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I’m saying it here to make it official. Please refrain from emailing me regarding soft subs for Feast of the Gods. I read through Viki threads and they have an agreement with the broadcast station not to distribute soft subtitles. Do respect the team’s hard work and effort in making translations and cease requesting until it is released officially. I know it’s hard on some of you who can’t access Viki and have to read through my lackluster recaps….but jia you!

I took down the folder link because I was informed it’s not the official release so don’t promote other sites that rip Viki’s subtitle. That could endanger Viki team’s agreement with MBC. And we don’t want any drama outside of drama land.

Anyway, moving onwards! The featured image for this episode is again the beanie couple! I know! I should use other cast pictures but I can’t control my little spring-roll fingers, always wanting to pick them. It feels right. Don’t let the necktie fool your eagle eyes. He’s handing over his heart!

Episode 12:



Jae Ha asks Joon Young to stay. Worried about what he might say, she tells him to stop and covers her ears. But he continues, “Since the beginning when I saw you, whether you were hurt or tired… I myself don’t know how I’ve become like this, but now I can only see you, Joon Young. I like you.”

Bad. Bad. Bad. My respect for you just keeps plummeting, dude.

Cut to Grandma yelling into the receiver about the rumor that Arirang might get close down. She calls Doo Hee and tells her about the bad news.


Back to Jae Ha and Joon Young, with both being chased out to the reception lobby by the manager. Jae Ha says he’s here on a business trip and requests a moment alone with the hotel’s manager. Behind the scene, he timidly asks for a chance.

Standing in the reception area, Joon Young meets In Joo, who tells her about Arirang’s dark future and blames it on her. To In Joo’s dismay, Jae Ha comes back and defends Joon Young. He doesn’t even look at In Joo as she lists out Joon Young’s faults and quickly swirls her aside for a private talk.


Alone, Jae Ha wonders why she could pull Arirang into a messy position when she claims to love it, like his grandmother and Doo Hee. In Joo doesn’t deny the truth and says quietly how she hates that ugly side of hers. She admits, “Me becoming like this means one thing, that I’ve acknowledged Joon Young as a competitor.” But the real punch is this, “With this open opportunity, do you wish to go to Joon Young’s side?”

In Joo shakes off the idea, he wouldn’t be that kind of coward. However, he answers without hesitation, “No, I want to go to her. Being bad and selfish is fine. I was only fooling myself. ‘This is not the In Joo I know‘ I have this feeling.” Tears brimming in both of their eyes, he whispers, “Let’s break up,” and walks away.


Grandma calls Joon Young to her room. Grandma cuts the chase and jumps to her solution, “Stay at Udo Island for now.” But Joon Young hopes she can have some spare days to salvage the situation. Grandma remains firm with her decision, out you go dear. Man, is Joon Young the resident’s soccer ball? Why is everyone taking turns kicking her around? Arg.


Standing outside the door is Doo Hee. They lock eyes. Next scene we see them cooking a pot of Arirang soup together, doing so quietly. Joon Young finally musters out an apology but Doo Hee whips her ideology of soup-making . It may be a long and unwanted process, but as long as I enjoy it, I can endure it too. Joon Young muses the idea minutely and then hands back Arirang’s necklace, though Doo Hee doesn’t accept it and says cryptically that only four people know how to make Arirang soup base. The fourth person is Joon Young. Girl, you better get the hint this time.


At last, Joon Young still has to pack and leave…in the middle of the night? She walks down the sidewalk which is how Do Yoon finds her. He wants to get out of the car but Jane’s warning stops him and he resorts to following her along the curb. Aw..


She settles down on a bench and he watches her cry. Jae Ha sends her text, “I will find ways to save Arirang. So don’t worry and sleep comfortably.”

Turns out Jae Ha is working late at the office with his assistant. They’re looking through the records to track down Haemil.


The next morning, the kitchen staff all work quietly in their station, wondering about Joon Young and the fate of Arirang. The other bad news: customers are harboring distrust in the food after the incident of Haemil’s hospitalization. Head Chef Do Shik can’t stand the false accusation and confronts the table of customers. He assures them that the food is fine but the ajusshi customers continue to slander Arirang reputation, leading Do Shik to throw his chef hat on the floor and grab one man by his collar. Go! Go! Kick his butt!

