Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

You all think I’m be heading into this train wreck without any form of protection? Insurance? Think again. I’m going to die like a boss, complete with my castle and Cupid Baek. Take that, writers! For those on the same ship as me (or different, whatever makes you happy), I’ll generously lend you this life jacket, unless your spirit disintegrates within my hardcore castle – that I can’t save.

Anyway, our emotionally-stunted boy confesses in this episode gals and it’s not him if the scene plays out smoothly. It’s interesting how he reveals his feeling exactly at the half-way mark of this drama. Is this a hint that it’s your game in the latter half? It better be. Better.

You know the frustrating thing about rooting for Do Yoon? We as viewers see everything that he does for Joon Young but she doesn’t. Do Yoon is always rubbing her the wrong way in order to accomplish the little things he wanted to do for her. She only sees a rude, lonely guy. We see a husband material.

Episode 16

Fake Father VS Real One

With a face full of hope, Young Bum asks, “Have you seen this child? Are you the same man who called me 10 years ago from Udo Island?”


Fake dad is silent as a mouse, his eyes roam around the table, and finally blurts out, “No, it was not me.” That breaks Young Bum’s line of hope and he apologizes for jumping into conclusion. Hello? You’re a doctor Young Bum, would you believe a liar or SCIENCE? Get the girl’s hair!


Bothered by Doo Hee’s extreme display of affection for Joon Young, In Joo can’t sleep that night, which is when Doo Hee enters the room and goes into a half-mode lecture. All her life, Doo Hee has given top priority to Arirang and she’ll continue to do so but she doesn’t want In Joo to bear the life-long responsibility as well. In Joo interprets it differently, “Are you telling me to quit? After all that I have done, you’re saying it’s all in vain?” No, she can’t give up and hopes that Doo Hee have confidence in her ability, “If you don’t believe me, I’ll fail eventually.” Hurt, In Joo recoils from Doo Hee’s touch.

Meanwhile, Do Yoon is still waiting outside of Arirang to take Joon Young home. She refuses and he grabs her saucy sauce into the car, leaving her with no choice. heh. He parks outside of Sanarae and Joon Young mentally prepares herself to make certain things clear to him.


Joon Young: “Listen carefully to what I have to say. Don’t joke and look down on me.”
Do Yoon: “Okay.”
Joon Young: “Stop being around me. I have someone I like and I don’t see anyone else now. Therefore, don’t like me.”

Aha! The wheel of sense has finally started to work in her brain. She feels something from him. But it’s odd that she’s the one to say ‘keep the distance’ since she was also the person who hung around Jae Ha when he was still dating! What goes around, comes around.

Do Yoon smiles: “Don’t you feel awkward?”
Joon Young: “No. There is no reason to feel awkward!”

Are you sure? What’s with the mumbling and no eye-contact? huh? HUH?


Joon Young: “I already know that you like me.
Do Yoon: “That’s right, I like you.”

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH He did it guys!! The bumbling fool finally confesses! Joon Young is startled.

Do Yoon: “Go Joon Young, I like you, sincerely.” *melts*


For a good minute, they stare at each other IN THE EYES, ready to launch for a kiss. I kid. Joon Young finally breathes but Do Yoon cuts her off, “It’s just that there’s someone who’s interested in me.”


I mean US? How did you figure dude? Does anyone else understand what he meant with that line? I think we all agree that Do Yoon doesn’t really know how to express how he cares, so when the air is thick with awkwardness, he immediately retreats by distracting her with a statement. Equally confused, Joon Young guesses that he’s trying to make someone else jealous by treating her nice? Who? In Joo? *facepalm*

Unfortunately, this scene is interrupted by someone Do Yoon calls “nosy”. It’s Jae Ha, walking out of Sanarae with a bag of late-night snacks. He sees Do Yoon and immediately heads over to the driver’s side and knocks on the window. Like his usual response, Do Yoon drives off coolly. heee!


