[Download] Tdrama: ToGetHer OST



01. Love More and More – Fahrenheit
02. Momo (Silence) – Fahrenheit
03. Guan Bu Zhu Zi Ji (Stop Myself) – Xu Wan Ling
04. The Whole World’s Electricity Has Stopped – Tank
05. Fine By Myself – Jeno Liu

Download OST here

Alice: To be honest, I didn’t like Rainie as an actress until this 2009 drama. I cringed when I first saw her in Devil Beside You and never got behind its popularity. Subsequently, I stumbled on Miss No Good and I was sure I would never like her since her drama are almost always too saccharine.

But ToGetHer (cute pun on the title) and Hi My Sweetheart changed my mind about her, she’s not all about being cute and ditzy. Then Drunken to Love You came along, proving her versatility as an actress who might not be the best at picking acting projects that showcase her talents.

I like how toned down ToGetHer is. A simple story about a quiet, reserved girl who becomes the landlady of a troublesome fallen idol. Nothing extravagant, nothing exaggerated.

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    I love this OST and i love to play it.

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    I want to download this OST, thanks.

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    I just finished watching this on Alice’s recommendation. It was a very understated but cute series that I would recommend to anyone. I watched it after seeing the actors in other, less savory shows (Hayate The Combat Butler and Sunshine Angel), but I still liked the pace on this one.

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    This is the only Taiwanese drama that I’ve instantly liked from episode 1 (usually I have to “warm up” to them). I think (no, I’m positive) that a lot of it has to do with the fact that the heroine is the type of person I’d probably like to have as a friend– not an flighty fluff-brains or an over-the-top drama queen. So the reserved way she reacts to this dynamic person invading her life is very believable.

    Also, Jiro Wang is hot.

    Anyway, thanks for this OST! I wish it were a real OST that I could buy (I did look) instead of apparently being random tracks included on the artists’ various albums.

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    Thank you very much for sharing the OST of this amazing drama! I had been looking everywhere for it without much success until I came across your contribution. Once again, thanks! 😀

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