent childhood love story justified their actions/feelings as adults? Did you buy it?

  1. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    do we actually have to lock the beanie couple together to spark the idea in joon young that do yoon is hot and cute beyond cuteness so make out with him already!! thats right TWO exclamatory points

  2. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    lila, I’ll provide the chain and anchor. Just get the beans in this room together.

    someone please tell me, my eyes are not playing tricks. watching in 720p (more like scrolling through 100+ screencaptures)…I see THE DOLL on her friggin’ table? oh the writer betrayed me.

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

      And there it is!! I knew she wouldn’t get rid of it.

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

      WOW. that’s a brilliant finding. I would have never seen that if you didnt tell me XD

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

      aye aye captain, i’ll turn up the room to a bit of coldness, so they have to find another heat source*wink* from another place

  3. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    Yeah! I could skip this episode all together. I can’t stand some scenes at all! I’m looking forward to your episode 22 though 😉

  4. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    Hey, kaptain A you are right!!! The doll is right in front of her! I

    As for your questions, I cringed watching most of the scenes with Jae Ha. The JH-JY storyline is so unrealistic and JH attitude towards IJ has the marking of a jerk (pardon the word). I’m surprised IJ did not paralyze him completely! Did he stay with the fake IJ because of the name? All these are just not adding points in his favor.

    Thanks for the recap !!

  5. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    I think it would be better if Joon Young and Do Yoon end up together since I’m a JoonYoung/DoYoon shipper but you know, if the end up together, Do Hee and Baek Sul may become friends again. I just don’t see the point of Jae Ha’s existence.

  6. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    Ok, JH seemed to lose some of his marbles in his episode. Watching him, all I could think of was, “Are you serious!!” He said the most ridiculous things and borderline acted crazy! And as for a childhood love at the age of four?? You have got to be kidding me! There is no stinking way a 4 year old cares about liking at that age. I say JY just wanted the chocolates he always gave her, that’s why she followed him, lol. Just because you keep saying it’s so doesn’t mean I buy it. I’m not an idiot.

    Hmm, would JY have been better off had she not been switched? Not to sure of that. Her mom didn’t seem to be a very nurturing type. All she cared about was Arirang, but her father sure loved her. And DY and his mom is one of the only reasons I watch this show. I really want to see the mom reconcile with him. I think he realizes that hating hurts more than being hated. He’s been gradually letting it go, and it’s done him good. I bet he can tame mama. Call her Mom a few more times:) Anyways, episode 22 can only go up from here and I hope JH is done with. And, I’ll eat DY’s food anytime!!:)

  7. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    good catch kaptain!! that DOLLL is there!! 😛

    i pray to the gods above, let this be the end to the MOST BORING COUPLE THIS YEAR!!! no doubt about it…..

    jae ha is horrible in this episode. selfish dude. who in the right mind would ask a girl to marry him when she could barely think with her tangled brain? he’s all sorts of nonsese here!!

    i know you’ll like episode 22!!! =)

  8. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    You know how at year’s end there is a vote and award for favorite couple? There should be one this year for most mismatched couple and Joon Young and Jae Ha will win uncontested.

    I agree, this is worse episode so far. Thank god for the fast forward feature. The church scene was unbearable if not embarassing.

    It is even starting to be hard to root for Joon Young and Do Yoon at this point. Do Yoon is much too wonderful for her. You know the writer has messed up real bad when you no longer really care for the protagonist, i.e. Joon Young. I am actually now more curious to see if Do Yoon and mother Baek will be able to redeem their broken mum-son relationship. That’s how bad it is.

    Thanks Alice for recapping and your comments laced with wry humor. Can’t agree enough.

  9. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    All I can do is NOD as I read ur recap, thank u again! And u have a good eye! I didn’t even notice that doll! It’s hard to we the details when you’re reading the subtitles 🙁

  10. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    I just made a marathon from the first 22 episodes. I thought it was just me rooting for DY /JY cause they fit better, and what woman doesn’t like a good cooking handsome man?
    At this point I need a spoiler – are they or not going to end up together just to prepare myself.

    Thanks a lot for the ff button, God protect the inventor! I need one now on my Tv, cause I can’t watch movies any more :))
    I;ll stay around your site for the recaps.

  11. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    At this juncture the characters are revealing more of their inner turmoils.

    Fake In Jo insist she is the real one,reciting proofs of childhood memories to Jae Ha that she thinks will strengthen her claims and insisting JY is just a child who looks like her . But then she admits what she had enjoyed (the room of her own,the pretty dresses) when she was placed in the position of the lost real In Jo. Then she tells JH to keep it a secret. Later on she goes around picking fights with JY and while she professed loving her “mother” when she has actually connived with Pres Baek Sul to destroy her as payment for the former’s help in getting rid of JY.

    JH is quite confused at the turn of events ,at the same time knew that he has a rival in JY’s heart.And perhaps those actions of his are his solutions to protect his love for JY. I can understand his empty feeling that he had loved the person with the wrong identity .

