Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18


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We’ve got a hug ladies! Front or back, I’ll take one from Do Yoon any day! 🙂

Episode 18


Joon Young stares in subdued shock at her hands and Da Eun quickly calms her nervous friend with a cheer. Outside, Do Yoon drops by with a gift box in hand. It’s a set of new knives and he struggles to find a location to place it. He ends up wrapping the box with recycled clothes from a nearby bin. Dude, she’ll never find it! Nor will she know who gave it to her!

In the middle of finding a more colorful wrapping, Joon Young sees him, and he awkwardly waves his hand while holding a woman’s pink coat. She wonders why he’s here and he gives her the present, but upon contact Joon Young’s hands give out again. He chides her to be careful, the knives are expensive until he sees her pale expression and asks what’s wrong. She dismisses his worry and hurries off. Do Yoon: “What about the knives?” Joon Young: “I will take them next time.” Do Yoon is disappointed because he won’t be here the next time.


Outside of Arirang, reporters and famous people gather around to take pictures of this national event. Baek Sul arrives with Joon Young and they greet Doo Hee and In Joo at the door. Doo Hee chides Joon Young’s low spirits, but In Joo catches on that her mother is actually worry about Joon Young despite her harsh words.

Inside the bathroom, Joon Young talks to her hands, telling them to listen to her. In Joo knows the toxin is finally working and feigns concern.


Jae Ha walks up to Joon Young and worriedly touches her swollen eyes, thinking that she’s stressed out because of the competition. In Joo interrupts this moment by reminding Jae Ha to stop his PDA, “This is a public place.” He retracts his hand and wishes both of them luck.

And the Korean Cuisine Contest commences! Out of 200 applicants, only 5 teams made it to the finale. Jae Ha motions, “Fighting!” to Joon Young and she smiles lightly.

Driving to the airport, Do Yoon can’t stop thinking about Joon Young and the competition. He’s wearing the H bracelet and replaying In Joo’s words. Everything sounds ominous to him so he turns around, once again canceling the flight back to England.


Everyone watches as the chefs cook. Baek Sul takes notice of Doo Hee’s wandering eyes and says cryptically, “Who are you watching? Look how well your daughter is doing.” Oh, the twisted fate!


Joon Young manages to finish kneading her dough but her hands begin to act up. Doo Hee and Baek Sul watch nervously in the audience, hoping that she’d make it. Jae Ha’s assistant informs him of something and he’s forced to leave the auditorium. In Joo looks up and searches for her mother’s eyes, which are fixated on Joon Young to her growing agitation.

Things look unpleasant for Joon Young as she continues to drop items, until she accidentally pours a pot of boiling water onto her leg. She’s disqualified from the competition and immediately taken to the hospital.

Jae Ha finds out that one of the competitors met up with the judges prior to the competition and finds this unfair to all applicants. What? Are you guys going to do a re-match? Just then, a worker bursts the door open and announces Joon Young’s accident.


Jae Ha rushes outside, which is when Do Yoon parks his car, but they’re both too late, the ambulance has left. Do Yoon: “What happened?” Jae Ha: “An accident.” Do Yoon: “An accident? Who was hurt?” When Jae Ha refuses to answer, Do Yoon turns grave and tugs his arm, yelling, “I asked you who was hurt! Is it Go Joon Young?!!” Jae Ha’s jealousy flares and he retorts, “Get lost!” But Do Yoon ain’t having any condescending talk with Jae Ha today and grabs his collar in hulk mode, “I’m asking you how much she got hurt! So ANSWER ME!”

As the men stare at each other with heated eyes, In Joo is announced the winner of the competition. The daughter wins a big award but Doo Hee is stone-faced in her seat, and In Joo forces her smile.

The boys split up to find which hospital is treating Joon Young. Jae Ha relies on his assistant while Do Yoon calls Cupid Baek. She playfully tells him to be polite when asking for a favor. He lowers his voice and she happily hands over the address. Kyung Hee Hospital. This is why evil mothers are sometimes helpful, they know everything.


He arrives at the hospital and Baek Sul reminds him to keep her location a secret, yunno, for my sake and for yours. He enters the room and observes an unconscious Joon Young with a pained expression.


