Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13


Gah! I’m late for spazzing but I have a good excuse – an exam, which I think I failed gloriously today. *shakes fist*

Anyway, two people become a pair in this episode. Not the two that I want but I’m going to take this union as an obstacle in my Feast watching days. For the record, I may not like Jae Ha but Joo Sang Wook is still an endearing actor, who is unfortunately given a very bland role to play.

While Jae Ha and Joon Young have more scenes together, this episode does give us some precious moments between the beanie couple, displaying their growing bond as she defends him against the hands of others. Crackling chemistry. Ya.


With ominous clicking of high heels against the hard floor, Do Yoon turns around to face In Joo. She reaches into the tool box he’s carrying and pulls out Haemil mask. He doesn’t answer her question but she wants an explanation, “Why are you working at Arirang?” Do Yoon: “Cause I’m Korean, and I’m curious about Korean cuisine.” She doesn’t believe him but there’s no time for further interrogation because Joon Young and Jae Ha approach them. Jae Ha’s face hardens, while Joon Young looks down guiltily.


In Joo greets them with her best face and congratulates Joon Young on her participation in such a grand event. As the awkwardness settles in, In Joo urges Do Yoon to drive her back since her car broke down and they came here together.


Joon Young and Jae Ha step inside the elevator and he eases her guilt by holding her hand. She smiles at the gesture. Wait, when did he tell her about their break-up? Whatever, they’re an official couple now…

Downstairs, In Joo lets go of Do Yoon’s arm and warns him to be mentally prepared, she’s not sure of what to do with him yet.

Fuming, Baek Sul paces back-and-forth in her room, speechless that she got played by Haemil repeatedly. Assistant Kim comes in, saying that he can’t get in contact with Haemil or his manager, looks like everything is planned.


In Joo waits for Jae Ha in his apartment, and notes that he hasn’t changed the password yet (it’s still her birthday). She wonders quietly what she did wrong in their relationship and he replies, “It’s my fault. My heart has moved on.” She whispers Joon Young’s name and his reply is strange to my ears: “If I had really loved you. No one can come in between us.” Wait, so that means you never truly loved her?

She keeps up a strong facade and promises not to curse or cry. She will tell her parents about the breakup, so he should inform his grandmother as well. Lastly, he should change the password too. I must say, In Joo handles the break-up much better than Jae Ha did. I actually think she does love him, not as much as her position in Arirang, but enough to feel hurt about his sudden change of heart (quite literally). 10 years. Down the drain.

Newspaper’s Headline: “Arirang’s Bibimbap changed my mind about Korean Cuisine” – Haemil. Doo Hee is pleased with the news. Baek Sul calls her in a drunken stupor and reveals In Joo’s involvement in the food allergy’s incident. Uh oh!


In Joo returns home to find her mother waiting in her room, holding the translated booklet about Haemil. Doo Hee asks, incredulous, “Whose daughter are you? My daughter, In Joo, is not malicious!” In Hoo immediately kneels and asks for forgiveness. She did it because she was scared. A nobody suddenly showed up and took everything – her mother, her Grandma, the gold sauce. After hearing all that, Doo Hee’s face softens, she gets up and leaves.


With a goal in mind, Doo Hee walks down the stairs and Young Bum looks at her, worried. He goes up to In Joo’s room. In Joo, with her knees pulled up, cries on her bed. She thinks mom is going to hate her, but Dad calls her silly, “No parents loathe their own child for a mistake! You shouldn’t forget you’re her daughter.” However, In Joo’s chin quivers uncontrollably. Man, that chin gets me…Not many actresses could pull that move off.


Doo Hee heads straight to Sanarae, where Baek Sul is drinking, alone. Her words go all the way back, from the first time Baek Sul tried to sabotage Arirang. Doo Hee: “Why do you have to pull In Joo into this mess?” Baek Sul: “Why? Does it hurt that much? Then what about my son!? He died because of you. If you hadn’t stepped on me like a bug 20 years ago, I would’ve made it back to him in time…!” Doo Hee tells her to get it straight – it was her pride that got in the way. Don’t blame it on someone else. She warns Baek Sul to stay away from In Joo, or else she won’t forgive her. Biting down her conviction to do otherwise, Baek Sul responds, “Fine, don’t ever forgive me.”