Jae Ha can’t believe there’s such a mannerless person in this world! Joon Young senses jealousy from Jae Ha and assures him that no one would like this strong woman! Um, You’re not strong, just resilient. He unhooks her arms, still brewing in a jealous fit, and she solves everything with a peck on his cheek. He’s sent to the ninth floor of heaven.

On his drive back, Do Yoon is on the phone with Jane, who complains that he promised to come within a month, with Joon Young no less! He breaks the news about going there alone and Jane is disappointed that he got dumped. I love Jane, even her voice is cute!


Back at Arirang, Do Yoon notices In Joo rushing somewhere, but her mind is shut off because she can’t properly open the door or operate the car, he drags her outside the car. He leans in to smell, no alcohol so why is she acting this way? In Joo tells him to mind his own business.

When he does move on, she asks for a favor, “I need to go somewhere but I can’t drive. I beg you.”

Young Bum finally stumbles home in his listless state and apologizes to a confused Doo Hee that he has let her down. She thinks he’s upset because of a dying patient and tells him to rest.


In Jae Ha’s apartment, Fake father chides himself for denying the truth, “Why? Why? WHY?” so when Joon Young calls him, he’s extra gentle and nice, which raises her suspicion, “Did you do something wrong? Your voice is strange!” Of course not, he wonders whether she was upset while waiting for her real father ten years ago? She wasn’t, she was occupied with angry thoughts about HIM abandoning her. Fake dad feels better, hangs up, and says he’s sorry for doing it, “I just don’t want to be alone anymore.” Selfish.


Do Yoon drops In Joo off at a nighclub, and she tells him to wait. She goes inside and looks up on stage, remembering the spot where her mother used to sing and dance with men. I don’t do well with Little Yeon Woo, why are you guys keep doing this to my tear duct?! Mother was busy making money so she had someone else take her daughter away.

The music fades in In Joo’s head and she speaks to herself, tears streaming down, “If you come back alive and come to me, I will ignore you. I hated the pitiful you.”


She continues to stand in the middle of the dance floor until the people there begin to dance wildly and push her to the side in her heels. Do Yoon comes to her side and stables her. She is suffocated of all these memories, torturing her identity and self-esteem, and tilts to his side. Oh man. I think I know why she goes to night club every once in a while – it is to keep memories of mom alive and beating. Although, it looks like she’s about to erase her to fully embrace something she’s not. Tis sad.

The ride home, In Joo reveals to Do Yoon her weakness – she’s still afraid of holding a knife. When it’s alive, she’s afraid to cut it. She’s half-mocking herself and he’s answering passively to every question. Despite her fear, In Joo laughs that she’s still going to be the next Master Chef. Guys, I think she’s officially a doo doo head now. Hear the laugh?


Within seconds, she becomes herself again, and turns to Do Yoon, “Why are you listening to me so well? Is it because you’re afraid I’ll expose your identity?” Do Yoon: “No, it’s because I pity you.” Aw. These two and their troubled mothers. In Joo doesn’t look offended, more like she has come to the same conclusion about herself, “Forget what I told you the first time we met. Song Yeon Woo. She’s dead.”


Next morning, Baek Sul enters her studio kitchen to find Joon Young sleeping on the couch like an angel, and she smiles at the sight. I think it’s the first time, she genuinely smiles without an evil thought. It’s a kind smile. Joon Young jerks awake and apologizes to the “President” for snoring in her place. Baek Sul dismisses the title but Joon Young doesn’t know what else to call her. Baek Sul makes it half-word, “Call me Teach—-” and stops herself, thinking they better take it slow. Aw! She wants a disciple, how cute!

Joon Young has finished making a similar sauce to Hae Song Jang. Baek Suk tries it out and mutters to herself, “So this is it…”


Jae Ha is heading out to work, and Fake father, dressed up like a mother hen, approaches him with a fresh glass of tomato juice for breakfast. Gah. So basically, fake dad is going to be a male maid at Jae Ha’s house to pay back Joon Young. Whuu? Shouldn’t you be cleaning her place?