In Joo carries a bouquet and a trophy in hand, yet her face is far from happy. Doo Hee, Grandma, and basically everyone is worrying about Joon Young. Grandma demands to know Joon Young’s location from Baek Sul and gets turned down mercilessly. heh. I love Cupid Baek! Keep them away! 😛


Back in her practice room, In Joo loses her mask and becomes a mumbling ghost. She won, she beat Joon Young but she doesn’t feel like a winner. Tears fall as she tells herself, “You did really well,” because no one important bothered to tell her that line today. It kinda breaks me a little. Seo Hyun Jin does her best when she’s by herself, wallowing in the pity hole she created.


Joon Young stirs awake from the hospital bed and tries to get out of bed. Why? She needs to finish the competition, “Master won’t forgive me if I messed up!” Oh lordy, what’s with the obsession with Doo Hee? Do Yoon stops her, revealing the results of the competition. She lies in bed, gloomy, and finally decides she needs to phone her dad. Do Yoon passes her the phone but it falls out of her grip. He registers there’s a bigger problem to her hands than her injured foot.

At wits’ end, Jae Ha seeks help from Baek Sul, and is treated with a long wait in the office. He asks why she’s being secretive about Joon Young’s location and Baek Suk answers honestly that it’s to keep her away from him, out of his messy hands. Why? “Because you couldn’t protect her, she got hurt.” She gives some helpful hints, “The accident happened because of her hands. Maybe someone is trying to sabotage her.”


In the parking lot, Jae Ha drowns in the blame, and receives a text from Joon Young, confirming that she’s fine. He texts back and Do Yoon is the one to read it aloud to Joon Young. She thanks him and tells him to go home. Since he has left Arirang, he has no place to go. She thinks he’s joking around again.

Jae Ha returns home, and Fake dad smells alcohol from his. He knows that Joon Young lost so he didn’t contact her. Jae Ha asks how she was as a little girl. And they jointly agree that she remains strong, stubborn, with a sense of humor. Strong? Not so much when she’s an adult.

Doo Hee can’t sleep that night because of strange dreams, so she goes to the living room, clutching the phone to her chest in a motherly manner. Young Bum wonders about the dreams and she replies, “It’s Joon Young standing in front me. I don’t know why it’s painful.” He promises to look into the system and find where she’s staying at.

Next morning, while Grandma is having breakfast, Jae Ha wiggles his way inside and compliments the food. Grandma tells him it’s no use for sweet talk, he’s getting engaged regardless.

Having heard the diagnosis from the doctor that Joon Young’s nerves are infected, Do Yoon walks down the hall deep in thought. The doctor suggests she exercises daily to gain back the strength but it it might be hard because she’s under extreme mental stress. Oh gosh, I don’t think he’s the best person to do this but it’s hilarious to see how he approaches her.


Well, our slowpoke carries a tray of plastic balls and starts attacking Joon Young, who is still in distraught, lying on the bed. She warns him nicely to stop it but he continues on and hits directly on her head. She glares at him, so he chucks a ball at his own head to even it out. Cute to me, but Joon Young grows agitated with him and swings everything in close proximity to the floor, including her IV bag. Do Yoon doesn’t back down because the sooner she begins exercising, the faster she heals, so he mutters, “Since you’re here, clean up the room.” Aw, you babo! Be gentle! This is why you always lose to Jae Ha! He’s made of honey! But still, I love you babo…. hmphs.


In Joo is busy with interviews from reporters as she runs down the history of Arirang to them. Baek Sul appears at the top and watches her, the last piece of the puzzle is revealed to her by her assistant. This girl is not the real In Joo.

With a camera rolling, all the kitchen staff becomes nervous and messes up when it’s their turn. Even Do Shik adorably speaks in a gentle tone before the camera until the reporter tells him to be casual, which is when he lets out a roar. heh.


Doo Hee and Baek Sul drink tea together. The latter congratulates Doo Hee for having an outstanding daughter, now Arirang will thrive to further heights. She pauses and muses, “Joon Young stole your daughter’s man, why do you care so much about her?” Doo Hee replies, “Because she’s my disciple.” That explains a lot. Uh huh. Baek Sul then carefully inserts, “Doo Hee, you’ve been lying to the public for 22 years, must you continue this act?” Doo Hee is rightfully confused, since Baek Sul doesn’t know she lost part of her memory after In Joo’s disappearance.

