Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20


Finally, she learns the truth. Her reaction is disappointing, though. I foresee a lot of frustrating moments in the next few weeks before the elders catch on. If I could just sit down and chat with the writer, everyone is annoying me. All the good (honestly dull) characters are spineless fools, while the evil ones GET AWAY with everything!!

I’m going to have a ceremony soon to knock some sense into our leading girl. The truth is on her side yet she remains meek, passive, and teary-eyed? No wonder you’re a doormat for In Joo! Argggg! This show is nowhere near good, not as addicting as others. It’s average but I come back week after week. WHY?????????????????? Him? It must be him.

Episode 20

Joon Young finds it hard to breathe as she tries to process the astounding truth and repeated abandonment, and Dad picks up his luggage, ready for his new life somewhere.


Jae Ha finds her sitting on a bench and wraps his coat around her shoulders. She shakes it off, reminding him, “We have broken up!” But he doesn’t agree, “I haven’t come to terms with that yet!” She begs him to let her go, blaming him for making her become this weak, dependent woman. She continues, “Because of you, Master and Grandma look down on me. And the reason why my hands won’t work? It’s all because of you!”


He waits for her to finish and stubbornly asks her to hold onto him, “No one will take you.” Boy, why are you doing this? You out of everyone should know how much guilt she bears when she’s around you. Hold onto you solve nothing! There’s no spine!

Joon Young stalks off. Good girl.


Do Yoon takes a call from Jane. She warns him to keep his promise, “If you don’t come next week, I will personally come and get you!” He’s in the hospital room with Baek Sul, both looking for Joon Young. She advises him to give up because Joon Young has become one of her people now. Why? Because she has bought her, thanks to dear daddy. Do Yoon offers his surrender in exchange for Joon Young’s freedom, “Let her go.” Baek Sul shakes her head, and demands him to be good to her if he doesn’t want harm to come to his Lady Love.


Grandma is reading book leisurely when Jae Ha enters the room without knocking, and kneels respectfully before her. She knows his intention, “That’s a poor excuse to give up your grandma for a girlfriend.” He honestly states that Grandma’s top priority is Arirang, not him. He initially wanted to get her permission and then take care of all the people who were hurt in this process, however, he cannot do so any longer. “I’m afraid of losing her forever!”


Later that night, Do Yoon returns to the hospital and sees Joon Young chomping down white rice rapidly. He’s relieved she’s eating but worried that she’s forcing herself. He takes away the spoon and she reaches for it again, saying, “I need to eat. I need to get better, find dad, and work my hands again.” He argues no more and quietly places a piece of meat on her spoon. There’s a charged moment as she looks from the meat to him, teary eyed, like she has finally registered his presence.

I like what this scene speaks to us – he’s giving flavors to her life.


Young Bum drops by In Joo’s room to check on her hand injury. She’s fine but he wonders carelessly whether there’s something more to the story, “It’s not just about Jae Ha right?” because he thinks Joon Young isn’t that kind of person. Good lord, dad. Does people not realize the power of their words or something?

Doo Hee sits in her office, still conflicted between Joon Young’s words and her daughter’s side of the story. Who should she believe in?

Joon Young is having flashbacks in her sleep again, and wakes up, thinking of what her fake dad said and her supposed similarities with Doo Hee, a comment made by an elder woman at the party some ages ago.

Next morning, Baek Sul’s jaw drops when Assistant Kim informs her that Do Yoon has paid for all the medical bills. She mocks that he probably spent all the money he earned working at Arirang.


Joon Young is discharged and when Do Yoon helps her with the clothes, she inquires about his past before Arirang. He looks at her and stays quiet. She thanks him for everything just when Baek Sul arrives to pick her up.


This woman is so sly with her words, joking that Joon Young needs a lifetime to pay back all the money that was spent on her these past few days. Joon Young smiles meekly in response. Baek Sul then asks her to return to Sanarae tomorrow because her rice cake dish will be added to the menu and so she needs to change the taste to accommodate the customer. Joon Young looks down, worried about her hands.


