Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10


Kaptain got a name for these two! Beanie Couple! Since they’re always sorting beans together. Just like a bean, here I hope these two blossom into a beautiful plant!


After Joon Young falls in the water, pieces of her memory come flashing back in random order. In Joo assumes she’s pretending to drown until Jae Ha arrives and jumps in to save Joon Young. He carries her away and ignores Do Yoon’s question, “What happened?”

Okay. Let me take a moment to pause. This scene is unconvincing and laughable. The water level doesn’t even look waist-deep when Jae Ha jumps in! And Joon Young, for someone who grew up next to the sea, common sense would’ve told her swimming is a surviving technique, no? Or maybe the water traumatized her?


Back to the elders, Grandma speaks up and tells the reporters the truth. The complete recipe for the golden sauce does not exist, and that Doo Hee worked hard for the past ten years to complete it.


Do Yoon and In Joo chase after Jae Ha but he’s already gone like the wind. She screams at him to follow them and he looks at her solemnly, “Don’t ever raise your voice at me.” He enters his colorful van and glances at the prepared dishes he’s made. Do you hear it? HEARTTTTTTTTTTTTBBBBREAK!

Just then a friend calls and says she’s found work for him in Seoul, at Sanarae.


Doo Hee returns to her office, overwhelmed. Entering the room is her husband! He’s returned a month earlier. She thinks he should go home and rest because she has more work to take care of. Sweet reunion mucho?


Joon Young wakes up in a hospital ward while Jae Ha is sleeping soundly on the sofa. She approaches him and says, “Don’t worry, I won’t misunderstand. You would have done the same thing to any other girls.” When she intends to turn around, he grabs her hand, “Go back to bed. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”


She tries to tell him she’s fine, he should go back. He laughs awkwardly, “Your guardian needs to stay tonight.” She lies down on the bed and smiles bashfully at the word “guardian” and traces the outline of his face in the air. And me? I’m waving my fist in the air…

Next morning, Joon Young leaves the hospital before Jae Ha wakes up. She left a thank-you note on the bed, with a drawing of a drooling Jae Ha.


In the mean time, Do Yoon drops by the dormitory and meets Boo Joo. He wonders if there’s a spare room since he’s sold his van already, she replies yes, if he’s willing to clean it up. She rushes to the restroom and Do Yoon lingers in front of the dorm. Worrying about Joon Young, lover boy? Oh, she’s just right behind you.


She calls out his name, and he turns around with one of the cutest repressed smiles ever! Aw. But just as quickly, he straightens out his face and runs away.

Since she can’t reach him, In Joo waits for Jae Ha at his apartment, intending on asking some questions but also demanding that he can only say “yes.” Errr….their conversation goes like this:


In Joo: Are you worried about me?
Jae Ha: Yes.
In Joo: Ever since I was 4 (or 5), you told me that we were destined together. Do you still think so?
Jae Ha: Yes.
In Joo: Do you love me?
Jae Ha: *hesitates* Yes.
In Joo: Oppa, you just pity Joon Young because you’re a kind person. Isn’t that right?

Jae Ha looks down and weighs the idea, and in the end mutters out what she wanted to hear, “Yes.”

Relieved, she kisses him goodbye but he quickly adds, “Choi Jae Ha just lied to his girlfriend. So he’s a bad person, right?” He answers yes to his own question but she disqualifies it, saying that today is not the day for him to ask question. And thus, the therapy session ends.


Armed with new information, Bael Sul taunts Doo Hee, exposing her desperation to use Joon Young to save her own reputation. Doo Hee remains calm and asks her to leave, as Baek Sul throws a letter on the desk, containing the rumors of Joon Young being the one who made the sauce. They label Doo Hee as a thief.


At work, everyone rejoices as Jae Ha arrives. While they can’t contact Haemil nor his manager, the whole crew is coming to Korea! Why? Because the president of Sanarae invited them! She’s sponsoring this event and keeping the location at Arirang. Hohoho. Baek Sul is going to spit blood when she realizes who Haemil is.


