Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15


They fooled me again. The last few seconds of episode 14 gave me false hope that we’ll see a stronger Joon Young. She’s still the same in this episode. Oh, the potential.

Sigh, and what’s with this unhealthy obsession with Arirang? I swear the men are demonstrated as cool and calm when it comes to sportsmanship (Arirang and Sanarae’s head chefs respectively). Only Jane is the chic, sane girl. I missed her cheekiness!

We have Baek Sul playing cupid today~~ hee!


Shaking, Joon Young asks, “Why did you do that to me? Haemil and the mushrooms! It was an accident right?” In Joo says honestly that everything was her plan. Why? She wonders about that too, who is Go Joon Young? To have the power to push her into doing such terrible things? In Joo: “But now I know why…” after looking at Joon Young’s childhood picture.

In Joo tries to turn away but Joon Young twirls her back, declaring, “When I was forced to leave, I didn’t feel sorry for myself. I only felt sorry towards you, but now I can forgive myself. You don’t deserve being the heir to Arirang.”


Jae Ha runs into In Joo a bit later, and asks if she’s okay, seeing how pale she looks. Her knees give out and she faints into his arms. From a distance, Do Yoon sees this, but he also sees that Joon Young is approaching the same direction, so he tries his best to delay her from seeing the ex-lovers.


Aw, this boy really have no timing with the girl. Joon Young tells him to move, she’s not in the mood to play around, but he throws out a reminder, “Why aren’t you keeping your promise? Jane asked you to take care of me.” She finds him ridiculous and stalks off.


He continues to watch as she leaves and Baek Sul sneaks up to look in the same direction. She wants to play cupid for him but Do Yoon doesn’t need her interference because he doesn’t have any feelings for Joon Young… I find this scene cute. The tension between them seems to dissipate as we move on.


Jae Ha brings In Joo back home and Young Bum is surprised that he doesn’t know about In Joo’s fever, “What kind of boyfriend are you?” Jae Ha doesn’t have the heart to confess about their break-up and excuses himself but Young Bum catches on…the air is weird.

Grandma has a chat with Joon Young and asks about her days at Sanarae. Jae Ha is called in and she orders him to take care of Joon Young like a sister, which he quickly rejects the task, and asks for a moment alone with Grandma.


Grandma doesn’t back down and requests Jae Ha to let Joon Young go, “She’s the only person who can take charge of Arirang. With Doo Hee’s sense of food and Cho Hee’s talent, she’s the perfect candidate. I want to see Arirang restore to its glorious days before I die!” But Jae Ha insists that Grandma consider Joon Young’s feeling in this process too. It’s only Grandma’s thinking so far, does Joon Young want to lead Arirang?


In Joo wakes up from her fever, approaches her desk, and takes out a picture of her real mother. Flashback: It was Young Bum who handed her the photo, believing that it would comfort her emotionally. To his surprise, young In Joo didn’t want to keep the photo, but he tells her that it’s okay to love him while holding someone else dear in her heart. Back to the present, tears well up in her eyes as she says bitterly, “I’m Ha In Joo! Ha IN JOO!” and attempts to rip the photo. But alas, she can’t find the heart to destroy the only item that reminds her of the person who truly loved her. Tears continue to stream down and she covers her mouth to keep the sobbing from escaping the room.

After leaving Jae Ha at Arirang, Joon Young heads to the hospital and broods by herself. After she’s calmed down, she enters the room and fake dad whines that she forgot about him and the strawberries she promised. Coming out of the bathroom is Jae Ha, holding a plate of fresh strawberries for his future father-in-law. They take turns teasing about Joon Young’s strength and how Jae Ha is unlucky if he picks a fight with her.

Next morning, Young Bum visits fake dad and learns that Joon Young is not his biological daughter. This new piece of information piques his interests and he looks hopeful, adding all the facts together.


Ever since Joon Young’s bibimbap made it on air with Haemil, the dish is requested by the Airline to be on the menu. Jae Ha is holding a meeting, hoping that they can make another popular dish which would help push Korean cuisine into international markets. He suggests their chance is at the upcoming “International Airplane Meal Contest”. The government will pick the best dish and support it all the way during the competition.

Joon Young works on a new dish. Baek Sul tastes her sauce, looks surprised, and wonders what ingredients were used: “Lemon, Soy Sauce, and Halla Sauce, which was made by Sanarae’s head chef.” Baek Sul brings the sauce to Head Chef and he finds it unbelievable that Joon Young made the sauce without knowing the ingredients, he spent years to perfect it! Baek Sul receives a phone call.