    Let us not rush JY to have outstanding decisions according to our preference.She is also shocked by revelations right and left. First her identity -she is not also cleared on what really happened -it seems only IJ,the doctor knew of the switch , though she has an idea how her adoptive father how he found her. Then she was told Pres Baek was only using her to get back at her rival .That was devastating to know given she had been so nice to her .If you were JY can you believe everything DY says -he who gave her hot and cold treatment in the past , now wants her to accept everything he says and act on it.

    The thing is ,we the audience know about his actions are meant to protect JY His mother also knows how deep he has fallen for her . Ah DY . You have been now steadily consistent with your affections. Nurture it and let it grow -you can’t expect JY to swing from one guy to you .Give her time and stop giving JH some advantages.

    Doo Hee .How will she get out of her selective amnesia ?If and when the JY’s brother comes home,he can unravel some of the knots . And Arirang why in spite of her lifetime devotion to it ,she can’t’ do any miracle to make it thrive. How can she have a stubborn hold on something the government invests in ? Is Arirang her personal kingdom and that of grandma? This is a nagging issue for me

  12. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    omgee. reading all your comments, in my head i kept saying “yup, yup,yup!” JH is really such an annoying character, i went ” ARE-YOU-FURREAL-BOYY?” so many times watching this ep.

    1. punching a tree to injure yourself and gain sympathy. check.
    2. arrange a marriage without a bride. check.
    3. announce the bride-less marriage to your close ones. check.
    4. keep going on and on about fate and the love you had when you were less than what,10?
    what can i say?…truly, makings of a desperado

    the only thing i liked about the JH-JY scenes: when JY left the ring on the bench (well, count it as a JH scene, JY left already anw)

    really sad that i have to (hate?) JSW’s character cos in the first place, it was him and sung yuri that brought me to watch the show. oh well, lucky for us there’s do yoon! 😀

  13. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    i watch this drama because of JSW n SYR. i guess JSW picked this drama because the character seemed interesting; well at least it was interesting to me when i first read the character’s short intro. but perhaps on the way of plotting the story, the writer just couldn’t figure things properly, n thus made this character boring. sad. on the bright side, DY-JY make a very good pair. if only JY will realise how much DY has done for her…

  14. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    At this point ,the story is now on the unraveling identity ,acceptance and reordering of things.

    The two guys offered JY the quick fix solution -RUN AWAY WITH ME .

    Though to most JY looks soft, maybe naive and a crybaby -I think she is tough in her own way to think it is best that she clears her personal issues first with her parents,restore what needs to be restored before attending to her heart . But she is running against time and Pres Baek’s intention. And the fake IJ is actually helping Baek . What a pathetic,selfish fool this fake IJ is.Of course she is desperate to think JH will believe JY only look like her as a child -What’s DNA testing doing ? Has she not come to terms with JY recovering her lost position ? Perhaps the writer has some win-win solutions for all .

    JY will have to deliver tough love soon for the sake of her mother and Arirang .

    The issue unfortunately will slowly creep on everyone til the end of the drama is how DH will recover her memory , also JY’s partial memory loss. THis is now the job of JH ,if he really loves JY and not rush her into his solution.

    As for DY, he and his mother must also come to terms with their relationship.How can he offer JY his love when he does not know how to end his hostilities with his mother, to forgive and get rid of the combative positions they each took. Maybe I will see a genuine smile of happiness in DY and BS later on.

    This drama is a slice of life, the unfortunate incidents that changed people’s lives and how in their own time and space will resolve things .

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

      but DY offered her two options: to run or to fight but JH is just knuckles in his head. all he wants is to possess her! oly one option: marry me!

      as for the mother issues, loving and hating someone are different issues. DY can offer the most genuine love to JY even if he doesn’t like his mother. but of course, it’s nice to see them come to terms again. im just saying DY has legit reasons to be hostile towards her. maybe we’ll see him reconcile with her but his hostility towards his mother does not hinder his expression of love for JY. they’re different matters.

      DNA testig doesn’t exist in dramas…even when the doc is a DOCTOR. lol.

  15. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    Quote: “It took 22 years for me to meet you again. I won’t let go of this hand.”

    Yeah, like you were pining for your lost love these past 22 years! Like you didn’t have a perfectly well relationship with her stand-in before you met her again? Seriously, what is with the writers? I agree with Kaptain-5/6 is the age where kids worry about what’s next for lunch and not make undying love promises! Even if the writers wanna promote the first love concept, can’t they make it more believable?

    I’m glad I didn’t download last week’s episodes! I’m giving up and will simply follow the recaps now!

    • 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

      im with you mariah and kaptain….5/6 for undying love? even in moonsun drama, the kids are at least 12, 13, 15. And that’s already a sketch for me.

      writers….. *rolls eyes*

  16. 22 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 21

    anyone knows, the title of the song, in this episode, when jae haa and JY at the church..??

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