Their conversation is interrupted curtly by In Joo and Baek Sul takes a few jabs, “Face, qualifications, you two share nothing in common.” This unnerves In Joo, so she follows Baek Sul back to Arirang to find out the meaning behind that sentence. Baek Sul sneers, “If she doesn’t want to reveal the truth, I’m going to find out myself. The reason why you two don’t look alike.”

Shaken, In Joo reveals the truth to Baek Sul. Ahh!

Back to the hospital, Joon Young descends from her bed, bends over, and struggles to pick up the plastic balls. She then remembers seeing In Joo wanders around the cooking studio, and shakes off the thought like it’s impossible. For a moment there, I thought her smart side started to work.

Baek Sul is stunned with the new information. She lets In Joo into her secret, “But I saw an interesting person. She has no memories of her childhood, yet she is able to create the same taste that she has tasted before. Why is that? You did that to Joon Young didn’t you?” In Joo breaks into a rampage, claiming violently that she created a self she barely recognize anymore. She cooked and learned like crazy! Even taking a breath was considered as a waste. So even if the real In Joo were to come back, no one can take her place. Baek Sul stares.


Joon Young successfully picks up all the plastic balls but one rolls out of her hand and continues its way across the floor to Do Yoon’s feet as he enters. He’s here to give her some items of daily life. Like laptop, magazines, boardgames, snacks, until she mutters curiously, “Are you making a home here?” Do Yoon: “With you? Are you crazy?” Aw man. I was hoping…

Da Eun calls Joon Young and the clear disappointment is written all over her face because it’s not from Jae Ha. Do Yoon registers this quick moment. 🙁

Meanwhile, Jae Ha is using work to clear his mind, until Do Yoon calls him outside for a quick talk. He gives Jae Ha the address to Joon Young’s hospital. Aw. You fool! Why didn’t you inherit some naughty genes from Cupid Baek!?


Instead of being grateful, Jae Ha is suspicious of Do Yoon’s behavior, “Are you President Baek’s person?” Do Yoon: “I’m Go Joon Young’s boyfriend.” He says that to spike Jae Ha into action but the latter simply sneers and turns around. Do Yoon wonders where the trashcan is, and tucks the address card into Jae Ha’s pocket, “Is jumping back and forth your habit?”

Jae Ha shuffles into the office while his assistant and other staff members are watching the recording of the competition. He notices In Joo’s wary expression as Baek Sul’s words play in his head, “Maybe someone is trying to sabotage Go Joon Young?”

Baek Sul calls In Joo and finally decides to help her cover up the truth. Why? Because it’s only fair that they both lost a child.


Night falls and Joon Young plays the dvd Jae Ha made for her before the competition. She smiles as he cooks while her dad played the cameramen. See Do Yoon? This man knows the sweet way to enter someone’s heart. Only US (the viewers) see your sweeeetest side, slowpoke!

Do Yoon brings some oranges to her late that night and finds the bed empty. He rushes outside and drives off. This is also when Jae Ha comes to the hospital and receives Do Yoon’s call about Joon Young’s disappearance.


She’s at Sanarae’s kitchen, chopping veggies, until the knife falls out of her hand and onto the ground. Scared, she turns away and sees Do Yoon.


He angrily tells her to pick the knife up. She says she can’t, so he grabs her by the side and positions her behind the counter.


He gives her the knife again and this time, he stands behind her. He grab her hands, and guides them in the right direction, warning her, “If you make a mistake, both of our hands will be hurt.” Gah. I just died. It’s so intense and meaningful. That line.


When they finish chopping one piece, he lets go of her hands, and she cries uncontrollably, afraid that one day she might not be able to hold a knife the same way again.


He wraps his arms around hers, completely covering the ring on her finger, allowing her to sob… They stand like that….


…and we see Jae Ha.

Alice: Wow! What a hot back hug, who knew it could be this hot while not overshadowing the meaning of the scene.