The phone rings and fake dad picks it up – Grandma. She wants Jae Ha on the phone and wonders why a stranger is lodging in his house. Fake Dad clarifies, “My son-in-law, Choi, tells me to stay here…” Grandma is taken aback, “Son-in-law? Who are you??!!” Joon Young’s father of course. Grandma hangs up when he keeps blabbering about respect.


Grandma’s growl is quickly replaced with a smile once In Joo enters her room, reminding her to call “Grandma” when they’re alone. She hands In Joo a box – it’s a gift from her mother-in-law and now she wants to pass it down to her grand-daughter-in-law. Unsettled, In Joo ponders, “Haven’t you heard?” She did but concludes that Jae Ha is “lost”, so the decision is in In Joo’s hands. “If you accept, I will do everything to help you.” In Joo puts on the ring.


Elsewhere, Baek Sul introduces Joon Young to the judges of the competition, and one of them recognizes her as the girl who cooked bibimbap with Haemil. Uncomfortable with the special attention, she asks to leave because she wants to win this round fair and square, like her promise to her teacher, Sung Doo Hee. Er, I admire your honesty, but the last bit can be cut off. Why is everyone obsessed with Doo Hee? It’s confounding.


Baek Sul returns to her office, fuming like a volcano, “Sung Doo Hee! Sung Doo Hee! Sung Doo Hee!!” She orders Assistant to move Joon Young’s dad to another place and he thinks otherwise because he’s not her real father, “I will look into the matter further.” Okay. Just then In Joo bursts open the door and enters like a runway model. No! No! NOT the same plot AGAIN?


In Joo mocks Baek Sul for wanting the same disciple as her mother and the latter takes offense in her word choice. Stop beating the bushes will you? In Joo’s motive is clear: There are people who are born to a good family, has an exceptional background but still can’t beat that one person with Lady Luck on her side. In Joo thinks fair is all but a lie. Baek Sul perks up, “Alright, tell me, what do you need?” In Joo throws back the same question, “What do you want from my mom?” Baek Sul thinks it’s something unrelated to the matter but In Joo guesses that much, having shared the same feeling towards Joon Young, and spits out, “You want her to kneel in front of you. You want her to get out of your life forever. I can help you fulfill your dreams if you listen to me.” Do you all see horns on In Joo’s head? She’s going to trample over Doo Hee now. *gulps*

Baek Sul calls out In Joo’s bluff, “You barged in like this and expect me to believe you? Fine. But Joon Young is one of my people, so don’t touch her.” In Joo snickers, “Do you think Joon Young thinks the same?” which rattles Baek Sul completely. Her last words, “Even if you don’t want to cooperate, you will eventually work with me.”


On his way to meet Sanarae’s marketing team, Jae Ha bumps into In Joo, and they exchange friendly exchange in which she reveals that she still wakes up every morning at 6AM to call him and always stops herself mid-way. All the corners and districts they have crossed still pry an emotion out of her. Jae Ha reacts indifferently, laughing, “I’m sorry. Sorry for not having anything to say.” She advises him not to feel sorry from now on.

Joon Young drops by her friend’s workplace, casually checks her email, and screams when she sees Haemil’s email to HER. In the email, he asks about her health, and wonders whether his Korean is good? Jane taught him. Jae Ha calls and Joon Young replies with her utmost excited tone and he’s curious, “Why is she so happy?”


He comes to the Internet cafe where she’s busy typing a reply to Haemil and totally doesn’t see or hear him when he greets her. OMGOSH! So it’s Haemil who is the real CONTENDER for these guys? hehe.


Jane calls Do Yoon and reminds him that the flight to London is scheduled for this Saturday, “Are you really coming alone?” Do Yoon mumbles the saddest and longest “yesss” in history. His lower lips basically disappears. Aiyahh….My heart! His phone rings a sound, alerting him of an email, it’s from Joon Young. He lights up partially.

In Joo goes to the herbal store to buy more herbs. She sees an interesting herb that needs to be detoxified before it can be used as medicine and comments on the meaning in her life, “Born out of poison, but eventually use as herb. Interesting.”