Unfortunately, Doo Hee appears and orders everyone to stop. She gives a respectful bow to the jerk customers and warns Do Shik to watch his behavior. However, Do Shik is more happy about her return.


Stubborn, Joon Young waits for Haemil in front of the hotel, Do Yoon sees her there and sighs. He enters the hotel room and asks Jane to cancel the lawsuit but she insists he has no right to withdraw from it. I don’t know why I laugh when he says, “I’m going to get mad!” However, she says if he accepts a cooking gig from Saranae, she might consider taking back the lawsuit. Just then Baek Sul calls Jane, and Do Yoon tells her to come see him directly.

In Joo drops by Jae Ha’s workplace with packed lunch boxes and he looks ANNOYED to see her.


He pulls her outside for a small talk and wonders why she’s acting like this. Must he repeat himself to her? Calmly, she says, even if it’s not for him, it’s for the people who worked hard for Arirang. She informs him about Joon Young being kicked out.


Baek Sul arrives at the hotel and Haemil is sitting with his back to her, staring out the window. She wants Haemil to participate in a food show for her Tv program. Jane delivers the document to Haemil, he looks at them briefly and tears the booklet apart, causing flares to shoot out of Baek Sul’s eyes. Omgosh. I love this scene. He then gives Jane a letter to cancel their contract and early payment with Sanarae. Baek Sul sits there in astonishment, “You called me here personally to reject the proposal? Me? The president of Sanarae?”


Jane storms back into the room and wonders why he rejects Baek Sul’s offer. Omgosh! She doesn’t know who his mother is? And they have been working together for 15 years? What the….heck? Do Yoon drops the bomb, “We don’t look nothing alike right?”


As for Joon Young, the silly girl is still waiting in the reception area until she sees Baek Sul with Manager Kim. She asks for a favor and we don’t have to guess what it is. But Baek Sul is a business person, she can’t help out of sympathy. What does she get in return for helping Joon Young meet Haemil? She snidely suggests, “How about becoming a chef at Sanarae?” We don’t see Joon Young’s answer and later she rejects a call from Jae Ha.


It’s too bad she can’t avoid him cause he’s standing right in front of her friend’s house. She looks at him and walks past, and he hurries to explain how he waited for an hour here. She doesn’t budge because there were days she waited the whole day just to see that person. He continues, “I don’t like seeing you for a second. I want to see you as much as I want. I want to date you until everyone gets sick of seeing us together. I want to be a lover, your lover.” Joon Young rejects him on the spot but he doesn’t care, “I’m going to stand here!” If you don’t care about her response, I wonder why you confessed to the same person? Hmphs. He fakes some coughs and Joon Young breaks into a small smile. Inside her bathroom, Joon Young splashes water on her face to wake herself up. Do this more often please.

Mi So tries to call his good friend Do Yoon but the latter doesn’t pick up. In Joo happens to be nearby and wonders what happened to Do Yoon. Mi So reveals that he was sick yesterday and left suddenly. In Joo finds this odd since she saw him in the parking lot yesterday too. Ruh Roh!


In Joo returns home where her father is peacefully reading a book. She picks up a phone call from her brother, who is living in the states. Dad motions for the phone and his voice is stern, “What do you want? We paid for your living expenses and got you through college. Anything else, you take care of it. If something happens, call me.” He hangs up. Is this the same warm-hearted father that we met two decades ago?

Another bomb drops, the reason why the brother is being “trapped” in the states? He knows that In Joo is not his real sister. He threatened to tell mother and was hit by father for the first time.


In her room, In Joo remembers how harsh In Joo’s brother was towards her. Omgosh. Don’t show me the young Yeon Woo, I’m a mush when it comes to her puppy eyes full of brimming tears! Flashback: Yeon Woo was soundly sleeping when In Joo’s brother marched in and pulled off the cover, screaming: “Get out! You’re not my sister! Go away!” *wipes tears* This is so painful to watch. Honestly, I do feel bad for Yeon Woo. She was a fierce kid yunno. If she was brought up with more love and acceptance, and less expectations to fulfill, she wouldn’t have turned out so insecure. Heck, she might even be my favorite character.