No, I don’t blame Jae Ha for what happened to Joon Young because it’s not his fault. But his behavior in this episode was unpleasant to watch. When the two men interact, it’s clear who has the bigger heart. Now that our main players have a clue about the mastermind, I beg Joon Young to wake up and use Do Yoon’s knife to cut someone. A girl. A pretty one.


  1. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    You do a.really great job at it.. You are also the only one who does the recaps of this drama. Sometimes, I try watching without the subs to see if I can understand. I pick up on what’s going on but not on the details. I guess I also get confused since the Korean language has two sets of responses depending on who you are speaking to. I’m from the Philippines by the way and look forward to reading more of your articles. Please continue recapping this drama as I really love it. The cooking and all. Maybe you can suggest other dramas for me to watch. What’s your take on Fermentation Family? I’ve seen Gourmet (Sikgaek), Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Pasta, Jumong et al already.

    Thank you again.


  2. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    Thank you for recapping this drama. I really love it. Please continue to do this job. Thank you.

  3. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    The last scene just about killed me! I watched it over and over a hundred times!!! <3

    Do Yoon is the one who's helping her through it all! He's the one who's giving her the scolding and the strength she needs to regain what she lost! He's the one who's trying to bring her happiness by giving her whatever she wants, even if it isn't him! How on earth can she miss that out?!?!

    *dramagods* MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 😛

  4. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    So happy to see DY and JY get so much screen time together!! Whoo hoo! And that last scene, just wow. He loves her enough to be tough with her and make her do what she needs to do. I can’t see Jae Ha helping her the way that she needs. At this point, she needs someone to push her and help her. Do Yoon is already doing that and I hope he’s making a mark in her heart. She may not realize it yet, but hopefully she will down the line. You know, I just can’t understand Do Hee. Why is she so fixated with Joon Young? That disciple stuff is nonsense. What exactly did she train her in? Making some special broth and give her a tofu lesson?? That hardly qualifies as being a disciple. I can understand why In Joo would be so jealous of her mother giving Joon Young so much attention and affection. There just seems to be no place for it. Now, I totally know In Joo is the reincarnated Bad Seed, but her mom needs to get things together.

    Jae Ha needs to take a hiatus from Joon Young. I totally agree you, Kap, on your ideal ending. I think that now would be a perfect time for JY to go study abroad. An invitation from Haemil would be perfect, but I know that won’t happen cause then, where would they get all the drama. It would be too perfect…but we can dream, can’t we? And I hope that Do Yoon gets to stay around her a little while longer to help her. I think she’s starting to get an inkling of just how much he’s doing for her. At least, I hope! Writers, keep running with that DY theme and let our beanie couple grow closer. I mean, a chef needs to be able to cut her veggies, no?

  5. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    Okay, and I perfectly perfectly love your storyline!! ^^

  6. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    The reason why I enjoy coming here is first you do a wonderful job recapping . Second ,the people who come here do good at making interpretations of the scenarios -it feels like I’m in a media com/humanities class .

    Btw, I like your ending -but is it possible for 2 years DY will be wearing Haemil’s mask?.Okey, I suspend disbelief for drama’s sake.This ending somewhat reminded me of another drama All about Eve .

    It seemed DY and JY have all the meaningful scenes ,while JH and JY have the cheesy , usual , Kdrama run of the mill scenes together. In short,they do not tug at the heart and soul.The writer better give us a good ending after all she/he is is responsible for giving us all the DY-JY scenes. She/he will disappoint so many viewers who seemed to have casted their lot with the two. I will remember the writer’s name , so be warned not to play with our emotions.

    Maybe JY is slow in getting the true and honest intentions of DY, because of the latter’s fault . He is hot and cold with his signals though his actions say “I care, that is why I do all these things for you”. On the other hand, JH has so many “burden” to take care of that he appears to be not so sincere (at least in my view) or not having depth in his love for JY . What if she did not confess her feelings, what if DY is not threatening his male ego will he pursue JY ? Btw, his pursuit was no sweat and no challenge until he realized DY was also interested .

    While we castigate IJ for her evil deeds, Prez Baek has done the same tricks and attempted harm many times, too. When scores are made even at the end ,will our beanie couple be at the opposite ends ?