Fake Dad is in trouble because Grandma visits Jae Ha’s apartment and tells him to get out, Jae Ha’s going to marry someone else. Jae Ha tries to explain but dad is too angry to listen and immediately phones Joon Young after he storms out.

Jae Ha begs Grandma to stop interfering and listen to him but Grandma threatens, “If you continue to hurt Joon Young, I won’t ever see your face again!”


So that night, all three people brood. Jae Ha doesn’t want to pick between his beloved Grandma and Joon Young. While she doesn’t want to ruin the relationship between Grandma and Jae Ha. And Do Yoon holds the H bracelet in his hand, thinking, “Saturday is the day…”

He gets out of bed and drives to Sanarae just in time to see Joon Young heads out in the rain with an umbrella. Aw. I love how this scene plays back to Do Yoon’s analogy in episode 14 about being the one to give her an umbrella. He notices that she’s down so he asks Jane for a favor.


He continues to follow her in his car. Jane calls and babbles on about stories of her and Haemil’s adventure which cracks a smile from Joon Young. He watches her with a small smile too. This fool.

Fake dad stumbles back to the apartment, drunk, and laments about his poor background, and hence Grandma dislikes their family. Jae Ha’s assurance is ineffectual at this point.

Doo Hee comes to In Joo’s kitchen and overhears her planning with Baek Sul. Looks like Baek Sul wants her to lose on purpose but the latter screams objection.


In Joo turns around and sees Doo Hee, who is probably losing all of her remaining black hair. In Joo explains herself, and we see a difference, she finally lies and puts the blame on Baek Sul, “She says I have to lose or else she will expose what I did last time! I can’t give up mother. Losing to Joon Young is the worse!”


Next day, Baek Sul is chatting with Joon Young before Jae Ha enters, bows, and drags Joon Young out to go on their “date”. They play a mutual game and Jae Ha fails to guess Joon Young’s favorite color, animal, and stew.


Their next plan is to ride the bicycle. And here my jaw drops. She says she might NOT remember how to ride a bike? Seriously girl? You rode it like a boss on the island! Anyway, it turns out that Jae Ha doesn’t know how to ride and he reasons, “It’s because I didn’t want to get hurt.” So they use a tandem bike instead.

Then they join a group of kids to have a round of basketball.

Baek Sul receives a call from the Ministry of Food executives, they want to meet at Arirang to discuss some important matters.


On her way in, Baek Sul sees Do Yoon with yet another trash bag in hand. She wonders if he’s waiting for her? Not impossible. Do Yoon: You sound ill, are you going to die soon? But then again, you’re taking medicines so I guess you’re going to live a long life.” She gripes at him, “Even if I die, there won’t be any money for you!” She turns around and Do Yoon looks at her back, smiling. Aw. He’s slowly letting go of his hatred for her. It feels like he’s saying goodbye with his eyes.


The important people gather around a table to have dinner. Baek Sul tastes the soup and claims it’s not the golden sauce. The lead guy agrees with her assessment and Doo Hee says, “You’re right. It’s not the sauce because I use a bought version of it.” Bought version? OO Doo Hee is launching her attack. The bought version is the sauce that Baek Sul made based on the fake Heavenly Book. The fake sauce was thought to be removed, but Doo Hee is able to buy it at the markets.


Baek Sul tries to clarify but Doo Hee has the evidence where the fake sauce was made and stored.


Jae Ha cheers Joon Young up with some magic tricks. Placing one heart in the palm of her hand, he rubs one heart into two hearts. When she wants more hearts, he playfully touches her nose, then her hand. She opens her hand and there are 3 hearts. More! More! He finally makes a bigger stuff heart and tells Joon Young to lift it. She does and sees a ring in the center of her palm.


He slides it into her fourth finger and promises not to let go of her hand, so she should take responsibility, protect and love him.


She holds his hand, “We finally found something in common. Our persistence.”

Alice: T_______________________T Sad? Who? Me? Nah….