The news of Doo Hee stealing the recipe spreads like wild fire, forcing Arirang to hold an executive meeting. Baek Sul suggests innocently that they sue the reporters but Grandma thinks otherwise. If it’s baseless rumor, it would die down in no time. Grandma turns to Joon Young and asks her to return to Udo Island, stating that she doesn’t want anymore trouble.


Doo Hee enters the meeting and confirms that the articles are not false. The person who made the golden sauce is indeed Go Joon Young. Grandma sighs, while the other members whisper about the downfall of Arirang. What are they going to do with the Korean Cuisine event coming up?


This is when Baek Sul speaks up like a leader, suggesting a solution by pushing all the attention to Go Joon Young, with the tagline of ‘Student excels Teacher’. At this moment, In Joo rushes inside the room, objecting to the idea of paving way for the future Master Chef. Baek Seul silences her, it’s not definite yet, only a temporary solution. Doo Hee turns to Joon Young and begs for her agreement.


Afterwards, the staff in the kitchen whisper among themselves. Joon Young enters for her daily work and Boo Joo acts like a mean chicken, throwing salt over her head. Joon Young swallows her tears and accepts the mistreatment! Girl? What has got into you? Continuing her behavior, Boo Joo is about to fling another handful of salt when Do Yoon blocks Joon Young’s face with a basket.


Head Chef Im Do Shik gets to the scene and sends Joon Young to the storage house to sort beans. Do Yoon follows her there. His attempts to get her talking crack me up. This boy really does not know how to console a girl. He shuffles the beans, moves her basket, all the while saying, “It’s because I’m bored!” Finally, he sits down and sorts beans with her.

After she’s done with the beans, Joon Young finds Grandma waiting for her, telling her how Doo Hee gave up her pride to save Arirang, “She also did it for you. Tskk Tskk.”

Home alone, Doo Hee busies herself by hand-washing clothes. Er, again, where’s the husband?


Like mother, like daughter, In Joo sits idly at some river. Jae Ha finds her there, claiming that she always hides here when things go rough. She agrees, she prefers to hide in the same places so people can find her. Especially her mother. She hopes that in the future, when she feels like running away or dying, he would be able to find her here. He agrees.

Jae Ha brings In Joo to Grandma. Grandma tells him to leave so she can talk privately with In Joo. Turns out that Grandma wants In Joo to share the burden with Joon Young and make this event successful.


Joon Young mentally prepares herself by walking around, eyes closed, mumbling a mantra, “You can do it! You can do it!” When she opens her eyes, Jae Ha is standing there. He tells her honestly that he might not be able to stand by her side, so just follow her character and strength, and do well. She nods, teary eyes. AGAIN.


In Joo adopts a change. She visits Joon Young that night and tells her about the partnership as Joon Young exhales excitedly. She’s glad they’re working together and In Joo returns the necklace. And just when I think things are going to go well between these two, In Joo’s mind spins out her plan, “No, we’re very different.”

Jae Ha picks up Haemil’s manager at the airport, it’s a woman!

Head Chef Im Do Shik warns his kitchen staff to do their best tonight but Boo Joo doesn’t give him face and continues to be rude so he asks her to talk outside. Joon Young enters the kitchen, looking for Do Shik, as she wants to discuss the menu with him.


Daniel excitedly asks about Haemil and smiles to know that he’s really coming to Korea. He even shows them a picture of masked Haemil. Like a country bumpkin, Joon Young wonders who Haemil is and I love the peeved look on Do Yoon. The other staff members dislike Haemil because he criticizes bibimbap as messy and vows to show him the awesomeness of it. Joon Young agrees with the latter which further upsets Do Yoon and he pushes his way through all of them.


Since the chefs are eating at Sanarae tonight, Joon Young and In Joo head over there with Do Yoon as their driver. Joon Young decides to make lotus bibimbap tonight since Haemil won’t be there tonight. In Joo wishes her success and Do Yoon takes note of the evil eye. He later tells her to stop all the scheming but she ignores him.