Which is when Do Yoon interrupts, “Can’t you see? Her hands are still recovering.” Baek Sul turns her attention to him and offers a job at Sanarae, “You can be Joon Young’s helper.” She then hands him a envelop with money. They glare at each other and Do Yoon takes the money with grace.

In the car with Baek Sul, Joon Young decides to settle the knot in her head once and for all. She asks to be dropped off and walks to the hospital. Young Bum is with a patient so she waits outside, holding the locket tenderly, pondering to herself, “Mom, I’m funny right? I know this is all dad’s lies but I’m still trembling to find out.”


Unfortunately, In Joo sees Joon Young from afar. Upon seeing Young Bum exits the patient’s room, Joon Young accidentally drops the locket and it lands right at his feet. He bends over but In Joo is a second faster and snatches the locket. So close!

Seeing that it’s not the best time to talk about such sensitive issue, Joon Young lies about looking for her fake father. Young Bum is then hauled away for another appointment, leaving the two girls behind. Joon Young asks for her locket back and In Joo restrains herself from running away with it.

In Joo rushes home to call and complain to Baek Sul, “Why is she still here?” but Baek Suk coolly says to call only when it’s an emergency.


Grandma calls for In Joo and chides the girl for failing to win Jae Ha’s heart. But In Joon explains her scenario, “Grandma, I’m a girl. I have my pride and shame too. When I first found out, I just wanted everything to end. I didn’t like him with other girls and pretended that I don’t care. But the wound that should’ve healed with time deepened and hurt more each passing day.” Grandma listens to the beautiful words with growing comprehension. In Joo asks for her support because no one is on her side.

At his office, Jae Ha tries in vain to contact fake dad. He returns to his office while his assistant streams an interview with Baek Sul talking about her fabulous son. He pauses when he recognizes the kid in the photo. A smile plays on his lips.


He immediately drives to Sanarae and looks for Do Yoon, who has just arrived in the opposite direction. They exchange a few mocking words before diving into the main issue. Jae Ha: “So tell me. What is President Baek’s son doing at Arirang?” Do Yoon: “I wanted to learn traditional Korean cuisine. My relationship with her has terminated.” Jae Ha is skeptical but Do Yoon doesn’t care and tells him to stay put because he needs to figure out what his mother is planning to do with Joon Young before she gets hurt. Jae Ha reluctantly agrees.


In the cooking studio, Joon Young is having a hard time putting on her apron, and Do Yoon enters with his little brown hat and helps tie the strings around her waist. heh.


He pours the flour into the bowl but Joon Young pauses, thinking of In Joo’s threats about the toxin. He then swallows a spoonful of the powder to ease her worry. She starts to mix the powder, then hesitates, so he puts his HAND in the bowl on top of hers. They’re doing it together. OMG. My mind is in the gutter. Ghost, anyone? Someone plays that song now! πŸ˜›

Back to the century-old Arirang couple, Do Shik and Boo Joo. He’s heading uphill and bends over to pick up a flower hair clip. Boo Joo walks down the hill and makes a sour face at him. He stops her and her eyes sparkle seeing that he had bought a gift for her! She clips it on her hair, “Is it pretty?” I’m so embarrassed.


Joon Young walks home while Jae Ha paces back and forth in front of her friend’s house. Her face contorts uncomfortably but he insists to see at least a smile, having come all the way to see her. She doesn’t, so he says, “Even if it’s a struggle, you should endure because I’ll never give up on you.” Before he leaves, he gives her a handful of free passes for their upcoming dinner dates. Man, what’s a girl gotta do? It’s free stuff!