Joon Young is preparing dinner and thinks about Jae Ha being out in the cold. Da Eun comes home and pretends to be sick, “Can you go buy me some cold medicine?” She steps out and kicks into a gift box, inside is sand timer, as Jae Ha bellows, “If you’re buying medicine, please get me one too!” She softens and feels bad at the same time for being happy. “Just this once, if I could accept him…just this once..” He pulls her into a hug.


Baek Sul meets with Jane and threatens to publish the story about Haemil’s breach of contract to the reporters. This is Korea, the story is going to sell. However, if he accepts the food show, all will be forgiven. Also, the kitchen staff will be arranged by Sanarae.

Jane brings home the message. Do Yoon smugs and lights up when one of the kitchen staff is Go Joon Young. He’ll do it. Obviously!


Jane calls Joon Young to the hotel’s kitchen. They will be making another dish. Plus, Joon Young must never meet Haemil’s eyes during the whole show. Keke. She leaves when Haemil enters the kitchen. He walks up behind Joon Young and I love the background music because my heart is literally pounding in the same manner! Why is he so hot? GAH!

Jae Ha arranges his men to find Haemil after the show ends. This is their last chance to save Arirang.


I want a cardboard of Haemil. *pouts* Kind souls please send a copy to my house!


The Food Show begins. Joon Young looks so cute in her white chef uniform, while Haemil is hot in black. Why label the angel and the devil so distinctively, writers? πŸ˜›


Halfway through the show, the female host is still wondering what they’re making. Jane passes over the menu – it’s Bibimbap Salad. Watching in the recording room, Baek Sul goes nuts over the change of dishes, they’re supposed to be making Sanarae’s food! Anyway, Haemil uses a needle and sucks in all the red pepper sauce. He connects it to a tube to make noodles from it.

Jae Ha receives a call from his assistant. Haemil has canceled the lawsuit against Arirang.


After the dish is completed, Haemil takes off his black necktie and hands them to Joon Young. The warmth in his eyes radiates off my screen. AHHH! So adorable! *faints* Now I’m itchy to make another banner of these two.


Later, Jane and Joon Young escort Haemil out of the show and down the hall through the crowd of reporters. Turns out that it’s the fake Haemil. The real Haemil is running away from Manager Kim. In Joo sees the chase and follows them.


Do Yoon quickly changes into his worker’s clothes and pretends to carry a gas tank out of the storage room. Unfortunately, In Joo’s brain adds up all the clues. She follows him to the elevator and calls out, “Haemil, no, I mean Kim Do Yoon.” GAHHH! Of course, the good girl is always the LAST to know.

Alice: Oh boy, Jae Ha is all sorts of wrong in this episode.

Ladies, say this charming boy came to you when you were 17 and chased after you like a gentleman in all sorts of ways. He claimed that you guys were destined to be together because when you were 4, you played kite with him, you tripped and he carried you home. Then he promised to be by your side forever and you fell for it. Ten years went by and now he broke up with you after finding out you’re not a perfect person, you have done a bad deed.

What is love in this case? Isn’t it about embracing your lover’s merits and shortcomings altogether? Jae Ha didn’t berate or yell at In Joo. He simply stopped caring about she did and marched over to Joon Young to confess. What the fudge? The feelings over ten years vanished just like that? This makes Jae Ha looks bad, it seems like he’s waiting for this opportunity to jump ship. Too bad, my ship for you has sailed boy. I won’t be returning anytime soon, unless you’re drowning at shore, and out of the goodness of my heart, I will throw you a lifesaver.

And Joon Young, I don’t want you to go into any relationship blindly at this point. Just focus on sharpening your skills as a chef. Don’t get kicked around like a soccer ball. Got that?

On a happier note, I made 5 rotating banners for my favorite couple.

Here’s a tease cause I’m evil!


