Kdrama: White Christmas


Korean Title: 화이트 크리스마스
Cast: Kim Sang-Kyung, Baek Sung-Hyun, Kim Young-Kwang, Lee Soo-Hyuk, Kwak Jung-Wook, Hong Jong-Hyeon, Esom, Kim Hyun-Joong, Sung Joon
# of Episodes: 8
Airing Days: Sunday
Broadcasting Station: KBS2
Synopsis: In the mountains of Gangwando, there is a prestigious private high school named Soo-Sin. The school is located in an isolated area and all the students and staff stay in dormitories. The students at Soo-Sin comprise of the top 0.1% of all the students in South Korea.

In order to get into Soo-Sin, students must prepare from elementary school. It is even harder to get into than Seoul National University. Because of this, students at Soo-Sin must compete fiercely and study even on weekends. Their only vacation days are the 8 days from Christmas Eve to the first day of the new year. During this time, the students and faculty leave the school. The school becomes empty.
On December 24, 2010, a bus full of students leaves the school. Diligent honor student Park Moo-Yul (Baek Sung-Hyun) stays behind because of a letter a received a couple of days ago. The letter is full of hate and states they will die, but leave a curse on Park Moo-Yul. At the school, only 7 students stay behind …(Source: AsianWiki)

Note: Video are at approximate size of 600 to 700MB file size.

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Cool: Note that you can play those video directly online too. Its a very well driven drama and its has quite an amazing story plot I bet you will love it. 🙂

  1. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    I was pretty close to watching this but then I forgot and never picked it up. Maybe someday…

  2. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    This is my favorite drama!!
    Really brilliant. it changes from all the lovey dovey ones. And I loved the mannequins shapes of the guys and OMG Kim Hyun Joong is so sexy as the bad boy that I can watch the drama over and over again just for him.

    This is a must see drama!!

  3. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    Do you know where I might find English subtitles for this?

  4. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    Aaaahhhh… this drama was short, sharp and encaptivating. It justs keeps you wanting more. It’s that good. I stumbled upon it when KBS was showing a rerun of it a couple of months ago and that’s how I first knew an actor called kim young kwang. Just too cute! But the other actors were good too, and you see them playing in many new dramas nowadays 🙂

  5. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    Ever since I saw this drama I’ve been looking for similar ones, but without success. Any recommendations?

  6. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    can someone let me know what version of subs to use for this drama? FFS have three listed: Baros, 720-Hansun, and 450p-CEO.

  7. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    Hi Kaptain – can you help to re-upload episode 5 and 8. It says that the files does not exist 🙂

    • 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

      Hi Kaptain – it’s okay – after several attempts manage to download the episodes – thanks yah!

    • 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

      Just to clarify, this isn’t my project. O.O it’s Cool, as the post indicated. He’s on leave so that’s why an answer hasn’t been provided. 🙂

  8. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    Hi, I download the first episode yesterday and today all the links are dead. Can you tell, is this a temporary problem or have the links been deleted?

  9. 13 thoughts on “Kdrama: White Christmas

    Anyone know where I can find english subtitles? I’ve been looking everywhere… and I mean everywhere! 🙁
    Help please 🙂

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