The girls introduce themselves to the star chefs. Do Yoon then pushes out another table of food. When he delivers it to Haemil’s manager, he playfully winks at her. She gasps seeing him, “Oh My God!”


In the parking lot, she hugs him and Do Yoon smiles, calling out her name, “Jane.” But before they can talk further, Jae Ha finds them, and Jane acts accordingly by saying how this handsome man attracted her eyes.


After the dinner, In Joo and Joon Young accompany the chefs but since In Joo has schooled in the states, she’s in charge of conversing while Joon Young drinks red wine. Jae Ha joins them and together with Joon Young, find fault in the chef’s taste – who doesn’t like the smell of Cheong Guk Jang. Er, you two, people have their own taste okay? No need to judge and call them idiot.

Do Yoon is busy washing the dishes and his mother makes things difficult by pouring sauce on the clean ones. Oh great, another childish pair!


Not giving up, Joon Young receives permission from Baek Sul to make a variety of Cheon Guk Jang flavors. Of course, the chefs praise her to no end. And I’m rolling my eyes at you writers.


Again, In Joo watches the table turned, and now the chefs are all about Joon Young Princess. Baek Sul wants to further divide the two and hands her a USB drive with all the information on the chefs’ allergies. She tells In Joo to use it well. Who knows? Maybe one of the chefs would have an allergic reaction.

However, In Joo quickly exposes her intention, if this event is unsuccessful, Arirang will go down as well. She’s going to tell Doo Hee about this! Baek Sul snickers, “It’s too late. You should’ve done so with Soo Jin’s incident!”


Drunk, Joon Young sits on the step and dozes off. Coming down the stairs is Do Yoon and he playfully pokes her head every time it tilts towards him.


He finally sits down beside her, and she opens her eyes. They stare at each other for a good minute before he leans in….and kisses her. FULL ON THEM lips!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Did you see Joon Young’s reaction? She closes her eyes guys!! Her lips are puckered too! heeheehee!!



Alice: I hope I’m not the only one annoyed at the dinner table. Making Joon Young the solution to everything and making her change everyone’s taste regarding that one dish? Convenient. There are people who don’t like a certain type of food despite its fresh ingredients and top-notch chef. It would’ve been more realistic if one of the chefs still doesn’t like Cheon Guk Jang, instead of them overly praising it to the point of absurdity. “Cheon Guk Jang Princess?” Blahhh!

As for the girls, Joon Young is annoying me. How is it possible that every time she’s with Jae Ha, I see those teary, mopey eyes? I don’t feel bad for her at all. And that song is irritating the heck out of me. They were 5! Kids at age 5 don’t love the opposite gender for a lifetime, rather they are worried about what’s next for lunch. Pizza? Chicken?

Moreover, I feel annoyed that she allows herself to be tricked/stepped on again and again by the same people. It’s nice that In Joo is working with her, but if I were Joon Young, I would be cautious since In Joo has voiced her intense dislike towards me several times already. The writer is making her out to be an easy prey while cutting the villains out to be absolute bad guys. Not interesting.

Anyway, feel like I’m repeating myself, so I’ll stop.

  1. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    A cute mv made by XxOnlyMyObsessionxX!

    Do Yoon x Joon Young!

  2. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    I too am getting sick of her teary eyes every time she sees Jae Ha!! Get over it, girl! And, she needs to start standing up for herself. I hate seeing her get pushed around. Do something about it!

    • 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

      Amen! It still does not make sense! A girl who went fishing with men so weak?!!! C’mon, writers! And the tears??!!! Driving me crazy!