  1. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Thank you for the recap. I am enjoying this drama partly because it not too clearcut who JY will end up with. But by the looks of it, there isn’t any inking that she has any liking of DY yet. Will it matter who the male lead is and will it affect who she will end up with?

  2. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Thank you so much!

  3. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Do Yoon is ten shades of awesome. And he made bibimbap with Joon Young??? I thought he hated the stuff. Why a change of heart? Guess it was the girl cookin next to him:) Still really enjoying this show. I only wished it were subbed sooner. Oh well. Good things come to those who wait. And Jae Ha, sigh, wouldn’t want you for a boyfriend. There’s no “through thick and thin” with you. Thanks so much for the recap. I’m looking forward to episode 13:)

  4. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Janescgod, 95% of the time, the male lead does end up with the female lead. Rarely does the second lead gets the girl. He’s usually there for her ALL the times but she’s blindfolded and doesn’t see the worth in him. πŸ˜›

    Welcome TANIA!

    Rose! Oh yea! I forgot to mention that little tidbit. The lover boy is breaking all sorts of rules for his love. I replay that scene when he gives her the necktie…over and over again. The look in his eyes just melt me! πŸ˜€

  5. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Hey!!!! Thanks a lot for the recap!!!! I LOVE Do Yoon !!!! Can you please tell me if he’s the male lead in this series or not!!! My heart will seriously break if he doesn’t get the girl in the end!!!!

  6. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Thanks for the recap!!

    I know Ja Hae is sweet and all, but I don’t get the chemistry. And frankly, dumping the fake In Joon seems bad and not a romantic way of getting to Joon Yoong. But Kim Do Yoon… That’s different!! How I wish the writers get the same vibes up and put these two together soon. I almost want the three of them to start their own restaurant and leave arirang in the dust (kidding)… What a gastronomic family – Haemil and Joon Yoong plus the somewhat-misunderstood mom. I feel for pres. Baek, at least she is taking time to care for Joon Yoong though it started for wrong reasons. I think she’ll be wishing Joon Yoong is her daughter!

  7. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Love do yoon! Swoons.

  8. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Sometimes, the male lead that appears in the drama first ends up being the second lead. Jae Ha was like the epitome of a sweet, kind, gentleman in the first 2 episodes that seemed to be the perfect hero there while Do Yoon appears as the prickly, unlikeable and unlikely 2nd male lead.

    My guess, Joon Young who is the original and ‘lost’ heiress to the Airang food empire may have the scales taken off her eyes and falls hard for Do Yoon who is heir to Saranae. Their love then does all sorts of things, like unite their warring mothers and merges the two largest food empires into a fusion of sorts. Ja Hae goes back to In Joo (who later on grows up and finds herself), and everyone is happy.

    Just my guess – and I hope this happens. As much as I love Jang Sang Wook, his character is a ‘blah’ for me – or it was just not written well. Do Yoon whereas, has much deeper complexity – and we know why he’s turned out this way. His chemistry with Joon Young is absolutely burning!

  9. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Thank you CAPTAIN A , your recaps of this drama is really entertaining.
    My wish is KDY and JY to end up TOGETHER, they compliment each other in terms of their character.
    Sorry to say about JH, he should not dumped YW but should actually try to make her realised her mistakes and try to patch up with JY and find out why YW behave in this manner ?.

  10. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    This show/couple (beanie couple) is turning into an obsession. I even dreamed of it before I woke up… It was related to this site. I was on this website looking through the re-caps and 15+16 had been uploaded (xD they haven’t even been aired yet!!) anyway the first picture was of Do Yoon coming down the ladders where Go Jo Yeong kisses him lightly on the lips (I don’t know why I dreamed of that) but I am addicted <3

    Let's all hope they end up together…I think they will I just have this feeling that the screenwriter has something in store for them πŸ˜€

  11. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    i think i about die when he gave her the necktie and just simply STARED at her with those loving eyes…’s damn romantic!!

    i love beanieeeeeee couple!! make this come true drama gods!!

  12. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Thank you so much for your recaps – love it. I love the intense competition between Do Yoon and Ja Hae for Joon Young. I kind of get a kick of knowing who side you are rooting for – DH!! The recap goes in that direction when he is feature.