Arirang’s kitchen staff is buzzing all morning – In Joo’s new dish is finally served to the public. Everyone basks in happiness, especially Boo Joo who constantly touches her new hair clip. She boasts it’s a present from Do Shik, and the girls are happy for her until Shin Young recognizes the clip as hers. She bought it yesterday as a pair. The muscle in Do Shik’s face twitches in embarrassment. In this situation, it’s nice to go with the flow Shin Young.

Looks like we have another teacher leaving the cooking world, who also prefers to celebrate at Sanarae, so Doo Hee puts down her pride and comes to the party. When she sees Joon Young at the stairs, she passes right by without a word.

Is she the same teacher who awkwardly complimented Joon Young for being Doo Hee’s daughter? This party is her farewell party and she thanks Baek Sul for preparing the grand event. They taste the new dish made especially for Teacher Kim.


Doo Hee’s eyes snap after she tastes the broth, it’s very similar to Arirang’s meat broth. She mumbles, “Did Joon Young make this?” Ah, I see. Evil Baek is creating more misunderstanding between Doo Hee and Joon Young.


She heads directly to the cooking studio where Joon Young is arranging her rice cakes. She accuses Joon Young of revealing Arirang’s secret but carries no heart to scold her. She takes this betrayal as a payment for her help in making the golden sauce. Oooo harsh harsh. In her small voice, Joon Young denies the accusation but Doo Hee wants to cut all ties between them now.

Doo Hee walks out, Joon Young tries to follow but Do Yoon stops her, warning, “It’s no use. As long as you’re here at Sanarae, it doesn’t matter much of what you say.”


They sit down and Do Yoon slaps some sense into her, “You know who the culprit is.” Joon Young: “Ha In Joo…?” He breaks down the steps: “We don’t know why she’s doing this or how far she’s taking this. We have to find the reasons behind her actions.”

Back at Arirang, Doo Hee develops a new found distrust for everyone. She’s going to change their meat broth but no one is allowed in the kitchen until she is finished. Only In Joo and Do Shik stay behind to help.

Joon Young broods in the cooking studio, trying to make sense of all the information she has, “In Joo and I can’t be together…why is that?” My hair is falling guys. She needs me to spell out the obvious? She continues to have those flashbacks on her 5th birthday, but this time, the faces of her parents are no longer blurry.


Jae Ha carries late snacks and waits for Joon Young in front of her house yet again. He smiles when she takes the initiatives to call him for a meeting. At the cafe, Joon Young delivers question after question about In Joo. Her age? Is she adopted? You’re with her ever since she was a child right? Jae Ha grows confused the more she asks. She slides the locket across the table. He opens it, surprised, “Why do you have a photo of the young In Joo in here?” DING DING DING! She requests that he be patient because she needs time to sort out everything before calling him.

We see a nice moment between Baek Sul and her loyal assistant. Although she takes a few stabs at Doo Hee today at the party, she doesn’t feel all that great. He’s worried that she’ll drink more than she can handle. She waves off his concern, “Don’t worry, tomorrow will be payback day.” He’s confused, “I thought you cared about Go Joon Young?” That was before she found out she’s Doo Hee’s lost daughter.

The camera pans out and there he is, our slowpoke, another person lets into the big identity secret.


He enters the room and tries to bring up the offer from last time, “I’ll go to England with Joon Young.” It’s too late now because Joon Young has become an indispensable pawn in this war. She wants Go Joon Young to fulfill her dream bit by bit – destroying her mother gradually.


Do Yoon drives off in angry tears as he remembers the haunting day his twin brother died in the locked room. Jane calls and reminds him to keep the promise but Do Yoon can’t go back to England anymore.

Do Yoon: It’s too late. If only I had intervened earlier…I don’t know whether hyung would have to die. Instead of guarding the door, if I came in right away….if…Because of this woman, I can’t let someone I care for get hurt again. This time I won’t hesitate. I will personally protect that person.”

Poor Do Yoon. Living in the guilt he shouldn’t have shouldered. I guess the battle officially begins here?