    The story to me is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, shaken and messed up by circumstances, then the pieces slowly go back to its original position.

  7. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    Hi Alice,

    You are the best! I also love watching this drama because it´s not in my region I can´t watch this on Viki. Too understand the storlyline I´m depended on the recaps you make. So, please continue doing this for people like me. Don´t take notice what others say. FIGHTING!!

  8. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    You know, episode 17 blew me away cos of the sweet forest cemetery scene. But this episode by far is the best of the lot! (cos of all the DY-JY scenes together! :D) Imma happy fan!

    Other than that, it really bugs me that DY just can’t seem to tell his real feelings to JY honestly (and i mean, tell JY without leaving anticlimax sentences after his answers). I can’t help but to think that it’s because DY is such kind of a person, that’s why us fans grew to love him; his cool, icy, seemingly no feeling character. However, if this were to continue on for another 10 episodes and cause him to be unable to capture JY’s heart, i won’t be able to stop myself from giving him a hard smack on his head to wake up his ideas. *oops*

    @seattlebabe, i have the same thoughts as you babe. if the writers are not intending to put our couple tgt, what for they provide all the meaningful and memorable sweet scenes to our couple and not JH-JY? i think the writers would be too ignorant if they can’t tell which couple the viewers ship more 🙂

    and tmr’s a saturday! 😀

  9. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    You guys are right. Do Yoon is the person who “toughens” up JY. The girl needs it. While…JH…he’s too sweet of a guy.

    Good news and Bad news.

    From MBC site: We HAVE A NURSE! Nurse Do Yoon! 😛

    The bad news? Someone….punches our dear DY…. tell me the slowpoke hands the bruise right back! Tell me!

    Ep.19 Preview:

    • 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

      Hehe, the only thing I was fixated on in this was:

      Joon Young: Why are you being so nice to me?
      Cupid Baek: Do you wanna be my daughter? 😛

      Do Yoon (to Cupid Baek): I’ve warned you, don’t mess with her!

      And most of all-Joon Young returns Jae Ha’s ring telling him she wants to be happy now, right? Please tell me I saw it right!! 😛

    • 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

      hehe Mariah…of course cause you can understand Korean *envious*. DY busted lips distract me from everything else. ^^

      Did Cupid Baek forget the words “in-law” after the word daughter perhaps? 😛

      • 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

        haha, Alice, I bet she’s dropping hints slowly slowly so that Joon Young can prepare herself! 😉 😛 She tells JY to believe her and will take care of her leg, her hand everything! 😉

        The busted lip is also over Joon Young, by the way… I didn’t get the entire words, but I think JH punches DY right after the last scene in the 18th episode cause he’s referring to JY’s hand. Seems he’s admonishing DY for pushing JY to cut the vegetables but DY spats back at him something like she needs it.. DY is GOOD! He’s helping her the way she needs it, rather than letting her wallow in despair and sadness of losing her hand!

        • 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

          That’s what JY needs. Tough love. She need to buck up ad get through this, then maybe she’ll stop letting people run over her!

  10. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    Want to see do yoon And joon young ended up to be together, that she will remember good and bad times with do yoon while she was hurt. All those memories will touch her heart, slowly love grows and she slowly falls for do yoon, hopefully. It was just my idea. I like Jo sang wook but eversince I watched this drama, I started to like lee sang woo, I LOVE THIS DRAMA.

  11. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    oh do yoon, my heart hurts for you prematurely if JY rejects you again… the girl’s heart must be made of rock!! 😛

    i love the symbolism of the last scene when he warns her to be careful or they both get hurt. he’s willing to go so far for her but always by her side wholeheartedly. JY AH wake up!! stop being fed with honey by JH!! LOL

    the preview upsets me. JH has no right to punch DY!! he’s such a hypocrite! first he goes to JY before he ends things with JY and now he’s the one to complain when it happened to him?/

    i gotta say though, seo hyun jin is nailing her role perfectly. i don’t like her but when she’s alone and congrats herself for “doing well” and not winning, my eyes got a bit teary.

    sung yuri is boring nowadays as JY. stepp it up writer!!

    love your ideal ending alice, let me add in a HOT KISS in the end hehehehe im a pervert like that!! lol.