    I have to give the actress who plays In Joo a really good cheer – I know she is a b**ch in her character and that’s is why she is a good actress.

    I am hoping the PD will give Joon Young more backbone. She is playing a character that is always “no knowing” what is going on. Please, she is smart when she can be – look how she speaks to the grandmother!! Every time she does the “did I do this” part, I really want to scream at the PD and say – “is this for real”?

    Anyway, I am enjoying this drama because of your recaps and hopefully we can see more when Viki release more epi.

  13. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    Hey everyone! Nice to see more people joining in with their thoughts! I’m finally doing something right. πŸ˜›

    bkhan, aw. I wish I have control over the OTP! Sigh…

    Cham, their own restaurant! Good idea. The beanie couple can be sorting out beans and I’ll handle the cashier role. For free!I

    pbear, *nods* πŸ™‚

    Nanamascara, I wrote the same theory in my next recap about them reuniting their eternal rival mothers. ^^ That’s much more meaningful!

    Barbella, I think that’s pretty much the downfall of Jae Ha character for me. He doesn’t stop for a moment to wonder why she’s going to such extent. He doesn’t show any concern to correct her wrongdoing. He simply doesn’t care, which is weird if you have been dating for 10 YEARS!

    Haylee, that’s so cute, because of this site? She kisses him..then what happens? Did he envelope her in a deep smooch? keke πŸ˜€ Those lips need to be used at some point. ‘Just saying.

    frea, my rewind button kinda died after that loving stare. Literally!

    kaciemom, I’m so obvious with my bias. ^_^ I just can’t hide my excitement when they’re together. Yesh! More backbone, I never argue with that sentiment in female leads.

  14. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    I also want to say ‘thank you’ for the recaps. In defense of Jae Ha, he just found out not that his girlfriend ‘Fake In-Joo’ is flawed and imperfect, but that she is malicious and possibly evil. Plus, there is the ol’ standby of 운λͺ…, or fate, which demands that his overpoweringly karmic, ancient ineffable bond with ‘Real In-Joo’ cannot be broken.
    Who is the brother in America going to be?? What will his role be???
    I also love the little puppy girl ‘young Yeon Woo’!!! Who can resist that pitiful little squinched up face!
    Thank you again!!!! Love from Pogo

    • 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

      LOL defense! malicious people are still people…

      what’s wrong with his response is that he DIDN’T BOTHER trying to change her. He just left….it’s as if he doesn’t want any “stain” in his life.

      but yea! im waiting for the brother.

      little yeon woo killed me when she cried. πŸ™

  15. 16 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 12

    It seems JH wins the unpopular award and perhaps he deserve the fake InJoo after all.

    Yes , DY and JY should end together .But at this point ,I think JY hates DY who seemed to have rubbed her the wrong ways . Do the right rubbing lover boy ! But JY seems to harbor a crush on Haemil or is it just the mystery that attracted her.

    But JY accepted the ring from JH in ep 16 which will make the next scenes challenging for DY though there was a scene he blocked the way so JY will not see JH holding the fainted IJ. I hope he is not playing the sacrificing lover here. That is so passe’.

    As far as JY being soft and being the soccer ball here -I don’t think so . Remember she is the outsider for a while who then came in like a speeding bullet -stepping on some toes . Then she was also the last hired ,so then she becomes the first fired when anything goes wrong or deliberately made wrong . They are not accepting her as the L’enfant terrible of culinary arts.It’s all about Arirang politics.Or in any organization for that matter.

    Though IJ is already pathetic as it is ,but at least she had a good childhood thanks to the couple-I have a suspicion she is the bastard daughter of the doctor -so that will further twist the story .And when will Do Hee regain her memory -that has been awfully long already -ahhh she needs another trauma to wake her up . It will soon come.

    I also wonder about the brother ,when he is coming back and yes,what will be his role here besides blackmailing his father and sitting pretty in America . The drama has 16 epis more so bring on more turns and issues please scriptwriters .

    But waiting for the translations is torture really . In my next life I’d like to born a Korean -then I’d do all the translations for you guys . Promise.

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