Joon Young wanders off to Arirang and pauses in her step when Young Bum calls out, “In Joo-ah.” She turns but he’s looking directly ahead where In Joo is standing while she’s at the side in tears. He’s here to bring Doo Hee home but In Joo tells him it’s no use. He agrees, “What could I do to convince her anyway?”


Standing in the shadows, Joon Young watches her own mother cook as memories of their earlier encounters flash before her eyes. She slips out quietly when Doo Hee senses someone in close proximity. Joon Young calls out softly, “Mom. Mom.”

Fake dad calls Jae Ha and tells him he’s only a burden now that Joon Young knows who her real dad is. Jae Ha calls In Joo immediately after he learns the truth.


They meet at the same place where In Joo would go when she’s down. Before she comes, Jae Ha remembers how In Joo recalled the details in their childhood so distinctively, like she was reading it off somewhere.

She sits down beside him and he traps her in her own game, “You remember everything so clearly, then you must remember your REAL name too?”


At the same time, Do Yoon marches towards Joon Young, takes her wrist, and asks, “Decide right now. Do you want to run away with me or stay and fight?” Fight with whom? Do Yoon: “Ha In Joo and President Baek, my mother.”

Alice: A sane chicken would run away from this mess, but a weak person needs to stay and fight, clearing the way for future peace and happiness, is all I’m saying.

So bipolar is the pace of this drama. Sometimes it moves at excruciatingly slow speed, and other times, the secret is out within ten minutes to all the main players. Why didn’t Joon Young reveal the story to her parents? Is she afraid?

Won’t Baek Sul’s plan cancels out? Since Joon Young KNOWS she’s Doo Hee’s daughter. She might be in hot zone since she’s working for Sanarae but surely, she won’t harm her mother. So what? Are we getting more mopey eyes and noble idiocy?

What I’m wondering is whether Joon Young remember why she fell off the boat? Because Doo Hee certainly got her husband back without much effort, after the attempted suicide. Remember that she neglected the family. I still believe that Young Bum didn’t cheat on her. He merely sent the pictures to spite his workaholic wife.

Since I have placed all my chips in him, I made a poster for Beanie. Haven’t made a poster in a while so it’s rusty!

  1. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    You made me laugh with your description of the4 century old couple in Arirang in spite of the seeming escalation of the tension here. Such comic relief .

    JY will not leave with Do Yoon ,now that she has to reveal her identity to her mother. The dad is no problem as with everybody else. Although I would have wanted her to run away with him and come back preggy or something.OMG , that scene of tying the apron and squeezing and kneading the flour together stopped my heart . The two has more moments to remember together .

    JY must return that darn ring by hook or by crook Though I think JH might finally find his balls and he will assert his “I found her first right”. But then DY should not ever ,ever give up . No need to sacrificing anymore.

    Where can we find this writer ? She should give JY her voice ,her strength and do away with her tears. Though I also predicted ,she will have to endure rejection from Do Hee . I bet her recovery will mean she will hit rock bottom first and JY will be the nurse this time.

    Up to when will the fake IJ hang around ? Don’t tell me the drama still need her . She is now a spent force as the drama shifts back to episode 1 to make sense .

    • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

      Not only they should tell, but the dad is a doctor!, what about DNA testing when all is revealed!!!!!

  2. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Yah, the secret out of the bag and everyone’s in the know ALL of a SUDDEN- except of course the parents and granny. Alice, you’re right about how frustrating this writer is. Director too. He could make JY less weepy. Perhaps we will see a turn around in JY after DY makes his jaw dropping offer to her in the end. Let’s hope they will team up and work to defeat the shenanigans of the In Joo – Prezzie Baek couple. I must say Prez Baek has one of the best smirks around.
    I hope we won’t have to wait till the final episode before we see Do Yoon happy. Poor fella is just giving and giving his heart out. When will writer decide it is time to make JY see? I guess we can only sit back and wring our hands …
    Thanks Alice for recap, much appreciated!