Oh Joon Young, I don’t know what to say about you. It’s late but you travel all the way back to Arirang to hear feedback from Doo Hee? *facepalm* Unfortunately, In Joo’s worries still ring in Doo Hee’s mind and she tells Joon Young to go home.


In Joo wakes up from a nightmare – little In Joo runs in her room and demands that she gets out: “This is my room! Get out! She’s my mom!” Unsettled with the dream, she goes to Dad’s study room and takes out little In Joo’s pictures: “The child came back…Don’t. No one can recognize you now. Don’t come back. I beg you.”


Next morning, we’re at the airport with Do Yoon and Jane. They have a promise that within a month, he’ll join her in England. Ha! Unlikely. I like Jane though. She’s cute in those dresses. They embrace and she whispers in his ear, “I prepare a gift for you,” as she waves to Joon Young from afar. Do Yoon is stumped while Jane playfully sticks out her tongue. Aw. I like her even more now!


Joon Young sees Do Yoon and wonders why he’s here to which he only shrugs. Jane says she’s two timing with him – a Korean dude, but she’s leaving Korea so can Joon Young take care of him temporarily? Joon Young reluctantly agrees and searches her pocket for a gift she’s prepared for Haemil. She wants to thank him since it was the best experience ever, standing on stage with a famous chef. I love that Do Yoon’s nose kinda grows bigger (figuratively) as he hears the compliments and pretends to look nonchalant to hide his happiness.


On the drive back, Joon Young stares at Do Yoon and muses how he managed to catch a beauty like Jane? Oh Joon Young, you failed your vision test, right? He instantly turns to her, clarifying, “How many times do I have to explain, we’re not like that.” She doesn’t dig deeper and ponders how she can take care of him, when she no longer works at Arirang and they have no place to meet. Personally? *puppy eyes*


He tells her since the lawsuit is dropped, she can come back now. But of course, that’s not how things work but he continues to drive to Arirang. Then Joon Young starts to compare him to Jae Ha, and he immediately stops the car. Hilariously, Joon Young smiles that her antic worked, “I knew you would stop when I said those words. I know you well!”


After she left, he opens the gift box. A bracelet with a silver pendant attached, carved with the letter “H”. Cue! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!

Grandma meets with Doo Hee and suggests bringing Joon Young back. Okay. Okay folks, this soccer ball storyline is getting old. Doo Hee objects to the idea, if Joon Young comes back, In Joo will be ill. “And I can’t let that happen because before I’m a Master Chef, I’m a mother.” Grandma understands the dilemma and doesn’t push the issue further.

Since Baek Sul fulfilled Joon Young’s request to meet Haemil, Joon Young’s supposed to join Sanarae to pay back the kindness. She does. Her task? New menu for Saranae.


In Joo sits with her mother, wondering if it’s hard to look at her. Doo Hee nods. Is she disappointed in her daughter? Again she nods. But Doo Hee steps up as a role model and advises In Joo to lift up her head and take responsibility. “I’m not forgiving you. This is giving you another chance. So don’t do anything that will drag down Arirang anymore.” They hug.


To make up for her mistake, In Joo is given the task of making a new menu for Arirang. The girls are forever pitted against each other, even when they’re in different locations.


While the girls work hard, we see Do Yoon in the storage room, sorting out beans alone. Aw, he’s lonely without his beanie girlfriend! It’s adorable how Joon Young’s imaginary voice distracts his concentration. He tries to send her a text ‘Where are you?‘ but decides against it when In Joo enters the room, mocking harmlessly, “Haemil is in Arirang sorting out beans.” She’s here to ask for his help, she wants to learn his strengths as a cook but he answers that he has none of those, just when Mi So walks in on them.