We then see Doo Hee with a man. He works for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries, and suggests that Arirang enters the Airplane contest – this may boost its already declining annual revenue. Doo Hee hesitates but once Baek Sul enters the room, her competitive streak is sparked and she agrees.

Outside of the office, the two ladies jab at each other with Baek Sul dealing the final blow, “Joon Young will be our representative. She has so much potential, let’s see how much you’ll regret abandoning her because of your daughter.” Ouch. But hey Baek Sul, at least she does a mediocre job as a mother – but YOU? You left your son to die. Ain’t in noooooooo position to lecture, ajuhmma.

Young Bum has a bowl of ramen for lunch and bumps into Joon Young who is also ordering lunch there. They chat and he’s shaken at her cute laughter – it reminds him of someone. *rolls eyes* Your age? Same as In Joo.


In Joo walks up to fake father’s room. She doesn’t enter but he leaves the room talking on the phone. She immediately recognizes his voice from 10 years ago. Look what we have here! Another contender for “I Cry in Every Episode from Now On!” award.


She bumps into Young Bum and Joon Young in the same elevator, and the air is heavy. The girls later meet at a cafe and Joon Young expects an apology from In Joo, but the latter speaks in cryptic words, “You two look alike.” Joon Young brushes aside her nonsense and promises to return to Arirang stronger – it’s her promise with Master Chef. In Joo doesn’t blink and snickers, “The master chef you’re speaking of is my mother. Even when she knew the truth, she pretended not to know and kicked you out to protect me.” Now, if I were Joon Young, I would say, “Screw you all! I’m staying at Sanarae and destroy you all!” – Evil Kap.

At home, In Joo convinces Doo Hee to let her be Arirang’s representative because she was raised abroad for years, she knows what foreigners like best. Doo Hee doesn’t want the two to clash yet again but In Joo pleads for a chance to make up for Haemil’s incident.

Her main dish this time will use herbal medicines mixed with traditional food to create a healthy serving.


As for Joon Young, her dish is called Palace Tteokbokki and because the airplane has limited space, she wants to help passenger’s digestion and blood circulation by using brown rice.


Joon Young is done with her draft dish but something is lacking – the taste is still sweet. Baek Sul suggests that she uses a sauce from Arirang called Hae Song Jang. In truth, Baek Sul is stirring trouble again with Doo Hee.

In her practice room, In Joo allows negative thoughts to cross her mind and enters a panic mode, frantically eating raw herbs like they’re M&Ms. Doo Hee rushes to her side and tells her to stop, “Don’t join this competition!” Effort failed!


Fake Dad is discharged from the hospital and insists they take a taxi, and lo and behold who else but future son-in-law happens to be nearby and scoops up a satisfied father in his car. Fake dad wants to stay at Da Eun’s house but Joon Young finds this absurd, “My friend’s place? No!”


Jae Ha offers up the empty room in his apartment and dad quickly obliges, much to Joon Young’s dismay. She is embarrassed of his behavior and opens up to Jae Ha that she’s the same, “I’m shameless like my father. Pretend to be deaf when I can hear, and pretend to be blind when I can see.” She’s obviously talking about Grandma’s objection to their relationship. But Jae Ha hugs her, telling her not to worry, “That person cannot see temporarily.”


Assistant Kim reports to Baek Sul what he saw at the hospital – Jae Ha picking up Joon Young and her dad to his house. She finds this odd and mutters impatiently, “What about that dumb guy then?” referring to her emotionally-stunted son, of course. Adorbs! Well, Do Yoon is checking his email…

One of the chefs in Arirang informs his fellow friends that In Joo is looking for Do Yoon. Everyone finds this weird and Mi So offers some gossips – he thinks In Joo likes Do Yoon! Boo Joo considers the possibility – Jae Ha hasn’t shown up here in a while now…. But Do Shik shuts them up.

Baek Sul meets with Joon Young and carefully phrases her question, “Are you living with your dad?” No. You can actually see an equation wheeling in her head: Dad’s living with Jae Ha – Joon Young = Joon Young is NOT living with Jae Ha!


She’s pleased and informs Joon Young that she has found Hae Song Jang sauce but it’s located far from here. Joon Young doesn’t mind the distance. Are you thinking what’s Baek Sul’s thinking? WEEE ~~

Baek Sul calls Do Yoon and gripes at his inability to get a girl and tips him off with an address where Joon Young will be at. HEEE! I love Cupid Baek!

