Comedian Shin Young teaches Jung So Min: How to be a Rebel

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Aww. This is so cute! The debut episode of Strong Heart‘s new generation of MCs in actor Lee Dong Wook and MC Shin Dong Yup opens with a military special, inviting all of the actors’ comrades to smooth his first ride. First up is 4D Lee Jin Wook (Have you seen him on Family Outing? The guy is quirky!), then there is fresh out of the army, Kim Ji Suk. He used to play the weak man role in variety show Love Letter. Oh, the good old times.

Screenshot for Keane. 😛

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On the newbies’ side, we have rising starlet Jung So Min. I agreed with Lee Jin Wook’s assessment, she gives off an innocent aura throughout the show. Still very fresh, apologetic, and giggly.

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There’s a brief section in the episode where she requests to play a rebellious character while being evaluated by the other senior actors. While she’s shrugging around in her chair to get into position, the slit in her dress reveals a whole milky white leg, causing everyone to oohhh and ahhh and Shin Dong Yup quickly barks, “No, no, a rebel! Not a corrupted woman!” 😀

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Playing the rebellious character, Jung So Min motions Lee Dong Wook to come over and tells him to stop doing his cute ‘It’s Me’ face on the show because it doesn’t fit him. Dong Wook bows meekly in return.

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Next up to challenge the mean girl is Lee Jin Wook but Jung So Min takes on a bit more humor and teases him about his unpleasing stache. Everyone bursts out laughing and she hurries to grabs his arms, apologizing profusely.

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The real fun begins when comedian Shin Young clarifies that So Min is still nice, so she ought to give the rising actress some lessons about body language of a rebel, who smokes and fights. Shin Young struts down the steps, completes with a throaty voice and neck-cracking pains. She calls out Lee Dong Wook and orders him to do the cute pose ‘It’s Me’ again, when he doesn’t, she jerks up her knee suddenly and he adorably responds like any guy would: crossing his hands to shield his little friend. 😛

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Up next is Lee Jin Wook. When Shin Young jokingly asks whether he has a girlfriend, he responds, “I’m sorry but I can’t tell.” Upset, she slams her tongue against the interior of her mouth, creating this fake angry expression.

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Shin Young then calls Boom (the messenger guy) over and asks for an explanation. Then she ends the comedic scene with the gag line used throughout the scene to Boom, “Do you know why I’m angry? Didn’t I tell you NOT to come close to me?” hahaha XD

Poor Boom. I was one of the people hoping for his big gig as Strong Heart’s new MC. I feel like it’s time for him to move past as the show’s fixed guest. He’s quick witted and humorous. Shin Dong Yup has always been consistent, I don’t oppose to his casting, but I just wished SBS would allow Boom to really stretch his skills. Of course, there’s Dong Wook being new to the field, so he needs an experienced MC to bounce off with… I get it….but still!

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Comedian Shin Young teaches Jung So Min: How to be a Rebel

    Aww~ Thanks Kaptain! I cannot get enough of LDW’s “nayo~,” however… that angle on him? Uhm~ My obsession is seen here: Lee Dong-wook’s NAYO~ My men weakness: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Nicky Wu, Peter Ho, and Lee Dong-wook.

    JSM is so pretty; I like her a lot. She was very good in Playful Kiss. She has an upcoming drama, right?

    I haven’t watched LDW’s debut as an MC on Strong Heart but I hope to see Boom tone down his comedy a bit on SH to not outshine his buddy, LDW. Boom is a busy guy, no? He has a radio show, Star King, another variety show or two, and now being a permanent guest on SH since SuJu guys are off elsewhere, no?

  2. 3 thoughts on “Comedian Shin Young teaches Jung So Min: How to be a Rebel

    ha, Keane, he always tilts his head to the same angle anyway! Maybe you like him in casual clothes? 😀

    Jung So Min seems like a nice girl. But as cute as she is, I can’t watch another version of that hair loss-inducing manga! Even Ariel couldn’t save my hair.

    Boom is always gonna be Boom, explosive and fast. Lee Dong Wook has some witty one liners of his own in this episode, some of them, aiming at Boom’s eagerness to be an MC.

    I think the Suju boys are busy elsewhere since they’re the 2 of the 6 fixed guests, only Shindong was not renewed. Maybe a suju fan could give a better explanation…

    • 3 thoughts on “Comedian Shin Young teaches Jung So Min: How to be a Rebel

      Ahhhhh~ Wookie! (。✪‿✪。)

      I figure Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are going into the Army together by EOY, they’d stop? The three SuJu Musketeers should stick together no matter what, really? Yeah, will an ELF explain it to us why Shindong’s reappearance was not renewed? I read somewhere once Shindong has a new show all on his own now. (◎_◎;)

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