  12. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    I just wanted to say thank you for these recaps! I look forward to them every week, and I love to compare your interpretations to mine (along with everyone elses who writes on here).

    I also just wanted to share an MV I found on youtube for the DY/JY couple (guilty of rooting for those two, hehe):

    Not sure if that’s going to work cause my HTML is rusty, and i’m on an iPad..*crosses fingers*

    • 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

      yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay nice video XD
      i hope they will end up together X(
      Do yoon all the waaaaaay~ aja!!

  13. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    I just wanted to add that I agree, that JY appears to be weak, and she hides it well with her cheerful smile. But if you were an orphan, AND the mother who adopted you passed away…THEN your adopted father abandoned you and disappeared…!!! I’d think that self-esteem/self-worth issues are to be expected. And she’s become a pawn for everyone’s agendas ever since she came to Seoul (Is that where they are? Lol), and that sure doesn’t help her issues much. And I just wanted to point out that I agree that DY is helping her to toughen up and build herself up (hopefully). He does it quietly, and tries to help her without too much flare, as it’s from the heart – he’s not doing it for a show, or for praise.

    IJ’s actions are more obvious as to why she does them. But we have to remember that even though JY is blessed with natural talent and charm, she’s still a victim like fake IJ.

    • 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

      AND I just read your story line kap!! LOVE IT! U have a gift. I just about melted in less than 500 words @.@

  14. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    oh my. I have to say I love your Recaps. & your epic alternate story :))
    Haha ! 🙂

  15. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    well hello there! Newbie on board here! 🙂
    and I’m so damn agree with all of you guys here!
    I’m hoping that Mr. Slowpoke here, will get his girl at the end.
    and your story line version is so damn tempting! I wish you’re the writer, so that we know our slowpoke here will get the girl! LOL
    I’m going to be very very angry if the writer make JY ended up with JH.. I know I’m wicked. But, I can’t resist our slowpoke! 😀
    thanks for you recap 🙂

  16. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    Love your perfect scenario ending! I love the many routes and possibilities of the storyline. I would love it more if DY and JY become a couple sooner!

    Ah, but I like the twist you presented, though it may frustrate me to forever wait for JY to see all the goodness in DY (abs, smile and all!). JH ‘s cowardice and spoiled-brat-forcefulness annoys the heck out of me. Facial features wise, In Joon and Jae Hae looks better together, while Do Yoon and Joon Young looks awesome!

    Now, I hope the old feisty Joon Young comes out again. She’s been too much of a softy and not much of a fighter lately. In Joon deserves some heavy push back -or a slapping -or that toxin. I want to see the JY Loach fish soup girl again.

  17. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    In Joo pisses me off so much. Why do i see so many people badmouthing Yoo Kyung(from Kim Tak Goo) when In Joo is so much worse. In Joo didn’t even take half the sh*t that Yoo Kyung had to go through and (In Joo) took almost no time going over to the dark side. I want to see some justice soon! Real soon!

  18. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    I want InJoo/SongYeonWoo realizes her evil deeds.
    I want InJoo realizes that Arirang isn’t her real place.
    I want InJoo leave Arirang.
    I want InJoo starts a new life and be happy.

  19. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    hey all =D
    i am so happy there r a lot of DY fans here!!
    i really want them 2 be 2gether in the end =( but most of ppl comments on the other websites saying she’ll end up with jae hae in the end. i was really sad =(
    can’t we make petitions or something like that n submit/ send it to the director or writer?

  20. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    i’ve created this poll
    vote to whom u want the male lead to be =D i want to c the majority opinion

    just copy it then remove the parentheses
    Your vote can make a difference
    i’ll find a way to send it to the people in charge 🙁 i hope i can manage, if you know a way tell me X(

  21. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    gosh i am so in love with kaptain ideal storyline way more than the direction feast of god is going. i wish we can make our own endings!!!! gonna read it again and again until i am satisfied within my own little world!!

  22. 29 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 18

    Let me just say that reading your reviews were so refreshing! It’s like I’m reading an actual novel! lol.

    Please keep doing what you do!
    I truly appreciate it!

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