  3. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Tanx for ur recap i love this drama and i’ m glad to find your blog
    Agree with ur point she became too sensitive and this hurt her alot . Remember ep 8 which she spoke to herself : ko joo yong all day you’ ve been getting burnt here and there .. burned the tofu, burned this gug (my tiger :)and also burned someone’s eye . By this rate you ‘ll shrivel up to nothing by the end of week !
    May be writers awaken her slightly and slightly …Hope to see her strong side …
    Do yoon is like tiger who fall little sparrow …
    i wish they find each other and even relif each others loneliness …

  4. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Tanx for ur recap i love this drama and I’ m glad to find your blog
    Agree with ur point she became too sensitive and this hurt her alot. Remember ep 8 which she spoke to herself: ko joo yong all day you’ve been getting burnt here and there… Burned the tofu, burned this gug (my tiger 🙂 and also burned someone’s eye. By this rate you’ll shrivel up to nothing by the end of week!
    May be writers awaken her slightly and slightly …Hope to see her strong side…
    Do yoon is like tiger that fall little sparrow…
    I wish they find each other and even relief each other’s loneliness…

  5. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    I thought i was the only one who thought that restaurant scene was unbelievably silly – there so many ridiculous scenes in this drama i keep asking myself if the writer(s) and/or producer(s) are rookies cos seriously how does a seasoned veteran cook up such nonsense.

    When JY was young she had street smarts – expected cos of what she had to go through with her and dad and then being abandoned by him and having to fend for herself. Why’s she a dumb broad now that she’s grown up? i don’t remember her ever being so clumsy or gullible. Is it maybe that since she’s trying to fit in therefore she’s trying be a people pleaser?

    I also saw her pucker up as he was coming in close, was that a mistake cos i don’t remember her liking him

    As i said in your last ep, the forced relationship between JH and IJ is just not cutting it. Those guys have no chemistry whatsoever. Am also getting tired of In Joo’s woe is me song

  6. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Hatav! Cute how you said Do Yoon “is like a tiger falling for the little sparrow” Very true indeed. He’s after all a top chef….an arrogant one at that! 😛

    Annette, agreed. The writing for this drama is pretty lackluster, lots of convenient plot devices to make the heroine “shine” and put down her rival.


    JH and IJ = Bland, very bland.

    JH and JY = poorly developed. rushed.

    DY and JY = still one-sided, but it’s developing at a good pace and that’s why I’m on this train!

  7. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    I so, so agree that Joon Young’s character is annoying. Aiyo those eyes brimming with tears whenever JH appears and the irritating song…. Wish she would take DY’s message about it being uncool to hanker after someone who is already “taken”. What more will the writers do with this story as it has 30 (or 32) episodes!. Why won’t the writers make JY less gullible and dopey-eyed? The most interesting character here so far is DY and I hope he gets to play a bigger role…

    And thanks for the recaps!

  8. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Gaaaaaad, I would ridicule this drama to bits if the writer messes up my OTP!!! Honestly, I can tolerate century-old plot-devices, silly conflicts and pushover heroine as long as my romantic ship is safe.


  9. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Thanks for the recap

  10. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Thks for the recap. Appreciate it a lot. But I seriously hate Jae Ha and Joon Young’s relationship in this show…… why can’t the stor end up with a happy ending with Jae Ha and In Joo? I like In Joo the most. I feel that she’s very pitiful and if Young Bum didn’t tell her about everything belonging to her, I don’t think that she would have ended up like that. Just for your information, this is how I rate the characters in this show:
    In Joo/ Yeon Woo: Favourite forever no matter what evil things she does.
    Jae Ha: Favourite when he is on In Joo/Yeon Woo’s side. 2nd most hated when he is on Joon Young/In Joo’s side.
    Joon Young/In Joo: Most hated forever no matter what circumstances even when she was young.
    Jo Yoon/Haemil: Still ok. But I detest and despise him coz he loves and defends Joon Young/In Joo.

  11. 12 thoughts on “Recap: Feast of the Gods Episode 10

    Hi. Just strated on this show. Totally appreciate the recap. I totally agree with ‘L’. I do detest Joon Young and love In Joo. I hope that there will be a nice ending. Can’t get why the writer wrote this story so terribly…… I am so upset that most comments have favoured the silly and stupid and idiotic Joon Young. I wold never ever have watched this show if Seo Hyun Jin was not in this show!!!!! Currently hate this show all because of Yuri and Sang Woo. Hope the story will get better.

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