  3. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Thankkkk youuu 4 the recap…

  4. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    yay…recap πŸ™‚
    Thank you very much Alice!

  5. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    imma stare at the poster all day….just look at their gaze towards each other…espe…haemil…he’s shooting fireballs out of the EYES!! .< the writer is going to drag this storyline out until WHEN!!!

    get it on already!! i know what you mean alice, most of the characters here are BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…. i only care about the evil ones…cause they've some goodness, feels real. doo hee is annoying me. hope she wakes up from her """amnesia""" soon and realize what she made in joo become…a monster!! shoving all those expectations down the girl's throat…and the dad? i think he's bad as well. give the girl some love! you can sense that they're not as close as they should be because he has set up this virtual (:P) wall to save that ""Space"" for his real daughter.

    jae ha is just being a sleazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeballllllllllllllllllllllll!!! he needs to come up wiht a PLAN before telling others to HOLD ONTO to him. because she held onto to him, everyone ended up hurting!!! i hate this obsession with childhood sweethearts. it's not effective AT ALLL, unlike other dramas who have done beautifullly the same theme!! WRITERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I DISLIKE YOU VERY MUCH.

    she's a girl…too how could she not see what we see?

    rant ends. =DD

  6. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    As always, awesome recap Alice! i dont know what i’ll do w/o you! πŸ˜€
    Boy, am i glad that our heroine might just start teaming up with loverboy and kick some butts! FINALLY! It’s about time writers!

    (OH! btw i’ve just read the written preview for eps 21 and 22 from the mbc website and i sense that things are starting to go our way (for DY-JY fans that is… XD) cant wait!~

  7. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Kaptain has uploaded Ep.21 preview for ya!

    Aww did you see Baek Sul’s face when Do Yoon calls her “Mom”? First time in decades.

    JY SPLASHES WATER AT IN JOO’S FACE? Girl, dang, did you hear my prayers?

    The ending….is she going to tell or not?

    • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

      i don’t know if all of you were like me but i totally raised both my fists in the air and shouted “YES!” when JY splashed the water on IJ!

      *you wanna fight me? game on!HAHA* XD

    • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

      What does it mean?

      • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

        I can perfectly read hangul BUT I wouldn’t have any idea what I’m reading, for the majority of it.
        It says it’s a “couple matching event” , so then I automatically clicked to the do yoon- joonyoung pic because just seeing these two makes my heart stop

        • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

          Oh noes. What happened to the rest of my comments?

      • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

        You can play “cupid” (spelled more like “CUPIT”) and match the couple of your choice.
        Twenty voters will be randomly selected to win some of the Lacvert makeup promoted by Sung Yuri.
        Looks like DY+JY are getting almost every vote!
        Will the results of this poll decide the writer’s ending…??
        Whichever couple wins the poll will probably be relieved of the indignity of being revealed to be siblings or half-siblings.

  8. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Yay, the truth is finally out in the open. At least for all the leads. I know JY won’t run away with DY and honestly, that would totally be giving in to IJ. She would love for JY to up and leave. No sir, it’s time to unite forces and fight back. Justice must be served. Good thing DY is staying behind. JY better listen to him or else!!
    Love seeing every seen with DY in it. I totally agree that all the other characters are uninteresting. And JY is downright annoying! She has no spine. I hope she grows one this weekend. I wonder when DY is gonna pull te Haemil card? Can’t wait for that to happen!!! I like the preview so far. Does anyone know what they said? Can’t understand:(

  9. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    And the week eps have come to a close, thank you Kap!