Joon Young can’t find inspiration for the new menu so Jae Ha takes her out to the sea markets for ideas. Do Yoon is also there and Joon Young greets him, asking about Arirang, but he quickly asks where is she these days? Seeing the use of casual language as inappropriate, Jae Ha steps in and tells Do Yoon to correct his speech. Do Yoon: “How about you use it?” Quietly, Joon Young pulls Jae Ha’s arm, wondering why he’s being nit picky. But before this language-talk can escalate, a man’s singing catches Joon Young’s attention, it’s her fake dad!


She calls him a jerk for selling mom’s grave, and he runs away, and they give chase. The smart one is Do Yoon as he runs the other way, successfully cornering and trapping the man in his arms. I love his surprised look when Joon Young yells out, “Father!” He’s all like, ‘What? My future-father-in-law? Crap!


They gather around a table for lunch and dad has his eyes locked on Do Yoon. Aw, he already makes a bad first impression! It’s going where I want it to! Dad scans the two fine fine guys sitting in front of him and interrogates them as potential future son-in-laws. Jae Ha brings out his business card: “I work for the government.” Dad is impressed and turns to Do Yoon, who says he’s the youngest chef at Arirang. Dad looks dissatisfied, “Youngest? Then if you’re busy, you can go somewhere…” But Do Yoon answers bluntly that he’s not and starts digging in his food. Joon Young can’t stand this and screams her lungs out to stop him, who is already referring to Jae Ha as his son-in-law. Fake dad answers honestly that the woman left him, she was in it for his money. It’s karma, Joon Young suggests, “You left me, you left mom! And now you’re like this? Let’s never meet each other again!” She leaves.


Outside, Jae Ha tries to give Joon Young her dad’s number but she says bitterly that they’re finished. Okay, fine, Jae Ha throws the piece of paper outside the car window and Joon Young gets out to look for it. But it’s the fake one of course as Jae Ha teases her with the real paper, waving it above his head. They flirt and she she smiles. The camera pans out and we see Do Yoon watching this interaction, and he only mumbles, “She’s finally smiling.”

Joon Young is discussing with Baek Sul about the new dish when Grandma calls, asking where she is. Baek Sul takes the phones and speaks with Grandma, who is furious on the other end, demanding Joon Young to be returned like she’s a toy. Okay Grandma. I have enough of you. Just be satisfied with In Joo and don’t cause more trouble. Gee.


But here we are, Joon Young and Baek Sul, sitting across from Grandma. Grandma confirms that Joon Young went to Baek Sul on her own accord? Yes. However, she doesn’t care and tells her to come back to Arirang, to which Joon Young says she can’t, she has work to do at Sanarae. Baek Sul tells Grandma to allow this because after all, Doo Hee is a mother. In other words, Doo Hee must first protect her insecure child. You can’t argue with that, Grandma.

Doo Hee and Young Bum are having their afternoon tea. Joon Young wants to see Doo Hee but she tells the worker to lie that she’s not here. Young Bum picks up the name, “Isn’t she the girl who got into trouble because of our In Joo? You should meet her once.” She doesn’t but he does.


He introduces himself as In Joo’s father and they have a short talk. After Joon Young learned that he’s been to Udo Island once, she invites him to come again, she’ll show him to some nice places.


In Joo is helping out in the kitchen and Boo Joo reminisces the old days when she worked with them. In Joo smiles and teases Boo Joo for not talking with Do Shik, “How long are you going to keep this up?” Everyone laughs. The jovial atmosphere is ruined when Mi So comes running in and announcing Joon Young’s move to Sanarae. Well, this gets Do Yoon’s undivided attention.

Dad is looking at little In Joo’s pictures again when In Joo enters, carrying tea for him. For the record, she’s knocked, but he’s too preoccupied to hear anything.


That night, Joon Young is at Sanarae, trying to find new dishes for her menu when Do Yoon drops by. He raises his voice and tells her to come with him. “You like Arirang, so why are you here?” Another voice joins them, it’s Baek Sul, acting like she doesn’t know her son, “What’s wrong with working here?” As blunt as he can be, he spits out, “It feels dirty to be here.” Horror-stricken, Joon Young covers up his mouth, saying that he’s drunk but he pushes her hand away, “I didn’t drink!”