The truth is, Hae Song Jang can only be found at Arirang. Baek Sul calls Doo Hee and requests that she helps her ex-disciple out by giving her the sauce.


Joon Young arrives at the place, calls Jae Ha that she’s fine, and checks around the place because no one’s home. Someone makes noises outside and she finds Do Yoon standing there. He’s here on someone’s favor and evades Joon Young’s curiosity every time she asks “Who?” He says he’s hungry and that they should cook food. haha Is this your excuse to cook Joon Young a meal since you failed the last time?


They go out to the field and Joon Young bends over to pick some plants, while Do Yoon hovers over her like a boss being picky. She challenges him to do it then, “If you want to eat, you gotta work!” He rolls up his sleeves and is about to help when he realizes he’s wearing the H bracelet, and quickly stands up again. Joon Young nails in her tactic, “If you don’t work, then don’t eat!” He childishly agrees, “So cheap! I won’t eat then!”


Back at Arirang, In Joo finally makes the perfect taste to her dish and hurries off to tell Doo Hee the good news. She wonders what her mother is packing up – a pot of Hae Song Jang! For Joon Young no less. She loses her cool and insists that Mom stop helping Joon Young, she’s on the enemy’s side! Doo Hee looks conflicted.


The beanie couple. Do Yoon flips open his seasoning box and Joon Young’s surprised he carries this case around and he utters out an excuse, “I was sleeping in the car so it’s easier having them around.” Then, he sends Joon Young away to grab something, making sure that HE IS the one who prepares the meal. So Cute!


Everything works as planned because when Joon Young comes back with a batch of veggies, Do Yoon is done. She flies to her seat and digs in like a little kid. And Do Yoon? He turns on those loving eyes and watches her. Gah! I’m not eating but I’m choking here!


While she eats, he asks, “Do you have any plans of studying somewhere else? Like in a foreign country?” It excites her but it might be hard being separated from her family, friends, dad, and – she is cut off with a phone call. It’s Jae Ha.

He’s jealous that Do Yoon is there. Fake dad is all like, “Calm down. It’s better that someone is there with her! But who is it?” Once fake dad finds out, his response cracks me up, “WHY THE HELL IS THAT PERSON THERE?!!” he screams dramatically.

After the phone call, Joon Young sits there smiling dreamily and Do Yoon’s chafed that she’s ignoring his food so he takes them, “If you’re not eating, I’ll bring them away!” She reaches out to grab the dishes but an ajuhmma’s voice disrupts them.

She reveals to them that the last pot of Hae Song Jang went to Arirang. Cut back to Doo Hee, who is holding the pot with a heavy heart.


I swear they’re giving me a car scene between them every single episode now. Do Yoon suggests that Joon Young asks Doo Hee directly but she says she can’t. However, she’s surprised with a phone call from Doo Hee.

Young Bum sits in his office with Fake Dad’s number. What to do?


Doo Hee waits for Joon Young in the storage place and hands her the sauce, “You’re an exceptional chef, you deserve to accept this.” Joon Young’s moved to tears and Doo Hee wipes her tears, fixes her hair, and basically treats her preciously. Of course, In Joo arrives to see just this scene.


Young Bum waits for Fake dad at a restaurant, having a question in mind. Fake Dad thinks something’s wrong with his health and Young Bum assures that he’s healthy. Young Bum hands over In Joo’s childhood photo, “Have you seen this child?”


Fake Dad’s hands shake as he holds the picture.

Alice: This is your chance fake dad, live as a decent human being! When you had someone, you left her. Now that you have no one, you want to cling to her shamelessly? Grow a spine, she won’t leave you for sure.

I’m getting tired of all these competitions. I want to see them grow as chefs! Not be involved in scheming and repetitive back-stabbing plots! In Joo is really going to lose your mind one of these days. How many times must she lose to the same person before she wakes up? I pity her but my patience is thinning at a rapid rate.

She needs to realize that sometimes giving up is winning all in its own game.

  1. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    I know Baek Sul is always scheming, but she seems to have calmed down a bit. Maybe playing Cupid has given her something else to do. Imagine if she just cared for her son. I think she could be a very decent person! I want Joon Young to stay at Sanarae and yet, because Do Yoon doesn’t like it, I don’t. Ah! Jae Ha, jump in a river. I don’t give a dime what goes on with you. You are totally a nuisance to the beanie couple! That lunch scene was totally adorable:) please, please, please go away to study!!