    I love the “lightbulb moment” you give us with each symbolism you see ( like “he’s giving flavors to her life”)! As I watch this, I know that a scene has a meaning, but you help us define and clarify what had just passed.. The very reason why I look forward to these recaps after watching the eps πŸ™‚ along with the wonderful screen shots LOL. And btw, the ghost reference actually had me lol. My bf looked at me like I was nuts >.<

    The reason why I continue to watch FTOG has changed, and i question myself now why?? Why am i still hooked??? At first, it was the mystery, and what had happened to IJ and JY and Arirang. But now, I think Do Yoon has become the hero for me on this show. I want to know HIS story and how it will pan out.

    I am glad to see that JY is finally acknowledging DY's presence, and noticing that he is on her "team". BUT as she's packing her stuff from the hospital, I'm quite disappointed that the CHIBI PLAYDOH is no where in sight πŸ™ no acknowledgement of it at all!! Wtf?!

    At this point, I suppose I am DONE guessing as what's to come. Just…riding out this wave to see how the story unfolds. I'm no longer excited as to what will happen on the next episode. Just more ANXIOUS for the damn to story to unfold.

    • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

      Ooohhhh I spoke too soon! Peaked at ep 21 and it looks like things are finally heading in the direction we’ve been hoping for! JY starting to have a backbone, appreciating DY, and </3 fOr JH? Hopefully!

  10. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Oh no~! Ladies! I’ve just had a terrible thought…
    Did he and his twin brother spring unfertilized from the loins of president Baek?
    We also don’t know who mated with Fake In-Joo’s Nightclub Dancer Mom, either, right?
    Furthermore, I have no clue who Jae-Ha’s parents are either, only his Grandmother.
    Maybe the writer is leaving her options open for all manner of makjang chaos.
    Please let me know if we know the identity of any of these characters’ fathers, ‘cos if we do, I missed the memo.
    Looking forward to episode 21….

  11. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20


    Of all the comments here I find yours the funniest yet could make sense in this crazy drama.

    And if ever your insight becomes true , the drama would emerge with the most creative makjang of them all, har,har,har .

    Nothing is impossible.

  12. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    I like your recapped of FOTG , thanks a lot!! I’m also rooting for JYDY and i hope the writer will give JY more spine and stand up for what’s right. I’m glad JYDY are teaming up to put down the fake IJ but i also pity her since its not her fault she was put in that position. She was actually forced to do it. What can a 4year old do except to say yes to the old man. She is also protecting her right, dont you think so people. Anyway, she ‘ll go down like any other villain in the story. I just hope the fall will not be so hard!!! Thanks again Alice!!

  13. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Aw guys, check out this BTS of the Ghost moment! They actually added “Oh My Love” song at the end! hehe.

    Lee Sang Woo is adorable puffing out powder! πŸ˜›

    He wanted to do another back hug. HAHHA!

  14. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    For once…..just for ONCE let the 2nd male lead end up with the female lead, Madame Scriptwriter!!! πŸ˜› I know I know…such a thing is rare in the kdrama world, and there’s this feeling somewhere in me that knows that the chances might nog be big….but pleaaaaseee…..Our poor slowpoke is giving and giving – please let him recieve some! We won’t blame you for not letting JY end up with JH in the end haha…at least I won’t blame you πŸ™‚ and give that girl a spine -.- Oh how many times have I’ve seen that kind of character who just cries and cries and live with being falsely accused in kdramas? Frustration – yes.
    DY is the only reason I’m still watching haha….that character should get a story of his own! XD

  15. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    voting for Do yoon!thanks for the link!

    • 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

      Recent rating is 74% voted for DY/JY ship
      the rest for JH/JY.

  16. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    DO YOON , Of course !! Lee Sang Woo should have LEAD role next drama. He iis always the Perfect 2nd guy- why ? I vote for DO YOON.

  17. 28 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 20

    Its like you learn my thoughts! You appear to grasp a lot about
    this, like you wrote the guide in it or something. I believe that you simply can do with some
    percent to drive the message home a little bit, however
    other than that, that is excellent blog. A fantastic read.
    I’ll certainly be back.

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