TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

Title: 封神榜
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Fung San Bong / Feng Shen Bang
English title: Gods of Honour
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast year: 2001-Jul-23 to 2001-Sep-14
Synopsis: The basic overall plot is that the emperor has slighted the Nuwar goddess by making disrespectful comments at her temple so she sends a fox spirit in the form of Tan Gei to enchant him and at the same time, ruin his kingdom (this is the original legend, TVB is unclear about it. Tan Gei is just corrupted by the fox spirit here). He becomes such a lazy king that he even allows Tan Gei to administer his empire for him. Any officials who complained were sent to be tortured by wrapping their bodies around a burning hot pole engraved, ironically, with wisdom words of the ways of emperor-minister relationships. A revolutionary group is formed, comprising of abled people like Na Zha, Yeung Chin, Liu Chun Zhi, to dethrone the emperor and elect Sai Bak Hao, a previously loyal official who was victim to the king and Tan Gei’s abuses. “Gods” begins with Na Zha’s story, before and after he was born, how he was abandoned by his parents because of a prophecy that he will one day kill the king, who was royal Prince then. A bit of an Oedipus feel to it where Na Zha grows up angry at his father. Na Zha encounters the three eyed Yeung Chin and the winged Liu Chun Zhi. They become good friends and attend school together. They meet Lin Fa, who turned out to be Yeung Chin’s little sister at the school while Yun Sup Leung, Na Zha’s mother, also comes to look for her abandoned son. The story turns to how the third sea dragon prince tries to court and marry Lin Fa and is unintentionally killed by Na Zha in anger. This leads to a series of events for Na Zha and his friends and eventually the telling of their stories of how they enlisted for the revolution and became gods..(Credit: CrunchyRoll)

Note: The video size is at approximate 200MB to 300MB size.
Subtitle: It’s Chinese hard subbed. Audio: Multi – Cantonese/Mandarin (Left/Right)
English Subtitle: Happy Goggling…

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  1. 7 thoughts on “TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

    i watched a lot of tvb dramas when i was younger…not sure if i had watched this…

    but after Benny’s groping incident last year…i now look at him with biased eyes.

    what a pervert! i couldn’t believe it!

    but thanks cool. =)

  2. 7 thoughts on “TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

    Oh god…the hair… I kind of admire the dedication that tvb dramas have in the old days…with all those hair styling. Especially the guys. And the costuming (I mean the outrageous ones like demonic/creature ones… I mean… just look at the cover -w-…that guy with the wings…) I can’t remember if I’ve seen this one before as a child but the story sounds very familiar >< And honestly, I clicked this post because I thought it said "God of Humor" ^^;

  3. 7 thoughts on “TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

    ^ haha oh July. “Humor” 😛

    I watched this series. I don’t remember much about Benny’s performance but Kingdom Yuen, his mother, was fabulous in those heart-wrenching scenes that she had to do to save his butt. When she had enough of his obnoxious behavior, she blew up like a light bulb. Amazing scene.

  4. 7 thoughts on “TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

    who knows where to watch tvb drama online.. i really want to watch god’s honour.. please help me….

  5. 7 thoughts on “TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

    Hi. Anyone knows where to find the subs file?? Have been trying google but could’t find one.

  6. 7 thoughts on “TVB Drama: Gods of Honour

    When i click on them it says the file doesn’t exist anymore, help please?

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