  2. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    Thanks for your recap. I like your side analysis ,too.

    They are only halfway done so I think the competitions will go on as described in the storyline . As the episodes go the competition has stretched from the personal to the public aspect . I hope they don’t run out of conflicts that can continue grabbing the viewers attention.

    The fake dad must be thinking how he can take advantage of the situation ( revelation of JY’s childhood) for money perhaps .

    I think they will ran the back story of JY’s childhood soon , with revelations and the return of big brother (who will play this role ?).And when will Do Hee recover from her selective amnesia ?

    JH has no backstory ?

    Btw, we have to banish the thought JY will end with DY . The FOTG production has commissioned a twosome to prepare a song for JY and JH’s developing love story . But who knows, they might have yet to show some twists and turns.They should make Sung Yuri sing -she has a nice voice being a member of a girl group and having launched her solo debut recently.

    I want to see DY become more challenged and fight out his love for JY and the next episodes should show that . And JY ,too with her exceptional talent.

    And IJ ,I’m waiting for her to lose her mind unless she is the bastard of the JY’s real father . Then she will roar back , wounded but still fighting .

    • 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15


      there’s development in JH and JY? tbh, it doesn’t exist..the two just kinda got together……. O___O

      pleaseeeeeeeee tell the writer, if you speak korean, that JH-JY lovey scenes are dragging down the drama! the rating dipped in episode 16 when he placed the trap on her finger! lol! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    thanks Kaptain A

    Oh ! I like doo yoon’s cute scene, cooking the korean food this time, I like the way he sits and cook the food !
    very natural with the setting and atmosphere and he values the bracelet too !.

    Yes, I feel sad too the scriptwriter is not going to write the JY and DY couple love story. I am glad DY mother is now taking some interest in his son’s ‘secret” love .

    YES ! if only the scriptwriter will write more challenging plots for DY to profess his love for JY but I know it is not going to happen, they already set the OTP from the beginning of this drama.
    Oh look ! he even brought a bouquet of flowers for JY, I hope it will not go to the rubbish bin.


  4. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    Only one thought came to me while watching the drama, “Joon Young, WHY YOU NO SEE DO YOON???!!!!” ๐Ÿ˜› I wouldn’t be so focused on Do Yoon and Joon Young if they’d at least built up the story between JY and JH a bit better! Every time they’re together and smile at each other or anything, it doesn’t even feel real to me! With Do Yoon, at least I can see and understand his feelings and know the way they grew and sympathize with him! Still, Do Yoon, Fighting!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Though I’ve made a decision to stop watching the drama and simply follow your recaps… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    Alice i agree with you on In Joo, am also tired of her scheming/plots. Am just wondering when and how she will use the Haemil card

    And also joined your JY and DY ship, i feel exactly what Mariah’s says about JY and JH.

    The story needs to progress a bit more, feels like we’ve been stuck in the same plot for far too long its getting boring

  6. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    @MARIAH!! EXACTLYYYYYYY! isn’t this like…. your heartache in COW? why she no see the lovable BEST FRIEND? *tear*

    yea annette!! that’s the way to rock it! welcome to this ship…….a wreck again? lol!

    barbella! i agreed, the writer is not focusing on the interesting character but he’s going round and round with the competitions!!

    • 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

      Hi frea,

      lets hope the scriptwriter will change doo yoon’s plot character for him to come out in the open with JY,
      then we will see if the scripwriter is going to give him the dazzle”pie” !

  7. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    Sounds like most folks writing here are rooting for DY and JY. I wonder how the writers are going to build that up. Do you think the writers are going to turn things crashing down for JY and JH after the ring episode? There are enough episodes left for JY to make a U turn back to DY, no? JY and JH have no chemistry, so no one’s going to be sorry to see that take place. On top of that, JH character here is unconvincing , doesn’t seem comfortable in his own skin. So writers not doing a good job making us buy in to why JY is enarmored with him. I agree with Kaptain A – wish JY is portrayed as a stronger person. Sheer irritation that she is all dewey-eyed and doleful. Baek-Sul and Do Yoon are the engines of this drama, that’s for sure. Without them there would be no tension, no interest.

    • 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

      I agree with all the comments.
      JT, YES ! without baek sol and doo yoon there is nothing to rant about for the FEAST drama.

  8. 13 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 15

    Mmm.. i like InJoo-DoYoon couple ๐Ÿ˜€ *more scene on ep 16

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