Baek Sul observes them, “Are you two dating?” No, they’re just friends.

Do Yoon tries again to pull Joon Young out but she refuses. “You won’t regret it later?” Joon Young: “I won’t!” Yea, just wait until you find out what Baek Sul did behind your back, little girl. But I like you here anyway, so I’m fine. heh.

Baek Sul follows her son outside, amused, “What a fool. So it’s her? And it’s a one-sided love? Should I help you?” No thanks!


After work, Jae Ha picks Joon Young up and she finds it amazing that someone is still waiting and smiling at her. Da Eun calls and she needs help. They come to Da Eun’s workplace and help display all the new clothes. While putting up the new clothes, Jae Ha places some dresses on Joon Young. “This one looks pretty on you!”


Hours go hour and Jae Ha finds Joon Young asleep, facing the glass window in front of the store, with her hand STILL on the window. She must be staring at her hand real hard to sleep this way. He sits down beside her and moves her head to his shoulder.

Anyone else that notices the contrast in this scene? While Do Yoon tries teasingly to keep her head from tilting towards his direction, Jae Ha has to work to bring her head ON his shoulder? Sneaky writers, I see everything!


Next day, Fake dad stumbles into Young Bum’s clinic and complains of stomach pains. He calls Joon Young, scaring her that he might die! She rushes to the hospital and sees Young Bum as her father’s appointed doctor. It’s not cancer! Thanks goodness. Just bladder stones.


In her own kitchen, In Joo prepares a nutritious and pretty lunch for her beloved father. She walks towards dad just to see he’s smiling and joking around with her nemesis – Joon Young.

Alice: I don’t know about you guys but this episode shapes Do Yoon out to be the guy! He has all the traits of a typical kdrama male lead.

1) They bicker
2) Their families are enemies
3) First kiss
4) He doesn’t get along with father-in-law (isn’t that a dead giveaway?)
5) His dual identities
6) A gift bracelet from her

Maybe I’m thinking too much because my ship needs to make it to shore.

Anyway, let’s discuss about something else – In Joo. How many of you really really hate her? In these past episodes, my bitter feeling towards her decreases as we see more scenes of her childhood and how she struggles with the overbearing insecurities. Her mentality is quite cloudy: My mother abandoned me, this nice woman claimed me as her daughter, I refused because it didn’t feel right. But this gentle-speaking man gives me everything a kid could desire. They’re a model family, I need to better myself and return their kindness. And so in one night, from a girl with nothing, she became a girl with everything. Anyone would fight hard to keep that luck.

In Joo works hard in the family but sometimes that doesn’t equate to being successful and accepted (dramas like to overemphasize NATURAL TALENT – See Baker King) because Doo Hee expects more from her daughter, always the best, the one without flaws. Before Joon Young came into the picture, I have no doubts that she was a nice girl, who buried her fears by learning something she probably didn’t even like in order to satisfy Doo Hee in all ways. But once those fears are brought out from the dark, she succumbs to the devil’s chants. Of course, these not are excuses for her despicable actions, but it makes her less one-dimensional as a character.

I just hope she finds her decent self back and doesn’t become a mold for second lead hatred.

  1. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    Thanks for the recap!…Its getting really hard to root for Jae Ha! But….I still love them together! But……like I said its getting hard to root for him!

  2. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    I believe Do Yoon is the lead. Ja Hae is too flat a character and his relationship with Joon Young came together way too quickly for a K-drama. There is absolutely nothing to him. He is as he is. There really isn’t a reason for Joon Young to like Do Yoon yet. He doesn’t know how to act around her so his ackwardness comes across as dislike for her. I think he shows his feelings more easily when he’s behind his Haemil mask:) And boy does he have it bad for the girl! Again, thanks Captain for your recaps. You really make my day!!