It’s interesting to note that both In Joo and Joon Young received a ring in this episode, but each one carries a starkly different meaning. In Joo’s ring is her way to gain that coveted position of Master Chef while not knowing the full intention of Grandma’s plan. That ring is her ticket out of the competition. I can’t imagine In Joo’s face once she finds out the truth. All hell breaks loose, Grandma.

And Jae Ha. Oh, Jae Ha. Always three steps ahead to claim stuff. He’s vastly different from Do Yoon, the slowpoke.

Do Yoon’s love is never about himself, it’s selfless and beautiful. He doesn’t need to be the person standing next to Joon Young. He’s satisfied as long as she can smile. He only cares about her happiness, even when she’s with another man. His love has no ownership or self-professed credits while Jae Ha’s nose flares as soon as someone else approaches her, even before they were dating.

It’s exactly like his umbrella’s analogy: He will give her an umbrella but she might share it with someone else in the rain. This is sooo frustrating!

So tell me writer, you’re considering the possibility of breaking his heart? You’re cruel.

  1. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    but still, i love InJoo-DoYoon couple from the first time they met

  2. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    I give this show an ultimatum. If we reach 20 episodes and still no sign of reciprocal love from DO YOON-JOON YOUNG, then I’m gonna drop this show packed with my endless rants!!!

    But then I guess, I would pick this up again once the frustration and disappointment boil down . . . More of scanning than watching actually, because for sure, I’m going to skip forward all the scenes flaunting the Jae Ha-Joon Young romance. Aigoo! It sucks BIG TIME when you root for the wrong couple. The only thing I can do now is to curse the power of first love. Damn you, puppy love!!!

  3. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Your recap is as good as watching the episode !I have only watched the epi raw so I rely on your recap mostly.

    I Think I can compare the FOTG characters with those of Boys Over Flowers triangle -Go JunPyo, Jandi and Jihoo with FOTG’s characters. Like Jihoo, will DY leave momentarily then surge forward when he returns ? OR for some reasons it is JH who will go away then DY will have JY all to himself ? Then JY will be conflicted over two loves.

    There are characters opposed to the JY and JH relationship -how will the opposition escalate ? But at least , DY finally made his love known to JY in the open halfway not like Jihoo who only professed his love towards the end . I don’t want to despair as yet , who knows scriptwriter might just decide to go against the Kdrma tradition -JY ends with DY. Sung Yuri in her dramas always have the second lead almost get her character .

    Oh dear brother come home now . And let the drama really begin !

    I’ll like it when more conflicts come out.

  4. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Well, I was thinking the same thing, Purple Lee. If the Jae Ha row boat isn’t sunk by 20 eps, I’ll most likely jump ship. I think the writers are just throwing us for a loop and baiting us as long as they possibly can. I’ll give it to them that they have us on our toes on who the main male lead is. I’ll still believe in this heart of mine that Do Yoon will stand victor at the end. I have to believe that or I’ll dissolve into a puddle of tears:( And, I love the little mother-son moments between Baek Sul and Do Yoon. I wish they could just reconcile their differences. That poor boy needs some l

  5. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Accidentally hit submit button:/ to finish sentence: love. And Haemil, send Joon Young an email or call her or have Jane call her and offer to personally train her!! You’ve got loads of power as Haemil. Yield your power!! And thanks, Kaptain! You’re the best.

  6. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Your awesome, Thank you!

  7. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Love Cupid Baek! I don’t know why! And actually, she may be conniving, but at least she took JY in to let her continue with her training. Song Hee dropped JY and somewhat, weakly fighting for her. Love it when she thinks of her slowpoke son and JY! “what about that dumb guy?!” classic!

    I’m tired of JH and his tantrums annoy me somehow. And when he met In Joon only to laugh or scoff because he has nothing to say, what a douchbag!! A few more of JH antics will start to get into my nerves πŸ™

    In Joon may be doing not so nice stuff but this girl’s life is a mess, she can’t even call herself by her real name and she’s been playing this charade all her life with no end. The price for her survival! I think the real dad is very selfish, though loving to his wife. In a way, In Joon is a slave to their game of not letting mom know while she sacrifices her whole being and suffers in silence.