  3. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    In Joo has got too much to lose. She is always fighting hard to be gain acceptance by her parents and her fears are not unfounded if the real In Joo is found. I guess she is afraid that all her hard work and constant striving will come to nought if her current position as daughter and heir apparent is taken away. If That plus her boyfriend has left her for her rival. I can sympathise with her and would most likely feel that way too. But the things she has done to stay on would definitely not endear her when her parents finds the real In Joo.

  4. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    I really agreed with what you said “janescgod”. I keep seeing In Joo as a very scary insecured girl who will never get better with JY around. I see in the future her leaving for London for freedom from Mom, Grandmother and most of all – JY.

  5. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    Really tanx for ur recap , i ‘m one of your fan šŸ™‚

  6. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    Kaptain A thank you,
    If you remember In Joo in the earlier epi., she has split personality, she is a club goer and drinker, dancing sexily- carefree behaving like herself yeon woo and she once told Doo yoon,not to forget her name Yoen woo, remember ?.

    As for the OTP(one time partner) the scriptwriter is playing with our eyes too, Yes I do agree future “father-in-law do not click with Doo Yoon, look at his expression, very obvious looking down on him – a nobody,
    he prefer the clean-cut guy with a business card.

    Look at their sitting postion while eating, what are they trying to hint, doo yoon facing joon young and Jae hae facing “father in law”. If you watch western drama you know who is the boyfriend, but asian or korean drama it is different body language. I am sure there will be a follow-up to jae hae’s interrection with him, but for doo yoon I don’t see that coming for him, but I still like doo yoon with joon young, physical look and body language perfect together.
    Somtimes doo yoon is not behaving like himself towards joon young, because he is hiding his true identity.

    Am I biased for the 2nd lead actor. I love the silver bracelet with that letter H !, so well thought from her !.

  7. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    OMG guys…

    remember that the dad cheated on doo hee in episode 1?

    what happened if ….In Joo is his DAUGHTER? Joon Young’s half sister?


  8. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    “Maybe Iā€™m thinking too much because my ship needs to make it to shore” – I love your way of words Alice ^^
    I have the exact same feeling that Do Yoon may just be the GUY!! šŸ˜€ I’ve been thinking it for the past few episodes as I feel that they have given his character a stronger storyline if we look at it this way:
    We have Do Yoon – He has a double identity, his mother problems, revenge, the strong connection with the main girl and he’s undercover at Arirang (most of these are good enough for a breakout between him and Joo Young when they eventually happen…You know how in dramas where the couple gets together but 2 episodes later they have problems) Where as for Jae Ha: He’s the grandson, he dated In Joo, the first to meet Joo Young…is there anything else oh…he’ll realise Joo Young is the little girl who he carried on his back for 4 seconds which determined she was his soul mate (what the hell??!)

    To be honest for a 32 episode drama if the main direction was on Jae Ha..Man!!! we’d have a problem of this series dragging. Why? The development of him and Joo Young SUCKS!! It took 3-4 episodes for Joo Young to fall for Jae Ha (does this happen?)..maybe if it’s a 10 episode drama but here we are talking about 32 full hours. I really can not see where they are going.

    Plus I NEVER ship the second guys in dramas…NEVER.

    • 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

      Haylee, did you somehow…manage to find a vaccination for second lead syndrome? Do point me in the right direction cause heartbreaks are painful.

      My ship really needs to make it to shore this time! šŸ™‚

  9. 10 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 13

    Girl I feel ya – this DoYoon-JoonYoung ship HASSSS to make it to shore!

    I’m totally thinking this time, the 2nd male lead has to be the one the female lead ends up with. JY and JaeHa’s relationship developed too early on the series – they’ve become an item without any real hardship or interesting development. The writers gave them to us quickly and too easily, so it’s obvious that a more interesting, true love relationship will pop up somewhere else — and that means it’ll happen with JY-DY, right? Right!?!?

    Its just funny cuz I actually really like JH. And while I don’t like him with InJoo, I just don’t want him to be JY (that’s DY’s girl, back off!)…. Umm how about the writers pair him off with Jane? :p

    Please oh please let this be the drama that fulfills my 2nd male lead syndrome!

    And thank you muchos for your recaps – no one else on the web is doing it for this drama!

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