  8. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Thanks again for the recaps!
    I had been wondering when In-Joo’s brother will come back from America and what he will do. But then, right after I wondered, the answer came to me: Somehow, he and Joon-Young [his real biological sister] will have to fall in love. Ack! It’s inevitable, right…? But how can they maneuver such a ridiculous twist, when she’s already torn between two other guys?
    Jae-Ha’s magic tricks with the red foam hearts were stomach-turning. I feel so sorry for actor Joo Sang Wook for having to play this pathetic kind of guy. But he’s handling it as best he can.
    That Babo Father the Doctor has been portrayed as an idiot on so many counts, but especially these:.
    (a) rejecting and expelling his biological son for refusing to pretend that the darling puppy girl was his real sister
    (b) Believing Fake Dad, in the face of overwhelming intuition and evidence, that Joon-Young is not the little girl in the picture
    (c) Just going around with that dazed expression half the time
    and (d) brilliant deduction from another commenter that Fake In-Joo will turn out to be his own illegitimate daughter. Of course!
    Looking forward to faster progress towards many major debacles!

  9. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    thanks Kaptain A

    Me, JY and KDY shipper had been slammed with the ring !. We could see her mouth almost touching her ear !

    BUT, we also know the writer is playing tricks with us now, to keep the HAEMIL character ALIVE for us to continue watching, but maybe the koreans too might get fed-up with this scriptwriting and abandon ship too,
    then we will know the rating will dip drastically.

    At least now his mother is noticing her son’s feeling for JY. Although his mom didn’t treat him well but he still bow to her and respect her but JY will always come first for him.

    ps I will abandon ship too if it tilt to JH.

  10. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    InJoo . Pathetic InJoo .

    I cannot see any kindness from her. And why should she when all she sees is herself . Her survival is all that matters. She is obsessed with Arirang just like Doo Hee and Haimoni . But her case is different -she is obsessed only to as far what she can gain from Arirang will assure her of the top position and yet she has placed Arirang in peril with her actions including Haemil. Not only that she is willing to sacrifice even the “Mother” that took her in. The problem is if ever there is a crime here at all, she only has to plead insanity.

    Of course she hates JY -for she came in from nowhere and made everything in Arirang topsy-turvy . And then losing everything to her. Early on she would have shrunk in embarrassment if she knew that JH had actually asked JY to leave Arirang so she would not have any formidable opponent .

    Had she been pushed enough yet to the edge of the cliff ? Or are there more to come ? Or a better rephrasing is -“wait till brother comes home” ?

    And Haemil -will he see In Joo now that she has no one to turn to ?

  11. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    By the way, from my understanding, Arirang is a state institution and yet why are these characters acting as if it was their personal kingdom?

    Hmmm could there be skeletons being hidden somewhere that is why they act possessive not only obsessed by Arirang ? C’mon scriptwriters give us some mysteries and dark secrets ! Bring them on !

  12. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    i love this…we’re ALL on the same ship. kaptain won’t be so happy if we all abandon her now. i’ll stay with you alice….to hell (or heavens πŸ™‚ ) we go!!! Either the writer has a failed first love or he/she is blind to the dazzling chemistry btw DY & JY!

    that last scene…omgosh. so forced! @_@ how long have they been dating for the ring to go on her fourth finger? jae ha is possessive.

    anways…i haven’t heard of any actor being casted in the brother role yet…will he appear AT ALL?

    look what i found on DC korea, made by genuisSYYS!

    when do yoon hugged jy way wayyy back. so freakin’ cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

      Hehe, good find Frea! πŸ˜‰

      Alright, Do Yoon is saying, “I like you a lot!!! (Niga nomu choa)” and Joon Young’s reply is “I know, I was wrong (Arattaeyo, naega chalmos haeyo)”

      P.S. I might be wrong about the Joon Young part because I’m having trouble understanding one character but this is the way it fits… 😐

    • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

      thansk mariah! it’s the dialogue of that scene….awwwwwwww!! i love how they made his eyebrow arched!

        • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

          @Mariah, thanks for the translation, arn’t they a cutey !

        • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

          @Barbella: They’re my favorite couple!! And I so wants them to end up together!!!

          Writers, please no break our hearts!!! </3!!! :'(

  13. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Guess I am not about to jump ship either. I am still thinking that the writers will eventually hook up DY and JY. Doesn’t quite make sense if they don’t, from the way they are writing Do Yoon’s part. All this seems to be building up to a point where some twist in the plot will break up the JH – JY relationship. And I think IJ accepting the ring from Grandma might be a part of it, and yes, IJ’s bro return home should add zing to the story. Some one mentioned a few postings ago that Jane was a more spunky character than JY, and I agree. She has shown more flavor and spark than JY in the few scenes that she’s been in. It is the difference in the acting, no? Why can’t Sung Yuri infuse her character with more spunk?

    Many thanks again for the wonderful recap!

  14. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    Ep.17 Preview pictures….

    A beautiful scene with DY and JY. Looks like it takes place after Doo Hee announces IJ-JH’s engagement ceremony, and JY runs out….who else shall find her but the slowpoke.

    You guys are leaving me on this ship alone?! πŸ™

    Cupid Baek, save your son! I think Jane will be a critical link in letting JY know what MR. H has done for her… I adore Jane!

    Frea, that chibi photo is sooo adorable!! heehee!

    • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

      Uwaaaahhhh!!! I’m already imagining all the endless possibilities this scene could bring in! You know, just like your castle picture above, these two end up together and just send JH to hell! πŸ˜› I’d be even more satisfied if there was some more *kissing* involved, hehe! I wants morrrrreeeeee DYxJY!!!! ^^ What is with the writes going crazy and making the wrong pairing!!! :'(

      Yeah, I’ve officially lost my mind! 😐

      I’ve given up watching the episodes and now I’m simply following the recaps which by the way are a delight to read especially with all your comments! πŸ˜€ I so so so so so so so want to see a JYxDY pair!!! Writes, why you no listensss?????!!!!! And I kind of can’t wait for the grandma to wake up and realize what In Joo really is. It’s high time for all hell to break lose! Muhuhahahaha!!! πŸ˜›

      • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

        How awesome would it be if JY found out DY was Haemil and then remembers how he put his life on the line for her by eating her food on that show especially when he already knew mushrooms were in it and then she starts realizing all he’s always doing for her and goes to him, rather than JH!!! Ah, why aren’t we guys the scriptwriters?! πŸ˜›

        Alright, gotta get it out of my mind now, gotta get it out of my mind now, gotta get it out of my mind now, gotta get it out of my mind now………

  15. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    thanks kaptain A

    That scenery is the place where his brother’s picture was hanging at the tree.
    Possibly he is saying goobye to him (going back to usa?) and how did that dazzling girl came into the picture.
    Did she accompany him ?.

    • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

      i think you’re right barbella…who knew that place at night looks so heavenly romantic? πŸ˜› A HUGGGG PLEASE!!

      @Mariah, im going crazy too. JH should be locked outside of the castle! Childhood sweetheart my butt! They’re 4/5! Love my butt!

      me too, im waiting when she knows HAEMIL ate the mushroom all for her sake!! Do yoon did warn her before…but the girl was so angry at the kiss that she disregarded what he said. hehehe

      • 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

        @frea: When you’re wishing, wish for something huge! Make it a KISS! πŸ˜› Poor Do Yoon should get at least that! πŸ˜‰ hehe

  16. 27 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 16

    I think the only girl for DY is Jane. She knows him well to handle his emotional state. As for DY falling for JY is just a spell. He fell connected since JY is playful with his dead brother!

    To all the viewers who want to jump ship because of your dissatisfaction if DY doesn’t get his girl, why not make it a bit supernatural, his dead brother must like JY a lot since that day JY visited his resting place! No one else went to see him except DY. Now with the new girl is working for his mother, he can use her to have his revenge and haunt his mother for abandoning him! It would be a great storyline for another new drama!

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